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- Harris assumes Ava will take the bed. She sighs they might stay here a long time while they hunt for Susan. He notes there is but one bed. She suggests he sleep with her ... Rafe threatens to press charges against Tripp unless he tells him the names on Ava and Harris' bogus passports ... Wendy tries to cover after EJ accuses her of trying to hack his phone for proof he ordered a hit on Ava ... Talia acts indignant when Jada demands to know whether she spent last night with Shawn. She notices the empty bottle ... At the square Shawn informs suspicious Belle that he slept off his drunken state upstairs at the pub. She wonders why Eric made no mention of it so he sighs he was not with Eric. He slept in Jada's room. She asks about Talia. He pretends she was working at the hospital and apologizes for the words he spoke about her fling with EJ. He feels unworthy. Belle cries they cannot let anyone or anything come between them!
- Jada does the math. Talia comes clean about sleeping with Shawn ... Ava calls Harris a gentleman. He offers to take the chair and swears he will keep her safe ... Wendy tries to outsmart EJ but he smugly states he set her up to snoop on his phone. He deduces she is doing Tripp's bidding ... Confident cocky Tripp denies everything. Rafe threatens to take him down unless he reveals where the hell Ava went ... Jada hears how Talia got drunk and wonders why. Chanel dropped her for Johnny ... Chanel arrives home and admires the red roses. Johnny arrives at the door with more ... Rafe concludes tech savvy Wendy was the real forger and threatens to have her brought in for questioning ... Wendy plays a dangerous game of sarcasm with EJ - and loses. She assures him no one offed Susan as she is still alive. He scoffs ...
- Romantic Johnny remembered the rose garden in Florence and brought it to Chanel. Sweet memories ... until she starts to sneeze and takes an antihistamine. He also brought ganoli sweet treats. They remind her of baker Talia. Johnny starts to have second thoughts. She is sure she wants to be with Johnny but worries about how Talia is taking their breakup ... Talia creases her forehead as she comes clean to Jada about hooking up with Shawn. Jada is aghast cos Belle was her lawyer! Talia bawls with regret and hates how she hurts people ... Shawn sits with Belle and alludes to making mistakes. It feels like a cycle. Belle wonders what next step he wants to take. She already suggested something he said no to ... Ava feels badly about her hero Harris sleeping in a chair and risking his own liberty for her. He drawls no one forced him. She remembers how the last man who played such a hero for her was Jake. They eventually fell in love ... EJ gets sarcastic about Ava's sudden memory of Susan getting out of the car alive. He concludes Wendy heard it from Ava herself and thus knows her current whereabouts. Wendy cringes ... Tripp lies he watched a youtube video that taught him how to forge passports. Rafe assures him he wants Ava to get help. Tripp refuses to cooperate ... until Rafe threatens to tell D.A. Trask about Wendy ... - Johnny and Chanel snuggle on the sofa. He is enjoying Cinema Paradiso while she sleeps a deep sleep. He kisses the girl he loves on her head ... Jada tries to make tormented Talia feel better. She knows she was drinking when she acted out and hopes there will be no repeat performance. Talia insists she and Shawn were trying to numb their pain. They agreed to move on and ignore they ever happened ... Shawn agrees Belle was right and he needs help. He promises to attend AA but Belle sadly states only seeing would be believing ... Wendy denies knowing Ava's whereabouts. EJ is not sorry to tell his untrustworthy employee she is hereby fired from DiMera ...
- Tripp stops Rafe and makes a deal. He will reveal Ava and Harris' location if Wendy is left alone ... Johnny covers sleeping beauty Chanel and she wakes up from the allergy pill. He tells her to sleep. She is sorry about the date. He smiles they will have many and they kiss. Then he tells her to sleep and heads home ... Talia hates letting her sister down. Jada is proud of her doctor sister and is concerned about her. She assures her she will find the right one who loves who she is. Talia forces a smile and leaves ... Tripp wonders why Wendy is not at work when he sees her at the hospital. She sighs EJ fired her after he set her up to try and hack his phone. Tripp makes light of it ... until she admits she also told him Ava believes Susan is alive ...
- Harris is sorry to hear Jake DiMera died the day he and Ava got engaged. She admits she made a bad decision when she agreed to pretend they were already wed to help Gabi get the CEO spot at DiMera. EJ found out and ran her out of town, which was why she kidnapped mama Sue. Harris believes everything will work out but she worries about HIM. He has already risked hie life for her ... Shawn offers to ask Brady to take him to an AA meeting. Belle updates him on Brady and Alex going to Greece. Shawn invites her to attend the meeting and she happily agrees. Then they run into Talia. Belle asks how Chanel liked the flowers and is shocked to hear she chose Johnny. She is sorry. Talia stops her ... Chanel texts Talia hoping all is well ... Johnny is having a drink at the mansion and informs curious EJ that Chanel was tired, hence the early night. EJ states he fired Wendy, who was snooping for Tripp in an attempt to link him to what happened to Ava. She had the nerve to say that Ava had suddenly remembered Susan was alive. Johnny wonders. EJ scoffs tis impossible ...
- Wendy admits she could not convince EJ about Susan. Tripp admits what happened with Rafe and sighs he had to spill where Ava and her new protector were ... Meanwhile Rafe comes to see Jada and invites her to London to check out his new lead on Ava and Harris ... Back in London Harris promises Ava when it is all over they will get their lives back. Tomorrow they start their search for Susan. Ava agrees to trust him and they hold hands across the bed, unaware that trouble is soon coming across the ocean ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on September 20, 2023