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- Clyde ends a call after alluding to keeping a secret from Nancy. Nancy arrives and stares ... Xander goes to tell his tale of woe to Jack ... Maggie is surprised to see Sarah and suitcase at the Kiriakis mansion, claiming her marriage is finished ... Alone in her room Gwen sighs Xander wed Sarah so she and he are finished. Frantic fugitive Leo begs to be let in. She opens the door ... Clyde sees fancy Nancy and smiles he just spoke with Ben. He and Ciara are in Nova Scotia digging for clams on the beach. He suggests he whip her up something to eat inside the pub before his break ends ... In Sonny's hospital room, Chad learns from Will that nurse Leo visited Sonny and then ran off. Chad rages but there is no guard! Sonny states Leo is not the killer or attacker they seek ... Leo is frazzled about being framed so Gwen sarcastically starts to call the cops to say he confessed as he did to her ... Back at Horton house Xander complains to Jack about Sarah dumping him for sleeping with Nicole long ago and saying nothing. Meanwhile Maggie admits to angry Sarah she knew about Nicole. Sarah feels like a fool and calls her marriage a mistake. Maggie believes it should not be a deal breaker since Xander was down and thought Sarah had dumped him back then. Sarah wants him nowhere near her. Maggie warns eager Gwen could make a move ... Leo apologizes for his lawyer making him lie that Gwen confessed but Gwen is furious and keeps going. He uses the f word. Framed. Then he tells his story ...
- Sweet Sonny insists to Will and Chad that Leo was not out to harm him. He even apologized for leaking the photos to the Intruder a while back. Chad snaps but he saw Leo standing over Sonny's bloody body in the office ... Nancy does not touch her sandwich and is worried about Chloe cos Leo is on the loose. Clyde suggests Brady and his security team will take care of her. Nancy agrees and then admits there is another thing. He asks his sweetheart what it is. She accuses her lover of lying. Clyde peers at her, perplexed ... Chad and Will still suspect Leo but Sonny's Kiriakis instinct says otherwise ... Jack is surprised the one night stand with Nicole made Sarah leave since it was so long ago. Xander sighs he also admitted he broke up Nicole and Eric's marriage and did Sami's bidding for a million bucks. Now Jack understands. Xander asks for a solution so he can win back his beloved Sarah ... Sarah hates hearing about Gwen and adds Xander hates her. The redhead reminds her that girl is a master manipulator and might make a move. Sarah gets upset ... Gwen lets Leo have his say. He suspects the person who set him up hates him. She muses many hate them both in this town. He starts to suspect Nancy ... Nancy senses Clyde is keeping a secret and calls his illegal dealings immoral so they are done. The smooth southerner was not expecting this ...
- Maggie points out Xander did things to numb the pain after he thought he had lost Sarah. Perhaps he is not perfect but neither is the redhead's hubby Victor. One should not judge Xander or Victor for the past in the present ... Xander asks Jack about the Abigail case. Her suspected killer Leo remains on the loose. He also seemed to be the one who stabbed Sonny. Xander senses the Salem PD have the wrong suspect ... Leo lists the many ways that Nancy hates him and exclaims she knew about his list! Gwen thinks Nancy is too nice to be a killer. Leo sighs and admits he may have been wrong ... Clyde is not involved in anything illegal and says so. Nancy asks if there is another woman or man. Clyde chuckles neither. She wants to know what he is hiding in that case. He whips out a pretty engagement ring ... Sonny sighs he was attacked from behind and did not see the culprit. Chad suggests Marlena hypnotize. Will is sorry to say she is not well enough to help. Chad suggests they help Sonny relive what happened but Will is worried. Sonny seeks the truth about who came after him once and for all ... Jack the investigative reporter still senses Leo killed Abigail. Xander is sorry for her loss and papa Jack's suffering. Jack thanks him. Xander sighs he must go win back his wife. Jack believes he will succeed ... Elegant Maggie reminds Sarah she just celebrated her wedding with Xander and his endless love. She tells her daughter she can have Henderson take her bag upstairs or she can go have a honeymoon with hubby. Sarah sniffles ...
- Nancy is stylishly surprised. Clyde apologizes for the simplicity of the ring but he is determined to be a better man. He gets down on his knee and promises to make her happy if he can have the honor of her becoming his wiiiiiife. Nancy gazes at him with tears in her eyes ... Gwen suggests Jackie Cox could have sought revenge against Leo ... Sonny is relaxed in his bed. Will takes him back to his office that fateful night after Leo left. Sonny wanted a file and heard something. He started to turn and that was when he was knocked out. Will returns to the noise and asks how it sounded. Sonny remembers smelling vanilla and is certain that scent was brought in by his attacker ... Nancy cries tears of joy. Clyde seems confused. She is moved to feel wanted again. He assures her she is wanted and loved and calls her a wonderful woman. His knees are starting to hurt so she exclaims yes. He stands and they kiss in bliss ... Leo updates Gwen on Darius being deported back to Canada. She notes then he could not return two times. Leo wonders then who ... Will and Chad are just thankful Sonny survived ... Chad returns to Horton house and sighs to Jack that Sonny thinks Leo is innocent. Jack notes Xander too ... Xander struggles to send Sarah the perfect text until she comes home from Maggie's with her bag and apologizes for overreacting. She loves him and he breathes he loves her. They kiss. Reunited for real. She makes him a betta man ... Clyde and Nancy kiss at the pub. He slips the beautiful ring on her manicured finger and promises to do right by his beautiful bride. Someone walks in and Nancy gasps ... Leo suddenly has a vision in his mind of the real murdering bastard and gasps ... Nancy is stunned to see a very somber looking ... CRAIG.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, September 19, 2022