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- Gabi wakes up Stefan to strategize about Dimitri ... Kristen greets Dimitri downstairs and teases him about his boy toy. He gets his breakfast and warns her to keep it down. He already won over Mr. Roth, who believed he met Gwen but really met her stand-in. Kristen is all ears ... Leo is wearing a wig making fun of Gwen when she comes to his door. He gets the wig off and lets her in ... Julie visits Maggie to apologize for missing Victor's service. The redhead sighs there was an uninvited guest. Here comes Vivian ... Julie is aghast ... Tired travelers Brady and Alex arrive at their Greek hotel room. They agree to start by going to Konstantin. Brady will take his shower first and heads to his room. Alex will do the same and removes his shirt. Knock knock! Flirty Teresa walks in. Alex is annoyed and warns Brady will hate her tagging alone. She calls her own shots and suggests he appreciate her assistance in solving the mystery ... Julie cattily wonders why Viv is not rotting in Statesville. Viv taunts her about incarcerated Lani and wonders whether she should get acquainted with the cute twins ... Gwen giggles about hunky hubby wanting her all the time. Leo bites his lip ... Gabi finished 20 questions with Rachel earlier and got confirmation that Dimitri was in bed with Leo, unbeknownst to Gwen. Now how to use the intel to get what they want? Stefan smugly laughs ... Kristen hears how Roth was sympathetic toward Leo and Dimitri's sensitive situation, hence his cooperation. Kristen hopes Dimitri has not fallen for that Leo. Dimitri whispers tis the man he loves ...
- Gwen boasts about Dimitri's appetite. Leo lies he is happy for her ... Back in Greece Alex explains he and Brady are heading to Konstantin. Teresa makes a pass and then laughs. He tells her to book a flight home with his Basic Black card. Then he goes to shower. Brady comes to the door and she acts like she and Alex are having an affair ... Julie could just kick Viv out of Maggie's house! Vivian tells Maggie and her gal pal to get out of HER house. Julie looks at Maggie, who has tears in her eyes. She gets the deets and wonders if tis a joke. Maggie gets mad when Madam calls Victor her late husband. The redhead is enraged. Madam warns she will have them removed if they are not gone when she returns from her errands ...
- Stefan suggests two logical possibilities with a positive outcome for himself and partner in crime Gabi, who is all ears. Exposure or Extortion including all Dimitri's DiMera shares. Time to go to get things started ... Brady blasts Teresa for following him. She lies Alex invited her along. Brady suggests she stop the games and she wonders if he is jealous. Alex comes out in his towel. Brady waits for him to confirm Teresa was not invited as she claimed ... Kristen hears about the first round of funds and wants her share. Dimitri states she must wait until the second since he has expenses. She hisses she will tell Gwen all if he dares to double cross her. Gabi and Stefan enter and she wonders what Kristen meant ...
- Gwen goes on about the magic of Dimitri and his moves. Leo shouts to shut up. Then he assures her he is happy for her and says he is jealous. He and the married boyfriend broke up. Alas the wife won. Gwen calls her good friend a catch and lists his good qualities. They hug after she assures him he will meet someone as wonderful as her Dimitri ... French speaking Viv crashes DiMera mansion and wonders what Gabi did to make son Stefan marry her. He states they are in love. She warns her son not to forget what happened to Nick Fallon. Gabi brings up creepy Lawrence going after Melanie Jonas' mother. Vivian gets mad about what that Von Leuschner did to her beloved Lawrence. Gabi also blames her for Stefan and her losing years after he took a bullet for her. Dimitri politely interrupts. He would like to know who this woman is and what problem she has with Von Leuschners. Madam turns around and gives him a long stare as she tries to size him up...
- Back in hot Greece Alex explains he did not invite Teresa and told her ... Teresa suggests she join the guys as they strategize on how to solve the mystery of Victor's last days. Brady shakes his exasperated head. No but he can drop her at the airport. She refuses after the long economy flight and quotes Zorba. Brady warns not to cause trouble or try to tail them. She claims to be tired and will stay in Alex's bed. The Hardy boys go and she calls room service, ordering up a costly storm ... Gwen departs to try on the new teddy Dimitri got her. Alone again livid Leo wonders what Dimitri's game is ... Vivian introduces herself to Dimitri, who realizes she is an Alamain and ignores the hand she offers. Kristen coos this is Megan's son. Madam heard all about her. Dimitri quips he knows all about Viv, who buried his cousin Carly alive. He is a Von Leuschner and she realizes he is both that and DiMera. She decides to excuse herself but first Stefan demands she reveal the real reason she is in Salem ...
- Maggie laments losing everything. Julie urges her to fight Vivian Alamain and invites her over to make her own counterplan. Then she can come back and kick Vivian out onto the street. They will fight the good fight together ... Vivian hastily excuses herself. Kristen steps away to calls Eli to warn him about Viv. She and Dimitri can continue later. Gabi and Stefan now confront Dimitri. They know he is sleeping with Leo Stark and they also know he hid him in an Icelandic hotel room. They smugly assure him they will keep his secret if their demands are met ... Brady and Alex are pleased to meet Konstantin at his restaurant. He is deeply sorry for the family's loss of Victor the great. They wonder why Victor recently met with him ... Teresa assumes room service is at the door and gasps after coming face to face with ... Vivian arrives home as Julie takes Maggie's luggage to the car. Madam assumes she has won. The redhead makes a declaration of war to come and walks out ... Back at DiMera mansion Stefan and Gabi are delighted Dimitri will now have to deliver what they demanded. Gabi gushes now they have Vivian's son and his shares where they want them ... Dimitri rushes over to Leo to warn things are blowing up but Leo blasts him for cheating on him with his wife ... Back at DiMera mansion Kristen is sorry to inform Gwen that Dimitri and Leo are having a fling. Gwen slyly states she already knew that!


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The Salem Story on September 15, 2023