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- Stylish Gabi struggles with her designer dress zipper. Towel clad Jake comes out of the shower and helps. He questions going to an expensive restaurant. She gets him to help with the clasp of the lavish necklace she found and they get frisky ... Ava is cooking up a storm when Rafe returns home. They remember Halloween. He flashes back to Nicole and the desk ... Green dress Nicole visits EJ at DiMera mansion asking for a martini. He wonders why so upset. She shows him the papers she was just sent. He sighs he has his divorce papers to present Samantha today too but no one knows where she is ... Sami calls Marlena and hyperventilates for heeeeeelp ... She-devil Kristen tries to wear down John. He growls to stop the begging. She unfastens a few of her buttons ... The garden minestrone is almost ready and Ava gives Rafe a taste. He calls it his fave. She kisses some sauce from his face. The Gabi arrives with Jake and suggests he get rid of the beech ...
- Nicole teases EJ for being unable to locate noisy Sami. He claims he does not want to find her. However, he wants out of their marriage. They sip their martinis ... Marlena hears Sami's harrowing story about being drugged and snatched at Rafe's door. Sami insists the person who stole her also stole her personal phone ... Kristendevil continues to throw herself at John, who growls to go away ... Ava pouts. Gabi rages Rafe should not let her stay since she wanted to steal Gabi Chic. Ava reminds her of her own prison record and accuses her of wearing a stolen necklace she found. Gabi implies Rafe was with Nicole again and Ava gets madder. Rafe cringes and then stands by Ava. He seeks a peaceful dinner so Gabi decides to depart with Jake and warns her brother he might become the Vitali's next victim ... EJ is pleased Nicole is leaning on him not Rafe now as they drown their sorrows. She admits there is more as she needs his legal expertise and knows he will not judge her worst. He praises her for living life to the fullest and agrees, then asks her for dinner. Nicole is in and leaves with her handsome counselor ...
- Sami gasps there are guards who bring her food but that is all she knows. She implores mama Marlena to come and get her but Marlena has major problems ... John cannot convince Kristendevil to release him ... Rafe apologizes for Gabi. Ava claims his sis has hated her since she came to Salem. She makes her feel insecure about what he had with Nicole. She babbles but Nicole is no threat to her relationship with Rafe and suggests they get together. Rafe snaps to stop ... At Julie's Place EJ scribbles notes and suggests Nicole accept the spousal support. Eric left her to look after his niece and her son while he plays hero in Africa. He plans to make Eric look as badly as he deserves ... Gabi arrives with Jake and sarcastically suggests Nicole let EJ know she will get her mansion back. He taunts he heard Philip ousted them after they tried to topple him. She hisses Gabi Chic is coming back stronger. EJ suddenly spies the lavish necklace he gifted to Samantha around her neck and demands to know where the hell she got it. Drums play ... Sami is shocked to hear Marlena is chained in the DiMera crypt. She assumes it was EJ so Marlena enlightens her on these dark days ... John's shackles come off as asked and Kristendevil loosely quotes Blanche Dubois from Streetcar Named Desire. Then she kisses him to begin her date with destiny. So she thinks ... John roughly shoves her aside mid-kiss and decides to depart. She grabs him back like an octopus ...
- Rafe apologizes for being snappy. Ava just wanted to be nice about Nicole. He tells her to focus on them and notes Gabi said Nicole's name to bother her. She thinks he overreacted. He blames the recent drama and suggests they should focus on them. A boring night sounds just right ... Jake tells EJ to watch his tone. Gabi found the necklace outside on the ground and assumes EJ gave it to Nicole, who was cheating with Rafe and dropped it outside his door. EJ rages he gave that to Samantha and demands answers. Gabi suddenly realizes she found it around the same time Sami left Salem ... Sami hears that the devil temporarily left Marlena to use Susan Banks to get to John. Her mother fears they might lose him this time ... Kristen uses the L word. Love. John uses it too. Long ago ... She reminds him of their passion as old scenes are shown. She tries to seduce him again and he kisses her, but tis a setup since he bites her lip and leers he will never give up on doc. Before he can walk away she shoves him against the wall with unholy force. He falls to the concrete floor unconscious and she vows to make him pay ...
- Rafe enjoys the meal. Ava talks comfort food. She was worried she would lose him over Carmine. She loves their life and moments like this. They tease each other about viewing choices. She blurts out she loves him. Rafe is rendered speechless. Her eyes narrow and she wonders whether he shares the sentiment ... EJ demands the necklace back as it belongs to him. Gabi hisses tis hers now since he stole her mansion and storms off to her table with Jake. EJ now wonders how his wife's necklace wound up on the ground ... Sami gasps to get the police. Kristendevil snatches the phone, taunts her mother will not be able to assist her and hangs up ... Marlena warns the devil they made a mistake. She senses her bond with John is still strong ... Ava apologizes for overstepping. Rafe reasons they fit and assures Ave he is completely committed to her. She loves that they are both being up front and they toast to a new beginning ... Jake solemnly suggests Gabi give back Sami's necklace. Gabi claims she is not around. But she believes the girl is EJ's Achilles heel. They could use that to their advantage ... Nicole suggests Sami tossed the necklace away. EJ notes it is worth too much and senses something. Ring ring! Tis Sami who thanks God he picked up but then loses contact due to a dead battery. After the call EJ informs Nicole he heard someone who sounded like Samantha before it went dead ... The Devil has Susan and John in the crypt again and talks plan B. They are both destined to die.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, November 22, 2021