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- Chad catches Gwen off guard with a call. He seeks something specific ... At the pub Steph is annoyed Everett said she got around. He covers with a spin and wonders what made her drop Alex. She gives him the scoop ... Alex is on his phone ready to talk revenue goals for the new Bella that Teresa will be running. Here comes Brady to say YES to bringing Basic Black to Titan. Alex is elated and they guy hug ... Xander is offended Sarah is calling Brady as a witness on this day. She warns she will do what she must for her daughter ... Konstantin orders Teresa to take the baby away so Sarah will not find her. Teresa refuses so he threatens to expose her to Alex on speed dial. She stops him. He does not deny wanting Meggie's money cos Victor wrongly cut him out of his will! But he needs Sarah Horton to be won over and advises Teresa to do her part. He seethes then Alex will not learn he is not Victor's son but Xander is ... Sarah warns Xander that Brady will expose all his Kiriakis wrongdoings in court today ...
- Chad talks biz. He heard Gwen has been unable to get the Von Leuschner money and dangles a deal. Big money in exchange for her half stake in the Spectator ... Egomaniac Everett states given how much more serious he and Steph were as opposed to Steph and Alex, Chad must feel that much more threatened by his presence ... Gwen wonders why Chad wants her half of the paper, then realizes Xander refused his offer. Chad wants her to name her price and reminds her Jack would approve as Abigail had been editor-in-chief. Gwen senses issues with the new editor-in-chief ... Everett continues to chip away at Steph's relationship with Chad ... Xander is reminded he took Brady and Kristen's daughter and tried to pass her off as theirs. He reminds Sarah he wanted to spare her from the loss of her child. She adds he also led Brady to believe his daughter was dead and warns no judge will let him near their daughter after that testimony ...
- Alex audaciously wonders whether Teresa being in charge of Bella will be an issue for Brady ... Hooded Teresa takes off with the baby as Maggie returns. The redhead appeals to Konstantin, who pretends to have been knocked out by a fire poker, which did leave a cut on his horrible head ... Chad complains about new character in town Everett hiring Steph for PR while pretending he has accepted they are over. He hopes he and Gwen can seal their deal ... Steph disagrees with Everett's assessment of her relationship with Chad ... Brady warns Teresa is not to be trusted but Alex wants somebody tough and ... Brady gets it ... an ally. However, no one should ever turn their back on terrible Teresa ... Konstantin stands up, races off to save the child, and gasps at Maggie to call for help ... Sarah warns Xander Brady will also be able to share how he adducted Nicole and Holly! Ring ring. Tis Maggie who gasps Victoria is gone, Sarah says to call the cops and is about to head home when she stops and snaps Xander had someone snatch their daughter. Xander swears it was not him and insists on accompanying her to the house. Sarah agrees ...
- Gwen was appalled by Everett's sympathetic article about Leo Stark and suggests Chad make her an acceptable offer ... Steph tells Everett she and the amazing Chad are not black and white and sighs he only hears the bad stuff when she vents. Arriving Chad overhears and wonders about that ... Maggie stammers to anxious Sarah and Xander she did not see the face of the person who stole the baby from the bassinet. But they knocked out Konstantin with the fireplace poker. She is so sorry. Sarah cries on Xander and gasps who would do such a thing ... Brady suspects Alex loves Teresa but he denies it and boasts he can handle it. Brady solemnly states he alone is the face of the company now. That means letting Teresa get into bed with him could give her the power to wreak havoc on the entire family empire... Hooded Teresa is holding the bundled baby on a bench. Konstantin comes running, his head still bloodied from the fireplace poker whack, and demands the kid. Teresa calls him mean but hands her over. Now he orders her to punch him in the face so it appears he was in a fight. She is only too happy to oblige ...
- Steph covers about her venting and complaining to Chad. Everett praises the PR princess. Chad read the spin on slimy Leo. Slimy Everett hopes Chad does not mind him stealing Steph away - for work of course ... Brady believes Alex will not listen but Alex appreciates his caring. Brady warns that girl will screw him over. Speak of the devil ... Sarah is sobbing to Xander, who vows to bring their daughta home. Here comes Konstantin, who puts the babe in her arms ... Teresa sarcastically greets Brady but is happy to hear he is bringing Basic Black. Teresa and Brady agree they can work together. Alex and Brady head off to HR. Teresa hopes creepy Konstantin took the kid home .... Xander states the police will be here soon to take statements especially from Konstantin, who claims he saw no face and suggests Maggie improve the security. The relieved redhead wants to tend to his wounds. Xander and Sarah thank him for saving their baby girl. Sarah will never forget it and gets a hug from the sinister snake ... Chad states Steph is a pro and Everett is lucky to have her. He arrogantly concludes he is good for the paper, which means much to him and the family. He offers Everett his hand to shake on boundaries and his blue eyes coldly observe him ... Teresa leaves Konstantin a mad message to make sure he returned Victoria to Sarah and warns to leave her name out of it if things explode but Brady overhears ... Meanwhile Maggie dabs at Konstantin’s head and calls him her hero, an angel heaven sent. The Greek grabs her in a passionate kiss ... Xander and Sarah marvel over the miracle of Konstantin saving their baby. He gets a text from Sloan regarding the hearing and makes an offer to Sarah to drop the entire custody case ...


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The Salem Story on November 17, 2023