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- Gentlemanly Jake puts his jacket around Ava at the square, where they are having drinks. She hates he will be working with Gabi at DiMera. He reasons DiMera is his birthright and Gabi knows he would stabilize things. The mafia princess is mad but he repeats he and Gabi are over ... Steve surprises Sweetness with a kiss at work. He admits he learned little at the station about Allie and asks after Ciara. They are in seventh heaven they named their baby Bo ... Elegant Kate leaves Lucas another message from the pub, threatening to tell Roman ... Roman overhears ... Ciara excotedly introduces little Bo to big Bo, who is much moved ... Replay of Tripp hurling himself through the window to heroically save Allie from Satan. Marlena screams. John looks down with Eric and gasps at the sight below. They head down in a hurry as upstairs Allie is surprised to find herself in a church with worried Johnny and Marlena. She had a bad dream then wonders what really happened. Johnny is sorry to say the devil jumped from him to her. She realizes she heard Tripp for real and wonders where he went ... Motionless Tripp has blood on his face and faints after gasping the devil is gone and can harm Allie no more. Eric calls for an ambulance and John urges the young man to hang on ... Eric returns and informs Marlena that John rode in the ambulance with Tripp. Allie wants to know what happened, what they are hiding ... Bo smiles the baby is safe and the devil is gone for good. The evil days are over thanks to the good man who made the ultimate sacrifice ... At the hospital Steve and Kayla suddenly see solemn John, who sadly states Tripp had an accident and is in ER. Kayla takes off to see him ... Jake teases Ava about acting jealous and she admits she was angry Gabi interrupted them. They are about to go and change that ....until Steve calls her about Tripp and she heads to the hospital ... Roman believes Kate is being evasive. She is aware he is worried about Sami. She also ... Lucas walks in with a blue sweater, wondering if she is worried cos of him. Mother hugs son tight and he greets Roman. She demands to know why the silence but he wants to hear about Allie. Roman has no answers ... Father Eric wants Allie to go home, let them take care of her and take care of Henry. Johnny praises his sis and sees her home with Marlena ... Man in white Bo assures anxious Ciara there are many Hortons and Bradys keeping a watchful eye as well as a few Westons. He now tells Ben he knows he is a good guy and has redeemed himself. With hard work he can be a great dad. Alas now Bo must leave to take care of something. He asks Ciara to tell mama Hope he loves her. Alone again she hangs on to Ben, happy he met her legendary dad ... Ava and Jake arrive. John tells Ava that Tripp is in the trauma unit ... Steve and Ava both stare in horror as Kayla tries to revive Tripp. The unthinkable happens. He flatlines. Ava and Steve are shocked ...
- Lucas airily states to Roman and Kate that Sami broke her leg while skiing and could not fly while in traction. Kate suspiciously wonders why no contact. He claims reception was bad. Roman goes to contact Marlena and now Kate demands the real truth ... Ciara is emotional she was able to get to their son because Bo was at the cemetery. Jake arrives and admires the beautiful baby. Ciara admits it was a wild night. Ben senses something. Jake updates them on Tripp's tragic sacrifice ... Ava implores Kayla, who is sorry she can do nothing. Ava accuses her of killing her and Steve's son. Steve stops her and cries to stop cos Kayla tried to save him. He breaks down and sobs. Ava weeps their sweet boy is dead. Then she breaks down with him and he holds her ... Kayla comes out crushed and John hears she lost Tripp. He hugs her ... Back at Allie's apartment Johnny asks Marlena whether she thinks Tripp will be alright. Allie emerges from seeing Henry and asks for the whole story. Johnny explains she discovered the devil was in him and then the fiend flew into her. The twins share an emotional hug, reunited for real, no dang devil around ... Roman rejoins Kate and Lucas, who asks about Allie. He is horrified to hear the devil possessed his daughter. Holy Eric appears with an update on Tripp throwing himself out the church window to save Allie. Lucas takes off to see her ...
- Marlena sweetly suggests Allie rest. She gratefully goes to her room. Johnny hopes Tripp will make it but Marlena now gets the call from John ... Ben and Ciara are saddened to hear about Tripp but relieved to hear Allie is herself again, the evil is gone. Jake congratulates the couple on getting their baby back ... Jake soon sees John and Kayla's long faces. John is sorry to say Tripp died. He hears Ava is in the trauma room with Steve ... Ava regrets the lost years and wasted time so Steve tells her to treasure the time they had. Their son loved her. She weeps she was unworthy and gets beside his lifeless from to kiss his cold face. Steve tries to keep it together and motions to Jake to enter. Sympathetic Jake is there for her now ... Johnny wonders how to tell Allie, who has emerged. Lucas arrives and she throws her arms around him ... Jake holds Ava as her heart brakes, tells Steve he is so sorry and the couple depart. Steve sobs at his son's side and asks why his boy. Kayla enters and softly states she called Stephanie and Joe. He sobs he wants his boy as she hugs him. Bo appears and touches Tripp's head. All of a sudden he wakes up. Kayla is amazed. Steve now sees Bo, who smiles at his best friend and vanishes from view ... John tells devastated Ava he is sorry and the elevator opens. Steve stops her from entering with Jake ... Ava is astounded when she returns to Tripp, who is now alive and rejoices ... Ben returns to Ciara and baby with big news. Tripp was declared dead but then woke up. Ciara believes it was Bo. Ben cries he wanted happiness for all and she holds his hand to her heart, then kisses him ... Roman ends a call from Kayla and tells Eric and Kate that it was close but Tripp miraculously made it. Eric thanks God ... Lucas apologizes for not being around. Allie suddenly sees the long faces and cries Tripp died before she could tell him she loved him. John arrives and announces Tripp made it after all. Allie is grateful and they hug, thanking God ... Kayla credits heroic Tripp with saving Allie. Tripp promises his parents he will never scare them like that again and they exchange I love yous ...


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The Salem Story on Tuesday, May 17, 2022