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- Belle embraces pub Eric, who plans to help with the search for Allie and baby. He assumes Shawn is busy with the case and she complains about him moving Jan Spears into their home. Eric is appalled ... Leather jacket John gets an update from Shawn at the station and raises an angry eyebrow about the devil's plans for the baby ... Marlena gets a call from Tripp after she shuts the dark DiMera door behind herself. He is upset about Allie and hears Johnny went to join her at the cemetery ... Alliedevil channels the red light and Charlie shields his eyes. Ciara arrives with Ben and talks tough. Ben wants to get the baby but the red light renders him unconscious. Charlie Dale cackles and claims his creepy boss won ... John assures Shawn they will not allow the devil to have the baby. Busy Shawn gets Jan's ankle monitor alarm as she went too far. John departs to deal with the wacko himself ... Eric argues Jan is a menace to Salem society. Belle bitterly points out Shawn felt responsible due to her high-risk pregnancy ... Tripp tells Marlena he will go and help Allie for he loooooves her ... Alliedevil grins with glee. Ciara is relieved Ben has a pulse and begs God for help. All of a sudden she is bathed in a white light. Johnny wakes up. Alliedevil is livid ... As they have coffee at the pub, Belle confides in Eric, who urges her to fight for her marriage. She gets a text from John about AWOL Jan and wonders what the wacko is up to now ... Jan is in a red silk robe when John not Shawn arrives at the house. He suggests she steer clear of daughter Belle ... Shawn is already feeling the pressure of the busy time when Marlena comes to the station with something important. She, Johnny and Sue made contact with Allie, who is at the cemetery with the baby. Ben is en route and Johnny is already there but backup is needed ... Johnny shouts and offers to assist Ciara. Baby Bo cries. Ciara's white light power beats angry Allie and she picks up little Bo. The circle of evil is gone and a bright light still shines. Ciara smiles a knowing smile and tells her son he is safe. Allie takes off leaving Charlie Dale, who rages he was going to raise the baby. Ciara warns it would never happen so he marches toward unconscious Ben to kill him ... Jan boasts about being a mother and taunts Tink is not in Shawn's picture. John warns her they will get back together as they always do. Jan dares to compare what she wants with Shawn to his and Marlena's classic love story ...
- Eric tries to make Belle feel better. John texts he is with Jan Spears. She sighs now they need good news about Allie ... Ciara screams at Charlie to stop as the soap sinner raises his dagger. Tripp whacks him with a baseball bat and the fiend falls. Ciara is eternally grateful and the medicine man checks Ben. He believes he will be alright. He hears Johnny followed Allie to St. Luke's. Ben starts to wake up. Tripp takes off to deal with the devil ... Allie devil feels triumphant at the church. Old footage is shown of Mardevil setting the structure on fire. Now Alliedevil decides tis the grand finale and climbs the spiral staircase ... Ben is standing and holding little Bo as Ciara gets emotional. He lets his son know how much he loves him and praises Ciara for saving him. They have a cute family moment and she kisses his head ... Flaky Jan wants to name her daughter Britany but if tis a boy it will be Lucifer. Marlena sweeps in and wants a word with John but then Johnny texts ... Belle now also gets the text about Johnny tracking Allie to St. Luke's. Eric insists she stay and tells her to pray. He is on his holy way ... Allie devil douses the church with gasoline. Tripp races in and out of breath Johnny tells him she is up in the old choir loft. They head up together. The devil vows to take Allie down in his blaze of unglory ... Johnny gets upstairs with Tripp and begs his possessed sister to stop. She holds her candle high and offers a spectacle. Johnny urges her to fight. Tripp tells her to fight for Henry. Young mom Allie exclaims in the devil's head she wants to be with her son Henry. The fellas continue to urge her to fight. Satan sends Johnny flying and announces they are all going down in flames ...
- Belle runs into Shawn outside the pub. Both are aware that Ciara and Ben have the baby back. Shawn knows they are taking the baby to the hospital and adds there are cops surrounding St. Luke's, having been ordered to hold their fire. They go together to check on baby Bo ... Kayla admires the baby and smiles when Ciara reveals his name is Bo. Ben is relieved to be holding his son and Kayla takes them to a room to check him out ... Eric enters the church in full priestly garb and gets down to business, reciting the lord is my shepherd, John and Marlena with him. Marlena extinguishes the flame and John tosses the holy water. Eric tries to cast the demon out. Allie devil taunts back. Marlena hisses to go to hell. There is too much love in this town! John seconds that and leers to leave their granddaughter's body! She threatens to kill her and Tripp stares in horror ... Kayla gives Ciara her perfectly healthy baby back as Ben admires. Shawn and Belle arrive with the latest. Belle believes they will win because God is on their side ... - The gang join hands and recite Our Father to the devil in Allie, who collapses. Marlena tells her to fight and return. The devil moves Allie's head and terrified Tripp says to take him instead ... Shawn and Belle admire the baby and remember Claire together in a cute moment. Ben is about to kiss Ciara when Shawn takes a call from Jan, who wants a cheeseburger. She claims she is hungry and cannot leave the house. The smiles fades from Belle's face ... Tripp offers his soul to save Allie. He will always love her. He shouts to take him. Allie faints. Johnny calls out to his sister. The gang stare at devil eyes grinning Tripp ... Ben is amazed Ciara was able to cross the electric fence of evil. She could feel a warm light surrounding her. It was almost like ... the presence of ... The white light is back and BO steps out with a smile. He greets little one ... Belle discusses how they all miss Bo with Kayla. She wishes he could help her with Shawn cos they were having a nice moment until he took off to Jan ... Jan eats her cheeseburger and suggests she and Shawn name their baby after Hope if she is a girl. Shawn looks depressed. She gets a twinge in her tummy ... Both Ben and Ciara can see smiling bearded heavenly Bo. She gushes he came back and he confirms he was at the cemetery. Ciara cries he saved little Bo and he thanks her for naming him after him ... The devil in Tripp taunts the gang Allie is now gonna die by Tripp, who stops him and stands up. Then he rushes to the window and crashes down to his certain death as Marlena screams noooo. John looks down in horror. T'was the ultimate sacrifice ...


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The Salem Story on Monday, May 16, 2022