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- Elegant Tony catches Anna trying to sneak away with her stylish suitcase ... Gwen wants to know what Ava's catch is. She claims she wants to make up for letting her down ... Xander and Maggie marvel that Sarah seems herself and he hugs her with great happiness. The brunette is baffled so they promise to tell her all about the drugging and antidote that brought her back. She giggles as Xander grabs another embrace ... Ava brings up Kristen so Gwen admits she switched the antidote alone. Now Xander is through with her. Ava acts sympathetic but bluntly states she is her only hope of a free life ... Anna fibs she is donating her old outfits. Tony tries to talk her out of fleeing for tomorrow is her court date. She refuses to stay and get the book thrown at her by tough talking Trask. Blue suit Tony wants to help but Anna believes all is lost. She blames herself for Sarah becoming a vegetable ... Xander gushes to Maggie they got Sarah back as Kayla examines her. The redhead takes off to take care of something ... Gwen wonders what about Ava's deal with Trask. Ava doubts she would be connected to her escape and calls Rafe et al idiots. She leaves her burner phone number for her old friend and warns the clock is ticking. Gwen now gets a visit from papa Jack. He admits he is appalled by her past actions plus she hurt him when she hurt Abigail. However, daughter Gwen has suffered ... Gwen is touched as he praises her for helping Xander find the antidote. She hopes it will work for Sarah. Jack sits, agrees and hopes she will turn away from revenge. Justin agreed to be her attorney. She smiles and has hope ... for a few seconds anyway ...
- Her voice trembling, Anna tells suited Tony she must go away forever. He calls it heartbreaking and smiles he will not let her. She vows to love him forever and opens her door to Maggie, who bears news. She is dropping the charges so no trial tomorrow ... Xander returns to Salem patient Sarah. Kayla smiles she seems fine. Sarah now hears of the drug Kristen gave her. Xander sighs she was not herself but thank God is back to normal. Grateful Sarah wants to be released but first Kayla must get some scans. She goes and Xander pours out his heart. He has missed her. She kisses him and he kisses her back. Kayla returns and explains radiology is ready for her. Xander kisses his girl and goes to wait. He is anxious to get her home ... Maggie admits to Anna that Gwen switched the vials, hence the brief worry. Anna is eternally grateful for her dropping the charges. Tony too and he kisses his love ... Jack believes Justin can get Gwen a brief sentence of 5 years, no trial necessary. Gwen is crushed. Jack suggests she call Justin if she accepts the deal. Gwen thanks him and he leaves in tears. Now she breaks down, alone again ... Tony and Anna celebrate her freedom in style, with champagne. Anna apologizes for feeling insecure about him helping Sarah. He reasons he helped Sarah as he was troubled by how Renee lost her life. She suggests they pay their respects to Renee down in the crypt together ...
- Sarah anxiously waits to hear if she can head home. Maggie joins her and she wonders why she has pigtails. And long ones at that. Maggie admits she was away from home for a while and offers to cut her hair. Sarah prefers her hair short and smiles so does Xander ... Gwen is elated when Xander unexpectedly visits. He tells her the antidote was a success and is eternally grateful. She is glad. He wonders about her and she updates him on Justin suggesting a deal that would see her in the slammer for five years. Before they part company perhaps forever, she wants him to know ... Sarah loves her shorter hair and feels herself. She thanks Maggie, who worries she might lose her again. Sarah is going nowhere and mother and daughter emotionally embrace ... Gwen laughs she used to loathe Xander but he was so wonderful to her and tried to save her from her lies. He even went to to the slammer and gave up a million to protect her when she was desperate to win the affection of her dad. But Xander was her only rock and she ruined their relationship. She cries and acknowledges it was Sarah who opened his beautiful heart. She was wrong and will regret losing him for all the days of her life. But she will be forever grateful for his gift of love. She woefully gives him back her engagement ring. She will miss it and wishes happiness for him and Sarah both. He thanks her and they agree this is goodbye. Both look heartbroken ... Suited Tony stops outside the crypt but Anna insists the evil is gone. They can come back to their champagne celebration at the main house after. He grins and inserts the key as she happily holds her flowers for Renee ...
- Gwen calls Ava. She thanks her for her offer but must say no thanks. She plans to take responsibility for her actions. After five years perhaps she will get her family back. Tis the time to make smart choices. Ava wishes her the best ... Xander comes back and gushes Sarah is beautiful. She now asks to see her BABY ... In the crypt Anna tells Renee to rest in peace and is sorry she was taken too soon. Tony is impressed. Now tis his turn. He praises her for trying to protect him in the past and tells her he loved her deeply. He will neva forget her. Anna is supportive. Tony smiles and calls Anna the love of his life. She feels the same way and they start to go. All of a sudden they spy a pacifier on the floor. Anna gasps Allie must have brought Ciara's baby here. Tony wonders where they went after ...


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The Salem Story on Thursday, May 12, 2022