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- Leo stops the christening to announce ...Tate reads his deep thoughts on Holly and sighs he always gets in trouble ... The priest assumes Leo would like to confess to him ... but Leo wants the world to know ... Nicole notes this would be a first for a christening ... Eric warns Leo not to make him regret his invite. EJ offers to have the cops remove the interrupter. Nicole gets the fussing baby from Melinda ... Leo confesses he is covering the event for the Society pages. He also states he is no stranger to loss. Jude is lucky and he is honored to be fairy godfather. Brady the other godfather agrees with the lucky part. The guests applaud and so Sloan’s secret is still a secret. For now. Eric lights a candle and the father speaks of the child's light. John feels guilty and steps outside. Marlena follows and tells him to forget the past today at least for her sake ...
- Alone in his room. Tate reads his words of needing a miracle ... Brady is now holding the baby. Teresa takes off to see Tate. Melinda hauls Leo aside and he makes light of his antics ... Nicole and EJ head home to get ready for the party. Holly will see them there soon ... Sloan and Melinda take the sleeping baby to the car ... Eric approaches weepy Holly and wants to help ... Tate admires Teresa's designer dress and she shows him a pic of Brady and baby. He scrolls and wonders whether Alex was with her. Negative and they are done. He assumes he is the cause ... On the DiMera doorstep Nicole admits to EJ it was hard and he praises her to the heavens. She is worried about unhappy Holly ... After she swears Eric to secrecy, crying Holly confesses that fateful night she took her own drugs and Tate was not at all involved!
- Outside the church Sloan blasts Leo as Melinda watches. Leo felt guilty cos of the priest and points out it all ended well. He assures angry Sloan and Melinda he will never expose the three of them and wants to get the party started ... The DiMera mansion is filled with guests and balloons. Steve stares at anxious John after Roman brings up the latest game. John excuses himself and Roman worries. They all do ... John turns away from Stefano's portrait and curses him. EJ approaches and taunts him for talking to himself. John hates the house and EJ quips he can leave. Marlena appears and tries to keep the peace. John brings up EJ's brother being responsible for Clyde's drugs and warns him away from his family or else ... Teresa insists Tate is not to blame for her break with Alex and admits they could reconcile one day ...
- Brady arrives at the mansion party and Nicole greets him. Kristen agreed to stay away. Brady is relieved and wishes Rachel were here. Nicole is sorry. He praises her for celebrating Sloan and Eric's happiness not long after losing her own baby. She changes the subject and wonders what is keeping Holly ... Eric agrees to keep the secret but insists Holly tell her parents the truth. She could not bear to hurt her mom. He assures her Nicole is strong and adds Tate is paying the price for her behavior. She knows it. He urges her to confess for her own sake and gets going with Sloan and baby Jude ... Steve wonders where the guests of honor are. Here comes Leo. Suspicious Roman demands he explain what he was really up to in the chapel. Leo claims to have a special relationship with Jude ... Nicole is relieved to see Holly arrive at last ... Steve sits with pal John and brings up the old days when Rolf made HIM think he was Stefano. They have both been victims … Leo sees Holly steal a glass of champagne. She downs some outside and hides it behind her back when Eric's group arrives ... Inside Marlena informs EJ she has a wedding gift for Johnny and Chanel, who are honeymooning at the Salem Inn ... Roman urges Steve to tell him what is wrong with John but tis not his story to tell ...
- Holly hides her champagne as Jude fusses. Sloan's face falls when real mom Nicole holds the baby she never really lost and calms him. The bond is evident ... Tate wonders why Nicole looked so worried in the picture of the christening. Teresa notes she lost her own baby not too long ago ... Sloan gets the baby back from Nicole .... Brady raises a glass to his brother, sister in law and his beautiful godson. He knows Eric waited ever so long for fatherhood, calls Sloan a wonderful mom and they raise their glasses. Nicole wants to find Holly, who is outside making a call to Tate pretending to be his mother. At the halfway house Teresa grabs the phone and snaps who is this! Tipsy trouble making Holly hangs up and heads back inside ... The guests slowly start to go. Among the first departures are Steve, Marlena and John. The baby fusses for Sloan again and she notes he needs a nap. Eric spies Holly and wants to speak to her. Leo suggests he drive Sloan and baby home. They will drop off Melinda as well ... Still at the party Eric stares at Holly when she reaches for another glass of champagne and she gives him a guilty look ...
- Roman and Kate return to the pub with food, annoyed the party was not at the pub. Steve arrives and needs a scotch. Roman senses his stress and concludes tis connected to John ... John heads back to the church to light a candle and talk to God. Everything he believed about himself was a lie all along. Marlena watches as he asks for help. Then she sits with him and promises to help too. He holds her close and kisses her ... The baby is back at home and sleeping. Melinda, Sloan and money hungry Leo agree to a pact that they will never tell the truth. No one but them will ever know that is really Nicole's baby ... Teresa gets Tate to admit Holly has called before pretending to be her. She rages that girl better leave him alone ... When Brady states he is going to see Tate, EJ accuses him of trying to stress out Holly. Then the strangest thing happens. Holly steps forward to tell her mother how sorry she is cos the drugs that led to her overdose were really hers! Eric looks at Nicole. So does Brady. EJ glares at the girl who made a fool of him ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on March 29, 2024