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- The ladies are back asleep at the secret DiMera lab ... In San Francisco fit Paul is pumping iron and here comes papa John! They emotionally hug ... Andrew is at ISA HQ and has a visitor ... Uncle Steve, who demands his help locating loose cannon Megan ... Woman in black Megan taunts the ladies tis time to wake up and live ... at least for a little while ... Roman comes to see sad Lucas in Statesville. Roman updates him on Megan stealing the orchid. She never died those 40 years ago. Stefano kept her alive cryogenically speaking but now she is in fine form and AWOL. He wonders whether Lucas knows anything that can help. John and Steve are investigating as they speak ... Paul feels for John, who does not discuss feelings. John asks how the coaching is going but Paul senses a case. John does not deny it ... Andrew offers to connect Steve with the agent in charge of finding Megan. Steve wants answers from Andrew, who alas is bound by the ISA rules and goes by the book ... Marlena and Kayla wake up alone and realize Kate is missing ... Kate wakes up beautiful, bound and gagged. Crazy Megan cackles about her second phase starting. Kate demands an explanation. Megan taunts she calls the shots and life is short soooo ... Kate politely wonders about Kayla and Marlena's whereabouts. Megan assures her they are alive and calls Kate a pain. Kate quips Stefano felt differently. Megan wants to talk. Kate wants to go home ,,,
- Lucas assures Roman that Kate never once spoke of Megan to him. Roman is of the opinion her vendetta is really with Marlena and Kayla ... Marlena tries the door. Locked. She reasons if Kate escaped the door would be open. They need a way out. She spies the blue curtain and opens it to an empty standing cylinder. Who was there before?? ... Alas Paul has not heard anything about Megan from Andrew and seems tense. He admits to John they are barely on speaking terms these days ... Steve is mad when Andrew reminds him he and John no longer have clearance due to the fear they were both compromised ... John and Paul drink their beers. John wonders what happened to his and Andrew's chemistry. Paul talks the hardship of a long distance relationship. John lectures him with emotion ... Steve stares. Compromised??? Andrew reminds him they were brainwashed by Megan before. Some higher ups have concerns ... Megan gets haughty with haughty Kate and speaks in circles about phase two. She calls the three ladies pawns. Kate curses the orchid. Megan holds it up and admires the troublemaking flower ,,,
- Roman wants justice. Lucas laments it will not bring back his mom and realizes Roman is not doing well. Roman regrets all the wasted years without the woman he loves, whom he will never see again. He knows Steve and John are equally unhappy ... Marlena and Kayla discuss the old tube and wonder who it held when it was in use ... Bearded Lucas reveals the way Roman feels about Kate is exactly how he feels about Sami, whom he has lost forever. He is grateful Roman is still speaking to him. Roman reminds him he is the son of Kate and she forgave him. They can honor her memory together ... Megan admits she stole the orchid to save herself and someone she loves ... Marlena and Kate wonder about Stefano. Kayla recalls how the chip containing the essence of Stefano wound up being destroyed. Marlena whispers then he must be dead ... Steve accuses Andrew of siding against the good guys for the agency and starts to leave ... Andrew pulls up the file on Megan and leaves to get a cup of coffee so Steve can sneak a peek. Steve is grateful and gets down to business ... John apologizes. Ring ring! Tis Steve, who could have a location on Megan. He suggests John head to the airport ... Marlena fears Megan has Kate and time is running out. Tis time to strategize ... Paul wants to join John on his dangerous mission. John refuses. But he apologizes for lecturing him about Andrew. Paul has no problem with his caring and asks to call when he can cos he is worried. They hug and John goes on his way ... Back in Salem, Roman agrees to keep Lucas in the loop and leaves ...
- Kate tries to get Megan to tell her more about her condition and notes she does not look her best. Megan taunts she will use her to test a new serum that could kill her. Time for a trial run. Kate's beautiful eyes reflect her dread but she steels herself to do battle because fighting is what the diva does best ... Later that evening Paul has Andrew on his mind. The way they were ... knock knock! Tis the ISA hunk. Their eyes lock ... Steve and John know the odds are low but keep searching the labyrinth of tunnels. The heroes reach a locked door ... Megan has a martini in hand - the drug kind - but it could cause death. She decides to test it on Kate but gets a tad too close and turns her back... Kayla is ready to pick the locked door with the industrial wire she found. She gets to work so they can get out ... Steve and John are also trying to open a heavy door ... Kate stands up, taunting the ropes were too loose and slugs Megan, who falls to the floor like a puppet with no strings ...Kayla and Marlena wait with bated breath as the doorknob slowly turns ... John and Steve leap into the room where their locked door led, guns drawn ... Roman asks Kate's urn for a sign ... Kate leaves unconscious Megan and exits, gasping when she comes face to face with a very bewildered very alive BO!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on March 16, 2023