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- Gabi complains breakfast is delicious but too fattening. Li teases he has other talents too. The diva in the purple dress stands up and he drawls she only keeps her phone on for Stefan ... Stefan sits with EJ and they list one another's soap sins ... Gwen repeats to stunned Xander she slept with Alex last night. The bloke does not buy it ... until he does ... Shirtless Alex is livid Leo's column ruined his CEO chances at Titan with his whistleblowing. He talks tough ... Li reminds Gabi of the contract that would ruin her chance at running DiMera if she slept with Stefan. She taunts she will have both DiMera and Stefan in 6 months. Then she opens the door, now annoyed to see Johnny ... EJ and Stefan put everything on the table. EJ states they are the sons of Stefano and praises his plan. Stefan looks at the chessboard and drawls the next move is his ... Gwen triumphantly tells appalled Xander she invited Alex over. He calls her another notch for the creep. Gwen hisses she did not think of him once the whole time. Xander does not want her to be hurt by the player. She blasts HIM for playing her ... Leo argues he knew not Vic was thinking of making Alex CEO. Alex grabs his face and leers he will let him live ... provided he keeps his name out of his seedy column ...
- Wendy approaches busy medicine man Tripp, who had no time for breakfast. She brought a bag of food and coffee. Tripp is touched. She is sorry he got in trouble. He insists it was all Johnny's fault ... Johnny is looking for Wendy. Li taunts she went to see Tripp cos they are cloooose ... Stefan informs EJ that as per Vivian, Stefano put family first. EJ reminds him he slept with the late Abigail when she was not herself. The talk turns to Gabi and EJ warns all she wants is power. Stefan says pot kettle. EJ warns power grubbing Gabi might consider him a hindrance to her rise to power. Stefan insists they are solid and suggests EJ is the only thing in the way ... Xander is sorry. Gwen has heard enough of his apologies and claims to be over him. She reminds him she is supposed to be running the paper ... Alex gets dressed for success post shower. Leo wants a little information about him and bff Gwen ... Xander plans to protect his half interest in the paper. Gwen hates his condescension. The conflict continues. She screams after he exits to work from his more tranquil motel room ... Li taunts Johnny that Wendy sounded she had much to tell Tripp. Johnny goes and Gabi blasts Li, who insists he is only looking out for little sister. She sarcastically suggests he get Rolf to brainwash Wendy too and is about to go ... until Li sweetly gives her a pretty box ...
- Stefan suggests he and EJ not jeopardize DiMera. EJ knows he has another six months until he has to share the empire with Stefan and possibly Gabi ... Dr. Tripp finishes his burrito. Wendy sweetly dabs a smear from his face and giggles just as Johnny arrives, glaring ... Alas the Saxton's box has only papers no gift. Li boasts tis better than a gift. Business plan papers - a proposal cos the Saxtons CEO is searching for a partnership with a fashion brand. He gushes Gabi could make a comeback with the new company ... EJ and Stefan drink to family and the empire they have joined forces to keep. So they say ... Alex accuses Leo of digging for dirt. Leo explains Gwen is his bff and he will not let another Kiriakis man break her heart. Alex assures him no need to worry and he and Gwen are just friends. Now tis time to go to work ... Wendy jumps up when she sees Johnny. Johnny wants to make things right for Tripp, who states he only got a slap on the wrist. Tis best to drop things and stay away from his supervisor ... Gabi refuses to start a new fashion line with a Salem department store. Li believes in her and reveals his contact at Saxton's cannot wait to hear from her. He suggests names but she does not like hearing his in her company name and blasts him for believing he could make her forget DiMera and Stefan. Li warns EJ will not let her get anywhere near DiMera but he can help her reclaim herself as an entrepreneur. He gets a summons and must now mysteriously go but urges her to at least look at the papers. He leaves and the diva does just that ...
- Stefan is suspicious of the text EJ just sent and heads to the office ... EJ informs fatha's foreboding portrait that Stefan is no match for himself aka the son who was taught by the great phoenix. He raises his glass in respect ... Gwen ends an unhappy call about a lucrative ad cancellation and snaps at the late Leo. He teases her about her new boyfriend ... Xander approaches Alex at the square and sneers to stay away from Gwen. Alex meets his glare and wonders what if he does not. Xander threatens to make him pay. Alex is not afraid of the former clown and taunts he is only Victor's poor relation when it comes to the pecking order. Xander hisses he has seen how he treats women. Alex counters Gwen is capable of choosing who to be with. Xander leers this is his last warning and leaves ... Leo is elated to hear Gwen revealed her romp with Alex to Xander and suggests they make him suffer ... Johnny agrees to stay out of it and apologizes to Tripp again. Tripp thanks Wendy for breakfast and haughtily gets back to his doctor duties. Johnny is relieved when Wendy praises him for taking the blame ...
- Stefan comes to see colorful concerned Gabi just as she is considering her own fashion line. He grabs her in a kiss and updates her on himself and EJ having a so-called truce. He played along so he will not see him coming. He promises his dream girl they will wind up running the company together. They kiss and he assures her he will be careful where Li is concerned ... EJ has secretly summoned Li, who assumes the worst. EJ suggests they be secret allies. He wants him to stay wed to Gabi forever because then she will be done with Stefan and thus the DiMera Empire ...


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The Salem Story on March 15, 2023