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- Exasperated Kate asks Chad whyyyyyyy he would tell Abigail that Lucas had abducted Sami ... Marlena wonders about that party Roman said Lucas was planning and Lucas grins. She gets summoned away before he has to answer ... Jan is anxiously rearranging for her house call appointment with Marlena. She has high hopes and assures Shawn she will become the best mom for baby ... Back at DiMera mansion Belle stammers she was returning EJ's robe and breathes she knew not he was here. The glistening one steps forward and breathes obviously not, his eyes filled with desire ... Susan approaches Abigail about a bad foreign presence at the mansion. Abigail laughs about Thomas' tooth fairy and decides to go down and look ... Marlena arrives at Shawn's house, where Jan is gushy. Shawn discretely departs and admits he is going to go see Belle at her parents' place. Marlena must tell him she is elsewhere ... Blushing Belle suggests EJ dress and he asks about the breakfast tray from Harold. Alas it mysteriously went missing ... Sue suggests she accompany Abigail, who takes a call from Statesville. Tis Gwen insisting she see her stat. Tis important ... Back at the pub Lucas asks server Clyde for more coffee. Clyde is about to take his break and invites him to have a drink with him. Lucas realizes who he is and is less than friendly. Clyde heard about his fight with EJ and calls any enemy of EJ a friend of his. Lucas wonders ... Belle suggests she and EJ strategize about Clyde and Gabi. EJ talks revenge on Clyde but Belle favours legal action. She agrees to brunch and he grins she will not regret it ... Marlena is sorry to inform Shawn that Belle was at DiMera mansion last night. He takes off ... Diva Kate is displeased Chad told Abigail. He explains his wife wanted to follow a lead and talk to the other guard who had been arrested. He had to tell her the truth ... Gwen begs her sister to come today. Tis urgent. Abigail hangs up. Susan had a bad vibe even from her vantage point. Abigail gets curious and Sue states that killed the kitty cat. Abigail notes she is no cat and gets going ...
- Before they begin Jan wants to talk Belle and EJ. Miffed Marlena insists they not discuss Belle at all. Jan assures her she wants to be the best mom and denies trying to win Shawn over and use Marlena. She is ready to move on. Marlena warns any strange signs and the sessions are done. Jan repeats what Ben said about facing the past. Marlena asks if she is willing to feel the pain she caused and she agrees, then doubles over gasping Oh God ... EJ and Belle find Sue in the living room feeling for fairytale vibes. She heard from Harold that Belle spent the night and senses a vibe from the pair. She suspects something is going on between them. Shawn wants to hear about it too, having just arrived ... Chad promises Kate that Abigail will not repeat what he told her but she has her doubts ... Abigail has come to visit Gwen and blasts her for the bad things she did. She came to hear what really happened to Laura. Gwen tells her tis about another important person she would want to protect. Jack. Tomorrow is his birthday and Gwen wants her to deliver the gift she made just for him ... Clyde claims he is disappointed EJ did not accept his biz idea. Lucas concludes they are close. Clyyyyyde says he talked a lot in the slammer especially about Sami's kidnapping. He drawls he knows Lucas was the one who did it ... Belle is bothered Shawn showed up at the mansion. He wants to know what is going on between her and EJ, who now steps up and states she chose to stay here for a while. He suggests he leave. Shawn accuses her of dumping him for the DiMera. Belle denies but he even accuses her of sleeping with him ... Marlena attempts to calm Jan, who howls in labor pain ... Creepy music plays as Gwen shows Abigail the gift mug that says dad. Abigail laughs and tells her to mail it. Gwen begs. Abigail insults her and explains Jack is in Boston. Gwen cries Jack is all she has left and implores her to take the mug. Abigail plays along and drops it to the floor. It shatters. Gwen's face falls ... Chad wishes Kate would appreciate that he told her the truth. She does appreciate he cared enough. Chad promises she need not worry about her son ... Lucas claims EJ was projecting his own guilt by accusing him. Clyde suggests he sue for slander. Lucas needs no such money. Clyde decides he would like to make him his partner ... Jan is having painful contractions ...
- Belle blames Shawn and the family for betraying her by being nice to Jan. Sue takes it all in. Shawn hopes Marlena will succeed in rehabilitating Jan. Sue exclaims Dr. Evans could. Alas Belle believes a future with Jan would never be bright. Shawn gets the call from Marlena and takes off. Belle now has to deal with the knowledge that Jan is already having the baby ... Clyde lowers his voice about his lucrative opportunity. A little money in and a lot comes out. Lucas is not interested in something that sounds illegal and plans to stay out of the slammer. Clyde now alludes to being able to help him get back at EJ and suggests he consider. He leaves and Lucas looks at the drink ... Gwen gets upset at Abigail for destroying her gift. Abigail threatens to break more and takes her triumphant leave. Gwen vows revenge ... EJ tells Belle he is sorry. He invites mama Susan to stay for lunch. Sanctimonious Sue is no fifth wheel and suggests he is not over Samantha while spending time with her sister Belle ... Shawn ends a call about Jan’s transmitter going off as she was admitted to hospital. Marlena lets him know where her room is and he races off ... Kate catches Lucas looking at that drink ... Belle is an emotional mess over Jan having her husband's baby. She sighs it will be premature and EJ suggests a bright side is it may not make it. Belle suddenly looks worried ... Shawn assures afraid Jan he is here for her ... As they have coffee at the square Abigail updates Chad on breaking Gwen's mug and laughs she said she would make her pay ... Gwen makes a call and demands revenge against Abigail, who must not be allowed to see Jack on his birthday now ...


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The Salem Story on Thursday, June 9, 2022