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- Teresa opens her eyes in shirtless Brady's bed and bids him good morning. Neither harbor regrets. He asks about Alex and she cackles this will show him. He accuses her of using him. Alex comes knocking on Teresa's door and gets an eyeful ... Xander talks food at the Kiriakis mansion. Justin mentions doing Maggie a wedding day favor ... Maggie, Bonnie, Sara and baby are at the square and Sara thanks benevolent Bonnie for the salon day. She points out Maggie's marriage is only one of convenience to help friend Konstantin. Maggie excuses herself in a mysterious hurry ... Suited Steve ends a call with Ava, who gave him an update. He calls John, who has been summoned to the Kiriakis estate near the mausoleum by Konstantin. John senses tis about the pawn and will stay in touch. Konstantin arrives, whips out the card, praises the pawn for stealing the prenup, and gives him a gun for the next phase. John plays along with the natural born killer cos this is the day he is goin down...
- Xander is irate Justin agreed to officiate even though they all know tis a marriage of convenience. Justin claims he has it covered. Konstantin cannot get a dime cos he drew up an iron clad prenup. Xander warns paper will not stop Konstantin and the conman will come up with something ... Silver fox John plays along as the pawn. Konstantin cackles to kill his bride once she is his wife ... Maggie comes to see Steve and announces she transferred the funds so the trap for the fiend has been set. She marvels they will make him pay ... Alex scowls he can come back when he realizes Brady is nekid in Teresa's bed. Teresa makes the most of the situation. Brady decides he'd rather be anywhere else and leaves behind her bed, her room and her mischief. Teresa smugly gets her silk red robe on and wonders what Alex wanted to discuss. He glares ...
- Colorful Bonnie stays at the square with Sara and suggests the wedding will be fun. Sara and Xander will be next! Sara hopes she will attend. Bonnie is honored. Sara is ever so touched and admits she tried to invite Xander's mother ... Brady comes down for breakfast and gets annoyed when Justin and Xander bring up the wedding that will be happening ... Upstairs Alex announces he is crazy about Teresa and ended things with Kristen. She wonders why he kept her at bay before. He cannot shake the feeling that she is hiding things. Teresa blinks ... John confirms Konstantin wants him to off his wife? Correct. Immediately after they are pronounced man and wife. Greedy Konstantin is gleeful he will be a groom and widower on the same day. John the fake pawn plays along and puts away his secret weapon ...
- Bonnie hears what Xander told Sara about his boozing, badass mum. Sara still wants to give the grandmother a chance and believes Maggie could help her. She has her number but has yet to call. Bonnie grabs the phone and makes the call. Ring ring ... Xander wonders wot Teresa did now. Brady goes to get ready for the wedding. Xander complains to Justin about Maggie's two bit Zorba, who makes his grand entrance asking after his lovely bride. Xander quips the one he has been conning? The insults fly. Konstantin fumes when Xander suggests he is not as good as Victor. Hothead Konstantin taunts Xander is clueless. The Great Scot senses something ... John arrives in time to join Maggie and Steve in their secret toast to expose Konstantin. They now have everything they need for his arrest before the wedding. The silver fox states the snake just summoned the pawn ordering him to kill Maggie after she became his bride. Maggie thinks that is awful. John suggests they proceed with the plan. Steve agrees and they all toast to bringing the s.o.b. down ...
- Teresa acts hurt Alex does not trust her and swears she is not hiding anything. He accepts that and wonders whether she will continue to see Brady. She remembers Konstantin reminding her it was her idea to make it appear Victor had written the inheritance letter for Alex instead of Xander. She now claims she was just trying to hit back cos he hooked up with Kristen. Alex states she succeeded and apologizes. She says she wants only him and he agrees. He calls it commitment and invites her to be his date at Maggie's wedding. She accepts and will start getting ready. Alex heads downstairs. Teresa woefully gets back on the bed where she was with Brady. Brady enters and assumes she ended anything exclusive with Alex. Just the opposite. She wants only Alex. Brady looks like he has been slapped a thousand times. He asks about Alex and Kristen. They are done. He tries to hide his hurt and sighs tis his fault for succumbing to her charms. She stammers tis better for Tate to keep it simple. He accuses her of using him again but blames himself before he goes. Teresa cries and tells herself to keep her eye on the Kiriakis prize. If only she knew what a monumental mistake she was making ...
- Bold Bonnie starts to leave Alex's mysterious mum a message. Sara grabs the phone and takes over, telling her about granddaughter Victoria and how she and Xander would love if she attended their wedding. Now tis a waiting game ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Xander suspiciously probes. Konstantin tells him Victor cared nothing for him and called him the gardener. Xander denies Victor did not like him. Konstantin blurts out but he did not leave him a penny in his will. Xander stares at the fiend ... Brady comes down and sees Steve and John, who make light of him seeing them with Maggie, who is now playing the role of the blushing bride ... Bonnie updates distracted Xander on Sara getting summoned to the hospital. She brought Victoria in her port-a-crib. He thanks her and looks surprised about the call to his mother. She suggests it would be nice for the baby to know her grandma. Xander seems to doubt the woman will return the call... Justin is ready to begin. So are Steve and John, who sit with the guests. The violin finally stops. Maggie takes Konstantin to be her husband until death they do part. Konstantin takes Margaret to be his wife until death they do part. Suddenly Justin gets a text. Konstantin says to continue. Justin reveals a large sum is missing from Victor's charitable trust. In the last few days many withdrawals were made. Maggie notes Konstantin must have known as he was the only one who could authorize the transactions. Justin will call the cops. Konstantin accuses Xander of setting him up. Baffled Xander argues he no longer works at Titan. The gasping Greek now accuses Steve and argues he and John offed his daughter! He implores Maggie to believe him. The almost bride accuses him of embezzling money and wants him locked up! He suddenly realizes he was set up by them all and warns they will pay ...
- Konstantin whips out his red pawn card and orders John to get out his gun. He orders him to shoot Steve Johnson and himself. He yells to kill them ALL. The guests gasp and wait. John drawls he ain't his pawn and Maggie holds up the real prenup, which means he would have gotten nothing anyway. The guests watch with bated breath. Maggie refuses to listen to Konstantin, who claims he can explain, and accuses him of lying he was Victor's loving friend. He even pretended he was her protector. John and Steve suddenly realize he must have had Victoria abducted so he could play the hero. Xander rages he had better hope the cops get him before he does! Maggie is disgusted and demands the name of his hooded accomplice. Teresa suggests it matters not since he already admitted it was him. Alex gives her a look. Madman Konstantin rants he still got his revenge on Victor by sabotaging his plane and sending him to his watery grave! Maggie, Xander, Brady and Justin glare in united silence. If looks could kill!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on JUNE 7, 2024