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- Teresa comes to see Brady with snacks for Tate, who is not home ... Tate meets Aaron at the park to give him his license for camp ID. He pretended he lost it. Here comes jogging Alex, who wonders what they are up to ... Holly finds EJ in a fit of rage at the mansion ... Stefan blasts Gabi for blurting out the secret. She reasons Eric had the right to know ... Nicole stops Eric from boarding by announcing he is Jude's real dad after all. This baby is THEIR son. He is stunned to hear about Sloan changing the results. Gabi gave her the whole truth cos they both deserved to know ... Gabi the good mom is appalled Eric's real son could have been kept from him forever. Stefan accuses her of really wanting to sock it to EJ ... EJ apologizes to Holly for the outburst. She did not see the press conference. He updates the girl on Gabi's revenge and sighs Jude is Eric’s son after all ...
- Teresa panics about Tate being with Holly. Brady assures her Tate will be miles away from the girl very soon. Teresa now wonders why he suggested to Alex she was after his money. Brady makes light of it. She is still upset he implied she was a gold digger and he apologizes. However, he still believes she might have sneaked a peek at Victor’s briefcase and found out Alex was sole heir, after which she got involved with him ... Tate intros Aaron to his mom's future hubby. Aaron babbles about fit billionaires. Alex believes he knows what the boys are up to ... Holly feels for EJ, who admits he was no angel and already knew Jude was not his ... Nicole gives Eric the whole story, how Gabi stepped up and spilled the truth at the press conference EJ planned. Eric is stunned Jude is his and gazes at the babe in her arms. Jude smiles at his daddy as she hands him over. Eric cries tears of joy and she cries with him ...
- Teresa acts insulted and Brady seems to buy her act ... until she claims she grieved the death of the Greek tycoon. However, he believes if she was a real gold digger she would not have signed the prenup ... Alex assumes the guys are dealing with fake IDs, tells them to be careful and gets going. Tate hands buddy his ticket and thanks him ... EJ admits he was wrong not to reveal Eric was the fatha after he found out. He tells Holly he feared Nicole would run right back to Eric, which he now senses she did ... Eric emotionally holds his son and his boarding call comes. He is not leaving now! Nicole gushes he can get to know his son, who is happy to be back in daddy's arms. He suddenly realizes Sloan knew. He feels a little sorry for EJ. Nicole scoffs ... Stefan berates Gabi for publicly shaming EJ. She does not deny it cos he almost let her rot in the slammer forever. But why is Stefan on his side? Stefan states he hates him too cos of what he did to her. She wants to move on and forget what happened. Stressed Stefan sighs tis not possible ...
- Tate comes home to Teresa and states he was just saying goodbye to Aaron. Brady wants to drive him to the airport. Tate lies he is getting a ride with Aaron. He stammers he said he would pick him up after his errand. His parents get suspicious. Teresa insists they take him ... Holly is happy for Eric and EJ sighs he is the villain again. Holly blasts him for lying to her mom ... However, she understands the feeling of lying out of desperation and remembers her and Tate's secret summer plans. EJ thanks her and she takes her uneasy leave ... Eric cannot believe EJ knew all along! Nicole notes he must have known they would get back together. Eric suggests they leave the airport ... Stefan reminds Gabi that he gave EJ his word but she exposed him. That means EJ will wage war! He walks off worried but his diva wife harbors no regrets ...
- At the park Holly meets Aaron, who informs her Tate headed home to get his stuff. He believes it is all systems go ... Tate's parents are ready to take him to the airport. Alex suddenly calls Teresa about needing her to come sign the prenup he promised to have to the lawyers today. She has her I love you and a hug with Tate before she leaves ... Gabi is delighted to see Eric and son at the square. He is grateful she helped. She owed him one. He praises her for doing the right thing. She feels proud about her actions though hubby was mad ... EJ cannot drink away the memory of Nicole walking away from him forever with Jude but he is trying. Stefan arrives and suggests he could use a drink. EJ suggests arsenic and blasts brotha for the betrayal. Stefan insists he intended to keep his secret. But Gabi evidently did not. Ominous music plays. EJ sighs because of Stefan's wife he has forever lost his! Enter Nicole ... Teresa comes home to Alex, who is waiting for the papers to arrive. He updates her on seeing Tate and Aaron at the park but does not share the details ... At the airport Tate and Holly see Aaron off. So begins their summer of sneaking and smooching ... Gabi sips her wine elegantly at the square, smug she socked it to EJ ... Stefan gives EJ and Nicole their space. EJ assumes she came to talk ... Brady is stunned when Eric shows up to re-introduce him to his nephew Jude ... Back at the mansion of mayhem teary Nicole returns EJ's rings and demands a divorce. EJ now has no reason to keep Stefan's secret Ava affair from Gabi. The clock of chaos is ticking!


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The Salem Story on JULY 9, 2024