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- Kayla complains about the Salem Five to Steve, who smells revenge ... Nicole surprises Chloe back at work and boasts she got an order doubled on her biz trip. Chloe bears bad news. Meanwhile Brady is on a call outside the pub angrily ordering more security. Eric bumps him and sees how tense his brother is ... Kristen wakes up in the big bed. Ava and sore Jake had only the air mattress. Kristen is smug about her dreams becoming reality … Gabi stirs and suspiciously hears phone Li claiming I LOVE YOU TOO. She wants a name ... Nicole cannot believe Kristen got the governor's pardon and worries about Brady ... Brady has coffee with Eric and admits he is concerned for Rachel ... Chloe updates Nicole on Kristen knowing Rachel's whereabouts. Brady already spoke to Theresa, who was in touch with Shane regarding security. Sadly security might not keep Kristen at bay. Nicole agrees ... Brady has been unable to get a good night's sleep and senses Kristen will make a bold move ... Kristen thanks Ava for the good coffee in bed. Now she asks Jake for more cream and cackles. His back hurts so she decides to ask Ava. He hopes they are even after her DiMera vote now that they put her up. Not quite. She goes to get changed to stir the Salem pot ... Steve greets pretty Jada at the square and intros Kayla to the late Marcus' daughter. Her da and Steve were formidable friends at the orphanage and he is happy to hear she was hired at the Salem P.D. She is on the Abigail case and was about to contact Kayla. She updates Steve and Kayla as much as she can on questioning Sarah. She needs medical info cos of her hallucinations. She asks for the records. Kayla talks privacy so she argues law enforcement takes priority. Peacemaker Steve offers to buy both ladies a pub breakfast ...
- Eric is shocked Kristen demanded to see Rachel. Brady worries she will go to California to make contact and needs something done stat. Eric suggests he speak to Justin asap. Brady believes she might have gotten caught on purpose ... A teen with tattoos starts to reach for the tip jar so Eric grabs him by the wrist ... Kristen is clad in a little black dress and puts on her lipstick to go get that favor Gabi owes her. Ava massages her honey's sore back. Jake snaps what does Kristen want with Gabi. Kristen refuses to say and gets sarcastic about his girlfriend so Ava snaps that is his ex. Exit Kristen. Jake staggers to the shower ... Li teases jealous Gabi and claims that was his mom. She fumes this is the first time she heard of her. He gets her a coffee and offers to call back if she does not believe him. It has been a month and Gabi admits she does not know him much more than before. He starts to worry about her ex so she assures him he is with Ava. He wonders if she cares so she diverts him with some morning lovin ... Back at Basic Black Nicole insists Brady cares for songbird Chloe. Chloe still senses a pull and believes Nicole can relate. Nicole assumes she means Rafe then seems rattled when she realizes she was referring to Eric ...
- Eric blasts the troubled youth for trying to take tips. Brady is about to call the cops but Eric wants to help. The young man bolts, runs into arriving Steve and vanishes from view ... Ava tells herself not to be stupid. Dressed Jake emerges and wonders. She does not want to be green with jealousy but ... Jake seems to be too concerned about Gabi ... Gabi enters her lavish office just before Li can warn her ... Kristen is smugly sitting in her top job chair ... Jada wants to see the cctvs and Brady wonders who she is. Steve makes the intros. Brady gets going. Steve and Kayla still have the Orpheus fiasco on their minds ... Li points out Kristen was pardoned. Gabi gets mouthy so Kristen suggests they stick to biz and the mess she made ... Ava is feeling a tad insecure again. She asks Jake if she was his consolation prize. He admits that like her he was trying to sock it to Gabi but that was then this is now ... Nicole insists Eric is not relevant. Brady now returns to Chloe ... Steve and Kayla enjoy their hearty breakfast as Jada gets an update on the Salem gang. She hears friendly Eric is a runner like her and he offers to show her trails. When she wonders what he does, he admits to having a priestly past ... When Nicole hears how worried Brady was when he almost tackled Eric outside the pub, she suddenly excuses herself. Brady gives Chloe a kiss ... Kristen warns defiant Gabi that with one more vote she could oust her. Li stands by silently ... Jake was always aware that Stefan was the one for Gabi. Their passion was not enough for either. He assures anxious Ava he is over her and tenderly takes her hand. She smiles in relief and he teases she is falling for him. She thinks so. He has already fallen and holds her close, telling her how fast he drives to get home to her. She gushes she always waits for his call. He sees the real her, not the tough exterior and loves the loving way she looks at him. They kiss in bliss ...
- Devil in blue dress Gabi warns Kristen that EJ and Chad would never vote for her! Kristen wants not her job but a favor ... When Eric hears fellow jogger Jada has not found a place to settle in, he suggests she gets a room upstairs, smiles a charming smile, and goes on his running way. She smiles sweetly and gets back to her breakfast. Kayla notices ... Nicole pauses at the park. All of a sudden the troubled youth demands she hand over her handbag ... Jake is taking Ava to the jewelry store to select a ring and she suddenly realizes he wants to marry her ... Gabi laughs to Li that Kristen just became someone else's problem ... Brady is on a call with Theresa about the Kristen problem when Kristen appears to announce she is the new boss at Basic Black ... Jada assures Kayla she is just after justice for her niece Abigail ... Jogging Eric catches the deadly delinquent with Nicole at the park and tries to step in, but he pulls a gun and suddenly grabs Nicole as his hostage!


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The Salem Story on Monday, July 25, 2022