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- Wendy sends Johnny a heartfelt how are you text from the square. Meanwhile the young man is still with Chanel, marveling over the slide show of John and Marlena. They were always the sold super couple of Salem., his secret cinematic inspiration. He gets choked up about the end and she tenderly touches his face ... Eric prays his heart out for Marlena. Belle tries too ... Sarah calls demanding to know why Marlena's bed is missing the patient ... John has just realized that his beloved doc has left the building in a forever kind of way. So it seems. He weeps and holds her ... Johnny and Chanel are inches away from a tender kiss when Allie arrives, demanding an explanation ... Sonny informs the gang he spoke to the nurses, who agree they can see Marlena two at a time. Will suggests Eric and Belle go ahead and they do. Sonny is concerned about woeful hubby Will. They embrace ... Allie coldly repeats her what the hell question. Chanel admits that Marlena just ...Johnny declares she is up on the roof with John. Meantime John breaks down ... Sonny sits with Will, who would rather not pray. Sonny reasons God must know how he loves Marlena. Will remembers the old days when he was less secure and Marlena his rock urged him to fight. They clasp hands. Will's phone rings with a call from work and Sonny insists he pick up. Will does and is shocked by the update that will affect his life ...
- At the square Wendy asks Tripp about his visit with Ava ... Chanel updates Allie on the slide show Johnny made for Marlena ... Sarah tries to reassure anxious Belle and Eric about Marlena being absent from her bed. All of a sudden John wheels her in with no vitals. Sadly Sarah can only do so much ... Will ends his work call and sighs to Sonny the project got the go ahead. Sonny wonders why the long face. The set is in New Zealand and he is wanted there! He would rather stay in Salem given the timing. Sonny urges him to reconsider for Marlena would want him to embrace the opportunity. Will admits the reason he would rather stay right here right now is their relationship ... Wendy treats Tripp to soothing tea at the square. She wonders what transpired. He sadly recalls how mama Ava hallucinated he was dead Charlie Dale the entire time ... Allie gets snarky with Johnny. Chanel reminds her he too is upset about Marlena. Allie is mad about his moves on her girlfriend and says so ... Devastated John updates Belle and Eric. Sarah is sorry to say Marlena is gone. Pink sweater Belle gasps and bolts. John goes to her but suggests Eric stay. Sarah sadly offers to inform the others. Eric numbly holds his lifeless mother’s hand, feeling betrayed by God ...
- Tripp updates Wendy on lost soul Charlie Dale and what he did to others especially Allie ... Johnny claims Chanel was just trying to comfort him. Allie does not buy it but the topic turns tragic when Sarah emerges with news ... Eric feels betrayed by the heavenly father for taking his beloved mother. He sobs he needs her but now she is no more ... Will notes it would be at least 6 months and is too sudden. Besides he and Sonny had recent turmoil. Sonny is sorry he gave assistant abductor Leo stark a second chance. He does not want Will's dreams held back for then he would not be the Will he knew he was and they would not be the best of them ... Tripp is upset Ava's hallucinations were not helped by meds this time. This time all she saw was Charlie and he had to see her drugged and dragged off. He believes she meant it when she said she hated him. Wendy gives him a sympathetic embrace ... Sarah hugs sobbing Allie. Johnny goes for air. John and Belle rejoin Eric and Marlena, who is not moving. The frazzled former father takes off. John helps Belle sit at her late mother's side. She cries she loves her as does everyone and wishes it were Hattie lying here instead! John is choked up and assures her she will always be a part of her. She hugs her dad in thanks and gives him his moment ...
- Wendy spies Johnny slowly walking through the square. She is so sorry. So is Tripp. Johnny rages crazy Ava killed his grandma Susan. Tripp defends her and tries to throw a punch when Johnny calls her a homicidal beech but Johnny is faster and slugs him down. Then he goes on way, snapping he started it when Wendy protests ...Belle updates sad Allie on John saying goodbye. She offers to call Sami and Allie thanks her. Allie now coldly walks away from Chanel to track down Will ... Will notes tis not the best time to talk about his offer. Sonny agrees and they exchange I love yous. Enter Allie as a candle flickers. Her face says it all ... Eric is hanging his head in sorrow when Belle updates him on the message she left Sami. He bitterly refuses to return to the chapel for the lord was not listening ... John takes Marlena's hand and questions how to live without her. He remembers their first meeting, how she saw the man he was and could be again. Their first kiss changed his life and gave it new meaning. She was his everything and he will always love her. He kisses her pale lips one last time and recalls their love story. Then he vows they will be together again and whispers he loves her ... Wendy is supportive of Tripp and he appreciates it ... Johnny joins Chanel in the snowy park ... Will suggests they all pray with Eric ... Alas Eric is drowning his sorrows at the pub ... Sarah returns. John numbly stands and exits. Sarah turns off the light and leaves. Marlena sees a bright light that leads her spirit up and away ... Meanwhile John walks alone on the rooftop and smells the blanket she last wore. He believes she will sontinue taking care of them ... Marlena is walking through a heavenly light in her white suit and sees a door. She opens it ... SPOILER FOR TOMORROW IS SUSAN BANKS!


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The Salem Story on January 23, 2023