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- Chad is determined to do the right thing for EJ. That means the truth in court. Stylish Kate has concerns ... At the court, Trask assumes EJ is repping himself. Belle gets him to officially accept her offer ... Shawn finds Rafe all rattled at the station cos he was set up by an unknown enemy ... Smug Ava meets Gwen at the square. Gwen complains about Xander teaming up with Abigail to find Sarah. Xander has just been summoned to the mansion by Abigail ... Steve checks in with Brady on the phone and then admires sweetness in her nun's outfit. He assures her the big dude upstairs will not mind and reasons as holy folks they will find their way into that convent and the truth ... Abigail informs impatient Xander one of the older DiMera jets used for personal flights flew the same time Sarah vanished. Alas that pilot has since vanished ... EJ is surprised to hear Nicole convinced stylish Belle to step up for him. He warns it will cost her at DiMera but she is not afraid of a little board or sister Sami ... The trial proceeds. The judge wants to begin with jury selection but EJ would rather not go the jury route ... Steve emerges in his priestly suit and suggests he and sister Kayla get going to track Kristen. Game on!
- Xander wants to track the pilot's name. Abigail is on it and was just updating him. Xander leaves in a huff, having wanted to do more ... As they sip coffee at the square Gwen complains to Ava about Abigail the payback princess. Ava can relate to the payback part ... Shawn looks at the report of two separate perps claiming Rafe planted evidence. Rafe is outraged at the attempted setup. Smart Shawn suggests it might have been set in motion by a third party after revenge. Rafe gets to thinking ... Gwen learns Ava arranged for a few accused men to wrongly accuse Rafe of planting proof. Gwen is surprised she would send the man she loves to the slammer. Ava suggests she keep her mouth shut. Xander appears and asks about WOT. Ava's cat eyes narrow ... Abigail visits Chad at the office and asks him about a former DiMera pilot named Ned Granger. Chad reveals he was with them for a long time, then suddenly quit last spring. He went off the radar and never even received his last paycheck ... Back in Italy, cool Father Steve and sweetness pay reverend mother a visit seeking assistance. Steve introduces Sister Mary Elizabeth, whose exchange program parish in Tuscany fell victim to a fire. He asks her to temporarily take her in.
- Gwen greets Xander with a kiss and hears he already met with Abigail. She notes he knows Ava and he wonders what she was ordering Gwen to stay silent about. Ava smoothly states she is planning a surprise birthday party for Rafe and gets going. Xander suspiciously wonders how and why Gwen knows that woman ... Chad admits to Abigail he changed his mind about EJ's guilt as he overreacted. Abigail reminds him he found evidence that EJ arranged Sami's abduction. He alludes to having spoken too soon. Abigail looks suspicious ... Belle wants to discuss EJ's decision so the judge grants a brief recess. Belle reminds EJ tis tougher to sway a judge but he believes luck and his innocence are on his side. Belle suspiciously wonders whether he will attempt to get the judge in his pocket if he has not already. D.A. Trask suspiciously watches. Belle threatens to walk unless EJ agrees to a trial by jury. EJ agrees to leave his fate in her hands ... Abigail fears Chad will lie on the stand for EJ. He alludes to legal obligations and heads to court. She accompanies him. The court reporter could not come ...
- Gwen admits she got to know Ava after she voiced her sympathy over the Charlie Dale situation. Xander is suspiciously surprised. She claims she and Charlie bonded over being outcasts. He quips he was a psycho ... Rafe reveals to Shawn how someone cut the head off his and Nicole's shared teddy bear. It could be a clue! Here comes Ava ... Rev mother will speak to the other sisters and try to secure a place. She will be in touch with Father Nichols. Steve and Kayla leave. Kristen arrives in nun garb and asks about the visitors who just left. She hears their request. Kristen is grateful she was allowed to return even though she is not a sister. Rev mother promises they will always protect her and calls it a night. Kristen asks to use her phone and she agrees before going. Kristen takes a deep breath ... Steve and Kayla return to their room feeling victorious. While they wait they get frisky ... Ava bears bistro food for Rafe, who admits he has something pressing to deal with. She will leave the food in his office, giggles and goes. Rafe suddenly suspects her and says so to Shawn ... Ava calls Rafe’'s desk photo a hypocrite and hisses he will pay. She gets a call from Kristen, who curses and asks if she sent Patch ... The judge wants to begin. Trask protests. Belle argues she is new to the case. The judge sides with Trask and tells her to call her first witness. Chad DiMera. EJ and Belle are both caught off guard. Chad apologizes for being late. EJ assumes the worst. Chad wants Abigail to know ... The judge orders him to take the stand ... Kayla stops the kiss since she and Steve are in holy outfits. He suggests she slip into something else so she goes in the other room to do so ... Ava did not send Steve. However, she knows Xander wanted to hire him to find Sarah. Kristen curses tis the last thing she needs. Ava notes Gwen does not want Xander to find her since she fears he will leave her. Kristen can relate ... Xander praises Gwen for her kind heart and kisses her. She asks about Abigail and assumes she had no luck. Xander announces she has a hot lead. They could find Sarah soon ... Kristen ominously alludes to helping Ava and Gwen since they helped her but will not say more. Meanwhile Rafe admits to Shawn that Ava has been jealous of Nicole. He briefly accused her of being Duke's attacker but he apologized. He cannot believe she would set him up for utter ruin ... Chad is asked to swear to tell the truth and he does. Trask stands to ask him his first question ...


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The Salem Story on Thursday, January 13, 2022