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- Steve joins John at Black Patch, stunneed to hear he met Konstantin at the dark park ... Steph is proud of Everett's article and uses the P word. Pulitzer. He hopes his next piece will be better cos they have to get Clyde. They sit at the bistro and she wants to buy him dinner to celebrate. He just wants to celebrate them and gazes at his dream girl ... Sloan has vino and gourmet food ready for Eric but the baby cries so he steps away. Sloan gets herself a huge glass of white wine ... At her addict's meeting Teresa opens up to her group. Brady comes in. She gushes about those who are close helping her and their eyes lock ... At the slammer smug visitor Harris calls Clyde a celebrity and taunts him with the Salem Spectator article about drugs with Clyde's picture on page 1. The hillbilly looks ready to blow. Harris must have a death wish cos he continues to taunt by reading aloud how many pills were seized. Clyde notes it is not unbiased. Harris remains unable to rattle him in spite of his cool jacket and tough guy talk ...
- Steve wishes John had taken him along to his meetup. John would have but knew not the urgent message was Konstantin. Steve wonders what is really wrong ... Brady admits to Teresa he knew not she was here and is here today for himself ... Hands-on dad Eric got the baby back to sleep and is unhappy to return to a somewhat sloshed Sloan. She is feeling such pressure. He promises Jude will soon sleep thru the night and then they will have their alone time. They kiss. She complains about all the interruptions and suggests he is acting like Jude matters more than her. He insists he appreciates and loves her. She loves him too and he holds her close ... The silver fox knew he was wrong to take a night meet with a stranger. He admits to Steve that he lied to doc that the client was a no show. He gasps something is going on with him but is at a loss ... Clyde claims to be innocent and accuses Harris of being nowhere near the truth. Harris shows him exhibit A. Le phone that the guards found in his cell. Clyde claims he never saw the phone before so the guards musta planted it ...
- John complains to Steve that Konstantin claimed he wanted to discuss Victor's pawn and said he had eyes like a killer. Then he pulled a gun and threatened him. That was when Konstantin claimed John had come after him years ago but Katerina wound up in the line of fire instead. Steve is stunned and John wonders ... Brady admits to Teresa that Tate wrote him a letter. She got one too and gushes how nice it was. Brady complains his letter was cold cos Tate is still mad at him for missing so much time together. He complains about not getting good times with his daughter either. He blew it with both kids! He wanted a fix, which was why he came to the meeting today. Teresa hugs him and praises him as a papa. The kids will come around. She feels lucky to share a child with him. Brady is touched ...
- Back at the bistro Everett admits he is so happy he feels like he is dreaming. Steph feels the same way. He wonders what they will tell Chad ... that they are steady ... Steph teases they are not cos there is no letterman jacket. Everett does not have one. The cute talk continues and they kiss in contrived bliss ... After feeding the baby again Eric comes back and brings up a professional article that said newborns ought to sleep in the same room as the parents for months. Some even say newborns should sleep in the same bed as the parents. Sloan blurts out the baby is coming between them, finishes more wine, and sulks ... John gets a strange pain, hyperventilates and Steve calms him down so it goes away. Steve warns him not to let creepy Konstantin get to him. John gives Steve a strange look and urges him to share what he remembers about the pawn. Steve claims he only knows that John is not that ... person anymore.
- Cool cucumber Clyde warns Harris there could be a number on his phone that would incriminate someone who is the biz partner of a certain party ... Teresa and Brady have not forgotten the hot old days. She brings up when she kissed him and asks if he felt something. Brady believes she is beautiful but reminds her she is with Alex now. He emotionally states he will always be here for her and Tate. She emotionally states Tate knows. They are the last ones left in the room and decide tis time to depart - though Teresa would rather not ... Sloan refuses to stop drinking. She misses making loooove. Eric suggests they do it now and starts to kiss her on the sofa ...
- Clyde claims he could wipe or add numbers to his phone ... if that is his. Harris warns he will send him to hell instead. Clyde asks even it means taking his purty gal pal with him? Harris says yes ... After the long kiss Steph mentions Valentine's Day and announces she is falling in love with Everett again ... Sloan suddenly smells the burning pan and runs to the kitchen, complaining she ruined dinner. Eric does not mind and they get frisky again ... Everett assures Steph he never stopped loving her and they kiss again. She suggests they have a Valantine's Day double date with Rafe and her great friend JADA. Everett would rather not share her, however, and gives her another kiss ... Steve suggests he and stressed John continue the conversation tomorrow. John decides to head home so doc does not worry. He feels so frustrated. Steve knows they need to remove Konstantin from all their lives. Whatever it takes. John seconds that ... Clyde calls Harris tough and diabolical. He warns he never fails at anything and Harris says neither does he. He walks out and Clyde rages at the son of a beech, his eyes as soulless as ever ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on February 8, 2024