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- Jada is friendly with Belle and tells partner Shawn she will see him later. Belle admits to Shawn she missed him calling her his wife and was happy to hear it again ... Colorful Nicole is on crutches by the pub and notices Eric has a new shirt on. She knows about his big date ... Romantic Rafe gives Gabi a pep talk about finding love again and suggests it could be Li. She wishes she had had more time with love of her life Stefan ... Li has been funding and overseeing Rolf's secret lab. He knows he is trying to save Stefano's son ... Kristen gets sarcastic about Brady and Chloe not being at work. Brady dares her to tell them where she has been the past 1.5 days ... Li considered Stefan being kept alive with a mechanical heart creepy but admits he was fascinated. He confronts confused Rolf for secretly giving Stefan Jake's heart. The scientist acts like he does not understand. Li gets sarcastic and then updates him on having surveillance cameras that caught everything. Rolf was waiting to see if it was a success and assures him not even Stefan's brothers were told. Li talks tough and wants to hear how it went. Rolf states it was a success but Stefan needs about an hour before he can return to the land of the living. Li sighs it will not work for him ...
- Gabi admits to Rafe she could get more serious with Li but he is not an open book. She shares her insecurity and Rafe sighs she is not alone ... Nicole admits she overheard Jada and Eric making plans. Here comes the pretty detective in pink ... Chloe talks back to Kristen, who pulls rank and orders her to send her a file. Brady is livid. Chloe agrees and goes. Brady is not amused and wonders what Kristen really wants to discuss. Them of course ... Shawn is shocked to hear Jake tied the knot with Ava, who inherited DiMera stock, which EJ was not thrilled about. Shawn probes and she explains they are cordial nothing more and wants to move home to hubby Shawn ... At the pub Jada is all smiles and agrees to see the available room. She gushes then they can have their lunch date ... Outside the pub Nicole wonders why Chloe is out of breath. She complains about the files Kristen is demanding. Nicole agrees to send them to her and suggests they go in the pub. She misunderstands the moment when she spies Eric escorting Jada upstairs ...
- Rafe admits to Gabi how jealous he is when he sees Eric with Nicole. He assumes there is nothing there but Gabi suggests otherwise ... Rolf wonders what changed so Li admits he is involved with Gabi, who would leave him for a living breathing Stefan. He seems to want to pull the plug and Rolf is appalled ... Eric shows Jada the room and offers the family discount. She hears he is down the hall and they have a few laughs. Then she lets him know she is ready to move in so he hands her the keys ... Downstairs Nicole complains to Chloe about Eric going up to his room with new girl Jada. Chloe doubts it was what she thought but why would Nicole care ... Gabi talks the pull of one's first love. Rafe hates hearing it so she reminds him Eric and Nicole divorced ... Li simply wants Rolf to slow things down while he plans how to best handle Stefan's return to the company and the world. Rolf warns Kristen will want answers. Li suggests he say he miscalculated and there was a setback. The mad scientist hisses he never miscalculates and Kristen would not buy it. Li pulls rank and coldly states Stefan stays on ice until he makes up his mind ...
- Kristen wants to see Rachel and tells Brady to bring her home from California. She misses her child ... Shawn seems surprised that Belle wants to move home. She wants to save their marriage. She could sleep in Claire's room at the start. Shawn would love that ... Nicole claims Jada could break Eric's heart. Chloe makes a joke when they see them coming down the stairs together. The intros are made and they depart together. Nicole is now annoyed they will both be living above the pub ... Rolf wants a timeline. Shin wants to make certain the return of Stefan has the right effect for the company and Li's relationship with Gabi. Rolf alludes to disliking her. Li knows he almost had her imprisoned after he intentionally gave her the wrong drug for Jake. Rolf remembers it well and states she was not right for Stefan. Li agrees and wants to wait until he has enough time to make sure Gabi never wants to ever return to Stefan. Rolf has no issue with waiting but Kristen makes him fearful. Li leers he should be fearful of HIM ... Brady blasts Kristen and orders her to quit or lose her daughter. Kristen gets sarcastic and says no deal ... Shawn gushes about Belle coming home. She did not want him to lose the baby and he is touched. She tenderly takes is hand ... Nicole pays Rafe an impromptu visit at the station. He kisses her and helps her to a chair. She hears he invited Gabi and new guy Li for dinner soon. He asks about her day and she tries to act nonchalant ... As they sip their drinks Jada admits to Eric that she and her ex hubby used to argue a lot ... Brady scoffs about Kristen not wanting to give up custody. She hisses she will get shared custody with her newly cleaned record. He vows to fight and she warns she will not let go of her daughter. Until they meet in court!


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The Salem Story on Tuesday, August 9, 2022