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- SPD Shawn welcomes new hire Jada, who asks about his paternity leave. Alas he was not the real dad ... Brady gets woman in black Belle a coffee. She is busy on the computer cos DiMera is volatile due to Jake's untimely death ... Gabi is pacing in her pretty dress as Li Shin wakes up. She admits she is suspicious of Ava moving into DiMera mansion. Meantime EJ promises Stefano's stern portrait Ava will be dealt with so family and company can stay together. Hark! The doorbell rings ... Kristen finds Rolf alone in his lab and he boasts Jake's heart was transplanted into Stefan's body by him. Kristen senses he is hiding something ... Ava glances around with her light luggage. EJ calls her family and coos her every wish will be Harold's command. He sells it like a hotel manager. Ava accuses him of just being after the late Jake's shares ... Gabi paces and pouts about Ava the mob boss. Li gives her a pep talk about power ... Rolf has already returned Jake to the morgue and shows Kristen sleeping Stefan. Phoenix music plays ...
- Brady sits by working girl Belle. He suggests she is trying to avoid dealing with the Shawn drama. She feels for him having to let go of the baby Evan took to New Zealand ... Lady in pink Jada suggests Shawn take time off but he wants to dive in. Jada admits she popped a perp. He gently suggests time off. Rafe steps up and calls her a hero for saving Ava ... EJ innocently insists he needs Ava to vote Gabi out at the next shareholders meeting. She is making no promises for Jake wanted to support Gabi, not to mention Gabi offered her a job at DiMera. EJ promises the same if he is CEO and elegantly escorts her to her lavish room. So it would seem ... Gabi fears EJ is trying to make his own deceitful deal with Ava. Li suggests she blackmail her about the fake marriage and then flirtily gets the fashionista back in bed ... Shawn is impressed with Jada. Rafe is happy to hear he is back full time and suggests he and Jada team up to work on some cases especially the Abigail murder ... Belle is torn but has not forgotten that the baby Shawn now misses broke them up. Brady blames Jan. Belle decides tis time to go. Chloe arrives and Brady offers to join her at the office to take on Kristen. He is surprised to hear corporate Kristen is suddenly AWOL ...
- Kristen wonders why Rolf keeps hesitating since the surgery was supposedly a success ... After the lovin Li reminds Gabi to keep control of the situation and goes to shower ... Ava appreciates her beautiful garden view and EJ praises the hydrangeas outdoors. She suddenly realizes tis the room where Abigail lost her life. She gives him a wicked look when he does not deny it. She scoffs and wonders about Chad, who has moved out. EJ laughs about the unlikely odds of anotha beautiful woman being offed here and leaves. Ava unhappily looks around. When EJ returns to the grand living room doe eyed Belle is waiting ... Rafe pronounces Jada and Shawn partners ... Chloe is suspicious of Kristen's big threats and disappearance. Brady suggests something big happened ... Rolf can only confirm the state of Stefan when he has been woken up and dances around Kristen's questions ... Brady suspects Kristen is busy with the mayhem at the mansion. She could be making a power play and possibly in mourning. Chloe doubts she could ever care about anyone ... Rolf refuses to rush for the patient needs time to acclimate. He has been on ice a long time, not to mention there is the slight risk of organ rejection. Kristen is impatient and suspicious but the mad scientist suggests she stop pressuring him and go to Basic Black and Brady, let him do his job here. She eyes him and questions if she can trust him ...
- Ava gets a call from Gabi and complains about the room. Gabi suggests she go to the Salem Inn. Ava smugly states this is Jake's home and that means hers now. Gabi coldly reminds her she was not really married and if she betrays her she will expose her. Ava wants to know about the status of the job and board seat. Shin will not agree to the board part but Gabi will discuss the job with him ... Shawn is happy to hear good man Dr. Marcus was Jada's dad. He gets out a file and Jada is surprised to see his wedding band. He sighs nothing is simple ... Blue suit EJ stops Belle from getting straight to business and asks after her and Shawn. Turns out he was not the father of Jan's baby after all. EJ scoffs he fell for the scam. He asks if they are reconciling. Belle has no answer and returns to the biz of the day. Jake does not seem to have made a will. Ava walks in and sarcastically states they must be disappointed about that detail ...
- Brady suggests Chloe forget Kristen and teases when she speaks her name there will be a penalty. She speaks her name and he kisses her. She loves it and they smooch up a storm ... Rolf snaps Stefano entrusted him with his life and assures anxious Kristen he will not reveal anything to anyone but her. He confirms Stefan will be awake in a few hours and she flounces off to finish something ... Rafe drops by with Gabi's mail. Tis been weeks. Li emerges in his suit, acts pleased to meet the brother and Rafe invites them over for dinner. Shin gratefully accepts, kisses Gabi and goes. Rafe brings up Jake being unexpectedly wed to Ava ... EJ petulantly points out he wanted to carry out any wishes his late brotha had. Ava is happy to hear his estate all comes to the spouse since there are no heirs and Belle hands her the document to sign after which she will receive his stocks. She signs as Ava DiMera, which surprises Belle, and is handed her stock certificates. EJ thanks Belle and she sees herself out. He offers to store the certificates safely in the safe but smart cookie Ava opts to hang onto them herself ... Belle arrives at the station and Shawn introduces her as his wife to puzzled new partner Jada ... Chloe reminds Brady biz awaits and they get going but Kristen is at the door ... EJ pops the bubbly and pours himself and Ava a glass as ominous music plays. He toasts her an eerie welcome to her new home ... Rafe grills Gabi about Li and hears Stefan was her one true irreplaceable love ... Dr. Rolf is checking Stefan's vitals when Li interrupts and gives him a verrrry stony stare ...


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The Salem Story on Monday, August 8, 2022