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- Sloan walks in and gushes about her great new client. Eric is sternly checking the finances and looks troubled ... At the pub John is on a call with a contact asking them to do a search for Konstantin's ex. He needs to know what she knows ... Konstantin promises his daughter's picture he will finish his mission and remembers the card he found that could make John his pawn. Alas tis gone from the book and the madman has a meltdown ... Marlena is upset to discover Paulina is gone ... Julie updates Johnny on the first responders trying to get through. He insists on searching for Chanel himself ... Marlena calls John cos Paulina has left the building. She could be exposing others to risky radiation levels ... Meanwhile Julie calls Maggie with the latest. She ends the call when someone comes into the cabin ... Tis stylish Paulina, who states to stay away. She suggests they split up and search ... Sloan smoothly states baby expenses are high, looks at the computer and claims it was a computer issue regarding fixed vs variable expenses. Then she kisses somber hubby and goes to get Jude ... At the Kiriakis mansion the maid has an envelope for Maggie. The redhead opens it with a sigh ...
- Marlena meets John and the pub. She hears Chanel is missing and first responders are unable to plough. Paulina left to search for her. Marlena notes they must warn the first responders that the mayor is radioactive ... Sloan brings down the sleeping baby. Eric feels badly about not having more clients. He decides to do some news photography. She believes the Spectator would pay well so he gets going to offer his excellent services. She sighs to Jude he would leave her if he knew she was not the baby's mom ... Loose canon Konstantin accuses the maid of stealing his card. Maggie defends the rattled maid. The Greek apologizes. The maid will ask the staff if anyone saw it ... Konstantin claims if was connected to Katarina's life and praises his favorite redhead for calming him. Maggie is sorry to say she just got some bad news ...
- Marlena is worried about the radiation. John reminds her they have had tough times with their kids too and praises her strength. He calls himself lucky for sharing his life with her. She calls him her hero. He drawls not to forget it and seals the deal with a suave kiss ... Paulina brings in shivering Chanel from the cold. She shivers and calls mama her angel. She slipped and was caught between rocks. Mama recognized her sweet whimper. Chanel suddenly realizes she left the hospital. She had to find her precious daughter ... Sloan puts Jude down and calls catty Leo at work. She hopes he can get Eric some photography work. Leo states they have a photographer on staff. She states they need money and tells him to work his magic. Eric gets a job or else! Leo laughs he is the one doing the blackmailing not her, and then realizes Eric has just arrived. Click! He greets Eric, who wonders who he is blackmailing. Leo claims it is an intimidation tactic. He realizes Eric is here to see about photography and explains he is alone at the office today but will pass on a link to his portfolio. Enthused Eric sends him a link to it right away ...
- Marlena is glad John has not gone to Greece. He and Steve are putting out feelers trying to find Konstantin's ex. Marlena believes hubby should be better prepared for what might pop up ... Maggie is sorry but her legal team was unable to find a way to extend Konstantin's visa. He sighs he will miss her. She will miss him. He glumly goes to start packing ... Leo promises to show boss Chad the link to Eric’s work. He will do what he can. He also can babysit Jude any day. Eric grins Jude likes him too. Leo quotes Aristotle. The hardest victory is over self. Eric agrees tis true ... John knows he must be prepared for the truth but nothing has happened as of yet. He now gets the text with the contact details of Konstantin's ex. Marlena agrees he must make the call ... Paulina worries she was too physically close to Chanel, who praises her for saving her life. Paulina forgot to call Abe. Johnny rushes in and realizes it was Paulina driving that snowplough! ... Konstantin curses cos he cannot find the pawn card. Maggie enters his room and wants a word ...
- Jude is bawling at Sloan again ... Eric thanks Leo and appears to leave. Sloan calls demanding an update. Leo promises to do what he can to get him hired, not realizing Eric is listening at the open door ... Julie returns to the cabin breathless but relieved to see Chanel. She is stunned to also see Paulina, who rescued Chanel. Julie states she should have stayed in isolation. Now they have all been exposed to her radiation ... John ends a call. Marlena updates him on Chanel being found as per Abe and asks about his lead. Alas Konstantin's ex vanished without a trace after signing their divorce papers. Tis creepy and curious ... Konstantin admits he was trying to find the card and admits he will miss Victoria, who likes his singing. His favorite redhead has an idea. She suggests he marry her and stay in Salem that way!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on April 17, 2024