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- Elegant Paulina asks Abe how she looks. Gorgeous and he grins as she hopes for miracle number two ... Sarah is ready for work as Xander updates her on Justin dropping off the evidence in the case against him. She is on his side and is glad Harris is on board. The Scot sighs he needs proof ... Teresa is down on Tate about speaking to spoiled brat Holly ... Brady returns to the party but EJ tells him off so he starts to go. Much to Nicole's surprises Holly steps forward and confesses they were her drugs not Tate's. Brady blasts her for the long lie. EJ does not want to believe it. Holly cries she already told Eric. Nicole wonders why not her. The teen did not want to be judged and did not want her mom to blame herself. EJ suggests Tate was her dealer. Brady protests. Eric tries to tone things down and suggests they listen. Holly assures Nicole she is not to blame and they hug. Brady shakes his mad head ... Meanwhile Teresa continues to tell off halfway house Tate for defending selfish Holly, the girl that threw him under the bus ...
- EJ suggests Holly confided in Eric cos he was a priest. Brady notes that is not relevant and is upset she did not come forward before. Holly insists she has proof as EJ continues to doubt her and takes her mother upstairs to show her ... Sarah leaves for her long hours of work. Xander is new to this sleuthing. Baby Victoria gurgles and he promises to make her proud ... Holly takes the drugs that were hidden in her jewelry box and hands them to Nicole, who notes they must show the others. They go down and she does just that adding Tate refused to take any and tried to stop her. Brady is appalled she let Tate take the fall all this time. Nicole asks if her memory was affected by the coma ... Medicine woman Sarah apologizes for Paulina and Abe's long wait. The test results show ...
- Tate tells Teresa to tone it down and acts stressed. Teresa gives him relationship advice which amounts to a crush does not a real relationship make. Such a thing requires mutual respect and Holly does not respect him. He makes more excuses. Teresa tells him to ask himself if the girl will always be on his side ... Xander gets the baby to sleep and continues his quest for the truth. He reads the account of a witness who did not see much and another witness who only noticed the bad neighbourhood. He sits on the sofa with a sigh and reads another witness' vague account of the docks shooting ...
- Paulina and Abe jump for joy when they hear she is in complete remission. She still need iodine treatment but tis no big deal. Paulina hopes she can have sweetbits bear claws. She can have anything after the treatment ... Holly admits after day one she remembered all and really just lied to protect Nicole from believing she was to blame. Brady demands EJ release his son and drop all charges. EJ tells him it will take time. Brady bellows he also wants a public apology or else! Then he storms out. EJ curses and steps away to do damage control. Holly gets upset and takes off. Eric stops Nicole from going after her and holds her close, whispering it will be alright. She closes her eyes and cries on his shoulder ooooooooooo Then she stops and he clears his throat. She wonders when he knew ... He admits Holly told him today. It was her story to tell. Nicole admits at the christening she felt a little closer to the baby boy she lost ...
- EJ returns and tells Nicole the matter has been taken care of. Eric excuses himself and steps outside ... Outside Holly is sitting alone. Eric joins the girl and praises her for being brave. She loves him. He loves her too. She just wishes sometimes that he and her mom ... He sighs they are with others now but he will always be here for her. She puts her head on his paternal shoulder ... Pleased Paulina and Abe leave the hospital. Sarah calls her great Scot, who is frustrated with his search. She tells him to take Victoria for a walk in the new stroller for fresh air. He gushes that is a great idea. Then he remembers Rafe saying a witness had described his usual jogging clothes and searches the report for that statement ... Busy Brady joins Tate and Teresa while talking on his phone about how fast it was. He thanks Justin for the great update and tells stunned Tate and Teresa he is coming home right now! Justin will have someone come and remove his ankle monitor. All charges were dropped cos Holly came clean that they were not Tate's drugs and he was telling the truth the entire time ...
- Xander has gotten a clue. The tracksuit was key! He gushes to his little girl daddy will be free ... Abe and Paulina return home happy and relieved. He kisses her hand ... Nicole admits to EJ how much she appreciated Eric's help. EJ acknowledges it and has also had the charges against Tate dropped. Nicole thanks him for herself and Holly. EJ now wants to know from whom she really got the drugs. Did she go looking for them? Nicole knows not and is still stressed they almost killed her. EJ assures her they will muddle through as a family and possessively hugs his wife ... Tate marvels Holly came through. Brady will call John soon. Teresa suggests a celebration at the bistro. Brady suggests tis too soon. Tate admits the last time he and Holly spoke he told her she did not have to come clean. His parents are perturbed he would do that but the mood is still one of joy that their boy is heading home at last. Brady gives him a big bear hug ...


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The Salem Story on April 1, 2024