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- Pretty in pink Allie is setting up Sweet Bits. She has been a busy baker since dawn. Tripp surprises her and sneaks a sample. She has much on her mind. He wonders whether she means Chanel and Johnny ... EJ reads the headline about Bonnie’s arrest and leaves Xander a mad message about 24 hours passing. He threatens to make him regret trying to cross him. Johnny overhears and gets sarcastic about his thuggish line of work ... Xander listens to EJ's threatening voice mail and then gets a visit from Gwen. She heard about wot happened and assumes he can get his stolen money. Tis complicated ... Phone Jack makes an appointment with Kayla for Julie to bring in disoriented Doug. Julie comes in and talks coffee. He tells her about Kayla agreeing to see hubby, but Julie tells him to cancel. Jack worries and warns so should she ... Xander explains wot happened to Gwen. He complains he could not leave with his cash since the cops came across Bonnie’s shot dead sister-in-law and seized it as evidence. She panics about EJ. He sighs he will try to stall him ... EJ talks million-dollar deal. Johnny fumes about his refusal to fund his film with any of it. EJ insults his silly movie idea. Johnny warns he will never work for him and DiMera. EJ sarcastically suggests he find another family member to support him. Johnny gets mad and makes off as Chad enters ...
- Tripp hoarsely wonders what transpired between Allie and Johnny. She acts busy. Tripp praises her and gives her a goodbye kiss. Chanel comes out and soap stares ... Julie wishes Jack would not exaggerate Doug’s slip of the tongue etc. Jack does not back down. Julie denies her Doug has dementia. Dapper Doug steps in and seconds that ... Shirtless Xander calls EJ back and claims the cops said he would get the money back after Bonnie was arraigned. EJ talks tough and slams down the phone. He gets more testy when Chad brings up his tension with Johnny. Elvis blames him and casts him a dirty look ... Med student Tripp is surprised to see Johnny at the hospital. Johnny came to ask Marlena for film funding. Tripp wants a word. About Allie ... Chanel is placing pastries and notes Allie is nervous. Tis time to clear the air ... Xander hopes that bought him some time. Gwen is a nervous wreck. Xander is more worried about Jack. She sighs she bought herself more time by taking off on an errand and then updates him on Doug locking Julie in the freezer. They giggle. Then he grabs her in a hungry kiss ...
- Jack bids Doug a good morning. Doug can remember locking Julie in the freezer and feels awful about it. Julie makes light of it ... Chanel thinks Allie was wrong about Johnny trying to play her. He has been texting, but she was too busy to respond. She assumes tis what now silent Allie wanted ... Johnny complains to Tripp about Allie warning Chanel he would use and dump her. He goes on to suggest Allie wants Chanel to be with her. Tripp gets tense ... Chad reminds EJ he never said what he would do for him if he encouraged Johnny to join DiMera. Besides the young guy might find his way to the family after a while as he did. EJ counter attacks by getting catty about Abigail being absent. He realizes she does not want to see Chad and acts sympathetic. Chad explains Jack is going to talk to her. EJ strongly suggests he go get his wife himself. He tells him to go to Boston. Chad brings up Sami. EJ is done with duplicitous Sami and denies knowing her whereabouts. Chad has his doubts ... Tripp assures Johnny that Allie denied wanting Chanel. Johnny blames sis for coming between him and the great girl who is now ignoring him ... Allie claims she was worried Johnny would use and dump bff Chanel like his history. She cares about Chanel and begs for forgiveness ... After the love in the afternoon, Gwen and Xander joke about their inability to ignore one another. The pillow talk turns serious. She fears father Jack will loathe her if he learns she lied about Abigail making her miscarry ...
- Doug does remember his earlier errors and deduces it was from a bad night’s sleep. He assures devoted Julie that last night was better. He believes he and his beloved should attend Allie and Chanel’s grand opening. Jack brings up their appointment with Kayla. Julie dismisses it and happily departs with hubby ... Xander feels Gwen’s relationship with Jack is more important than his and Jack’s friendship. He suggests a story to make father forgive her. Gwen is at a loss. Xander does not want Jack to be suspicious enough to investigate. He assures her he is IN to help her come up with the best lie and she laughs ... Chad notes EJ even knew where Kristen was and accuses him of knowing or almost knowing where Sami is. EJ smoothly changes the subject to Abigail ... Tripp insists Allie wants him. Johnny wonders why she was so bugged by him and Chanel ... Chanel accuses Allie of not wanting her but not wanting Johnny to have her ... Gwen and Xander strategize. He suggests she say Snyder paid for her services years ago, then saw her again and blackmailed her. Gwen says no way. Xander believes that is the best story, but she has a better idea. Time to tell the truth and face the music ...
- Johnny insists he is into Chanel ... Allie insists she just wanted to save Chanel from a mistake but admits Nicole suggested she was jealous ... Gwen takes off to unburden herself to Jack. She gives Xander a kiss before she goes, leaving the hunk with hope for their future ... Johnny must see Marlena and advises Tripp to tell sis to butt out of his business ... Well dressed Doug and Julie interrupt Chanel and Allie’s strained silence. Julie loves the samples and seeks something healthy and light. Chanel suggests the whole wheat blue berry muffins and the gals return to the oven to rescue the croissants. Doug and Julie sample Alice’s Horton donuts and Julie gets emotional. Doug wonders who the heck this Alice is ... Gwen comes home to Horton house to tell Jack the whole truth about what Snyder had on her ... EJ storms into Xander’s room demanding the money as Bonnie was already arraigned. He calls the judge to order his arrest. Xander rages he was going to go get it. EJ snaps he is sending him to the slammer ... Chad finally meets up with the fair Abigail in Boston. The love of his life looks up at him and their eyes lock.


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The Salem Story on Friday, September 10, 2021