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- Kayla has overbaked her pie and greets suspicious goose chase Steve. Mardevil drops by wishing them a happy thanksgiving ... At Horton house elegant Julie is woefully looking at old photos. Belle bears an update ... Tripp is at the square when he presents Allie with Henry's happy thanksgiving drawing. She loves it ... Pretty in pink Chanel comes home in her dream. Positively peeved Paulina blames her for Lani loathing her, which means she has no daughters. Then she falls on the sofa and lies still. Chanel wakes up gasping in Johnny's bed. T'was a nightmare about causing her mother's death ... Paulina sits all alone and blames herself for the mess. Mama Olivia appears and seconds the notion ... Belle reveals she is trying to remove Marlena from having any power of attorney and is waiting to hear from the judge. Alas tis a long weekend ... Mardevil downs the coffee from Steve and praises the attractive pie. She probes and hears about their pub plans. She decides to do that too and apologizes for not being herself ... At the square Allie and Tripp agree Henry is a Picasso in the making. She almost mentions his father but then stops herself. Tripp assures her she is safe but she is afraid from what happened at Halloween. Tripp shares that Rafe confirmed Charlie's grave was still the same. Allie wonders what they really saw that fright night ...
- Steve and Kayla are gracious with Marlena, who realizes they are unaware of Abe's hellish wedding, how Chanel devastated Abe and Lani. So many lies! Kayla concludes Tamara knew. Indeed. Marlena muses Abe has not been so upset since Lexie died. Steve stands up to call the mayor and she calls him a good friend. He stops and stares as Kayla suggests she let Julie see Doug since it is Thanksgiving. Marlena declares she could not bear it if he attacked Julie again. Steve suggests she help him find John. Mardevil soap stares ... Johnny likens the Paulina drama to Sami's drama. He is no stranger to the guilt such moms make one feel. Chanel does feel she did something unforgivable. Johnny suggests they focus on their own lives. She dreads having to face the family and wishes she could stay here forever. Johnny drawls they do have the mansion with room service so Harold could bring them all meals in bed. She loves the sound of that. They kiss in bliss ... Paulina pouts to Olivia she has heard from no one and blames Chanel. Olivia reminds her of the agreement they made years ago - cos she broke it. Paulina argues she was pregnant and afraid at that time. Mama tells her to think with her head instead of her heart ... Tripp and Allie have many family invitations and he wonder how to deal with them all. Allie hands him Henry and steps away ... Mardevil claims John is on a mission for Black Patch. Steve knows for a fact that John is doing nothing for Black Patch or the ISA as he checked with Shane. He gives her a suspicious stare and asks if she is certain she has no idea where he might be ... Julie worries with Shawn as they wait. Belle comes back from her phone call with high praise for the compassionate judge. Julie now has Doug's medical power of attorney. Hubby awaits!
- Chanel loves snuggling in bed with Johnny. He suggests they split Salem ... Paulina is still upset mama decided Tamara would be better mother to Chanel and notes now she lost them both. She breaks down and Olivia admits she has always been her fav. Paulina cries on her shoulder ... Glam Julie cannot wait to see Doug and gets anxious. Shawn and Belle reassure her. She suddenly realizes there is gravy to be basted and the dinner must be ready for him. Belle offers to finish everything while Shawn drives her to Doug ... Mardevil denies knowing where John is and claims she must trust in him. Steve senses her disinterest. Strange music plays as she wishes them a happy thanksgiving and waltzes out with a wicked smile. Steve and Kayla do not buy any of it! Kayla goes to update Julie and will see Steve at the pub later. He decides to go see Roman early to discuss John ...
- Chanel bears desserts from Sweet Bits they can give to everyone who has invited them. She knows Chanel is busy at DiMera mansion with Johnny. Meanwhile Johnny tries to convince Chanel to come to Europe with him but she has Sweet Bits to consider. He wants to run away regardless ... Mama is now wearing a fancy hat. Paulina is upset to hear she has been invited to Lani's Thanksgiving whereas she is not welcome. Paulina pouts about being alone for the holiday. Mama suggests she reach out to Chanel. Paulina still wonders how she found out the secret. Olivia insists it was that shrink Marlena Evans. She could sense her mean spirit and saw her smug face when Chanel made the announcement. Paulina remembers revealing the secret to Marlena and admits she confided in her. But she is supposed to be bound by doc patient confidentiality. Olivia's ride arrives. She warns her daughter Marlena is no good ... Chanel reminds Johnny of his movie. He feels the time is right and argues he could work on his script while away for a few weeks. He suggests she go home to pack; she can get what she needs in Milan. She pouts she must pick up her passport. That means going to her mom's. She is touched he is doing this for her. They exchange sweet nothings in Italian and kiss again ... Tripp, Allie and Henry arrive at the Brady pub together ...
- Kayla comes to check on Julie at Horton house. Belle updates her on getting her power of attorney. She hopes she did not do the wrong thing. Kayla agrees it was odd of Marlena to be so cold toward Doug. Belle wonders why she is way nicer to Ben ... Mardevil returns to the crypt, having decided John and Susan must be gone for good before the search party gets too close ... Chanel slips into Paulina's lavish home. The Paulina has been waiting ... Outside the pub Steve asks Johnny if he has noticed any strange signs coming from Marlena. Meanwhile devil doc has a dagger and a glint in her eye ... Belle is admittedly suspicious of Marlena's mean motives. Kayla suggests they be grateful for Doug and Julie's Thanksgiving reunion. Enter elated Julie, accompanied by Shawn, who wheels in Doug with his chair. Sweet music plays. The silver singer is home at last!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, November 23, 2021