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Friday October 3, 2008 
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At DiMera mansion, Nicole complains bitterly to John. EJ will never love her or her baby! John prevents her from leaving. He pours
himself a drink and tells her not to send her embryo a bad vibe. She laments she did not have the chance to tell EJ her news. He left her again for his precious Samantha! So, John asks, why didn't she stop him from leaving by playing the baby card? Nicole feels protective about her baby. She is not even sure she will tell EJ. She cries. But he deserves to know. She will tell him the truth. John is impressed. She does not believe he will marry her, but he will be there for them. John reminds her of Stefano. She will handle that when the time comes.
She is grateful for this second chance. John invites her to Chez Rouge to celebrate with non-alcoholic champagne. She goes to get her coat.
- Meanwhile. at the hospital, Sami tells EJ he should not have come.
He thinks her fainting is a big deal. Have they done any tests? Silence. Sami claims she is fine and good to leave. He is suspicious. Why did she faint? Sami is evasive and becomes bitter upon hearing he had
been with Nicole for dinner. "Get out!" she screams."Go back to your girlfriend!" EJ hits back. This situation is her doing. She is fickle and infuriating! Sami gets madder. "You shallow bastard!" He retorts she is making no sense. Enough. His date with Nicole meant nothing. He wants to start their convo again. What is wrong with her? Sami
fibs her blood sugar was low from lack of eating, so she wants to be left alone. Exit EJ. Sami starts to cry.
- Back at DiMera mansion, mad EJ returns, slams the door, and pours himself a drink. Stefano is there smoking a cigar and wonders what Sami has done now. EJ complains things are complicated, laughable almost. He complains she has no redeeming quality and she is clueless. She is beautiful but coarse. Stefano concludes he is in love with her.
EJ decides it is too self-destructive. Stefano advises him that rant was from frustration, it does not come from his heart. He and Samantha share a child and he is a DiMera, so that child alone binds them for
life. He will never be free of her ...
- Replay of Kate informing her sons of the biopsy and that she might have lung cancer. They think she looks healthy, cough regardless.
Phil points out she doesn't smoke. Lucas thinks the cough could be bronchial. Phil hears that Dr. Dan will assist in the operation and stubbornly voices his displeasure. "He is not touching my mother!"
He then yells for him to come and tells Kate he is outraged he even mentioned cancer, when it is not sure. Kate reassures her sons and hugs them. It is ok to be scared. She is too, but she is gonna fight this. She has so much to live for and praises her sons. Kate says she will
be able to fight cancer with them, for them. Enter Dr. Dan. Phil is abusive and accuses him of using his status to get women into bed. Lucas tries to make him stop. Phil tries to fire Dan as his mother's doctor! Kate gets upset. Her medical care is her business, not his.
She wants Dan to oversee her case and apologizes to him that her
son is overprotective. Phil admits it and says he is sorry. Exit Dan, to prepare things. Kate promises to call her sons, assures them she loves them,  and asks them to leave. They do.
- Outside the pub, Chloe waits for Lucas and wonders where he is.
She heads inside and is at a table when Phil walks in and joins her.
He laments about his mother's tests for her cough. And how is Chloe?
She has news. Thanx to him, the Kansas City opera offered her a gig! She leaves tonight for rehearsals. She had hoped to see Lucas. She must leave to catch her flight now for the small part audition. They stand up. Phil wishes her the best of luck. She will miss him. They share a long kiss goodbye. Morgan stands in the distance, unhappily observing the pair. She approaches. Exit Chloe. Phil explains she is headed for a job at the Kansas City Opera. Morgan observes he is in love with Chloe. He cannot deny it. She announces she is moving to Chicago for an internship. They say their farewells and she leaves.
- Dan returns in scrubs just as Kate is feeling drowsy and about to go under the knife. She is glad he is there. They hold hands ...
- At Chez Rouge, John and Nicole drink fake champagne. She admits
all alcohol ever did for her was make her feel numb. John listens. Perhaps she is on the right track. Nicole compliments John for having his heart in the right place. All of a sudden, John's head begin to sway and ends up on the table as he gasps. The pawn is having another bizarre attack! Nicole jumps up. Somebody call an ambulance! He gasps again. "No hospitals." He regains his composure. He insists he
is well and he has goals. How can he get his wife back? He needs her advice. Nicole has heard she still loves him. John laments she wants a divorce. Nicole will think of a way to help him if he helps her with EJ.
John agrees. They make a toast to their new alliance ...
- Sami and Lucas enter his cabin as she chides him for calling EJ, who was on a date with Nicole. He says she is jealous and irrational. Sami thinks if EJ cared about her, he would stay away from Nicole. Lucas reminds her she must tell him about the baby. No tonight, she replies, not with Stefano lurking about the mansion she does not even wish to return to. Lucas suggests she spend the night at his place. As friends. She asks what Chloe would think. She is actually on a plane right
now, he replies. Besides, him and Sami have a history, with kids. When push comes to shove, they help each other. Sami thanks him, she will stay there for the night. And in the morning, she will think of what to do about EJ ...

Thursday October 2, 2008


- Phil walks and talks on his cell. He hears through the grapevine
that mama Kate is in the hospital, Surprised, he heads on over ...
Already in a hospital bed, Kate discusses her biopsy with Dr. Dan.
A thin needle, she is asleep, and the pulmonologist will help. Dan
asks who she wants to call. Kate says no one. Dan will assist in OR. Kate says no. He wants to be there, he cares about her. She tries to talk him out of it. He vows to help diagnose her. Perhaps he is not good at relationships but he is damn good at what he does. She
agrees and decides to be optimistic. He is already making her feel better. Enter Phil, who says Brady's standard line. "What the hell is goin on?!" Kate is not forthcoming. Dan walks away after Phil wants
to know if he is there as her doctor or her lover! Kate admits to Phil she is there for outpatient surgery ...
Sami is still at the hospital, reeling from the news she is pregnant. Lucas says he knows exactly when it happened! Sami gasps in protest. The doc informs her it is the second trimester. Sami is shocked. The doc  mistakes Lucas for her husband and congratulates them before leaving. Sami turns to Lucas. She is pregnant with EJ's baby. Oh no, what is she going to do? She paces and gets snarky. Lucas tells her to relax, she can still have a job like she wanted. Sami is nervous about Stefano. Lucas wants her to focus and pick up the damn phone and
tell EJ she is having his baby - again! She will do that later. Lucas pushes. EJ will soon see she is pregnant. He warns her not to scheme and keep it a secret like with Will. If she doesn't tell him, he will!
- Nicole arrives for dinner at the DiMera mansion. EJ answers the door. He just got back from taking Johnny to the zoo and runs up
to shower. She will tell him her news later. A cozy table has been set. John waltzes by and stops. Seems she and Junior have a hot date!
John offers her a drink. She takes a rain check. He stares with interest. No booze for Nicole? So is she gonna tell him what is goin on? She is evasive. He prods and stares. He finds her intriguing and wants to know what is going on with her. Nicole admits she feels she can trust him. She is pregnant. John surmises the papa is EJ. He is fascinated and wants to hear more. She never thought she could get pregnant.
It is a miracle. John wonders if she is fine with it. She replies she is thrilled! "Sensational," purrs John. He has never seen her so happy without a drink. Nicole hopes EJ will be happy, too, but she does not want to share him with Sami. Otherwise, she will raise the child on her own. John promises he will not side with either her or Sami. Enter suited EJ, still in need of a shave. Exit John. Junior tells Nicole the menu. Duck d'orange, etc. Then a stroll. She smiles. Time for a toast. All of a sudden Lucas calls EJ's cell. Sami is in hospital and wants to see him!. EJ apologizes and leaves Nicole. He is on his way ... Meanwhile, Nicole laments he left her for Sami and damns her as
John solemnly looks on.
- At the hospital, Lucas leaves Sami and ends up with Kate and Phil. The boys ask her the truth. She fills them in on the biopsy. There is a chance she has lung cancer. Elsewhere, EJ arrives for Samantha. She admits only that she fainted. He asks what is wrong ...
- At the police station, Caroline is up in Roman's office with Kayla, Mickey and her two sons. Roman and Bo have a few more questions prior to her arraignment. They need to find the clue that will lead them to the real killer. She describes the day she learned Trent was Max's da. She warned the dean not to hurt him. Roman asks if they had any other run-ins. A few, she admits. She told him to stop frequenting the pub, due to how he always upset Max. Then, when she heard what he did to his own daughter, she told him to never ever dare come back and gave him a piece of her mind. Bo understands. Then Trent came in the pub looking for Max and Mel. She said no and they had a
heated argument. This was the night he died! Mickey steps in. He
has the room cleared as he needs to speak with his client. Mickey then reminds her to remember that anything she says to Roman and Bo can be used in court.
In the hall, Max joins Kayla, asking about his ma. Kayla sees he is upset and gives her baby bro a hug. He cannot believe his sob father
is still causing trouble, even after he is dead! He later gets a chance to visit Caroline, who is still in Roman's office. When they are alone,
Max wonders why Trent sought her out just after he was stabbed. Roman enters and deduces Trent was trying to tell her who stabbed him! Roman and Bo discuss with Mickey present. Bo says Hope confirmed a mass was being let out around the time of the stabbing,
so maybe someone saw something. Caroline recalls Trent's eerie expression, how he looked her in the eye before collapsing.
Outside, mad Max complains to Kayla that Melanie accused him of killing their father! Kayla thought that he had gotten along with his sister. Max is negative. She is like a self-centered stranger to him.
Max appears tense ...
Back in Roman's office, Caroline recounts how confrontational Trent was when he came to the pub. He trashed the Bradys. She was mad. And that's not all. The argument escalated when he refused to leave. He grabbed the phone and tossed it when she tried to call for help.
She grabbed a knife and threatened to kill him! Mickey gets a call and exits. Caroline states she did not kill him and feels terrible about how she acted. Off the record, Roman asks what followed. She replies he left. No one was there. Mickey returns. Bad news. The D.A. has a witness. Someone who was walking by the pub and saw her holding
a knife on Trent! Roman reiterates they must find the real killer FAST.

Wednesday October 1, 2008


Nicole exits the pub and recalls Dr. Dan's words. She is pregnant!
She also recalls years past the doc telling her she could not conceive. But here she is, pregnant. And EJ is the man she loves! Could it be
a miracle, she wonders? Miracles don't usually happen to her ...
- At DiMera mansion, Lucas wakes Sami up. She was passed out on the couch. She gasps she needs to see grandma. Lucas helps the still gasping Sami to her feet and insists on taking her to a doctor.
- At Chez Rouge, EJ now chats with Maggie about Mickey and the Caroline situation he has just learned about. EJ is there for a last minute meeting he has to take. He spies Phil and joins him. Give
Vic a message, he smoothly states. His client will not give up her settlement. Slick Phil disagrees. She was never divorced. EJ points
out she was victim of a deception and she and Victor lived under the same roof so if daddy warbucks thinks he can have his way he is mistaken. Phil's response is quick. No one crosses Victor Kiriakis
and gets away with it!
At the bar is Mel, who vows to find out who killed Trent once and
for all cos she sure didn't do it! She overhears Maggie mention the all important Kiriakis table nearby. Japanese businessmen join Phil so
EJ must leave the table. He stands up and runs into Nicole, who has just arrived.  She wants to tell him something - she is pregnant. He looks happy until she blinks and wakes up from her fantasy! She is about to tell him for real when his cell rings. His appointment has cancelled. He will therefore take Johnny to the zoo after all. Nicole asks him for a dinner date, which is when she will tell him her news. He kisses her and invites her to the mansion for dinner. She is elated. He is curious about her surprise.
Once Phil's meeting is over, Mel walks over, mistaking him for Victor Kiriakis. He replies he is the son. Oh, says Mel.  She needs Victor's help to track down a killer. Shocking music is heard. After she finishes telling Phil her story, he wonders what she wants. She heard his family has powerful connections. Phil replies he is not a P.I. and leaves.
- At the police station, Vic demands to see Caroline. Up walks Kayla, who says her mother does not need his kind of help! Daddy warbucks is displeased. Kayla asks him to stay out of it as the D.A. is already against her. He storms off. Patch happens by. What did he want? "Same thing he has always wanted," she laments. "My mother." Steve knows Vic can be a bad dude but he believes he has Caroline's best interest at heart. Kayla does not want Vic to get close to her mama. Steve points out it might be over soon cos Trent's daughter and
Nicole sure coulda done it! He fills her in ...
- In jail, Bo visits Caroline. Bad news. They are not letting her out!
But there are other suspects. Caroline insists it could not have been Max. Bo brings up the murder weapon she was found holding. He hopes they will find someone else's print on it so she can get bail. Caroline worries. What if there are none? Bo will come up with something. Caroline lectures him that he better do things the right way as they are watching him. She has her faith and family and Bradys are tough. Caroline now has a visitor. Tis Victor, who managed to get the cop to let him in! Bo allows a brief visit and leaves. Victor could not stay away. He wants to help. She asks him not to do anything, he needs to step back. The Greek tycoon refuses! He knows she is innocent despite how bad it looks. He will fix it and no one will stop him! He will always love her and wants her to trust him. She says she will handle it her own way. He promises to go by the book but he will find all Trent's enemies and the one that killed him!
Bo is back upstairs and signs for a delivery. The fiber report. It shows the fiber was not from Trent's clothes. It is cotton. Bo will order more tests, to narrow it down to the manufacturer. Kayla sticks around, and she is annoyed to hear that Vic is down with her ma.  She later talks to big sis Kimberly on the phone. Bo then gets the final lab report on the fingerprints. Not good. There are no extra prints on the murder weapon. The D.A. calls. Bo hangs up and tells Kayla the bad news.  The D.A.'s office will move with this evidence. Caroline is gonna be charged with the murder of Trent Robbins! Outside the office, Victor overhears, his face stony. Bo and Kayla head down to Caroline's cell
to tell her the latest. Only her prints on the murder weapon means the D.A. feels they have enough evidence. She will be tried for murder!
- At the hospital, Sami tells the doc she feels fine. Lucas insists she cooperate. The doc asks about her diet. He will run a few tests. She waits with Lucas. He admits he is worried about her. He has never stopped caring about the mother of kids even if they aren't meant to be. She thought they were. What went wrong? That would be a who, Lucas says. Enter the nurse, Sami whimpers when she draws blood. She then awaits the results. She is nervous about Caroline and seems out of breath. She asks how things are between Lucas and Chloe. He
is not sure what the future holds, as she wants to revive her singing career. Sami gets catty and admits she is jealous. Chloe is not right for him. He says the same about EJ. She points out they are not an item. She wants to get a job and escape the DiMera loony bin. No EJ for
her and nothing will change that! Lucas praises her for deciding to stand on her own two feet. They seem to be pals again. The doc returns with her blood test results. "You're pregnant." Sami's jaw
drops ...!

Tuesday September 30, 2008


- Sami is at her computer in DiMera mansion. Enter friendly Lucas
as the door was unlocked. Enter sweaty EJ, who was jogging and complains Lucas almost ran him over. EJ wants to take Johnny to
the zoo. Sami says no one is taking her twins anywhere! The guys appear perplexed. Lucas states it is his day with Aly, who is asleep. Sami relents so he goes to get her. EJ then looks at Sami's computer and praises her when he sees she has been writing her resume. He looks over her shoulder as she continues and helps his "darling" with her skills section. Her SAT scores were the highest in her class. She took piano lessons. She admits she can forge anyone's signature! But Sami thinks the only certain thing is she will not find a job. EJ insists they finish the resume together. She is smart, personable, organized, and she has sexy eyes! They lock eyes. Enter Lucas. He is leaving
with Aly. Sami hands him her bag. EJ goes off to see Johnny. Lucas
is surprised to hear she is working on her resume. Lucas suggests the pub, to cover for Caroline. Sami is confused until Lucas tells her that her grandmother was arrested for murdering Trent Robbins! Sami is sure it is a mistake. Enter EJ with Johnny. Sami does not tell him
about Caroline and asks them to leave. Lucas walks into the hall. EJ leaves with Johnny. Lucas returns. Is she sure she is ok? Yes, so he walks out of the room. Sami then tries to call Roman but cannot get through, Moments later, she collapses!
- At the pub, Hope joins Chelsea, who plans her classes. She mentions trying to avoid Trent as her professor and soon hears from Hope that Prof Robbins was murdered. No one has told her! Do they know who did it? Hope has bad news. At the moment the primary suspect is Caroline. Chelsea is livid no one told her she has been in jail since last night. Hope stops her from going to see her. Chels retorts she knows who did it! She thinks it was Melanie!  Hope calls that speculation. They later talk about Dan. Chelsea admits it is hard seeing him and brings up Nick. She now wishes she had been more sensitive to him. Hope realizes Chelsea still has feelings for the Nickster.
- At the police station, Bo warns Roman that he is not sure Caroline can handle another night in jail. He pours himself a coffee and they
go over the facts with Steve. And what was Robbins doing at the cemetery? Caroline couldn't have split his lip and done the other injuries, even in self-defense, they feel. A rush has been put on the
lab fibers. Enter Abe, there to offer his help. Enter the slick mayor, taunting them for torn loyalties "and no conviction in sight." He is about to change that! Roman replies they are busy. The mayor thinks there is a conflict of interest. Someone objective should head up the case. Roman vows they will do right. The mayor agrees to let them
but they better do their job cos Bradys will not get away with murder on his watch! He offers Abe some freelance work. Abe wonders why he thinks he would be interested, The mayor wants him to keep an
eye on the Brady boys. He is nervous as it is an election year. Abe laughs. The mayor offers him an advance. But Abe cannot be bought and departs.
- At his room above the pub, Max gets dressed and laments to his gal that he is to blame as he brought Robbins into their lives. Steph points out all he has done was clean up Trent's messes. Cue the almost redhead (Melanie), who poses in the doorway. "You talking about me?" She slowly walks in. Exit Steph. She will meet Max later. Mel
has something on her mind. Seems she thinks Max killed Trent and vows his secret is safe with her! Max is indignant as he is certain that she killed him! Is she as self-serving and shallow as she appears to be? He berates her for letting Caroline go down for what she has done! Melenie gets shrill as they yell at each other and leaves in a huff.
- At the hospital, Lexie has dropped off Theo for his next session.
She sees Kayla and says she is sorry as she has heard about Caroline. Kayla wishes to be distracted How is Theo? Lexie has no regrets over the resignation. Kayla says she has been appointed the new interim chief  of staff. Lexie offers her congrats. They go for coffee. When they return, Abe shows up. Kayla is paged. Abe tells Lexie he saw snake Marino, who wanted to hire him to spy on the Brady cops!
Lexie laments he ever got into office. One of the suited hospital board members walks up, there is something he would like to discuss with him. Lexie gives them a moment and fetches Theo, who is making progress with Mark. Chelsea has brought the lad back a snowglow. Theo shakes it happily. Mark leaves. Lexie is glad she is back. So is Theo. Chelsea heads off to see Caroline. Meanwhile, the board member encourages Abe to run for mayor. People respect him, the time is right!
- Back in Roman's office at the station, Steve is dismayed when Max
is mentioned as a suspect. Bo insists he must be on the list as there
are witnesses to his past clashes with the dean. Next suspects are
Nick, Nicole Walker. Roman is surprised to hear Trent and Nicole were married all along!  Enter Hope, who suggests they also add Trent's daughter Melanie to the list! The three guys agree, based on what she said to him. There is a knock at the door. Enter Stephanie. She asks Steve how grandma is. Patch points out there are other suspects. Bo asks her about Melanie, off the record. Is she capable
of killing her father? Cue the almost redhead (Melanie), who appears
in the doorway. "Why don't you just ask me yourself?" She saunters inside. They shut the door. Steph sees Max outside the window and goes to join him. Max and Stephanie slowly walk away from Roman's office with Chelsea, who is there to see Caroline. Inside, Bo asks Mel
a few questions. Did she kill Trent? No, she did not. Mel says she is leaving Salem but Bo advises her as a suspect she cannot leave town.
- We now return to the hospital, where Abe is not yet convinced he should run for mayor. The board member and his pals are ready to finance his campaign, by jingo! He wants him to think about it. Lexie comes back and Abe tells her he was offered financing for his own mayoral campaign!
- Meanwhile, Lucas returns to the DiMera mansion with Aly, as he
has forgotten something, and is shocked to come across Sami lying in an unconscious heap ...!

Monday September 29, 2008


The long night continues as a mystery starts to unravel ...

- At the cemetery, Caroline, bloodied knife in hand, looks at the cops. Bo looks back in disbelief. Caroline is incoherent. Bo is at her side in an instant. "Ma, what have you done?" She must put the knife down. She starts to explain. Hope tells her to wait until she has an attorney. She reminds Bo he must go by the book. Trent is dead. Bo quietly
tells Hope to call Mickey and then sadly orders Caroline's arrest. She
is read her rights.
- Still at the hospital, Dan discusses with Kate. The pulmonologist wishes to schedule a biopsy to make sure there is no false positive.
Dan wants to take it one step at a time. She swears him to secrecy. Dan is requested by another patient. Kate encourages him to go. It is Nicole, holding her stomach. She feels weak and shaky. Kate waltzes by, on her way out, much to Dan's chagrin. Kate wonders if she has booze withdrawal. Lush Nicole is later in a bed, feeling better. She wants a shot. Dan says no. He is awaiting test results. She wants him to stay. She complains her divorce settlement is invalid. Trent ruined her life! Dan goes to check out the tests. He calls Kate, who is at
Chez Rouge, waiting for a client. He suggests she not put on an act. She promises to reschedule the biopsy. He is there if she needs to talk. He soon returns to Nicole. No pub food poisoning, she is pregnant. Nicole is shocked. "You have got to be kidding me!"
- Phil joins Chloe at the pub with wine. Where is Lucas, he inquires? She knows not and cares not! He is running errands with Aly. She is happy for the me-time. Phil thinks Lucas is lucky. Chloe asks about Miss Morgan. She is visiting her mother. Phil flirts. He was not keen when she hooked up with Lucas at first. She brings up the special connection she and Phil share. He feels it too. They talk music. She misses singing. He teases her about the cabin. They are all smiles. Lucas walks up and spies them thru the window. Chloe admits to Phil she could never go on tour with Aly around. Phil does not think she should give up her dreams. Enter Lucas. Nether does he. He states
Phil should help her focus on her career again. Titan is connected to the Kansas City opera. Lucas says Phil should pull some strings. Phil agrees to make a call for her and leaves behind a happy Chloe and Lucas. He looks wistful.
- At Chez Rouge, Mel secretly pulls cash outta Trent's wallet as she and Nick look at the menu. He insists he will pay. She smugly suggests they later go check out local hot spots. Glam Doug and Julie show up at Chez Rouge. Mickey and Maggie are delighted. Julie notices Nick with Melanie. There is something about that girl she does not like ... Mel thanks Nick for defending her against Claude and flatters him.
She sits on his lap and kisses him. He is her hero. Julie has one word
to her group. "Trouble maker." Maggie agrees. Mickey's cell rings. It
is Hope.  Caroline is being arrested for the murder of Trent Robins!
Mickey walks to the table and informs Mel that her da is dead.
- Back at the cemetery, Caroline cries she did not kill him. Bo
promises they will get it sorted out, Officer Lopez escorts her to the car. Bo turns to Hope. She could not kill anyone but this does not look good. Hope will help. They will find out the truth. Many people had wanted Trent dead!
- In his room, Steph wants answers from Max about his bloodied shirt. He admits he had a fight with Trent at the cemetery. He punched him, they scuffled. Steph is worried. They kiss. Mel then calls Max. Trent was murdered and his mom was arrested! They get dressed. Steph is quiet. Max thinks Steph believes maybe he did it. She is just worried. They exit together .
- At the station, Roman is stunned to see Caroline hauled in as the prime suspect in the Robbins murder! Bo looks unhappy as he escorts her in, her hands still covered with blood. Roman learns the deets. He believes her when she says she didn't kill him. Everything will be ok. Mickey, Maggie, Doug and Julie rush in. Mickey and client Caroline use Roman's office. Bo is sorry he had no choice but to go by the book. Maggie goes to join Caroline. Enter Nick and nervous Mel, just as Doug and Julie talk about Trent's murder. Julie is sorry for Mel's loss. They leave her and Nick alone. She needs to know what happened. He was still her dad. Bo introduces himself. He needs her
to formally ID the body. She is glad Nick is there. They hug.
- Inside Roman's office, he says he will forward the statement to the D.A. Caroline and Mickey and Maggie are anxious. Surely they will
not put her in jail for the night? Roman points out there are four witnesses who put her at the scene of  the crime and her fingerprints are on the murder weapon. He just hopes there will be another set of fingerprints on the knife as well. Caroline is taken to lockup. Bo vows to find who killed Robbins. Max is now at the station as well. His eyes flicker when he sees Mel.
- Back at the crime scene, Hope asks Steve to keep investigating Robbins and mentions Nicole. There must be more such skeletons in the late dean's closet. Steve agrees to keep diggin. Hope is handed the initial findings by an officer. Trent had a bloody lip from a punch and had scraped someone and was also scratched by sharp fingernails, plus his wallet is missing. Steve concludes that more than one person attacked him that fateful night, but only one ended up killing him.
Hope is later handed a piece of fiber that was found on Trent's body. With any luck, it will lead them to his killer ...!
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