Days of Our Lives October 13, 2009
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009
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- Brady sits glumly on a bench. Along comes Mel, who assumes
his attempt to help Nicole did not work out. He says it was only a matter of time, and he said the wrong thing, which made the cards come crashing down. Mel offers a sympathetic ear. Brady admits it was about a phone call. He was keeping a secret for Nicole, even though it was a mistake. Mel points out what he did was out of love. "Love makes us go a little insane." That means he is not culpable!
He fills her in on the deets. Ari overheard something and figured
out Nicole's secret so he panicked and quickly called her, only to accidentally blab about it to EJ. Mel wonders what the secret was.
He tells her of the miscarriage, her grief and fear that hubby Elvis would leave her. She then faked the rest of her pregnancy. Brady went along with the whole lie, including the fact that she passed off an innocent baby as her own. Mel is speechless. Brady exclaims he never should have done any of it. Mel regains her composure and says he cannot blame himself for what Nicole did. She would have found someone else, if it was not him, to help her. Brady complains he knew it would not end well so he should not have let her go thru with it. He just did not want her to lose EJ and hurt any more. Mel assures him his heart is in the right place. Brady decides to go for a jog. Mel says she can run with him. He would rather go alone. He will be fine and makes a snide remark about scoring some coke,
then corrects himself, he did not mean it. Mel promises she is on his side and asks him to call after his run. He solemnly agrees and takes off. While jogging, he sees two young guys in the middle of a drug deal.
- Mia starts to leave Maggie's place when she runs into Nicole, who wants a favor for Sydney. Mia gets worried. Nicole laments that the secret is out! EJ has learned of the adoption. He has kicked both her and Syd out of the house, but she is sure she will be able to make him see things differently. Mia asks how. Nicole intends to convince him that Sydney may not be his biological child, but she is still his daughter and she did what she did out of love. He will want them both back. Mia looks doubtful. Nicole asks her to stay quiet. Mia refuses. She will not be bullied into silence. The only reason she
gave her baby to Nicole was because she believed she would be raised in a secure, loving home ... Nicole believes she has it under control, so long as Mia does not talk. EJ loves Sydney and will not give up on her. Mia asks if he will give up on his wife. Nicole insists everything will  resolve itself, but Mia has her doubts. She laments she just gave up the sweetest guy so Chad would not start digging around but now it was for nothing! Nicole assures her it will work out. She is sorry she had to make a sacrifice, yet it seems they both as parents did. For precious little Syd. She begs the teen not to make things worse. Mia does not like to be pushed around. And she has concerns about Chad.
- At DiMera mansion, Elvis glances at a photo of Syd and sighs. He then starts to look thru her baby photo album and quietly cries. He tries to get some work done, notices a happy family picture, and
decides he simply cannot stay there a moment longer ...
- Sami is at home, leaving a voice mail for Nicole, offering her help. Knock knock! Tis Roman and Ari and he bears news for them both. No news of  Rafe, though Meredith seems to have disappeared into thin air! She even missed an appointment to show someone her house - the day after Rafe sent that email. Ari is suspicious that Meredith may have done something to Rafe. Sami agrees. Roman replies Rafe is a tough FBI guy who can take care of himself. Ari must now leave for work. Sami tells Roman she is increasingly convinced that something has happened to Rafe! She later grabs a bag and takes off, determined to try and help him.
- At the pub, Bo drinks coffee and reads the paper. Enter Justin,
who has arranged to meet him. Bo is baffled. Justin puts on a brave face. He has just returned from seeing Hope. Bo wonders if he was invited or went himself. Justin insists he is there to help. Bo admits
he is just bothered that he has not seen her in a while. Justin explains she needed help with a legal matter and wanted him to give Bo a document, which he now hands over. Bo appears anxious and reads it over, then sighs with relief that they are not divorce papers. He agrees to sign for the private school. He wants his family home and does not want anything to come between them. He asks Justin to tell Hope he signed and cares only about Ciara and her. Justin spies the newspaper headline and brings up Lawrence having enemies. The article does not mention Carly. Bo assumes she is in seclusion, given that she lost the love of her life. Justin had thought ...Bo points out that his heart always belonged to his Fancyface, even when he had thought she was gone. Justin leaves and Bo dials a number on his phone.
- Outside, the pub, Chad is about to go for a run and leaves a voice mail for Mia, that they can see each other soon. Jogging Chad soon runs into jogging Will, who gets testy and says he thinks Mia and
him deserve each other! He accuses Chad of gloating that the fair Mia ditched Will for him. Chad claims he just wanted stuff out in
the open. He adds he and Mia have a natural connection, tells Will
to takes it easy, and departs. Will, however, is no fool and suspects something is not right with Mia.
- In the pub, Ari has just quietly ordered more coke on the phone. Mel walks in and criticizes her for what she did cos now all hell has broken loose! Ari did not want to cause Brady pain. She admits she feels terrible about what happened, but how is it Mel's business.
Mel quips she has messed up his life, reminds her that she has betrayed the great guy's confidence, and walks away. Ari's eyes are filled with worry.
- Brady is on the pier, reminding himself to be strong and accept responsibility. EJ saunters up and angrily agrees, then accuses him
of destroying his life!
- Ciara is elated that mommy is packing so they can return home.
She wants to draw daddy a picture. Julie calls Hope. Hope promises to call as soon as she is home, and gets pensive.She is quite pleasant when Bo calls. He lets her know he signed on the dotted line cos he wants what is best for her and their baby. When are they coming home?
- Meanwhile, on the yacht, Omar brings Carly coffee. Carly is a bundle of nerves, waiting for landfall. He leaves to prepare some breakfast as she quietly hopes Bo will help her! She looks at some documents and hastily puts them away when Omar returns, to
inform her that the captain has spotted someone in the water. Carly insists they pick the person up. Rafe is soon brought in unconscious. Dr. Carly checks his vitals and gives him mouth-to-mouth. Cough cough! Carly asks for a blanket as Rafe half wakes up, though there is blood coming from the back of his head. It does not look good. Rafe gasps and shivers. Carly instructs Omar to call the nearest hospital and let them know they are bringing him in. The unknown man, who bore no ID, is suffering from hypothermia and a possible concussion.
- Back at Maggie's, Mia exclaims how does Nicole think that Chad would react if he found out her rehab counselor adopted a baby! A door is heard closing. Tis Chad, who has now found out!
- Hope is still on the phone with Bo and informs him she is coming home. He is delighted. She adds it is the right thing to do - for their daughter.
- Sami cries at Grace's grave and asks her to take care of daddy Rafe, wherever he is ...
- Back on the yacht, Carly admits Rafe's pulse is irregular. She suddenly needs to administer cpr and shouts at him to fight...!

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"Mia, Sydney is not your baby," says Nicole.
"I just want him to be happy," whispers Sami.
Carly solemnly tells Omar "He needs all the help he can get and
if I don't think of something soon, it might be too late!"
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