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- Mardevil shows her key. Sue insists she could have picked the lock with John's advice and makes a run for it ... Glum almost groom Abe has a beer with sympathetic bartender Roman ... Theo and Eli wonder what will happen between Lani and Paulina. Meanwhile Lani smacks Paulina! Paulina does not deny deserving it. Lani cries about the pain. She made her lose her brother, mother and father. Paulina apologizes. Lani demands to know who her bio daddy was ... Mardevil cackles Susan can hope with her head start but she will crush her. Meanwhile Susan screams at the DiMera patio door for heeeeeeelp and bangs. Johnny comes downstairs with his script and follows the noise but now no one is there ... Mardevil has morphed Sue back into a black cat and shows shackled John ... Chanel comes to the mansion to tell Johnny the wedding was a bust cos of her. The pretty in pink girlfriend needs a hug ... Theo envies the twins who are sleeping through the drama and sighs to Eli he is not their real uncle. Eli believes he is the best uncle and godfather whether he is blood or not ... Roman learns from Abe that Chanel's accusation was accurate. Abe laments not being Lani’s father. Roman is curious. Abe sighs tis a loooong story ... Paulina tells Lani the sad story of having to hide her baby's existence from her dangerous daddy, how Tamara stepped up and Paulina was sworn to silence forever. Lani is surprised she kept that truth ...
- John probes so Mardevil boasts she blew up Abe's wedding. Now back to business. She warns him resistance is futile and goes to change. Literally ... Chanel updates Johnny on Lani being her mother's other daughter. The future filmmaker is flabbergasted ... Theo recalls to Eli how Lani helped him against the mean kids at school. She was a wonderful big sis ... Paulina reveals she wanted to keep the baby after she held her but mama made her realize the right thing to do was to keep her away from evil Ray. She has carried around a lock of her hair in her favorite locket all these years while she let Tamara be her baby's mama. Lani digests ... Roman and Abe both feel for Paulina. Abe also feels like a fool for giving her a second chance. Roman reasons he was in love and so was Paulina. Alas Abe cannot comprehend why she did not confide in him ... Paulina explains how she became self-sufficient in biz. Alas the one thing that always alluded her was the ability to be Lani’s mother. She cries she had her mother. Paulina longed to be more than her aunt. Lani remembers her letting her down with the promised Paris trip. Paulina notes Tamara and mama did not approve. She realized they were right but regrets breaking Lani's young heart ... Johnny is shocked Marlena dropped the DNA bombshell cos his grandmother never breaks patient-doc confidentiality ...
- Marlena wakes up chained to another room in the crypt and calls out for John ... Eileendavidsondevil (now Kristen) comes back to John to finish what she almost started. The silver fox peers at her ... Back at the pub Roman plays devil's advocate and suggests Paulina was trying to protect Abe and Lani. Abe argues she saw them celebrating and being a family, then almost destroyed them with her latest lies. How to overcome??? ... Lani is cross Paulina tried to compensate with toys and tuition for the twins. Paulina was hoping to be part of their lives. Lani gasps she had no business continuing with her big lie. She accuses her of being selfish ... Johnny hears from Chanel how Marlena urged her to attend the wedding but when Marlena stared at her strangely she had to speak the truth. Johnny wonders whether she was upset. Chanel thinks not. But everyone else seemed to suffer. He tries to console her with a heartfelt hug ... Marlena tries frantically to reach her phone on the floor with her high heel ... Kristen coos she and John were connecting. He suggests she give up but she reminds him of the first time they made love at the Horton cabin in the passionate storm. She knows he has not forgotten ... Roman insists nothing changes just because Abe and Lani are not blood. The way they feel about each other is what is real. Abe appreciates his support and decides to be alone now. Ro is here anytime ... Theo refers to Abe as the family rock, whose own rock is the family Paulina has finished. He decides to go to his dad to tell him they are here for him. Eli praises the young man as the perfect godfather and they hug. Theo departs, his warm eyes filled with resolve ...
- Paulina admits she wanted to tell Lani the truth after she came to town, but Tamara kept stopping her and then Abe got shot. She felt she had suffered enough. Lani sighs then she hurt Chanel by asking her to be matron of honor. Paulina weeps she wanted to be her mother. Lani weeps too, hisses she will never be her mother and walks away ... Johnny tells Chanel not to beat herself up for being brave and being true. She is touched and he flirts she is perfect. He happens to be crazy about her and wants to make her happy. They smooch passionately on the sofa and she whispers they should go upstairs, They do just that ... Elieendavidsondevil taunts tired John with the memories of their time together at the cabin ages ago. She insists he kept loving and wanting her ... Marlena finally gets her phone and hopes for a signal. All of a sudden it rings ... Johnny and Chanel give into their passion together in his room. Young love strong love ... Theo joins Abe at the pub, Father and son hug, no words necessary ... Lani comes home to Eli and he holds her while she weeps ... Standing alone at Horton square, Paulina sadly looks at the baby's hair in her treasured locket ... Kristendevil insists John was hers as she was his. She removes his belt and uses the p word. Passion. Right here right now while the dead DiMeras watch ... Marlena answers the number she does not recognize with a hello. Tis disheveled prisoner Sami, who gasps thank God!


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The Salem Story on Friday, November 19, 2021