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Friday, November 13, 2009

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-At the house of Kiriakis, replay of the Bo and Hope short-lived reunion once Bo asks if her coming home is to keep an eye on Carly or for him. "Both," says she. He appreciates her honesty. She glumly points out the woman who replaced her once is now living in their house so surely he can understand. Bo assures her that Carly is no threat. Fancyface is the love of his life, his family. Hope frowns. He would like to know if she thinks he would give up what they have just cos Carly showed up on their doorstep. She retorts she trusts him, just not Carly! He attempts to make her understand Carly is in trouble. Hope is bitter and reminds him that Carly murdered a man. And she believed what Victor said about her, too. Bo reminds her
Vic does not trust anyone who is not a Kiriakis. Hope is sorry but
she finds it hard to give Carly the benefit of the doubt. At least they are back together. She kisses Bo and she tells him she loves him. He loves her, too. She wants to tell Ciara the good news. Bo, however, thinks them both coming home right now would not be wise. There are things he cannot say. Hope wants to know what Carly is hiding. Bo cannot share, and he is sorry about that. He cannot compromise Carly's safety. Hope accuses him of compromising their marriage. She turns away from him, telling him to leave. Exit Bo. When Justin returns, he updates her that he will need to find a loophole to stop Carly's extradition. How was Bo? Hope complains hat he did not want her back in the house until Carly's case is resolved. Justin
thinks it makes sense. Hope admits that she feels foolish for having assumed Bo would be happy to have her come home. Justin explains Bo is trying to protect her and Ciara. Hope realizes that yet cannot shake the feeling that she has been rejected by her husband for another woman. Justin attempts to make her feel better. It doesn't work. He brings up the fact that her and Bo communicating is a positive sign. She complains her ego is hurting. Justin is sympathetic. "I'm really scared for my marriage," concludes Hope.
- Bo is later at the station working, when Caroline arrives. She is none too pleased that his ex-fiancee has moved into the house. Will she come between him and Hope? Bo sighs it has already happened. He soon elaborates. Carly is staying at his place as she could be in danger. He reminds Caroline that Hope was the one who moved
out. He wants her and Ciara back but now would not be a safe time. Caroline asks what he thinks pop would say. Bo admits he would
say he is being a fool. Caroline suggests he make his family a priority by asking Carly to leave. He replies he cannot do that. He has a legal obligation and assures her he has the situation under control.Caroline hopes that if it comes down to saving Carly or his marriage that he will make the right choice!
- At the pier, Carly tells Mia that they appear to have much in common. It is a gut feeling. When Carly lived in Salem, she used to spend time at the same place, on the pier, thinking. Mia mentions having problems. Along comes Chad, who calls her a lying w*ore!
He yells at her to admit all the guys she slept with. Carly suggests
he back off. Chad is upset, having gotten the DNA results. Mia is sorry. He adds at least he would have loved the little girl, which is more than he can say for her! Carly casts her a sympathetic look.
Mia screams she loves her baby, which is why she gave her up.
Chad continues to yell cruel things. Carly warns him to back off.
He does, after dealing one final blow that reduces Mia to tears - sleaze Nicole is even a better mother than she would be! Carly consoles Mia and points out Chad was being vindictive and cruel. Mia cries she lied and made a big mess. Sometimes she felt like she made the right choice giving her daughter away, though other times she misses her so much. Carly points out that is what good mothers do - they sometimes make sacrifices. Carly asks about her parents. Mia laments they are no longer a part of her life. Besides, she hardly saw her dad and things were never good with her mom. After she
got pregnant, her mother kicked her out. She had hoped to give her baby a good family. Carly asks if she knows the people who
adopted her child. Mia knows them and they presently have relationship issues, though overall, she still feels the right woman is raising her baby. Sydney is the cutest thing. Carly asks if she looks like her. Not that much, says the teen. Carly says she should not allow anyone to make her feel she made the wrong decision. Mia seconds the motion. Nicole will always do what is best for her little girl ...
- At the pub, replay of raging Nicole, with Dan refusing to give her Sydney. And he says she knows why! Nicole is mad. She gave Sydney to Chloe, not him! Dr. Dan wants her to sit own and relax. Nicole continues her tirade. She will call the cops! Enter Chloe. Dan states she is being irrational. Chloe suggests she get a glass of water and relax. She reluctantly does. Dan now informs Chloe something
is wrong with Nicole. Chloe agrees and she intends to find out what
it is. Chloe calmly gives Nicole Syd and points out Dan did not mean to upset her. Nicole understands as she kinda lost it but she was terrified before, not knowing where her baby was. She asks her pal
to tell Dan she is sorry. Chloe wonders if her pal is in trouble. She can trust her. Teary-eyed Nicole admits she is in BIG trouble! Dan approaches to tell Chloe he has been paged. Nicole apologizes for
her rudeness. When he is gone, Nicole laments EJ is gone and now she might lose Sydney as well. It is complicated. Unfortunately, without EJ's support, Sydney could be taken from her at any time. She fears she will lose everything. Chloe wonders if she can do anything. Nicole needs her just to help make sure the birth parents never get their hands on her baby (though she fails to say their real names!) She instructs Chloe to take Sydney to her place but tell no one she is there. She will go pick up some necessities and then leave town with her baby. "Will you help me?" Chloe readily agrees.
Nicole thanks her. Eerie music is heard. Nicole leaves for her errand. She will meet her back at her apartment. "I won't let anyone take
my baby," she whispers decisively.
- Chez Sami, Sami is ready to race to Sydney and call Nicole to ask where she is. Rafe stops her. Phone accusations would be a bad
idea. Nicole had already suspected he was close to the truth. Sami realizes she could flee with Syd if cornered. Rafe now suggests they figure out a plan and take it from there.
- Sami and Rafe head to DiMera mansion, where maid Mary opens the door. Nicole is not there. Sami says she is there for Sydney. "I want my ..." She stops herself from saying she is there for HER
baby and says "I want the baby." She is there to pick her up and
take her to Nicole. Mary heads upstairs to get baby Syd. Sami gasps she will finally get her baby back and thanks Rafe. "You're my
HERO!" Rafe promises after they get Sydney, they will go to the police and Nicole will be arrested. Sami quips if she was there now, she would strangle her! She cannot wait to see her baby. Moments later, down comes Mary, bearing news about Sydney. "She's gone!" Sami's face falls. Perhaps she is with Kate. Rafe says Nicole may already have picked her up. Sami says she will call her and they take their leave. Sami would like to contact Roman but Rafe would rather track her down himself. He advises her to go to the pub, where Nicole could already be.
- Chloe returns home with Sydney. Dan calls from work and Chloe updates him that she is watching the baby. Nicole is crazy about the little girl and would do almost anything to keep her ...
- Nicole makes for Sami's place and is relieved no one is there. She
is on a mission to get that 50,000 dollars she once offered her.That
is the only way she and Sydney will be able to escape. She proceeds to look for the stash of cash.
- Sami goes to the pub, where she runs into Chad. He asks if she is there to gloat. He got the DNA results that Sydney is not his baby. Sami asks if he sees Nicole, could he ... Chad insists he wants to be left alone. Sami stands up and sees her phone battery is dying. She must go home to recharge it so Rafe will be able to reach her! She had also left a voice mail for Kate ...
- Rafe, meanwhile, is at the hospital.Dan overhears him asking about the daycare center. Is Sydney DiMera there today? Dr. Dan would like to know what is going on. Why is he looking for Sydney?
- Later, Rafe barges into Chloe's room as she holds Sydney. "Give me that baby!" he demands
At the same time, Nicole finds the money she needs and opens the front door to make her getaway, only to come face to face with Sami, They eyes lock and Nicole tries to play it cool ...!

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"What are you talking about? What have you done with Sydney?" Elvis asks Kate.
"Nicole's not gonna get away with this, she's going down!" Rafe
informs Chloe.
Sami shrieks at Nicole "Tell me where my daughter is or so help me God, I will make you tell me!"

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