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Days of Our Lives Daily Update

Friday, May 9, 2008    
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At the DiMera mansion, John cannot find the disc. Sami and
Marlena accuse Rolf, but John steps in cos he isn’t so sure that
Rolf took it. He orders the security company to get him a new
security system. Later he offers Rolf a Cuban cigar and says that
he thinks if Rolf took it, he would have replaced it with another.
He also points out that if he had caught the thief in the act, he
would have put a bullet in his brain.

Dan is at the health club working out and runs into Lexie. Lexie
says she knows he is leaving town cos of Chelsea. Dan confides in Lexie that his wife was originally his patient who had cancer and
then she died. At the pub, Victor tells love struck Chelsea the same story, after a brief interruption from neurotic Nicole, who accuses
him of poisoning her pooch. Chelsea winds up at the gym, finds out Dan is in the steam room, and goes there to see him. They need to
talk, she says, about his wife …

At the police station, Abe informs Bo he will not be on the case of
the murdered Vitali doctor. Hope says she’ll do it. Bo is not for it. Roman and Abe, however, think it’s a great idea. Bo is only allowed
to help on the sidelines. Marlena arrives at the police station to report the break-in to Roman. He promises to look into the case of the
missing disc, off the record …

Outside the pub, Nicole cries on EJ’s shoulder about her ill pet. He promises to be there for her. Sami shows up, gets miffed, and kisses
EJ just to show Nicole that he is one man who is taken!

Thursday, May 8, 2008
At the pub, Bo the raging bull has decided he is gonna arrest
Martino Vitali. Abe, Roman, and Ava are soon on the scene and
Roman and Abe stop Bo from any more cop abuse. As Kate looks
on, Ava accuses Martino of having the shrink drug her on purpose
and leaves. Kate gives Martino the brush-off. She doesn’t want him
to call her anymore. Once the cops are back at the station, Roman wisely informs Bo it is best for Vitali not to feel he is being watched. Enter Ava, who is interested in making a deal with the boys in blue…

At Bo’s house, Dan makes it clear that he is too old for Chelsea.
She wonders if he is married. He says no but she realizes he once
was. He reminds her of Nick, whom she says she has fallen out of
love with. They talk more as she complains of her past misdeeds so
we are supposed to feel sorry for her once again about killing Zack.  Dan is understanding but says the only way he can remain in Salem
is if she accepts they will never be. Once Dan is gone, Chelsea heads for the pub and breaks up with Nick, who could probably do better anyhow. Meanwhile, Bo and Roman walk into the house. Bo wonders where Chelsea is. Roman thinks Bo is overexerting himself. Bo reiterates he just wants Vitali thrown in jail once and for all. Roman warns Bo to keep his distance as he and Abe will bring Vitali down,
not Bo. At the same time, Ava is still conferring with Abe. She will be staying at the Salem Inn, where Steve and Kayla are, but promises to keep away from them. She warns Abe that her daddy is a killer.
And that is exactly what Martino has planned, as he tells his thugs he intends to get Ava home and take out Patch and Bo, for starters …

At the DiMera mansion, Sami and EJ disagree about Nicole. Sami also wonders if she shouldn’t have told John so many things about his past. Meanwhile, John has surprised Marlena by replacing Stefano’s portrait with a garish picture of her. She is not keen on it but John says it reminds him of their crazy past. Enter Sami, who admits to Marlena that t’was her who told him about their past. Marlena is embarrassed when John brings up their conference table tryst. Enter EJ, who soaks
it all in. All of a sudden a fax arrives, and so does Nicole. Sami demands to know if EJ and Nicole are sleeping together. Nicole plays it for what it’s worth. EJ wrestles the fax away from Sami and announces that his visa has been renewed. Sami continues to rant and not even Marlena can get her to stop! Exit Nicole. EJ is pleased by Samantha’s jealousy. John provides champagne. Once alone with doc, John flirts with her and then remembers the disc. He walks over to get it, only to find that it is gone. Meanwhile, Rolf watches from the shadows …

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Chelsea dreams of Dr. Dan and Bo overhears her mutter his name.
She wakes up wanting a special coffee from the Java Café. Bo
promises to go and get her one. Morgan shows up with a special
coffee in hand. Bo takes off anyhow.

At the pub over breakfast, Martino smoothly tells Kate he is a
changed man because of her. Enter Dr. Dan. Martino’s thug directs
him to the mobster’s table. It seems Vitali has had him paged at the airport, pretending that another doc was paging him. Martino has
heard he is the best and wants him to help his daughter. Dan is suspicious and declines. Kate goes after him and wonders if he won’t change his mind. Dan says no and advises Kate to keep Chelsea away fiom the likes of  Martino Vitali. Meanwhile, Ava is in a wheelchair,
not in a talkative frame of mind. She has just been released from Lexie to the Salem P.D. to face the music. Roman oversees her transfer
from the hospital. Abe soon lets him know that the Vitali lawyer is
tryng to postpone things, claiming Ava is still not well. The Salem P.D., however, will not back down. Roman is about to have Ava booked and processed. Bo arrives. Ava believes she should be punished and later  says she doesn't want to accept the fact that daddy’s lawyer has paid
her bail!  In addition, her shrink has just been murdered! Abe fills in
Bo that Vitali is under surveillance but that’s not enough for Bo. He angrily storms off to the pub to confront the mobster …

Meanwhile, Max has finished Nick’s grant proposal and gives it to Stephanie for mailing. Nick, still feeling out of sorts, goes to see
Chelsea, but she is less than interested in seeing him once Dr. Dan shows up. Nick and Morgan leave. Dan tells Chelsea their feelings
are wrong. She grabs him and kisses him.

Back at the pub, angry Bo is about to make a dangerous new enemy
for life when he goes on the attack and slugs a mobster …

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


All is quiet at the DiMera mansion but two occupants cannot sleep. John plays chess by himself downstairs. Enter Sami. John is curious why Sami doesn’t let EJ get deported – or move away with him.
Sami is curious what is on Johns mysterious disc. He hasn’t watched
it yet and wonders how Marlena fell for him way back when. Sami
tells him how she once found them together and the scene is replayed. She adds that John destroyed what Roman and Marlena had. John remarks that Roman has since moved on though Sami has a chip on
her shoulder, not to mention Lucas issues. More flashbacks appear
as John is informed of how he once had a fling with a brainwashed Hope, and John's phoenix tattoo is later discovered. John eventually agrees to look at the disc on the computer. It appears to be encrypted. Sami wonders if she should ask Roman to send it to the ISA. John appreciates her effort but mentions he has sources. The pair have formed a mutual respect for one another. Sami admits she swapped hospital tests once, to show Belle was Roman’s child, not John’s.
John seems to understand her previous reasoning and agrees not to
let anyone know all the stories she told him. When she asks if he
loves Marlena, he becomes uncomfortable and goes upstairs.
Moments later, Sami heads upstairs to attend to a baby. The disc
is on the table – until a mysterious figure appears and steals away
with John’s disc of memories …

Meanwhile, EJ has a rendezvous with Nicole in an alley and pays
her off for having told the immigration official that she believed EJ
and Sami were in love! He says he got the money from other clients. Nicole says she knows he is in love with Sami. He says yes, he is. Nicole makes a pass anyway. EJ isn’t interested and also reminds
her not to speak of their little deal. He also admits he has a plan to
win the fair Samantha at long last, but won’t divulge more. Nicole admits that once she has half of Victor’s stuff, she will make a play
for Philip.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The police station is a hub of activity as Salemites give statements
for EJ’s immigration hearing.  Roman has already vouched for Ejami. First up is John, who tells the immigration agent Sami and EJ are a couple of kids crazy in love. Marlena worries what John can possibly
be saying, considering his lack of memory. Meanwhile, Sami fights
with Nicole, who has also showed up! As it turns out, EJ asked her to come. Nicole speaks to the immigration agent, then Sami and EJ must face him together. When he asks Sami if she loves EJ, she insists she does love him. EJ claims Sami has changed him. Mr. Immigration says he will let them know his decision soon …

Godfather Vitali refuses to leave Ava’s hospital room and is none too pleased his mafia princess daughter is in restraints. He and Patch stare each other down. He also voices his displeasure about Kayla being her doc. Doc Kayla tells off the Mafioso for endangering his daughter with a shrink who apparently wanted her to lose her mind. Ava continues to detox. The Godfather promises to make everything better and exits the room. Steve overhears him make a chilling phone call, ordering something to be taken care of …

Dan insists to Lexie he is not leaving Salem cos of Chelsea, who calls
his cell phone and hangs up without identifying herself. Chelsea mopes to grandma Kate. Nick shows up and Chelsea gives him the brush off. She summons gal pal Stephanie and mopes she is in love with Dr. Dan. Self-absorbed Steph is starry-eye over Max, meanwhile. Once Steph is gone, Chelsea gets a visitor. Tis Dr. Dan, come to say goodbye. He unexpectedly kisses her before walking out …

At the pub, Phil Kiriakis offers Max cash for spying on John. Max ain’t interested. Spitfire Morgan, however, has overheard, and tells Phil off for trying to bribe him! Phil is amused. Morgan challenges him to a dart game. He accepts. Morgan gets her fav jeweled darts, throws before he expects it, and pins his shirt to the dart board! Moments later, enter glum Nick who soon takes off. Morgan is dismayed she couldn’t catch up with him. Phil teases her for being a drama queen. Meanwhile, Max looks through the notebook Nick has left behind …

Martino meets Kate at the pub and shows his smooth ladies’ man side. Kate complains about happening upon a murder scene and the mobster pretends to be shocked. He convinces Kate to have dinner and drinks with him at the hotel later and she is unaware that the gentleman walking her to her car is the most dangerous man for miles …
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