Days of Our Lives Daily Update!
Days of Our Lives Daily Update

Friday, May 23, 2008    
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At the pub, Morgan and Chelsea are going over college stuff.
Morgan catches Phil’s eye when she goes to get a refill at the bar.
He is clearly taken with her. Morgan is haughty. Her father calls
her cell phone and afterwards, Phil says he is sorry for Paul’s
troubles, but a man’s gotta pay for his actions. John steps out of the shadows and informs Phil it ain’t gonna happen! Morgan, however, blames John for everything and asks him to stay away from her pop.
As Phil continues to watch Morgan with interest, she returns to her table, where she and Chelsea discuss Dr. Dan. Phil saunters over,
plants himself, and asks to talk privately with Morgan. Chelsea obliges. Phil offers Morgan a deal. He’ll try to intervene with the D.A if she
gets her daddy to tell him what he’s got on new John. Jealous Chloe shows up and gets catty with Morgan. Phil takes her aside. Chelsea returns to the table.

After confiding her woes to Dan at the hospital, Lexie  gets a visit
from Abe, who suggests they have breakfast. Lexie is annoyed at his unexpected interruption at her workplace but reluctantly agrees. Once
at the pub, Abe notices that Lexie is friendly with Dr. Dan, who has also gone to the pub, and realizes she has been telling him about their problems. Dan heads to Chelsea’a table. Exit Morgan. Chloe angrily checks her out as Phil reminds her they have no strings attached. He then makes a mysterious phone call about getting something done. Meanwhile, Dan tells Chelsea it was a mistake to kiss her.

Once things have settled down at the DiMera mansion, Marlena
advises Sami to fight for Lucas, while EJ and Lucas talk man-to-man. EJ says that at least he never shot anyone
but, as Charles pointed
out in an email the other day, EJ tried to kill Lucas by locking
him in a freezer truck - a fact the writers have since forgotten!

Lucas suggests EJ move out. EJ says no way. Sami and Marlena join them. All of a sudden a bottle of wine is delivered to EJ from Nicole, thanking him for last night. Sami gets mad and uses her usual vulgar language, then insists she wants Lucas. Lucas tires of it and walks off. Sami returns to her room. Enter her new pal Rolf, who tries to make her feel better with some warm milk and advises her to think about the future. Lucas shows up. Sami is sorry. Lucas says all he did the whole time he was in the slammer was think about her. They lock lips!

John comes home and is irate to see that Roman is already there, to
talk to Marlena about the missing disc, etc.

Back at the pub, we now find EJ, who chats with Chloe about Vienna. All of a sudden lots of sirens are heard. At that very moment, Roman gets a call informing him that something major is going down at the docks. Bad news for New John – the big bust is about his shipment!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


At the hospital, Ava pays Kayla a visit with flowers. When
Kayla admits she hasn’t seen her baby yet, Ava sneaks in and
gets a pic of him for Kayla via her cell phone. Kayla is overjoyed.

Phil meets a mysterious man at the pub and assures him he is gonna
get his payment transferred as soon as he does what he is supposed
to do.  The mysterious man leaves as Chloe arrives and she asks Phil what was going on. Phil is evasive and tells her it was just a business matter. He and Chloe kiss.

At the DiMera mansion, Lucas ain’t interested when Sami says
well it was only her first time with EJ anyway. They yell up a storm
at each other. Enter John and Marlena. Marlena is horrified to hear
Sami slept with EJ. John is blasé. Lucas and Sami continue to trade insults. They rehash how he shot EJ, pushed her away, but he says
he did everything to protect her, etc. Sami then asks John for his unbiased opinion. New John lights a Cuban cigar and ponders for a moment. He feels for “the convict” yet did notice the sexual tension between Sami and EJ. Deciding he has had quite enough, Lucas
storms out the door and sets of his ankle monitor! Beep! Beep! Beep! Code red!

EJ arrives outside the now closed pub for a meeting with Nicole. She cackles upon hearing that Lucas, the love of Sami's life, is home, but
EJ insists it ain’t over till it’s over! EJ thinks Nicole should do better for herself in life, get an education, meet someone, but Nicole does not believe true love is in the cards for her. EJ replies that perhaps she has been looking for love in all the wrong places …

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

At the hospital, Kayla has a bad dream about losing her baby.
She and Steve later decide to name their son Joe. He puts his
arms around her to make her feel better.

At Chez Rouge, insecure Anna laments to Roman that Tony
seems too busy for her. Roman reassures her about Tony. Enter
Kate and Tony, there to talk biz. But Roman still has Vitali on his
mind and asks Kate for a word. That means Tony and Anna wind
up at a table together. Suave charmer Tony whips out a diamond
ring and proposes. Anna says yes! Roman and Kate are happy for them. Speaking of romance, Bo arranges for a nice evening at the
pub with soul mate Hope, and little daughter Ciara …

Romance, however, is a tall order for Abe and Lexie, who are having
a counseling session. They are advised that if they make an effort to reconnect, then Theo will respond in kind, so can they …?

Back at the DiMera mansion, Elvis and Sami bask in the afterglow.
She hears the doorbell ring, but he does not. Downstairs Lucas waits outside with a police escort, anxious to see his sweetie. Rolf opens
the door and tells Lucas where Sami’s room is. Lucas approaches
the bedroom door, is stunned to see Sami and EJ wrapped around
each other, gets angry, and walks away. Sami makes herself more presentable and rushes downstairs after him, much to EJ’s chagrin.
She insists it is Lucas she wants more! Lucas demands to see his daughter. He wants to take her and run but cannot, as he is under
house arrest. After a little time with Aly, Lucas tells Sami they are through. She says no way, they are not over!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Dan and Chelsea make out until they hear someone coming.
He shoves her in a locker, half nekid. A pretty young resident
doc, Amber, waltzes in, flirts, and asks him to go surfing with
her sometime. He says he is ummm … seeing someone. Amber
gives him her number anyhow and departs. Dan gets a beaming
Chelsea outta the locker and tells her to go now …

Abe and Lexie are at home, about to enjoy some together time,
when the hospital calls Doc Lexie. In addition, Theo doesn’t talk
much and Abe thinks he feels the tension in their marriage. Lexie suggests they get counseling to help their marriage …

At the pub, Nick confides in Max that he knows all Chelsea cares
about is Dr. Dan. He brings up the grant proposal again. Moments
later, both Nick and Max try to call the same professor to discuss it! When Nick is gone, Max finally admits to Steph that he actually corrected the Nickster’s mathematical mistakes!

In prison, Lucas learns the details of his release from Mickey. He
will be under house arrest and somewhat confined with an ankle monitor. He is shocked to learn that Sami lives at the DiMera
mansion but learns of her lack of funds, etc. He is also informed
that John is aware that he is soon arriving at said mansion. Lucas
goes to get dressed, still unaware that EJ and Sami are living under
the same roof! Back at the DiMera mansion, Sami and EJ are momentarily interrupted by the twins but then proceed to make
love just as Lucas walks up to the front door …

Monday, May 19, 2008


Kayla is in her hospital room, desperate to see her baby but is
advised to stay put and rest. Steph and Steve shed a few tears as
family waits. Lexie informs them he is on a ventilator and will be
so until he can breathe on his own. They need a miracle. Max is
also at the hospital, to console Steph. He runs into Nick, who
demands answers about why he changed his grant proposal, which looked different than how he wrote it. Max denies changing anything and says he just copied what the Nickster had already written. Elsewhere at the hospital, Dr. Dan takes a shower. Chelsea finds him clad in a towel. He insists he is too old for her but kisses her anyhow …

In prison we have a LUCAS ALERT! Fab lawyer Uncle Mickey is paying him a visit, to inform him he might be able to get out early, on account of the prison overcrowding problem. Moments later, redhead vision Maggie shows up with some of Alice’s donuts. Mickey later leaves to attend Lucas’ review. If released early, he would need to be monitored with an ankle bracelet. Lucas is looking forward to seeing
his family. The good news is soon in. His release has been granted!

Meanwhile. at he DiMera mansion, Sami and EJ discuss her past with Austin, his disinterest in Nicole, and then take it to the bedroom, where they give in to temptation …
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