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Days of Our Lives Daily Update

Friday, May 16, 2008    
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At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor is up working. Enter Chloe, who
wants a drink. Vic wants her outta the mansion cos she is to blame
for Brady’s woes. Enter Phil, who lets him know that Chloe is there
at his invitation. Vic asks Chloe to leave them alone. Phil accuses
the Greek tycoon of having secrets. Vic brings up Phil’s secret theft
of John’s disc. In fact, Phil has been “monitoring” conversations at
the DiMera mansion and knows the encrypted disc is connected to
what Stefano did to John.  Papa Vic is proud of his son and presents him with a portfolio to get him started on more responsibility in the family business. Phil be da man in charge! Chloe reappears and is impressed. She finds Phil that much more attractive now ...

At the DiMera mansion, Sami and EJ are up. She denies that she
liked kissing him. Moments later EJ gets word that Lucas will no be released early after all. Sami is sad. EJ consoles her. As it turns out.
EJ has a morning appointment with Nicole. Jealous Sami says she
has no intention of sharing her husband with anyone, as their faces
get closer and they kiss passionately…

Meanwhile, Kayla is at the hospital having contractions while Bo and Hope wait in the hall.. Her and Steve’s baby son is born but their joy turns to fear when Lexie informs them he is not breathing …

Thursday, May 15, 2008
Sami storms into the DiMera mansion, mad mad mad at EJ, complaining to her new best friend, Dr. butler Rolf. Rolf points
out he overheard EJ talking to the warden about Lucas getting
sprung from jail early. Meanwhile, after turning Nicole down,
EJ admits to the not-so-impressed vamp that he wants to get
Lucas out of jail so they can fairly compete for Samantha’s
affections. When EJ comes back to the mansion, he denies to
angry Sami that he went thru with any Nicole tryst. She demands
to know what he is up to with getting Lucas out early. EJ’s answer
is simple. He wants to make her happy. Sami brings up the night Johnny was conceived. EJ says he is sorry, he thought that she really wanted him, too. Sami is still mad. EJ says he loves her. Just then
a drunk Nicole pushes her way past Rolf into the mansion. Jealous
Sami kicks her out and, without thinking, kisses EJ yet again!

Max and Steph are down at the docks, having a heart-to-heart.
Steph is sorry she ever doubted he was really trying to help Nick.
Max is sorry he lied to her about it in the first place. They make up
and Max presents her with a picnic, which soon gets hot and heavy …

Down at the pub, Martino is arrested and Bo and Hope have proof
in the form of the murdered doc’s black book. The dude carrying it,
they reasoned, is the dude who whacked him. Martino insists they won’t be able to link him to the guy. Ava speaks up. Maybe she can! Angelo steps in, unable to keep his silence any longer. He blurts out
that Martino had Ava drugged this whole time. Ava is shocked but remembers why. Apparently she had overheard him discussing the
hit he took out on her mother when she tried to leave him! Vitali killed Ava’s mother! The mobster suddenly grabs his gun on the table. Shots are fired. Bo fires his gun in defense  and kills Martino. Roman is sorry for upset Ava, though he reminds her to stay in town. She says she
will. Roman also gives Angelo his card, in case he needs any help. Suddenly Roman gets a call and announces that Steve and Kayla
are at the hospital. Kayla is officially in labor …

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

At Chez Rouge, Phil and Chloe catch up. Enter Nicole, who is not pleased to see the pair together. Chloe brings up the Opera House
Vic had planned to erect as a tribute to Isabella. Phil is enthused.
Nicole makes a catty comment about the fact that Isabella sure wouldn’t have approved of Chloe the tramp performing there!  Furthermore, Nicole thinks Chloe is bad news and says she does
care about what happens to Phil. Suddenly her cell phone rings.
Tis EJ inviting her to the gym. Exit Nicole. Chloe wonders if she
and Phil are such a good idea after all, as she is still technically
married, but hot-blooded Phil ain’t listening! Chloe gets cold feet
and departs. Phil’s attention returns to the disc he is still carrying ...

At the DiMera mansion, Sami hears that EJ is off to the gym and decides to go there, too. Once at the gym, klutzy Sami tries to play
it cool  but falls down. Enter Nicole, who heads to the steam room
with EJ. Nicole makes a pass and EJ responds. He soon pulls away, however, pointing out he is in love with Sami.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Dr. Dan shows up, seeking advice
from Dr. Marlena. He tells her the story of his wife. John listens in
on the convo. Dan wonders if he should get involved with a patient again. Marlena gets him thinking about what his wife would say. Is
he just seeking her approval? Dan departs and John and Marlena discuss her having patients and also the mysterious disc, which she
has asked Roman to track down. Marlena points out they are a team.
At the pub, Chelsea insists to Kate that Dan loves her. She just has to make him admit it, It seems he won’t want to be with her ‘till he gets over his dead wife. Dan, she feels, is filled with guilt. Kate now does not approve of non-committal Dr. Dan. Chelsea throws Martino Vitali in her face. Exit Kate. Dan soon shows up and tells Chelsea not much has changed. Chelsea gets miffed and leaves.

Also at the pub are Ava and Angelo, who admits Martino is gonna have Patch taken care of. Ava calls daddy Vitali . She wants to see him now. When mobster Martino arrives on scene, he denies everything but Ava warns him he had better call off the hit!

At the docks, Patch is about to get shot when Bo and Hope show up and save the day!  Moments later, Bo bursts into the pub to accuse Martino Vitali of two counts of murder and one attempted murder
and tells Hope to slap the cuffs on him!
Meanwhile, Kayla is alone, in pain, at Bo and Hope’s house, and
calls 911 for help. Here comes that baby …

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Down to the docks is where Stephanie has gone, to ask Max to
fill her in on what exactly he did with Nick’s grant proposal. Max
ain’t talking so Steph heads for the pub, which is already a flurry of activity. Steve is having a meeting with EJ, who hands him a
mysterious document, though they are being observed by a bad guy outside! Steve senses as much and exits. Meanwhile, Nick is at the
pub and feeling down that he has not yet submitted his grant proposal but a student tells him she has seen his proposal already at the Dean’s office. Nick is baffled. Steph informs him that Max sent it in. Meanwhile, Max has also arrived at the pub, and Nick does not hide
the fact that he is mad about his mysterious meddling …

At the hospital, Ava tells Angelo she believes her dead doc drugged
her so he would keep getting paid by daddy Vitali. She sees Hope and Kayla and thanks Kayla for everything she has done for her. Then it’s off to the pub, where Angelo admits her father wanted him to keep her busy!  Hope and Kayla return to Hope’s house to spend some quality time together, but Kayla has a slight cramp.

At the police station, Bo and Roman are discussing the murdered informer’s case when Sami arrives, desperate for Roman to contact Lucas and have him agree to see her. Roman takes off to try, but
gets nowhere. Shortly afterwards, Lucas sends her an email that it is time for her to move on – without him. Sami is devastated and returns to the DiMera mansion, where EJ is unable to console her. About to leave, she overhears him arranging to meet man eater Nicole!

Meanwhile, Steve is at the docks, where a bad dude is hiding behind crates with a gun pointed at him. He calls Bo, makes some small talk that his best bud would understand, and hangs up. Bo doesn’t miss a beat and informs Roman that the Patchman is in big trouble …

Monday, May 12, 2008

Overwhelmed by the fact that she has yanked EJ into a kiss,
Sami panics and rushes into the pub, where she asks Caroline
for a good stiff drink. She then tries without success to call Lucas.
He will not speak to her or see her. Enter EJ. Caroline wonders
what is going on. EJ calmly states that Sami refuses to let go of her
past with Lucas. Sami exclaims it is true love and takes off …

EJ thanks Nicole for making Sami so jealous and gives her the
British brush off. Exit Nicole. Caroline insists that Sami cares for
Lucas regardless. This leads EJ to recall a plan he mentioned having – one that would help him to win Samantha …

Meanwhile, Sami has headed back to the DiMera mansion. She
thanks Dr. Rolf for helping her with the twins. He reminds her he
used to help with the Gemini twins (Cassie/Rex!). Desperate for someone to talk to, Sami adds that Rolf seems different than he
used to be and asks his opinion of EJ. The way Rolfski sees it, EJ
is becoming his own person. John and Marlena are presently out.
Sami wonders f they will ever reconcile. About as likely as a Sami/EJ pairing, the mad scientist/butler muses. Enter EJ. Flustered Sami announces she is tired and off to bed …

At the Kiriakis mansion, Phil is working at his computer. Enter Henderson, with a delivery package. Tis John’s disc! Phil checks it
out on his computer but the thing is encrypted. Time to call Titan
I.T. for help but then diva Chloe sweeps in, back from Switzerland. Brady has demanded a divorce. Now she wants payback for Victor. Phil invites her to stay at the mansion and says he loves to play the game. Chloe grabs him in a moment of passion. Enter Nicole, who
is utterly disgusted to find the pair together …

At the health club, Chelsea throws herself at Dan again. He admits
he does feel something and walks away, certain it is nothing but a problem.  Chelsea is pleased …
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