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- Kristen reads her letter from sweet Rachel in the slammer again. Megan feels her pain and gushes about her good son who will get them out. Kristen assumes Dimitri is in an Alamanian prison so Megan boasts he is with the Salem P.D. which will not last. Her brilliant, charming boy is as persuasive as his grandfather, now negotiating a deal ... Steve and Harris pay Dimitri a visit. He airily dismisses them as he anticipates a deal with the ISA. They allude to bribing the guards and close the door. Harris demands to know the whereabouts of Andrew Donovan ... John embraces his boy Paul when he opens his door in San Francisco. He came about Andrew. Paul is perturbed. John admits he was abducted ... Andrew is woken up with a bucket of cold water to his head and wonders what is going on. The guard makes fun of him not remembering. Andrew blinks back to the past ... How he said farewell to Harris at the hotel and got a call from someone claiming to have Paul. They hoodwinked him with a fake pic of Paul tied up. He raced off to save his sweetheart, only to be met by a guy with a gun who tied him to the chair in the warehouse. He now tells the goon he remembers and spits ...
- Kristen remembers the days when she had a doppelganger as Megan boasts about Dimitri. Kristen questions whether he is really a DiMera. Megan insists he is hers and she raised him ... Dimitri warns Steve and Harris if they touch him it will not bode well for Andrew. Megan will call soon and if he cannot assure her ... They wonder why he wants her to have immunity. He will only say he has a soft spot ... for mama Megan ... The bald goon assures Andrew he will be released when the boss gets what the boss wants ... John has gotten confirmation from the ISA that the photo they received of Harris tied up was real. Shane is doing all he can. Paul wants to do something ... Marlena is about to text John when Roman appears at her door. The happy reunion ensues and gets even better when Kate appears. They hug and then discuss the awful attack on good man Abe. Roman assures them the perp will pay. Marlena agrees Abe is a fighter and knows he will be elated about Kate coming home. Kate complains about Dimitri making her clean fish. Roman and Kate are horrified to her the cad now has Andrew Donovan. Marlena reveals John is on the case ...
- John informs Paul it was Dimitri who had Andrew taken. Evidently he wants immunity for himself and his mother one Megan Hathaway ... Kristen annoys Megan by noting she only had eyes for Bo so how could she have a son by someone else? Megan explains she was kept alive and later met Dimitri's dad in Europe. She wanted a child. Alas the father did not like her influence and sent him to a boarding school but that could not keep her away ... Steve is not surprised dastardly Dimitri is a DiMera. The shoe fits! Dimitri warns if he and Megan are not freed Andrew will not live to see another day ... Andrew pretends to be unconscious and clocks the approaching goon on his head with the ice bucket ... but his great escape is blocked by Goon #2 ... Megan insists Bo is still her everything and she will wait forever for him to wake up. Kristen gets sarcastic about her lack of plan. Megan vows she will be there when he wakes up. She has her spies. But now destiny must be fulfilled in Salem. Kristen reminds her she agreed to get her freed as well ... Steve is on the phone with unseen unheard Shane and understands why he wanted all charges against Megan and Dimitri dropped. He too is a dad ...
- Marlena remembers dastardly Dimitri with Kate ... Back at the Greek station Lord Sebastian Alamain wants a word with Steve. He is sorry to say once he is released Dimitri will be dragged back to an Alamanian prison ... Dimitri taunts Harris is not respected by Steve and the ISA. He will never be a John Black. Harris bites his lip. Dmitri tries to bring him over to the other side with his mind games. Harris is not interested. Dimitri babbles about Bo making it to the shadows and suggests Harris do the same. Harris scoffs ... Sebastian shows Steve the order he has from the highest Greek Court, which gives custody of Dimitri. Steve warns then a good man will die ... John has given Paul the whole story as they wait for news on Andrew. Paul suspects that was why his phone was stolen and blames himself. John assures the kid they will get his guy back ... Andrew is tied more tightly to the chair ... Kristen slyly suggests tis also time for her release. Megan believes the third prisoner should only come up after she and Dimitri are released. Kristen warns her not to forget their deal and blames her for making Bo steal the orchid, which she was unfairly accused of. She argues she also needs her on her side for she knows how the DiMera brothers operate. Megan calls it risky. Kristen warns if she does not get her out she will find her revenge beyond the bars. She wickedly wonders what sis will do next ...
- Marlena agrees when Kate marvels they made it cos they are badass. She gets going with Roman for a pub breakfast ... Steve reminds Lord Alamain that Billie was key to him getting back the Peacock as was Shane Donovan. Sebastian is grateful and now horrified to hear that Andrew's life is in his hands ... Steve and Harris later meet with a smug Dimitri, who gets a call from mommy dearest. He gushes he is getting out. Mommy dearest is proud of his negotiation ability and has one little thing to add to the deal. Kristen smiles ... Paul updates John on how close he and Andrew have become. He loves him dearly but now ... John assures him the ISA are doing everything. Paul tries to keep the faith ... The guard gets out a knife and makes Andrew anxious ... Harris and Steve are exasperated the twisted sisters could soon both be on the loose ... Marlena ends a call with Kayla about the latest drama. Knock knock! Tis smug as a bug Kristen with her badass new look ... Paul, however, has better luck when Andrew knocks on his door and they have a heartfelt reunion ... At the pub casual Kate enjoys the ordinary eggs and Roman repeats he is happy she is home. Her wish is his command. She wishes to see Lucas in the slammer and tell off that beech Megan too! Devil with a blue dress Megan sweeps in and suggests she can do so now. Kate turns around in horror. And so begins the reborn era of the deadliest DiMeras ...


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The Salem Story on May 24, 2023