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Monday, January 4, 2010 
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- Replay of Mel in Maggie's kitchen, getting the call she now tells Steph about. Their guys are in jail!
- In the slammer, Phil calls Nath unbelievable, but Nath insists he will
give Mel his opinion. Phil warns he will only make a fool of himself.
Nath states her marrying Phil would be the biggest mistake of her life so he is willing to take the chance. "Melanie loves me," drawls the prodigal son. She has no interest in Nath, who claims he must be afraid she does care for him. Phil accuses him of not being able to accept defeat. Nath accuses him of being the guy who will hurt Mel. Phil reminds him of Stephanie, who would be hurt by Nathan's interest in Mel.  Nath says Steph does not fit into the equation. Ouch! Phil is not impressed that he does even not consider her feelings. Nath yells up a storm and accuses him of hurting Steph too. Before it can escalate, Mel and Steph arrive. Phil is the first man out, as his bail has been posted. Nath and Mel are
left alone and he insists she cannot marry Phillip. Meanwhile, Phil is processed. He sees Steph filling out paperwork for Nath. She wonders what the fight was about and she hopes he can be honest. Phil agrees
to tell it like it is. "Dr. Goldenboy is trying to hijack my fiancee!" Phil suspects he may be using Steph as a cover, and may wish to get Mel
out of his mind by dating her. Steph sure deserves better than that! He
is sorry and takes his leave when the cop dismisses him. The cop now tells Steph she has only to sign on the dotted line to take her boyfriend home. She tears up the paper and storms out.  Meanwhile, Nath tries to talk Mel out of getting married. It makes no sense. She reminds him he ended things with her and tells him to stop, her eyes filed with tears. She no longer has feelings for him. He takes her by the hand and asks if she
is sure about that. Can she tell him Phil is the one? She does just that, as Phil comes up behind her. They now leave together, as Nath remains behind bars.
- Bo stops by the hospital to see Carly and updates her. He was in touch with the Swiss hospital. They go outside to discuss. Turns out a flood kept Carly's file out of the mainframe so whoever snooped around did not get it all. Carly hugs him in gratitude. What would she do without him? She pulls back and then asks why he is not with his family. He updates her where they all are. Hope is with Justin, whom he suspects has been making moves on his wife. Carly had not realized he knew about that. "Knew about what?" says he. He presses. Carly replies she believes Justin has feelings for Hope. Bo is not surprised. Carly wonders if it would matter to him, should he act on those feelings. Of course. If Hope and Justin were involved, it would change everything. Carly now gets paged back to the hospital.
- Replay of the Kiriakis mansion, where Vic and Viv come upon Hope and Justin kissing. "Get the hell outta my house, both of you!" growls
the Greek tycoon. He tells off Justin for putting the moves on his son's wife. Hope speaks up and says it is actually her fault. She can explain. She claims she ran into Justin and when they heard the fireworks, one thing led to another. Justin adds it was impulsive and wrong. Victor gets sarcastic. Vivian is livid they invaded her space. Why her bedroom?
Hope replies they only ducked in there as they had thought they heard someone coming. "What a crock" quips Vic. Excuses excuses! He tells Justin to get out and find himself another base of operation. Exit Justin. Victor now states he wants a word with Hope. Vivian gives them their privacy. Vic asks Hope what is really going on. What prompted such behavior? "Carly," she laments. "I caught her with Bo." It was just like what he just saw with her and Justin. They were in each other's arms, kissing in her house. Victor is sorry. Hope whispers she really thinks her marriage is over. Vic sighs. He calls Carly Manning a troublemaking wh*re and then goes on to tell Hope that she has behaved abominably regardless. Hope admits she is ashamed. Vic however, is not going to let her off the hook this time. She understands as he has always been for
her and Bo. He orders her to take control of the situation. Hope gets upset he is angry and tells him to stay out of it. He refuses She states in that case, she and Ciara are moving out. He stops her and relents. He is
a realist about her and Bo getting back, if it is in the cards. He trashes Carly and wonders why his son is so blinded by her. Perhaps she will have better luck figuring it out. Exit Vic. "Maybe I will," Hope whispers knowingly.
- Downstairs, Justin is about to leave for the Salem Inn. Vivian tells him off for shocking poor Victor. Justin informs her "Bo has moved on, with Carly Manning." Madame demands clarification. Justin tells her Hope saw Bo and Carly kissing. "That duplicitous little tramp!" says Vivian. It enrages her that she is weaving her sticky web for another man, with  Lawrence having just been buried. Exit Justin. Vivian too takes her leave. She soon runs into Bo outside the pub and brings up the kiss from Carly, which has driven his wife into Justin's arms. Bo seems to think she is speaking in circles.  Madame realizes he is unaware and updates him on his wife and Justin, what she saw. "They were wrapped in each other's arms, kissing passionately!" Bo blanches.
- Nicole has a visitor at her cell. Tis Brady. He heard she is not eating or sleeping. She is still worried about Sydney. God has not done anything about it. He reminds her the hearing is tomorrow. Time to get herself together. She laments she has lost Sydney and EJ and has nothing left to live for.  Brady assures her she is a good person and he just knows she has a conscience. The lawyer he got for her will fight and he wants her
to fight too. Nicole forces a smile and recalls the first time he came back to town. If only she had acted on her instinct that he was the one true love of her life. He tells her it is not too late for her to have a life. He recalls how the moment he saw her, he wanted to take her away from
the DiMera mansion. He wishes he had. She cries that things are very different. Brady attempts to make her feel better by telling her she is a beautiful, tough chick. He encourages her to fight. Nicole continues to cry. She soon quiets down and agrees to do what she has to do and face the judge. She thanks him. Exit Brady, who will see her at the hearing. Nicole now asks to place a call to her lawyer. She wishes to change her plea and throw herself on the mercy of the court.
- Back at the hospital, Dr. Carly flashes back to a passionate New Year she once spent with Bo, when he called her princess. Carly blinks back
to reality and quietly wishes Bo a Happy New Year.
- Outside Salem Place, Justin gets a call from Hope. He is glad to hear she is staying at the mansion, as he is certain she will find Carly's secret there. Hope brings up what happened between them. She thinks it was wrong. He points out it worked to throw Viv and Victor off. However, once he is off the phone, Justin remembers kissing Hope, Along comes Carly, who asks where he is going. He explains Victor has kicked him out. Carly assumes it must have to do with Hope.
- Still outside, Madame Vivian insists she is telling Bo the whole truth.
His careless actions have driven his wife into Justin Kiriakis' bed. She knows that was not what he had expected, reminds him New Year is a time for new beginnings, and heads home. Bo now stands alone, his
eyes filled with pain. "Fancyface, what did you go and do ...!"

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