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- Wendy is playing a game with Tripp. He teases she might be letting him win and has seen her checking her phone. She was wondering about Johnny ... Allie misunderstands the hug again and demands Johnny and Chanel explain ... As they continue their pub breakfast, Sloan blames Paulina for making her pancakes get cold. She complains about Nicole’s confrontation and adds at least she now knows she should move on ... Nicole is smooching with EJ on the bed begging for more. He is happy to oblige until his conscience gets the better of him ... Li is surprised when Gabi calls about wanting to see him. He cannot wait, unaware all she really wants is to get Stefan deprogrammed ... Roman brings chowder for Tripp and the family. Steph and Steve are out making church arrangements. Tripp intros him to Wendy, who praises badass Kayla. Roman is grateful but suspiciously asks about Tripp's shiner ... Allie is convinced she almost walked in on Johnny and Chanel's nonexistent affair ... Eric believes Sloan will feel better after a bowl of Brady clam chowder ... EJ stammers, stops and stands up, suggesting Nicole is still smarting about Eric. She slurs she will rub it in his face and shoves EJ onto the bed ... Tripp sees Wendy to the door. She smiles he did not rat Johnny out to Roman. They hug and she heads off ...
- Johnny and Chanel assure Allie they were just wishing one another happiness. Allie reminds them what she already saw. Johnny likens her to mama Sami so she suggests he is just like papa EJ, who has no conscience ... EJ puts a heroic stop to Nicole's come on. He reminds her she said she was not ready. He does want her but not when she is drunk and not herself ... Gabi arrives at Li's place sorry to hear he lost his job. She fibs and flirts she came by because she now knows she belongs with Li ... Johnny vs Allie escalates. Chanel breaks it up and opens the door so Johnny can leave. Allie sarcastically states she will be sure to tell Wendy about Johnny hooking up with Chanel. There stands a stunned Wendy ...
- Eric laughs when Sloan admits she hates the clam chowder. Here comes Roman ... Nicole denies she drank more than the mimosa and a little champagne. EJ notes it hit her hard. She stands up and spins around, then runs to the bathroom to be sick ... Gabi makes eyes at Li and lies he was right about them belonging together. She wants to try again and gives him a kiss ... Embarrassed Nicole emerges with a groan. EJ was flattered by her attention but knew she was too drunk to know what she was doing. She wonders whether something was off with the champagne. Ej states he had some and seems fine ... Eric makes the uncomfortable introductions. Sloan is sorry about Roman's loss and hopes he will forget the fact that she dislikes all chowders. Roman will ... but he refuses to forget how she has attacked Paulina and her daughter. He and Abe are like family and that is Abe's family! Sloan talks justice and accuses Paulina and Chanel of robbing her of her parents. Her eyes reflect her heartbreak ... Johnny tries to explain Allie misunderstanding but mad Wendy does not believe him and bolts ... Allie and Chanel keep arguing. Chanel gets annoyed she went to Alex again ... Gabi puts back her wedding ring to prove she wants a reunion with Li, who wonders what comes next. She bats her lashes and uses the c word. Consummate. Li buys her act and attention. She assures him she wants them to commit. Li is in. First she asks him to shower since he was just at the gym. She will be waiting. He kisses her and takes off to shower. Gabi starts to snoop for something on Rolf's whereabouts ... Eric defends Sloan to Roman, but Roman accuses her of causing others pain. She steps away to take a call from a client. Eric wishes he would give the girl a chance. Roman believes he is really rebounding from Nicole again ...
- EJ brings reposing Nicole a tray of tea and toast. He hopes she will feel betta. She is grateful he was a gentleman and feels embarrassed about her behavior. But it was not all the alcohol talking. She is tired of missing Eric, who is not the man she once knew. She admits she would like to move forward ... with EJ in her life ... Johnny catches up with Wendy, who woefully sighs they never went on a date so ... She probes and he admits he almost kissed Chanel ... Allie and Chanel hurl accusations at one another about Johnny, about Alex. Chanel exclaims she was not the one who cheated in the past so why does Allie doubt her. Allie gets offended. Chanel apologizes. Allie sounds remorseful as well. Chanel suggests a time apart so they stop saying things they regret. Allie agrees so Chanel goes to pack for a stay with Paulina ... Johnny explains he was just upset about Marlena at the time and got caught up in the moment with his ex. But she is with Allie and he wants Wendy. He asks her on a date ... EJ wonders whether Nicole wants a relationship or a fling. She suggests they see as they go. He is in and kisses her hand. When she feels betta perhaps they can have a dinner date and take it from there. She loves the sound of that and blushes a bit ... Eric insists he and Nicole are over. Roman agrees with his son moving on but not with Sloan. Eric changes the subject to the funeral arrangements for Kate. Roman explains Kate wanted no fuss. Eric asks about arrangements for mama Marlena and Kayla. Roman suspects there is no more to do. Sloan comes back with a charming smile. Roman sarcastically goes to get her something unauthentic to eat ... Gabi searches for a burner phone and finds one! She calls the last number Li called many times and gets unseen unheard Rolf. The Gabi demands his help!
- Wendy would like to date Johnny but believes he belongs with his family now. He agrees, assumes Allie and Chanel will cool off too, and promises a date. Wendy agrees for the future and he gives her a hug ... Chanel suggests Allie take a few days from work, for she should be with the family at this trying time. Allie thanks her. Chanel says to text her for anything and unhappily leaves as Allie woefully watches ... Sloan likes the salad and Eric assumes she is satisfied. She flirts he could satisfy her at her place tonight and they smooch over the table ... Smitten EJ covers sleeping beauty Nicole and tenderly touches her hair ... Gabi threatens Rolf with the slammer and gets him to agree to come to Salem. She is about to make her great escape from the house of Li when nekid Li emerges and wonders where and why she is leaving ...


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The Salem Story on January 27, 2023