Days of Our Lives Summary December 22-26, 2008

Friday December 26, 2008 
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At the witness protection apartment, Sami hides her flyer from the convent under the sofa. Towel clad Rafe finds it when she heads
for the bathroom.
- At an undisclosed location, the assassin is pleased he has the necessary phone number for his GPS that will make Sami dead!
- Back at the apartment, post shower Sami is shown the church flyer with Sister Theresa's phone number by Rafe. He is incensed. All it takes is one phone number and a tracking device for the killer to find out where they are. Heck, he might even be on his way over now! Sami admits she had no time to call the sis. Rafe criticizes her reckless behavior. Sighing Sami says she took the flyer a while back from the church. She just wanted to reach out to the nun. Rafe, however,
wants the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Sami
admits the sis said she could help her with her pregnancy. Rafe
knows she is up to something. His boss calls and interrupts the convo. Meanwhile, the killer proceeds to track Rafe's location! Once he continues their convo, Rafe worries that Sami might give up her
baby. She asks if the convent would be a good place for her child.
Can he help her go talk to the sister? There is no way Rafe will allow it! He is visibly upset that she would consider giving up her child …
- The killer now has his gun drawn and mutters "Gotcha. Say goodbye Sami Brady!”"
- At the pub, Mel sidles up to Chelsea, who has had enough of her. She is miffed that Mel told Steph she and Max were an item. Mel claims she was trying to help. "Go to hell," says Chelsea. Mel tells her to go for it with Max. Chelsea does not wish to discuss anything with her, nor is she interested in Max. Mel thinks Chels is fooling herself and smugly exits. Max arrives for his shift. He notices that Chelsea is bugged about something. He laughs they know each so well, like an
old married couple. Chelsea gets uptight. They are only friends. Neither of them is ready for a relationship, as someone suggested
after saying they saw a spark between them. Max asks who. T'was Melanie. Max doesn't care, gossip is her trademark. The look at each other and agree not to let anyone get in the way of their friendship.
Mel later returns to the pub and Max advises her to stay out of his personal life. Melanie thinks Chelsea likes him and he is touchy. She points out the music cd he just made is for Chelsea! Make it official and ask her out! Max is baffled. Mel says she wants to see him happy but he is suspicious of her motives. Moments later, Max calls Chelsea and leaves a voice mail. He wants to run something by her ...
- At Kiriakis mansion, irate Brady informs Vic he should have been up front with him. It was uncool. Enter Phil, who agrees. He calls Vic a hypocrite for going behind his back. The Greek tycoon stands up and sarcastically reminds him he did not have to run his new hire by him. Phil believes Vic loves to humiliate him. Vic wonders why he just doesn't quit - again! Brady could handle his duties. "It's not gonna happen," Brady calmly states. The Phil/Brady tag team now gang up on him with their fragile egos. Victor tells them to take their outrage and self-righteous wrath and shove it. He then quotes his hero, the great Donald Trump, to clarify. "You're fired!" Phil and Brady get sarcastic about how yeah sure, anyone could be as great as them and boast about their ideas and accomplishments. Vic is pleased. They do indeed make a great team! He set them up as he wanted them to work together at Titan! He gives them time alone to consider. They do just that and conclude they could be a great team, In fact, they shake on it.
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole has a murderous daydream about offing Dr. Baker at the foggy pier, to keep him silent. Then it's back to reality. Nicole decides murder would be too anti-social. There must
be some way to muzzle the dubious doc and get a baby! Enter EJ. Dahling leaves for yet another doc appointment. EJ wonders if he should come with her. She says don’t be silly, kisses him, and leaves. Preoccupied EJ places a call. "I need to see you as soon as possible."
- In front of the pub, Marlena and EJ run into each other. She is there to see Roman, as is EJ. Elvis has a question about Nicole's moodiness. He feels there is something else. She is spending much time with Doc Baker and it does not seem normal. Is he overreacting? Marlena thinks Nicole is overly cautious, that's all, and her doctor is indulging her.
- At the clinic, Nicole waltzes in bearing cupcakes and an apology.
The doc is dismayed. "You threatened to kill me." Nicole smiles. "That's what the extra sprinkles are for.' Her excuse is that she was just in a bad mood and stressed. Can he forgive her and still pretend
to be her doctor? He shuts the door. If there is no money, it's over.
It's already been a couple of days. Does she have the cash or not?
Not yet. And if he brings her down, she brings him down. He suggests psychological help and exits. Nicole the deceiver then spies his cell phone and appears to consider. She later has a look at the  numbers
on it and discovers call girls! She calls one, who hangs up. The others have voice mail until she calls Jill, who uncertainly answers. Nicole says she is a friend of the doc and thinks they should have a chat
about their relationship, which she knows all about. She wants to
meet her in 20 minutes at pier 14 or else!
- Inside  the pub, Marlena and EJ sit at a table with Roman, who confesses they don't have a lead on the killer after all. Once Roman and Marlena are alone, Roman says EJ admitted he missed Sami. EJ, he feels, will always care for Sami.
- Back at the mansion, EJ hears Johnny has been taking very short naps and laments to maid Mary the boy misses his mother. He tells little Johnny he will soon have a sibling to play with and alludes that Nicole will be a part of their family. He then calls fatha on his cell.
He needs to talk to him about something ...
- Brady and Phil are now at Titan. Flirty Mel walks up to Brady and says she looks forward to working with him. Brady asks what she does. She tells him about the project and invites him into her office. They are about to enter her office as Phil walks into the hall ...
- Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Chelsea asks Victor to fire Melanie
cos she is a liar and a terrible person. Vic patiently replies she may be
a troublemaker but she controls the profitable alternative fuel project. If someone is an asset to Titan, they stay.
- At the pier for real now, Nicole is quite surprised to meet the mysterious Jill, who is not a call girl after all, but a wide-eyed, very pregnant teenager!

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While they are seated at a table together, Stephanie discusses with Chloe the possible train wreck that is gonna happen when she and
Phil get together
Brady tells Phil his animosity about Mel is personal. Phil exclaims
that of course it's personal!
Exasperated Rafe wonders where Sami even comes up with this
stuff. "From you!" she snaps.

Thursday December 25, 2008


The Johnson clan - Patch, Kayla et al - walk into the decorated pub. Kayla takes Joe off`for a changing. Patchman notes Steph isn't in the spirit. Max pipes up that he knows why - cos Phil's not there. And
why isn't he? Steph argues with Max about his jealousy. Chelsea says she cannot stand hearing them fight on Christmas. Max won't stop
and says Steph has moved on. Enter Mel. Steph points at her and retorts that is the reason she moved on, in the flesh! Mel thinks she should leave. Steph says she should stay and walks off to be with her family. Later, Mel and Max have enjoyed the turkey and stuffing and chat. Maxman heads for the kitchen to check on the pies. Mel walks over to the table where Chelsea and Steph are wrapping. Mel brings
up that Max has moved on, too, with Steph's best pal Chelsea! Steph then wants answers. Chelsea admits she and Max are close friends.. Steph sighs. She is relieved that is all, as she would have a problem with her and Max getting romantic.
- At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady enters the dining room and wishes sneery Phil a Merry Christmas. Seems the young Master Kiriakis feels Brady wants to climb the corporate ladder and is stepping on toes!
Meanwhile, Dr. Dan wheels Kate into the mansion. She wonders if he and Chloe have a problem. The doc denies it. He helps Kate up as Chloe and Lucas walk in. Dan and Chloe stare at each other. Chloe is uncomfortable. Lucas thinks it's great they will all celebrate Christmas together. Kate is grateful to be there. Dan escorts her to the dining room. Lucas wonders what is up with Chloe and Dan. Chloe pretends they just don't get along. He thinks she keeps giving Daniel the evil eye! Dan and Kate are now at the dining table with Phil and Brady. Kate senses the tension between the two lads. Phil does not approve
of the seating arrangement. Vic wants to pacify him after what he pulled with Brady. He gives his place at foot of the table to mama Kate. She asks them to get along for the day. Phil agrees and they shake on it. Enter Vic, who makes a comment about peace on earth
at last. As the seated party wine and dine, Vic asks how Dan hurt his hand. He fibs he slammed his car door on it. Lucas steps away to take a call. Vic makes a remark about Chloe being an unwelcome guest. Kate sticks up for her. She saved her life! Lucas then announces he must take off for a moment. He leaves apprehensive Chloe to the sharks and assures her she will be fine. Kate suggests Dan sit by
Chloe so he does. Kate calls them her two lifesavers. Phil exits after the family meal. Victor is elsewhere in the mansion with Kate and Brady now. Brady laments Phil and also his ex-wife Chloe don't want him around ... Meanwhile, Chloe and Dan discuss this weirdness between them. Dan thinks he should leave. Chloe wants him to stay, however! "This is no good, Chloe." She says she would like to work past the strangeness that has developed between them as she so admires him. She kisses his cheek. Dan looks into her eyes.
- At the hospital, Maggie, Julie, and Doug are having fun, though Julie understands it must be tough, given what happened with poor Nick. The gang are soon diverted by an unexpected arrival when Stefano walks by. Stefano is bemused as Julie tells him his charity is not welcome. He informs her he owns much of the hospital and the board sits at his pleasure. He wishes her a warm yuletide greeting anyway. Doug gets gangsta tough and tells him no one wants him there, "Capiche!" the jet setting silver crooner concludes.
- At DiMera mansion, EJ wakes up Nicole the deceiver with mistletoe. "Get away from me!" she cries. She is then sorry she overreacted and they are all smiles. EJ points out they have the house to themselves as fatha has gone out. He heads downstairs. She locks the door, takes
out her fake belly, and straps it on. She will make this happen and she will find a way to get a baby for her and EJ! Nicole sidles downstairs and brings up the money. She doesn't want it anymore, she just wants him and their baby. He will try to get past it. Soon Roman, Lucas, and Aly arrive at the mansion, much to EJ's surprise. Upstairs, Nicole leaves a nasty voice mail for Dr. Baker. Either he keeps his mouth
shut or she will kill him!
- At the witness protection apartment, Sami wakes up to hear Santa Rafe singing Deck the Halls incorrectly. He enters with Santa hat and
a cream beard, which she remarks is dripping. She would rather not think of Christmas. Rafe removes the hat and tries to make Sami Scrooge feel better, though she misses her kids. He wipes off the cream. She is entitled to her gloom, though he has great stuff in store. Rafe makes tamales for a nice Mexican style Christmas and then he has a fab present planned. Sami's eyes light up. She later chows down with Rafe and asks him about his mother, his childhood. He sidesteps. Time to open presents. He opens his first. Sami has wrapped up a special coin grandpa Shawn once gave her for good luck. Rafe will treasure it. Time for her prezzie. He flips open his computer. Sami is baffled. Tis a webcam and she can see her babies and Roman, who
set the whole thing up! EJ says the kids are playing with the laughing penguins. Sami cries her heart is with her children. EJ sits down and tells her they are having a good Christmas, but they all miss her. Back at the mansion, an irate Nicole watches EJ's charming message ...
- At the home of Salem's new police commissioner, Bo, Hope, Ciara, Abe, Lexie, and Theo sit comfortably in the living room by the festive Christmas tree.  Ciara gives Theo his present. He looks disinterested. Lexie helps him open it. He knocks over the toy truck. Things get better when Lexie receives Theo's gift, which he made for her.
Lexie is even more touched when her autistic son hugs her.
- Back at the hospital, Santa Doug and Julie entertain the kids as Stefano looks on. Enter Patch and Kayla, with Joe in tow. Patchman calls the phoenix a ba*tard. "There is gonna be a scene, man." If he doesn't head for the exit, Steve is gonna throw him out! Stefano
growls he is there to give a donation. Lexie arrives with Abe in time
to intervene. The phoenix wishes Theo a Merry Christmas. Lexie
begs him to leave. Abe glares. Stefano complies, after kissing Theo
on the head. Santa Doug proceeds to read the usual Christmas story. Enter Phil, who makes a donation to the hospital and goes to stand with a smiling Stephanie ...

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"Are you trying to get yourself killed!" Rafe asks Sami.
Max wants to know if Chelsea is okay ...
Down at the foggy pier, Nicole holds a gun on Dr. Baker. There
is too much at stake and only one way to keep her secret buried

Wednesday December 24, 2008


At DiMera mansion, Nicole the deceiver has a nightmare. EJ is standing by the bed and he knows the truth, that she is back to her
old tricks. He goes into DiMera mode and grabs her by the throat.
"I know what you've been doing." Elvis barks at her to get out!
Nicole wakes up sobbing, but relieved it was just a dream. Later, tuxedo-clad Stefano speaks with her in the grand living room and apologizes for being overbearing. He embraces her and wishes her a Merry DiMera Christmas. Enter EJ in time to witness the family moment and he is pleased. Stefano then brings up boy's names for
the baby. Stefano? EJ laughs. He would prefer Elvis. Enter suave Tony, who chuckles his invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. Stefano says he is his son and therefore has an open invitation. EJ welcomes him. Anna is in Switzerland visiting Carrie and Austin. Stefano is pleased to see Anthony and have his family around him ...
- Maggie admires snacking guest Chloe's new necklace as the Horton Christmas gathering gets underway. She notes Kate must feel she is
the right girl for Lucas.Doug and Julie waltz in and echo the sentiment. Lucas is pleased when they all welcome Chloe into the family. She excuses herself for a moment.
- At home, Dr. Dan, boozes it up while watching television and thinking of Chloe. He tells himself she is not available so he should forget about it. Chloe calls him and asks how his finger is. He fibs he
is fine and tells her not to worry about it. She replies she does and she can't stop. They wish each other a Merry Christmas. Chloe must hang up when Lucas wants her to return. He assumes she was calling her parents. She does not tell him she had called Dr. Dan!
- Back in the heart of the gathering, Lucas tells Chloe all he needs is her. Maggie and Julie allude to each other they never thought they would see those two together.
- Replay of Theo rushing away from Lexie at the pier. Bo has a vision of a little boy being wheeled by ER medical staff. He is not breathing. Lexie screams and tries to find him. "Theo!" he gasps. Bo rushes to
his door and encounters Abe. "Where is Theo?" With Lexie, Abe replies. Bo implores him to call Lexie at once.
- Down at the pier, Lexie asks passersby if they have seen Theo. No one can help. She summons the police. Abe calls her cell phone. She gasps that she is at the pier and Theo ran off again. Bo, Abe, Hope, and Chelsea arrive on scene. Lexie is hysterical. She thinks he went
off the pier, but has not seen anything due to the fog. Bo goes to
check out the area. Chelsea points out Charlie the toy dog. Bo will
call the harbor patrol. Lexie wails. Bo wanders off in the fog and soon sees Zack's apparition. He stares and follows him up the pier stairs. Zack is then downstairs again, holding Theo's hand. He smiles and they run of together. "Zack, no!" Bo exclaims and follows the pair through the mist. He catches up with Zack, who is standing by a
Santa Claus and hugs him, but it is really Theo. Bo calls Abe to tell
him the good news. "Thank God!" Lexie cries.
- At the pub, Marlena walks up to John and wishes him a Merry Christmas. She is smiling and feels festive. John smiles back. Brady approaches, surprised to see him happy. John informs him Blondie
has made him realize Christmas is about spending time with family, "even if you don't like them." Marlena says John owes Brady an apology. John states he was not referring to him. He was thinking of his Christmas present. They now venture to DiMera mansion, where he wants to show the DiMeras he has his own and he is fine. Stefano graciously offers eggnog and hors d'oeuvres. Tony is pleasantly surprised to see Marlena. Meanwhile, Nicole takes Brady aside."If
you don't help me, I need you to get your father to." She begs for the million dollars so she can pay her blackmailing doctor to keep pretending she is pregnant. EJ walks up and wonders why his beloved always looks upset when she is with Brady. Nicole explains she is just emotional. EJ apologizes. He must then head off for a few minutes to attend to some work, kisses Nicole, and departs. Nicole laments to Brady she will lose EJ without his help.
The phoenix offers John an expensive cigar. They head to the open door and enjoy the illegal cigars. Stefano hopes he does not have hostile intentions. John says he has enjoyed the cigar. But he is there for two reasons - to show he is not afraid of him, and secondly to
wish him a Merry Christmas. Meanwhile, Tony observes the pair and informs Marlena Stefano is up to something. He is concerned for EJ. "He thinks he can handle Stefano," Count Tony remarks. "God help him!" says Marlena.Tony praises Marlena for her patience with John. She feels she has no other option. Marlena then tells Brady she knows John is glad he is home, as she is. John announces he has to go now. Nicole asks John for his help for a moment and pulls him into the grand front hall. She needs money - a lot and she cannot tell him why. John cannot lend a hand and surmises she is in over her head with the
dangerous DiMeras. He will pay for her hotel and plane ticket, if she needs it. Nicole's face falls. John then departs with Blondie.
- Back at the Horton celebration, Bo, Hope, Chelsea, Abe, Lexie, and Theo have arrived. The gang hang ornaments for all family members on the tree. "This is what Christmas really is about," Marlena tells John, who soberly observes the ritual. Julie gives Chloe a special ornament from Alice. Lucas hangs his on the tree. Chloe is about to hang hers, but drops it and it shatters. She is sorry. Doug then makes
a toast, "To the Horton family and all its honorary members." He sits down at the piano and starts to play Silent Night, while songbird
Chloe sings ...
- At DiMera mansion, Brady points out to Nicole he can talk to Marlena to enlist her assistance. EJ comes downstairs and sees Brady to the door. He wonders if Nicole is alright. She gets annoyed. Tony then takes his leave, but not before warning EJ about fatha. The lights are off when EJ and Nicole return to the living room. The phoenix decides to retire for the night. He states he is very happy that next
year there will be a new arrival to the DiMera clan. Later on, crying Nicole is alone praying for help when a surprised EJ happens by ...
- As Silent Night continues at the Horton Christmas, Marlena cannot seem to find John, who has walked outside and calls his doctor on his cell phone.  He simply must remember his life, who he is ...!

Next on Days of Our Lives
Nicole assures EJ she would never push him away.
Rafe talks to Sami about a big present.
Melanie tells Stephanie "That's what Christmas is all about." Steph sarcastically retorts is that why Mel came,"to give us all the meaning
of Christmas?!"

Tuesday December 23, 2008


At the Titan Christmas party, Sasha notes Mel cannot take her eyes
off Phil and cattily says all they needed was an 18 year old consultant! Mel boasts she will be around for a long time due to the project and continues to observe her boss. Phil saunters over to Stephanie. He has a surprise for the woman in a red dress that will blow her away! More details to follow. They chat. He asks how she will spend Christmas. Steph says the Bradys will all get together, as is their usual custom. Phil has always admired the Brady clan gatherings. Steph is pleased as she would like him to join them this year. He would love to come to the traditional Brady Christmas. He whispers then there will be more mistletoe. They smile. Mel now calls Max, whom she wishes to meet
at the pub. Phil makes a sarcastic comment as she is about to leave. Teary-eyed Mel retorts it is hard to feel unwanted at Christmastime. Besides, she had thought they were going to be professional but now he made it personal. Phil looks remorseful when Mel walks away in tears. Steph talks Phil out of feeling bad.
Meanwhile, Brady has come by to see Victor. The Greek tycoon is hoping for an acceptance of his lucrative job offer. Brady talks turkey. He had to ask himself if he would be able to handle the pressure of being in Salem and dealing with the family and the answer is yes, but no suit! Vic is elated. Brady does not want to ruffle Phil's feathers so he will talk to him first. Vic, however, dismisses that notion for now. He wants to announce his new hire at the Titan Christmas party.
Brady and Vic soon arrive on scene. Phil gets a call.  Meanwhile, Brady is happy to see familiar face Stephanie. When Phil walks back, Vic pulls him aside and orders him to announce Brady's new appointment as Vice CEO. The prodigal son's face falls. He is livid about this surprise. Vic gets tough. If Phillip does not make the announcement, then he will not be the Vice CEO of Titan anymore, either!
- At Horton Cabin, Lucas recalls how beautiful Chloe looked last night. Chloe silently remembers Dr. Dan at the door, her teddy, etc. Lucas is going to see Kate at the hospital. Chloe suggests he go alone. She pretends she feels he should have some time alone with his mother. Lucas points out the necklace was Kate's way of inviting her into the family and insists she join him.
- At the hospital, Dr. Dan enters Kate's room. He has a Christmas prezzie for her and it can't wait. He whips out a pink file. Her last test said she is in good enough shape to go home for Christmas and maybe even for good! Kate is ecstatic and hugs Dan. "I don't know what I would do without you."
- At Horton cabin, Lucas gets a call on his cell from Kate. Later,
Chloe and Lucas join Kate and Dan in her room. He tells them the good news. Kate wants photos before her discharge. Dan takes a few pics of the three. Now Kate wants a photo of the two people who saved her life - together! Dan has to put his arm around Chloe for the photo. Lucas fumbles with the camera. "Would you just take the
damn picture!" the uncomfortable doc explodes. Lucas does. Kate looks at Dan with bewilderment as he hastily departs. Lucas thinks Dan is weird. Chloe thinks he just had work on his mind, though Kate feels it was something else. Chloe gets wide-eyed, cuts her off, and leaves. Lucas notes Chloe is acting weird, as well. Kate and Lucas conclude the pair don't like each other, but why? Now outside Kate's room, Chloe and Dan almost bump into each other and stare. Chloe
is sorry about his finger. Dan tells her his finger is on the mend and breathily says he should go, after wishing her a Marry Christmas. Chloe sighs.
- At the Brady home, Bo tries to wrap a gift but has another vision of
a child that is not breathing being wheeled through the hospital. He comes back to reality. Enter Hope. Is he alright? No. She realizes he must have had another one of those images. "I feel like I'm going
crazy here," Bo admits. Mysterious music is heard in the background
as Hope replies she thinks she knows why this is happening. Because of Zack. She too is having nightmares.  Hope shows him Zack's homemade Christmas ornament. Bo hangs it on the tree and they decide it is officially time for Zack to be part of their Christmas.They head for the kitchen when the turkey makes the smoke alarm go off. Enter Chelsea. She sees Zack's ornament and puts down her shopping bags. Enter Bo, who prevents her from leaving. Chelsea starts to cry about how they must hate her. "It's my fault! It's my fault that he's
not here!" Chelsea cries. Enter Hope. This year they want to celebrate Zack's life and they need her to be part of the celebration. Hope reminds Chelsea that she also saved Bo's life and it wouldn't be Christmas without her. Bo seconds the motion. Life is what matters right now. Chelsea considers, touches the ornament, and says she really did love him. Bo and Hope both wish her a Merry Christmas. Chelsea is glad to be home. Hope returns to the kitchen as Chelsea
and Bo wrap presents. Chelsea brings up Theo. Bo blinks. His mind
is clearly elsewhere.
- Meanwhile, at the pier, Lexie and Theo are watching the ships go by together. Lexie tells Theo she loves him. "I love you," the autistic boy replies.
- At Brady pub, Mel joins bartending brother Max, who is wearing a Santa hat. She tells him about Nick handing her his entire project and
Vic therefore giving her the title of consultant. Her voice shaky, she complains the people at the Titan Christmas were mean to her. Max wishes his little sister a Merry Christmas. She wishes they could go somewhere together so she wouldn't be alone for Christmas. She just hates being the ghost of Christmas sucks! He invites her to the Brady Christmas and she is thrilled! They exit the pub together, with Mel
now wearing his hat. She reminds him his ex, Steph will be at the Brady Christmas, and promises to be on her best behavior.
- At the Titan Christmas party, all is not well. Phil storms off. after telling Victor he should make his own darn announcement. Brady approaches the Greek tycoon, aware that he has just dropped the
news on Phil. Vic retorts that changes nothing, but Brady informs
him it changes everything! Mel gets back to the office, in time for the fireworks ...
- At the pier, Lexie turns to get her bag. Theo darts off and disappears into the crowd, much to his mother's horror.
- Back at the Brady home, Chelsea has joined Hope in the kitchen, leaving psychic Bo alone in the living room. He hangs Zack's red Christmas stocking and has a more detailed vision,which now includes Lexie screaming.  Bo suddenly realizes the child in danger is Theo!

Next on Days of Our Lives

Chloe is on the phone with Dan and tells him she can't stop.
Nicole nervously tells John she needs money. "A lot. And I can't tell you why ..."
On the waterfront, Lexie laments to a horrified Abe and Bo that she thinks Theo went off the pier!

Monday December 22, 2008


At Horton cabin, replay of Chloe in her red teddy opening the door to Dr. Dan. Both are stunned!
He enters and kisses her. She kisses
him back they end up in bed
. Dan blinks. Chloe asks what he's doing there. Spare key he stammers, he has to deliver ... Chloe thinks he should leave and slams the door on his finger. Ouch! Later, the doc
is in the cabin with a now dressed Chloe. She is sorry about slamming the door like that. She touches his hand to help bandage the injured finger. Their eyes lock. The air is filled with thick tension.Chloe wants to know why he is there. He explains about doing Kate a favor. Chloe gets irate and misunderstands. He is not her doc anymore so why was he checking up on her? She wants him to leave her alone. He exclaims he is trying to leave her alone and puts on his coat in a hurry. Enter Lucas. What is going on? Is Kate alright? Dan says she is doing well, and mumbles he came for another reason. He passes on Kate's gift
for Chloe. Chloe thanks him, her eyes troubled. Exit Dan. He pauses
outside by a tree and shakes his head. Inside, Lucas remarks Chloe would not even look at Dan and assumes she doesn't like him. He has noticed the tension. Chloe states Dan must be upset with her for not checking with him before she left the hospital, as he is a prima donna doctor. Lucas is dubious. Chloe opens the box. A beautiful necklace that is a family heirloom. She cannot accept it! She calls Kate, who insists she keep it and wear it on her wedding day. Chloe agrees. It would be an honor. Lucas embraces her though her troubled eyes betray her emotions. They kiss and she now smiles
- At Titan, Vic has summoned Brady. Why did he call him about Titan's future? Vic asks him to return to work for Titan. Brady is hesitant. Why would Vic want him as he is just out of rehab. Vic praises his recovery and experience. "Vice CEO, how des that sound? You won't be disappointed with the job or the salary." Is Brady on board? Brady is touched. But how will Phil feel? Vic says Phil knows what is good for the company. Brady will think about the offer. He departs ...
- At DiMera mansion, EJ walks up and sees Dr. Baker at the door. Is everything alright? Nicole lies that she asked the doc to come. EJ is perplexed. Cringing Nicole claims she wants EJ to hear about his privileges at other hospitals, etc. She invites the doc in. She wants to prove she is in good hands. Baker says he is there to speak with
Nicole in private and he does not feel the need to defend his practice. Nicole covers up that the doc just wanted to check her out. They go upstairs. Baker is not amused. "I am not in the mood for games, Miss Walker." Nicole begs. She needs time. The doc retorts the mansion is like a museum. She points out she does not even get an allowance.
The doc doesn't budge. Nicole laments that she lost her baby, she deserves to be a mother, and what about her feelings. The doc sighs. She will have to find someone else to play the charade with her. He starts to leave. He knows she is trying to string him along. She now says she will get him the money tomorrow and laments a bit more. "The game ends tomorrow," he concludes. "If you don't have the money tomorrow, you're on your own." EJ walks up and notes
Nicole looks upset. She says she is just emotional. The doc says she seems fine, they will know more tomorrow. Exit Dr. Baker. EJ is suspicious. Nicole covers up and they kiss. She asks EJ to go to the Brady pub and get her a burger. Exit EJ. Nicole picks up her cell
phone and makes a call. "I need your help," she gasps. "Now!" Brady soon arrives. Nicole needs a favor. A million dollars for the doc.
Brady laughs he does not have that kind of money and the answer is no and would be no regardless! Nicole complains she will have to find a way to dig herself out of this mess. Brady says she cannot go on
like this. Nicole orders him to get out when he suggests she tell EJ the truth. She then picks up an expensive vase and calls the doctor. How about taking a deposit? After all, as he pointed out, The DiMera mansion is like a museum so ... He accepts. "It better be something very valuable."
- At the hospital, Max and happy Chelsea visit Kate. They tell her about Max giving Theo Charlie. Chels says Max is a good guy. Kate feels better. Max leaves to get some ice, at her request. Once they are alone, Kate asks what is up with Chelsea and Max. She has noticed their lovely rapport. Chelsea claims they have been spending time together as friends only. Kate laughs. "Me thinks the lady doth protest too much." Chelsea insists they are only buddies. Kate just doesn't want to see her hurt again. Enter Max with the ice chips. Later in the hall, Max talks Chelsea into having coffee with him before going shopping. They have lattes together at the pub. Chelsea is making her Christmas list. Things get awkward so Chelsea wants to leave. Max wants to know what went wrong. Chelsea says she is never quite herself after she sees Kate at the hospital. Max understands. He wipes some coffee off her mouth. She smiles and teases him about his own Christmas list. They are happy to be friends. Chelsea's eyes sparkle.
Also at the pub, EJ awaits his takeout order. Enter Victor. He saunters over and gruffly advises EJ  to kick Nicole out of the mansion. EJ refuses to listen to anyone speak ill of his beloved. Vic warns him that Nicole is poison. EJ says they are in love. Vic warns him Nicole loves only herself and if EJ thinks she has changed, he is an even bigger fool than he thought! EJ points out Vic was years older than her. Vic says Nicole likes only one thing more than herself - money. EJ sarcastically thanks him. Vic warns him he will be left heartbroken and  bankrupt.
- Dan visits Kate at the hospital. He delivered Chloe the gift. And he will do all he can to see that Kate gets home for Christmas. Kate talks Lucas and Chloe. She no longer has doubts about Chloe. Dan grins uncomfortably. Kate adds she now feels Chloe and Lucas will make it as a couple. Dan quietly considers. Kate notices his finger. So much for surgery. Dan says he will never let it happen again. Meanwhile, Chloe is in bed with passionate Lucas, dreaming of Dr. Dan!

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