Days of Our Lives Summary December 15-19, 2008

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At Titan, Stephanie is secretly listening at the door as Phil tells Victor
he quits. Mel approaches. Steph flies at her for turning her back on
him after he helped her. "Tis the season, b*tch!" Mel quips. Steph
tries to make her leave, Mel won't budge and warns she will get Phil out of Steph's life just like she did with Max. Meanwhile, Phil yells
and Victor blasts him for letting a woman get under his skin and cloud his biz judgment. Phil is annoyed that Vic feels Melanie gets under his skin and storms off. He approaches Steph and they depart together. Vic approaches Mel. He would like to speak with her. He would like
to option the fuel project. Mel says that would be fine, as long as Phil is in charge!
- Phil and Steph arrive outside the pub and disagree on his decision. She feels he made a mistake in quitting. He should try and get his job back. Phil admits he may have quit in haste, but doubts the Greek tycoon will let him have it back without punishing him. Eventually Phil does call Vic to apologize and ask for his job back. Vic agrees to have him back and also place more trust in his abilities. Phil, goes back to Steph in the pub and informs her he just got his job back. They kiss under mistletoe. Mel is now outside the pub and unhappily watches
the scene thru the window, consoling herself that Stephanie will soon be the ghost of Christmas past!
Alone, Vic make an important call that concerns the future of Titan.
- At the hospital, Dan finds out that Lucas has taken Chloe home. He remembers their chemistry ...  Then it is back to reality. The doc pays patient Kate a visit. She looks at him meaningfully. She is looking forward to spending the holidays with her family - and him. She then hands him a box with an exquisite necklace and asks him to deliver it
to Chloe at the cabin. It was given her by Bill Horton one Christmas eve. She says Lucas is taking Chloe to Chicago so no one will be home. He can leave it under the tree. Dan accepts the task.
- At Horton cabin, Lucas has gotten out of the shower with a towel
on. He must leave for a business meeting, but Maggie will be there soon to help with Aly.  When Lucas hugs her, Chloe thinks of Dan
and gives Lucas the brush off, pretending he should hurry to his meeting. Exit Lucas in his suit. Enter cheerful Maggie. She thinks the cabin is a good place to spend time with the one you love.Does Lucas make Chloe happy, she asks? She does not want him to get hurt.
Chloe assures her that Lucas is the right guy for her. Maggie happily leaves with Aly. Later on, Lucas calls Chloe as his car has broken down at the pier. The tow truck could take up to an hour to get there. He loves her. She loves him too. When they hang up, she decides to wrap herself in an early Christmas present. Meanwhile, Dr. Dan finds the key to open the door. When he starts to unlock it, Chloe assumes he is Lucas and throws it open, clad in a red teddy. "I hope you're ready to unwrap your ..."  Oh la la!
- Replay of EJ and his rose at DiMera mansion. He smiles coyly and hands it to Nicole. He is there to be with her all night long. After they kiss, Nicole panics and pulls back. They can't! The British DiMera is baffled by her behaviour.Nicole states that he may look like a chiseled god but she is not about to share her bed with a man who would not even trust her to look after her baby's funds. She is more than just
a baby mama. EJ is put off and walks away. Nicole gets upset and starts to cry. Later Dr. Baker calls her cell. She does not pick up. EJ sulks in  the living room and wonders what the devil is going on with her. Nicole saunters up and pretends the pregnancy is making her irrational. EJ says he has never felt the way he does about her and
their unborn child. When he touches her stomach, he remarks it feels different. Much to her relief, he later explains. It feels bigger! They
kiss and get close.
- Replay of Sami dropping to the bathroom floor. Rafe rushes in. He gets her to the sofa and consults with the doctor on the phone when Sami gets worried something is wrong with the baby. The baby kicks. The doc does not seem to be worried but Rafe feels terrible. He tells Sami he has to resign. Sami implores him to stay. No, Rafe will call
his friend. Sami really wants him to stay. He once again agrees. Sami stands up and appears ready to faint. Rafe escorts her back to the
sofa. She soon feels better sitting with some tea and brings up EJ and whether keeping their baby a secret is fair. She will not change her mind, but admits she is a bit sad about it.
- Back at DiMera mansion, EJ would like to get physical with Nicole. She says the doc told her she needs more rest and keeps him at bay. EJ leaves to get them ice cream. Ding dong. EJ calls out from the
other room and asks dahling who is at the door. Nicole opens the door. "Oh my God, it's you!" Tis Dr. Baker  Does she have the money?  Nicole nervously replies she will be able to let him know tomorrow. But he wants his answer now!

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From her hospital bed, Kate asks a blushing Chelsea what is up with her and Max.
Sounding like Sami, Nicole insists she deserves to be a mother.
Dr. Baker coldly replies "You'll have to find someone else to play
this charade with you."
At Horton cabin, now dressed Chloe tells Dan to leave her alone.
"I am trying to leave you alone!" he exclaims. Enter Lucas.
"What's going on in here ...?"

Thursday December 18, 2008


At Titan, Phil the boss clarifies for Mel. "You're fired!"  Miss Mel
gets her stuff. She then places a call to Victor Kiriakis and pretends to be his granddaughter with no message once she learns he is not there. Exit Mel. Meanwhile, Steph and Phil are alone at the office talking
shop. The lights turn off as it is past 8 p.m. They start to make out ...
- Mel is now at the pub. She tells Caroline she is sorry that she was wrongly arrested for the Trent cemetery fiasco. Caroline has forgiven her. Enter Victor for soup. Mel introduces herself and tells him how she was set to make Titan millions, but then Phil fired her! The Greek tycoon is all ears.
- Back at Titan, the lights come on and Phil finds himself facing a frowning Victor, who wishes to speak with him privately. Exit Steph. Phil says he will later meet her at the pub. Vic gets straight to the
point. Why would his son turn down that project that was worth millions? Because Mel is a b*tch. Vic is not impressed and barks that Phil is not supposed to make business personal. Hiring and then firing someone so fast makes the company look bad. Phil complains the Greek tycoon has been overriding his decisions. Vic snarls that most
of those decisions have been idiotic!  Phil gets hot under the collar about Vic insulting him and quits!
- At the pub, Stephanie has ordered soup. Smug Mel fills her in on
how she told head honcho Vic she was fired. Mad Steph doesn't think that will make a difference. Mel counters than biz is all about money.
- At the hospital, John is just ending his appointment with friendly Doc Charlotte Taylor and makes the next one for the day after Christmas. John pleasantly mentions the holidays. Charlotte is cagey and returns
to her office. Marlena sees him in the reception area she and Charlotte share and looks concerned. Is John alright?  He solemnly retorts he is in need of Blondie's help. Turns out Miss Charlotte has all sorts of questions for John but refuses to answer any about herself. Marlena doesn't seem to take the pawn's suspicion seriously. She asks John if he would like to spend Christmas with her. He will need to check with his doc first. Exit John. Marlena later converses with Charlotte, who thinks fate brought her and Marlena together.John later comes back to talk with Doc Taylor, who thinks him spending the holidays with Marlena is a great idea as her goal is to make them reconcile!
- At the witness protection apartment, Sami is wrapping the penguin present. Rafe, who is in better shape, makes an announcement and
this time he is serious. As his identity has been compromised, it is time for Sami to be assigned a new guard. Sami gets upset. Having people leave her, she complains, is her life story. She lists all the guys who have dropped her, including EJ. Rafe notes it always comes back to
EJ for her. Sami promises she will keep out of trouble.Rafe considers. He is then surprised to find a prezzie for himself under the tree. He
will stay after all! They chat. Sami goes to get ready for bed. Later
on, Rafe is talking to his boss on the phone, explaining he will stay at the safehouse for Christmas. Sami overhears. Rafe is horrified when
he then hears Sami fall to the floor !
- At the clinic, replay of EJ demanding to know what the hell Nicole
is doing there. Baker says they have not decided whether he will be
her doctor. EJ pulls Nicole to the side for a word and he is not pleased that she is no longer seeing Dr. Dan. Why is she at this pathetic little clinic? Nicole thinks he is being mean but that is typical of a DiMera. She claims that Kayla at that Brady-run hospital warned her EJ would harm her baby. She pretends to be scared and points out Doc Baker saved their unborn baby, plus he also has privileges at other hospitals. EJ relents. They kiss. Nicole complains she has no engagement ring.
EJ boasts he has set up a million dollar trust fund for their unborn child. Nicole is elated. EJ reminds her that the baby's trust fund is not for her. Nicole gets annoyed. Doc Baker returns. EJ informs him Nicole would like him to continue to be her doctor. Nicole says she
will schedule an appointment. Soon, the greedy doc hopes!
Back at DiMera mansion, bathrobe-clad EJ soon shows up at Nicole's bedroom door with a rose and an announcement. No more separate bedrooms from now on ...!

Next on Days of Our Lives
Chloe opens the cabin door, clad in a red teddy. "I hope you're ready to unwrap your ..." She now comes face to face with Dr. Dan!
Steph chides Mel for turning her back on Phil. Mel retorts "Tis the season, b*tch!"
Nervous Nicole, clad in her bathrobe, informs EJ she will not share
her bed or life with him "until this issue is resolved."

Wednesday December 17, 2008


At the pub, smiling Mel informs Phil that Nick just fixed and signed over his project to her. She is excited, while Phillip has major doubts. Stephanie is catty. Mel explains. "It's a done deal." She informs Phil that if he wants the project to stay at Titan, she will need a brand
new position with corner offices, parking, assistants, and more. How about dropping the intern program, she taunts Steph. Phil scowls he and he alone calls the shots at Titan and "as of now, you are out on your ass!"  Mel retorts she will take her goldmine project with her. They all stand up. Phil is convinced she has manipulated Nick and
exits to speak with the felon genius for himself. "When I see him, I
am going to expose you for the liar that you are," he grumbles. Mel then flashes a smile at Steph, who glares daggers at her.
- At home, Bo gets off the phone with Hope, only to have another psychic episode. When he glances at Theo's Christmas present under the tree, he hears a blood curdling scream! The commissioner rushes upstairs, thinking it is Ciara. Abe later arrives to talk work, as per
Bo's request, and senses something is not right. "It sounds kinda out there," Bo admits. He tells him of the screaming child he keeps hearing. It was not Ciara. "This kind sounded like their life was in danger." Mysterious music is heard in the background. Abe inquires
if he has ever heard such a scream before. Yes, last night. Bo says
Abe is also the first person he is telling about it. He wonders if he is losing his mind. Abe thinks that bump on the head may be more than
a concussion after all. Perhaps he should return to the hospital ...
- At the pier, Chelsea is walking with Theo when she sees Max. She notices he has Trent's box. She is surprised to see Maxman.She and Theo are on their way to Salem Place to watch the tree lighting.
It appears Max does not wish to have that Trent present near him.
Chelsea advises him to do whatever gives him piece of mind. Max
tells Theo how he used to love tree lightings and seeing Santa. He
gives the lad a candy cane. Chelsea is impressed. He is great with
kids. Max thinks she is too and one day, she will be a great mom.
He says he is sorry, he forgot. Chelsea is upbeat. She can still adopt. "You can follow in the footsteps of Brad and Angie," Max says. She was thinking more like Caroline and Shawn. They chat some more. Theo gets excited to see Charlie the toy dog so Max decides to let
him keep Charlie ...
- At lavish DiMera mansion, Stefano is on his fancy phone, talking
to the European specialist he still apparently wants Nicole to see.
Enter EJ, who cuts the call short. Stefano explodes and throws the phone across the room. He calls EJ a fool and reminds him he owns the mansion! EJ reminds him he promised to respect his and Nicole's wishes. He says Stefano is acting like an ass. EJ gets tough. If fatha wants to have any part of their child's life, then he must respect their wishes. Stefano is impressed with his assertiveness and adds he trusts him to be the father of his future heir. "It makes me feel as if my legacy continues," his phoenixness chuckles. He will try to stay out of his personal affairs. EJ is moved and embraces his Mafioso father.
- At the hospital, Dr. Dan spies Nicole, who had hoped to visit Chloe. Dan notes she has missed her last prenatal checkups. He has some time now, so how about if he checks her out? No, says she. He notes she is nervous. Why?  She claims she has a new doctor, who already saved her baby's life. Dan would like to know whom so that he can pass her medical records on. Nicole insists Dan give her the records
so she can pass them on herself. Dan walks off to get said records.
Nicole soon meets with a surprised Dr, Baker at the clinic. She hands him her records. "You're going to pretend to be my obstetrician."
The deep voiced doc smiles sarcastically. "The hell I am." He refuses to make his situation worse, and brings up the financial arrangement she never finalized. He complains she wants him to further lie and
now to other doctors as well. She says she will make it sweeter. He
has changed his mind and wants no part of it. Nicole points out he already lied to EJ and if he finds out the truth now, he will lose his license and there will be hell to pay from Stefano! The doc ponders.
He could be convinced to lie for her again, under one condition. He wants 750,000 bucks in unmarked bills. Nicole thinks he is being unreasonable. Baker stands firm. "The DiMeras have that kind of money." Nicole gets nervous. "I can't." The doc shrugs his shoulders. "Then there's not a hell of a lot I can do for you."
Meanwhile, EJ runs into Dr. Dan at the hospital and is stunned to
hear she has changed doctors. He calls the clinic and finds out she is there.
- At the police station, Phillip meets with Nick, "If Melanie has any kind of power, we're all in trouble." Phil warns. Nick won't listen.
The project will benefit many and he owed Melanie. Phil points out Mel has used Nick and will continue to do so.
- Back at Titan, Mel goes over what she wants Steph to do. Steph replies that as soon as Phil gets the truth from Nick, she will be out. Mel taunts her for going after Phil the boss. She further insults her,
that she dresses like she should work for Hooters! Phil will not be interested. "You're insane with jealousy!" Steph states, adding that
Phil couldn't give a damn about her. Mel blurts out that he was in
her bedroom a few weeks ago. "Phillip was there to comfort me." Steph snaps she is lying. Mel retorts it was such a special time, she would never lie about it, and flounces off. Steph appears to consider. When Phil returns, he admits Nick would not change his mind. Steph wants to know if he slept with Melanie. No, he did not. He shakes his head in disbelief. Steph says she is insecure. Phil will fix it. He gets close to kissing her and is again interrupted by Melanie. "Office relationships, big-time no no." And if this is going to continue to be a conflict of interest, maybe Stephanie should be her intern! Steph
retorts she would rather quit! Mel tries to give Steph orders. Phil gets mad. Mel calls her the office slut. Steph chews her out for lying about sleeping with the boss. Phil seethes and informs Mel he does not want either her or her project!
- Bo heads for the hospital and has a consultation with Dr. Dan, who thinks stress might be the problem. He should relax, work less. Exit
the doc. Bo starts to put on his coat and now has a full fledged vision of a child being wheeled through the hospital and the child is not breathing ...
- At the clinic, Dr, Baker and Nicole take their meeting into the hall, only to run into EJ, who demands to know what the hell Nicole is doing there!

Next on Days of Our Lives
Rafe solemnly tells Sami that his identity has been compromised
so she needs a new guard!
At the hospital, Marlena asks John if everything is alright "I need
your help, Blondie," he quietly replies.
Nicole tells an intense EJ,  "You're clearly a DiMera ..."

Tuesday December 16, 2008


At the witness protection apartment, Sami watches Rafe sleeping.
The shirtless, hung over FBI agent slowly wakes up. Rafe wants to
call his supervisor to check if it is safe for them to remain there, but Sami is against leaving and grabs the phone from him. Once he gets it back, he places the call, only to be informed that he should not move
at present. He then advises Sami not to tell anyone about his injury. She has a look at his wound, which seems ok. She teases him about being drunk the previous night. He asks what he said, as he does not remember.  To stay away from EJ. Rafe is sorry for those words. Sami thinks it just shows he cares. And she is now sorry about the laughing penguin fiasco. Rafe staggers out of bed to take a shower, Sami helps him. Once he gets out of the shower, clad in a towel, he soberly thanks her ...
-  Melanie has arrived to see Nick, who is still being held by the authorities. The unshaven, monotone genius turned killer stares and says he has wanted to give her something. Can she forgive him?  Mel says she can. He remarks she ignored all his letters. She states that
was Maggie's doing as she wanted her to break off all communication. Nick thinks she is taking things rather lightly and feels she might be playing mind games. Mel gets a tad uncomfortable and decides to leave. He stops her and says he would like to give her all his profits from his project so he can take care of her the way he wanted to "before it all became such a mess." He has worked out all the kinks.
If Titan does not exercise the option for the project, someone else
will. She wonders if Mickey might be a problem. Mickey won't be a problem as Nick has changed his lawyer, too. "It's a done deal," he concludes. Mel isn't sure about this. But Nick insists, his voice still monotone. "You deserve this." Mel later reads over the papers and wonders if Nick has been deemed mentally competent for them to
hold up. The answer is yes.
- Max is doing his duty at the Cheatin Heart, when Stephanie waltzes in for a chat. Max is not exactly friendly or interested. Big Steph wonders why he is snarky. Max brings up her near kiss in the Titan vault with Phil the boss. Steph is mad mad mad that Melanie told him. They yell at each other some more. Stephanie blames Mel for also ruining their relationship. Max doesn't buy that. Enter Chelsea, who observes the show. Exit mad Steph. Max fills Chelsea in on her almost close encounter with Phil in the vault. Chelsea thinks Max still loves Steph. Max denies it and adds he will never fall in love again! "You
will find love again," Chelsea assures him. Max smiles.
- At the pub, Phil runs into Lucas. They talk Kate, and Phil offers his congratulations on his engagement, He makes a comment about how when he was dating Chloe, Kate downplayed her accomplishments.  Lucas thinks Phil is just reminding him he used to date her. The two brothers tease each other a bit. Phil then points out he has someone else in mind these days - a new relationship, though he refuses to divulge her name. And Lucas is getting married again! Lucas boasts Chloe is perfect for him.
- At the hospital, Dr. Dan enters Chloe's room to do a follow-up. The wide-eyed diva asks for another doctor. Dan gets close and tells her not to freak out.  As he checks her, he diverts his eyes from hers. Chloe is sorry she was rude. Before leaving, Dan glances at her. She
is glad they can all be friends. "Can we," the intense doctor replies.
He thinks she has created an imaginary drama between them. Enter Phil. Exit Dr.Dan. Phil perceives they had been arguing. About what? Chloe claims she needs her space, that's all. Phil calls Chloe a hero
for all she has done. Meanwhile, Lucas sees Dan in the hall and starts to chat with the doc, who explains he is tired and walks away. Lucas now returns to Chloe and gives her a surprise. It is the now resized engagement ring. They will have a perfect future, he says. Elsewhere in the hospital, Dr. Dan is trying to get some shuteye and dreams of getting ever so passionate with Chloe! He wakes up in a sweat ...
- Stephanie and Phil see each other at the pub. Phil teases her for leaving him hanging. Steph admits she had reservations about moving on without telling Max, but Mel beat her to it. Besides, she is sure whatever she and Max had is all over and done with. Phil leans over
to give her a kiss. Enter spitfire Melanie, who takes a seat at their
table and announces they all need to talk. Steph wants her to get lost. No such luck! Mel states that things are about to change for her at Titan ...! 

Next on Days of Our Lives
At the Titan reception desk, Steph cattily tells Mel that Phil cares
about her as a person "and he couldn't give a damn about you!" 
Mel smiles slyly and quips "You wouldn't be saying that if you saw
us a couple of weeks ago in my bedroom."
- Holding Theo's hand, Chelsea walks down the steps of the foggy pier, where Max stands alone, deep in thought. "Max are you okay?" Chelsea calls out ...
- At the hospital, Dr. Dan tells Nicole he has some time so why
doesn't he check her out right now. Nicole nervously forces a
slight nod.

Monday December 15, 2008


Replay of Bo falling from the broken ladder after trying to place the star on the Christmas tree. "Bo, answer me! Bo, wake up!" Hope gasps.
- Brady once more tells off a smoking and drinking creepy Kelly at
the Cheatin Heart. Kelly appeals to Nicole and complains Brady is unfairly hounding her. Brady states she is a fraud. Nicole retorts
Brady is a fraud and tells him off. Brady asks Kelly to give him that
pic of the baby's father again and points out the guy is actually a counselor whose picture was in a rehab journal. Kelly says that is a
lie. Brady says he will look into it by calling all the rehab clinics.
Kelly realizes the gig is up, rips off her phony baby belly, and takes off. Nicole is shocked she was had! Brady is sorry. Lately she is just running on emotion, but she used to be sharp. EJ is a DiMera. She needs to tell him the truth before someone else does "or God knows what the consequences are gonna be."
- At DiMera mansion, EJ blasts Lexie for choosing Abe's career
over her conscience. At least he never asks Stefano to put a hit on
his enemies! Lexie says it is not for sure that Stefano was involved in the mayor's death just because she complained about him. "What did you think he was going to do Lexie, send him on a cruise?" he says sarcastically. Indignant Lexie points out EJ has the audacity to blast
her for getting too involved with their father. Well, what about him living under Stefano's roof with his toddler and a woman who is carrying his baby! Junior pours himself a drink and replies that by being there, he is protecting his family. EJ accuses her again of knowing on some level that her complaining would lead Stefano to
off the mayor. Enter Abe and Theo. Abe wishes to know what is
going on. Lexie says they were just talking. EJ looks at Theo and
asks what he would like for Christmas from Santa. No answer. Abe and Theo make for the kitchen and ice cream. A kinder, gentler EJ continues talking to Lexie. He is sorry he was hard on her. Lexie becomes teary-eyed. They discuss Theo. EJ is sympathetic. "I was a hypocrite earlier." He  admits he might have been displacing his guilt over living at the mansion onto her. They both agree they walk a thin tightrope with Stefano. EJ praises her for being a devoted mother.
- Abe and Lexie are later at the pub with Theo. Lexie brings Abe up
to date on her intense discussion with EJ. Moments later, they are pleasantly surprised when Theo excitedly points at a lady carrying a Christmas present and exclaims he would like one, too!
- As pacing Sami wonders where Rafe is and asks Hilda to tell her
about his personal life, our bleeding hero struggles on the pier with a killer! The assassin gets him on the ground and demands to know where Sami is. Super Rafe throws a back kick and the bad guy staggers back. Then our hero is on his feet again, clutching his stab wound. The assassin knees him before running off as sirens are heard approaching. Rafe drops again.
- At the hospital, Kayla examines Bo and says it seems to be a case
of the Christmas stupidities, a time when husbands bite off more than they can chew. Bo is not concerned. Hope and Kayla get preachy on the new overworked commissioner. He has a mild concussion but should be okay. As the gals discuss him outside the room, Bo starts to get dressed. All of a sudden he has a vision of the fallen star. Back at home, Hope wonders where the star is. "Behind the tree on ma's present." Hope is surprised that Bo knows exactly where the star now is without even looking, as he could not have seen it after he fell. Bo
is nonchalant. Hope has left a secret present under the tree for Theo and walks into the other room. Bo is now stunned to hear Theo scream, though he is not even there!
- Back at the witness protection apartment, Sami asks Hilda if Rafe is married. Enter Rafe with the laughing penguin. He tells Hilda she can leave. She does. Rafe is having difficulty moving and flinches. Sami opens his jacket and is horrified. "Oh my God, you're bleeding!" She will call an ambulance. Rafe says no way, that could be dangerous as the killer knew who he was. Someone at the Feds must have tipped him off. Sami must then stitch him up with the sewing kit after Jack Daniels is poured on the open wound to clean it. Rafe continues to drink from the bottle. Nervous Sami admits she has never sewn a day in her life but manages to get through it. Once they are done, drunken Rafe refuses to talk about himself. He slurs she is a fool for loving that EJ guy, who doesn't love her and is moving on with his life, so why doesn't she do the same ...!
- Later on at the mansion, EJ encounters Nicole, who is shaking. She wonders if he really loves her. He assures her he does. Nicole pulls away when he tries to touch her pregnant stomach and covers up by saying they should not get physical. EJ falls for it and walks off to make a business call. Meanwhile, Nicole calls Brady and says she
will get a baby who needs a home, with or without his help, and she
is more determined than ever!

Next on Days of Our Lives

As Chloe nervously looks at him from her hospital bed, Dr. Dan reminds her she is engaged to be married. "I do not need you to
freak out right now."
At the bar, Chelsea tells Max she knows he still loves Stephanie.
Max explodes he does not and he is never going to love anyone again!
Melanie joins Phil and Steph at their table in the pub and announces "Things between us are about to change." Steph looks concerned, while Phil appears both dubious and intrigued.

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