Days of Our Lives Sumary December 23, 2009
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009 
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- Brady visits Nicole at her cell. No news on Syd. Nicole admits that by lying Sydney was hers, she felt like she was her baby. Could Brady get her a picture of her? He thinks not, as it would be best to keep emotions low. Nicole laments she is going crazy not knowing where Syd is. She thinks something new has come up and Brady is lying by not sharing.
He updates her on the false lead. Kate had the boots of the abductress but returned them. Nicole senses there is more. Brady tells her of the planned Christmas eve candlelight vigil, which will have media coverage. Nicole realizes EJ must be desperate and wishes she could be there with him. "I still love Sydney and I still love EJ." She just wishes she could
get out and help. Along comes a public defender, who says that might be possible. Brady turns around, baffled. The public defender introduces herself. Nicole wants Brady to stay. The defender asks a few questions and talks stolen earrings. She thinks she is talking to Rebecca, a first time shoplifter. Nicole says who she is and the defender laughs she will be locked up for a couple of decades! Brady tells her off. She asks who he is. He retorts he is the dude who is gonna get her fired and get Nicole a REAL lawyer! He summons the guard. Nicole nervously remind him she cannot afford a lawyer. Money, however, is no object, cos Brady will cover the costs. She feels badly for having used him so much already,
but he stands firm that he wants to help her. He squeezes her hand reassuringly as Nicole sadly says it is Sydney's first Christmas and they do not even know if she is alright.
- Chez Anna, she looks at Syd's photo in her digital camera. Replay of her answering the phone. Tis Roman. He calls her every year. She notes he sounds down. He brings up Sami, then the fact that Anna has not had a great year herself. He invites her to the Horton Christmas, hosted by
Bo and Hope this year. She would love to accept, but cannot. Not this year. He offers to come over and take her out to dinner.He does not like the idea of her being alone at Christmas. She replies she is not. Roman asks who she is with. Tony, says she. Anna picks up his picture and ominously says Tony is there with her in spirit and he will guide her.
- Mel gets off the phone with British resident Max, as Phil enters. Max was trying to talk her into attending Caroline's Christmas, but Melanie is ready to celebrate her unChristmas with Phil, who now smoothly asks if she is having second thoughts. She smiles she wants to be where he is. He points out traditional Christmases can be nice. He drawls about the tropical isle they are going to. Mel will meet him at Java Cafe, then they are off to the airport. Phil gets an unexpected call.
- At the Java Cafe, Nathan and Steph are laden with bags, taking a break from Christmas shopping. Ciara will love that helicopter! Nath will pick Steph up Christmas eve for midnight mass. He babbles about them being friends and they agree there is no harm in them calling it a date. Steph goes to get them coffee and drops her bag under mistletoe. They decide they can kiss as friends. Nath gives her a tender kiss on the cheek as
Mel enters, staring at the scene. Mel appears teary-eyed and insists to Steph that she is not in the least bit bothered. She boasts of the tropical paradise Phil is taking her to. Steph thinks traditional Christmases are wonderful, too. Mel looks glum.
- Kinsey and T meet up with Mia and Will at the pub. Mia asks about Chad. She was worried as he was upset. Chad approaches with corsage for his date - Gaby. Mia gives him a look. T later talks to Will and he is not impressed that Mia seemed to want to go to the dance with both guys. Meanwhile, Mia gets updated by Chadman on how his new date happened. Mia is glad she did not ruin his night. He states he would still have rather gone with her. He claims he only wanted a date so he would have a chance to have a dance with Mia ...
- Upstairs, Ari says if Gaby does not like the dress, they can always get back to wrapping tamales. Does she really want her to go downstairs
and tell Chad she is not going? Ari lists chores Gaby will have to do if
she stays. Or she can give her sis a little time to fix the dress. She later comes down in the altered black and red dress and Chad is mesmerized! Ari is introduced to Chad and advises him her that Gaby's big bro is ex-agent Hernandez. Ex for excessive force! She winks. Kinsey takes pics
of the cute couple. Then they are off. Will would like a word with the now quiet Mia. He thinks she lied to him about Chad. Mia understands why he feels that way. Will says he still wants to go with her, but first should call his mother to ask about Sydney. It will just take a minute.
Mia quips she will see him at the dance and walks out. Will looks confused.
- Outside, Chad gallantly puts his scarf around Gaby. She confesses she does not know how to dance. He will teach her! She puts her hand in
his. They start to slow dance. Along comes Mia, who stops in her tracks when she sees them together ...
- Outside the pub, Phil encounters Justin, who has football tickets. Phil drawls he is on his way to the airport so he cannot go, though he sees something is wrong with Justin. Why did he really call him? Justin sighs Adrianne does not want him home for Christmas. He insists he will be fine. With Victor and Vivian, Phil jokes. Justin wishes him a good trip with Mel. Phil realizes Justin's divorce is going through. Justin forces a smile, repeats he will be fine, and departs.
- Brady saunters into the pub, still on the phone arguing with a lawyer. He gets off, only to be approached by smiling Ari, who talks tamales.
He admits there is something he must tell her. She goes first. She spent time with Gaby and is sure this will be a great Christmas! Brady has a seat with her and decides not o tell her about Nicole after all.
- Phil takes a blindfolded Mel into an inn. When he removes the blindfold, she remarks it is decorated like Santa's workshop. He hopes she is not disappointed. No, and she just wants to be with him. They
kiss. She realizes his phone call was from a friend in need, which is why he thought he should stay closer to home, hence the inn. She smiles
about that nice streak he tries so hard to hide and they continue to kiss.
- Chez Anna, she addresses Tony's picture. She is punishing Stefano by taking Sydney. "Now they'll understand what grief feels like ..."
- Meanwhile, jailbird Nicole shuts her eyes, thinking of Sydney. She vows to find her when she gets out of there.
- Back at the inn, Phil tells Mel she is someone he loves and hands her
a beautifully wrapped gift box, with an engagement ring on top. "I don't want to just spend Christmas with you, I want to spend the rest of my
life with you." He gets down on one knee and romantically asks her to marry him, much to Mel's astonishment!
- Anna rocks with Sydney and tells her they will have a wonderful Christmas - just the two of them plus Uncle Tony ...
- Back in jail, Nicole remembers the woman talking to Sydney and suddenly declares "I know that voice!"

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