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1360 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Sarah sends Xander sweet texts of love and remembers how they came together in love. Meanwhile at the Kiriakis mansion Xander greets Victa and welcomes him home. The Greek is happy to hear he and Sarah are trying again. Xander gushes he has been brainstorming since he mentioned making him CEO. Victor reveals he actually cannot offer him the job and Xander hangs his head ... Shawn greets Detective Hope at the park. She is desperately seeking clues of Eve where Claire saw her. Hope does not want to let down Ciara and Rafe ... At the station Rafe wonders where Lani is. Eli explains he is doing her work as she went back to the park to see the scene ... Lani comes running to Dr. Sarah in a tizzy. She fears for the well being of the babies ... Sami icily opens the door to Eric and Nicole, who blasts her for the very unfair restraining order. Sami slams the door in her face. Eric urges her to open ... Xander states Victor stated he was the best man for the job if Brady stepped down. Victor claims things changed. Being in Greece made him more conscious of the clan and he cannot make a move unless Brady approves. Xander warns that sounds weak ... Sami opens so the baby will not wake up. She triumphantly announces she has him now. Eric and Nicole think that is unfair. She threatens to shut the door on Nicole another time. The insults fly between the two strong willed blondes. Eric gets inside, standing by his woman as defiant Sami stares them both down ... Lani sits with Sarah and complains the contractions feel different. She would rather not worry Eli. Sarah nods and sees her to a room ... Rafe is grateful for Eli helping. Eli calls himself and Lani a team and is happy to hear Hope is coming back. She will be able to bring Eve to justice. Rafe admits their relationship is rather complicated ... Shawn believes it is good news that Hope is back working with Rafe. She airily wonders and touches her hair ... Xander argues Brady betrayed Victa and is nowhere to be seen! Victor talks calls. Xander counters he more cares about Titan’s reputation whereas Brady was unreliable. He scoffs when Victor states he told him the truth. Brady might still want the job. Besides, installing Xander would feel like a betrayal and he could not bear to lose his grandson ... Sami claims she was protecting her grandson from Nicole. She hisses she knows she manipulated Allie. Nicole is exasperated. Sami warns her brother to wake up and smell the coffee cos Nicole is trying to keep him with the baby. Eric reasons uninformed Sami did not read the rest of the letter with Allie’s wishes. She asks to see it now. Nicole lets her know their lawyer has it. The two women face off. Eric tells Nicole not to talk about court. Sami hears Justin is their attorney and she is ready! Eric tries to play peacemaker. Sami suggests they allow Belle and Justin to go to battle. Eric explains Allie revealed what was in her heart in that letter. Sami is listening ...

Sarah assures Lani she was likely having Braxton hicks a little early with her twins. Lani breathes a sigh of relief. Sarah suggests moving around after sitting, deep breathing, and drinking water. Also some time off to sit a little less. Lani mentions how Eli has been helping and gets a faraway look in her eye. She sighs she is starting to fear for her sanity ... Xander wishes Victa would call Brady to ask his view on replacing him as CEO. The tycoon tells him he has left messages so Xander calls and gets him on the phone fast. Tis Victor’s phone. Victor takes the phone and wants to know whether he wants to stay CEO. Otherwise he has someone he will offer it to ... Rafe denies he and Hope are romantic. However, they did have a highly charged moment when he placed the badge on her blouse ... Shawn asks Hope about that moment it seems she had with Rafe. She admits said moment weighs heavy on her mind ... Alas Eric does not have the letter but he knows it almost by heart. Suspicious Sami suggests he use his own words. Allie wants him in the picture with the baby as it would be best. She cutely called them a package deal. Sami claims her daughter has never had good judgment and changed her mind more than once. Nicole accuses her of pressuring her daughter and others to do what she wants, like Rafe and Will! She accuses Sami of trying to control her decision just as Allie wrote in her letter. Allie does not want toxic Sami to have her son! The women shout up a storm and start to wrestle since Sami wants Nicole out but Nicole refuses to go. Eric the peacemaker stands between them. Enter John just in time to break it up ...

Sarah gives Lani a pep talk about her panic from visiting doctor websites. She urges her to call her instead anytime and praises her for having good mom worries. She too has lost a child. Ring ring! She looks at the name but tis not Xander so she does not answer. Lani wonders whether they reconciled. Officially as of last night. Lani is elated for her. Sarah knows he has a history but he is in a good place about to become Titan’s next CEO ... Phone Victor assures Brady they agree and ends the call. Xander waits with bated breath ... Shawn is curious about what really happened between his mom and Rafe. It started with a hug but might not have been more. Meanwhile Rafe reveals to Eli he may have misunderstood Hope’s happiness over her job. Eli is all for their reunion. Elsewhere Shawn is also all for their reunion. Hope stammers they are best as pals as Rafe thinks ... Rafe cannot risk his and Hope’s friendship. Eli advises him to have a heart to heart ... Shawn suggests a heart to heart with Rafe ... Xander gets testy until Victor reveals Brady wants to step down and cares not who he makes the next CEO. He sighs the job is his ... Lani returns to Eli at the station and admits she was not at the park. She will explain in private ... Rafe ends a call about the Eve lead and is approached by Hope, who wants a word. Him too ... Nicole explains she and Eric came about Allie’s wishes. Sami tells John they must have duped her daughter. She threatens to call the cops cos they are violating the restraining order. John sympathetically suggests Eric and Nicole respect the restraining order for now. Eric sighs Sami is not ready to listen. Nicole warns Sami tis not over. Sami shuts the door and thanks John for siding with her. He snaps he is on THEIR side not hers.

As they hold hands Lani admits her recent worries to Eli and what the good doctor said. He is concerned but she feels better thanks to Sarah. He supports her all the way. They exchange I love yous ... Red nails Hope wanted to discuss the park she searched. Rafe fibs he wanted to talk about that too and they go to his office ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Victor has his confirmation Brady has left the building. Xander hears he seems to be the only one for this family job. The Greek tycoon welcomes home his son. Enter handsome suited Phillip with a smirk. He sarcastically thanks DAD, much to Xander's dismay ... Eric agrees with Nicole. Sami went too far. They must stop her before she ruins more lives … Sami shouts she is the grandmother but John blasts her for only caring about herself, ignoring Allie. She screams and he starts to call his Isabella to end the restraining order that is hurting their family. Sami screams he is not her father, he is nothing! John holds the back of his head and suddenly falls to the floor.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, August 18, 2020