Days of Our Lives Daily Update!
Days of Our Lives Daily Update
Friday August 15, 2008     All rights reserved. Link Only


- At the hospital, Nicole tries to get past the cops, to go upstairs.
They turn her away. No one gets through. Phil tries to make her
feel better. EJ is tough, he'll know what to do.
- Abe and Roman review the emergency situation on the 7th floor. There is no phone communication and the area seems to have put itself into lockdown. Roman is suspicious of the fact that Stefano happens to be there. Abe doesn't agree but when Lexie arrives on scene, she echoes Roman's sentiment.  And perhaps the Phoenix is
no longer catatonic. They try to find a way to enter the floor. Nicole wants to know who EJ is with up there. Sami? Lexie sees that Nicole has feelings for EJ and feels sorry for her. EJ cares only for Sami!
- Up on the not so lucky seventh floor, Tony comes close to whacking Stefano's apparition on the head until he morphs into John! Tony
stops what he was about to do and heads off to find Anna. He soon does find her passed out in Stefano's room,and wakes her with a kiss.
- In her room, Marlena eyes the antidote, which Stefano unwittingly left nearby. If only she could move her hand and reach it! 
- In the stairwell, Sami suddenly realizes she has made EJ come tumbling down, not Stefano. She rushes down to him and wails to wake the dead, as she needs him alive and well.  She can't be without him. When she removes his shirt, he wakes up. EJ wants to know if she meant what he heard her say. She says yes and is overcome with the stress of their situation. They embrace. EJ asks about Lucas. Sami says he has moved on and so will she but she cannot be more specific. They get physical. Meanwhile, the cops have arranged for the security cameras to give them live feed. Sami and EJ and their intimate moment are gonna be on the air!
- Anna returns to Marlena's room and makes sure she has an oxygen mask. Marlena tries to communicate with her eyes that she wants the antidote. Anna is perplexed and leaves. Elsewhere, Kayla and Patch lie unconscious on the floor, having been unable to get out of their room. When they eventually wake up,  Joe is gone, having been snatched by Stefano. Kayla laments.
- John continues to work with the ventilation system. Stefano's voice comes over the intercom, reminding him of his pawndom. He can reboot him. How about another round at the lab? John attacks the speaker. Tony returns and points out that the gas is hallucinogenic.
- The cops downstairs learn that upstairs, attempts are being made to jump start the emergency ventilation.
- Meanwhile, someone enters Marlena's room and takes off her
mask, causing her to gasp ...

Thursday August 14, 2008


- Roman organizes the Salem P.D. in what areas of the hospital to cover. He is in emergency response mode. His men are instructed to refer to the problem as a security malfunction. Phillip is present and suspects it is much more. Roman thinks so too. Nervous Nicole is
now on scene as well. She confers with Phil. Chloe and EJ are likely stuck up there. Nicole admits to Phil that she has fallen hard for EJ. Phil offers his suport, though he is not sure EJ is trustworthy. Nicole asks Roman to tell them exactly who is on the dreaded seventh floor
at present. He confirms that EJ, Lucas, and Chloe are among them. Nicole remembers Phil and Chloe use to have something. Phil seems remorseful. He doesn't deserve Chloe anyway. New pal Nicole tells Phil she is there to listen, if he ever wants to talk about it ...
- In Marlena's room, Stefano continues to taunt her. No, he does not intend to kill her, he has something worse in store! He wants payback. Paralyzed Blondie gasps and tries to apologize.The phoenix ain't interested. Once she is out of the way, he will  morph John into his  pawn all over again. He sees the antidote yet is not sure what it is...
- Meanwhile, John goes to the power room with Tony and Anna.
The pawn has a plan. They get to work, though Tony and John argue about how John stole the phoenix's empire. John accuses Tony of wanting a piece of the pie. Flaky Anna insists they need to get along. She heads off to Stefano's room and is snooping around when all of a sudden who should appear but the phoenix himself!  Moments later, Stefano is back in Marlena's room, taunting her with the broken disk of John's memories, which is now in his possession! The disk is beyond repair, he claims. Would new John really want a paralyzed Marlena? She curses Stefano! He tells her to be silent and returns to his room, where Anna is now unconscious. He had no choice ...
- John and Tony discuss Stefano's issues with them. Marlena comes into the conversation. Tony reminds John that he and doc truly had something special. John reiterates he is no longer that man. Tony cannot help but wonder if Stefano has won, given how John and Marlena are not together due to his machinations. John reminds Tony he will have to choose sides. Stefano or John. Tony reminds him he is already helping him with the ventilation system, is he not! Enter Stefano, who angrily damns Tony the traitor. Tony is about to
respond when he blinks and realizes it was just a hallucination ...
- Marlena, alone in her room, feebly tries to call for help before it is too late ...

Wednesday August 13, 2008


- Locked in a room with his baby son, Steve tries unsuccessfully
to force open the door. No luck. And his cell phone won't work. At
the same time, Kayla desperately tries to find him. Steve manages to get a mask on the baby. Enter Kayla but the door closes behind her. She passes out. Steve manages to revive her and closes up the vent...
- In another room, Chloe and Lucas are informed by a nurse that the entire hospital 7th floor is in lockdown! Lucas decides to check out
like now! Gas starts coming thru the vent. He and Chloe head for the hallway. Sami and EJ are also together. EJ tries to reassure her, He will find a way out. All of a sudden the fumes take their tool on Sami and she hallucinates that EJ is Stefano! She runs away ...
- John and more of the gang watch as the television reporter says police have arrived at the hospital, yet no one knows what is going
on! Anna is a nervous wreck. Tony is blasť.  John accuses him of knowing more than he is letting on. More gas envelopes them.Tony swears that if he survives, he shall make sure Stefano never rises again! John heads for Blondie's room. Alas, someone has removed
her mask! John to the rescue! He places a mask on her and tells her
he will soon return. Exit John. He is searching for Stefano the evil psychopath. He soon meets up with EJ. Chloe enters Marlena's
room and has a hallucination in the mirror that the scars from her
car accident in Europe are still on her face. Eeeeek!
- Meanwhile, Sami runs into Stefano in the hall. He talks about the future of the DiMera family and Johnny as the top DiMera heir.  He wants heirs and admires her. Sami tells him to go to hell and heads
for the stairs. The next one to run into Stefano is Chloe. He tells her how marvelous she is looking and points out it is a very operatic moment. Chloe wonders if he is a hallucination and rushes off.  She finds Lucas. Chloe is upset. Is her face really scarred? John and Tony approach. She tells them Stefano was lurking around Marlena's room
if that was really him. They head in that direction. Lucas loses consciousness! John tells Tony he has a plan to stop the flow of gas. He is in pretty good shape, given that he has not been affected by the stuff, superpawn that he is ...
- Once alone, Stefano makes his way inside Marlena's room. He removes her mask and cajoles her for having thought she could get away with what she did to him! And what does she want to say ...?
- EJ approaches the stairwell, in search of Samantha but her mind is still playing tricks on her. She imagines he is Stefano and trips the
poor lad, causing him to tumble down the stairs ...!

Tuesday August 12, 2008


- At the hospital, Marlena's loved ones wait. Doc Kayla attends to her. Sami is in tears, EJ subdued. John saunters off to Stefano. EJ warns him against it. Moments later, Patch enters Marlena's room and asks Kayla what has happened. Blondie, as it turns out, has been paralyzed with toxin. Marlena's lips move and she utters John's name. EJ
informs Sami that Marlena had also injected Stefano with drugs. Sami warns EJ to choose the right side. When she considers that Rolf may have been involved, EJ says he will get to the bottom of the matter. Meanwhile, Marlena tells Kayla that she was injected with the same toxin she gave Stefano. Time is running out! Without an antidote, she will not only be paralyzed but soon deaf and dumb as well ...
- In Stefano's hospital room, Stefano insults Anna for thwarting his plans. Tony does not want him to speak to his wife that way, though
it doesn't seem to make a difference. Enter John. He wants answers about what the phoenix has done to his wife. Stefano plays innocent. John ain't buying it. Stefano isn't willing to make a deal.Exit Tony and Anna. She is royally miffed that Tony did not stick up for her enough. Back in the room, John reminds his half-bro that he now controls his entire empire. Stefano retorts it shall not last. He admits he tried to have John kill his own mother, Colleen. John reminds him he did not succeed. The phoenix reminds him he is still in danger from him! John is menacing. Enter EJ, who tells John to get lost. EJ adds he doesn't  care about Marlena, he had that Ava Vitali. Stefano is amused.
Before departing, John deals a final blow. EJ is his lawyer!
- Meanwhile, Tony visits Marlena and she confirms that it is true, she gave Stefano the injection that induced his coma. Tony points out she is sounding just like him. Later, Kayla tells Marlena she can give her an anti-toxin, though she risks possible death with it ...
- Back in the room of the phoenix, Fatha Stefano feels betrayed by
EJ, but is he really? Exit EJ when John returns. John is just about ready to torture his enemy. All of a sudden a loud noise is heard. Stefano gloats that his enemies are all going to be finished! John
begins to choke him. Enter Patch. He stops him and talks turkey.
That ain't the way, man!
- Sami feels light-headed but is unable to go on the roof. Furthermore, the phones are dead and they all seem to be locked in!  She and EJ also find that the elevators won't work and stairwells have been locked. There is no way to leave! They rush to Stefano's room. No Stefano is in sight! Anna, Tony, and John realize he has flown the coop. A television bulletin indicates that the 7th floor of Salem
Hospital is now in lockdown!
- Meanwhile, Steve is with baby Joe in a room, when he notices gas coming from the vent! And the door is locked! Gas also pours from the vents around our other Salemites as it becomes increasingly difficult to breathe ...

Monday August 11, 2008


- Anna is desperately seeking Marlena, with no luck, so she
tells the next best person - John - that Stefano DiMera is wide
awake! John heads off to find Blondie and make sure she is safe.
Anna tags along. Their first stop is the DiMera mansion. But no Marlena. At the same time, someone has slashed John's tires.
No matter. They hop on his bike and speed to doc's townhouse,
where they find her unconscious. John starts mouth-to-mouth ...
- In fatha's hospital room, EJ and Tony digest what he has just told them. They cannot believe Marlena would do such a thing as induce
a coma. The Phoenix loses his cool and promises he will destroy the evil woman once and for all! Enter Sami, who fears he has done something to Marlena. Stefano does not like the fact that Elvis and Samantha are not man and wife anymore. When things start to get ugly, EJ escorts upset Sami from the room. She just knows Stefano
is up to no good and wants to confront him. EJ suggests they try and locate Marlena. They do just that ...
- At Marlena's home, the paramedics have been summoned. Enter
EJ and a hysterical Sami. John's lips continue to work their magic
and Marlena wakes up!
- Inside the phoenix's room, Tony tries to find out whether he has done anything to the missing Marlena. They argue. Stefano swears
he will exact revenge on his enemies and it will be worse than ever! Tony tries to make him see the positive side of things. Stefano then alludes to the fact that it is already too late to change his plan. Tony catches a glimpse of Anna in the hall and joins her. His favorite
blonde updates him on Marlena's condition. Tony returns to Stefano and voices his displeasure with what he has done. Stefano gets hot under the collar and tells him he will have to choose sides. Meanwhile, Marlena has been brought to the hospital. Kayla runs tests. She also  lectures John for crashing Bo and Hope's wedding and reminds him that sometimes he is still a hero, after all. Sami seems to think so too as she thanks John for saving Marlena's life.

All of a sudden, a strange gas begins to seep thru the hospital vent ...!
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