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Tuesday, September 22, 2009
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- On the DiMera plane, EJ makes a champagne toast. To their honeymoon. Nicole toasts to his birthday. He toasts to a future filled with happiness, love, honesty. Nicole hesitates, then smiles and they clink glasses in the air. She speaks of their new life, though Elvis is happy enough with the life they have now.
- At the pub, Brady speaks to Vic of Chloe coming out of the
coma. He admits he helped facilitate Dan getting the drug. Vic is impressed but Brady now has a problem. Phil will be livid that he helped shift suspicion to Kate! Vic will talk to Phil and calls him
a mama's boy. Brady decides he should speak with him himself. Outside the pub, Vic runs into Maggie, who says how relieved
she is that Daniel is fine, not just Chloe. Daniel? Vic gets worried and hastily walks off ...
- Phil takes cheerful Mel home and asks what is going on between her and Nath. She thinks he was just being protective. Phil starts
to leave. Mel asks why he cares about Nathan. She now realizes
he is upset about his mother and what helping Dan means to her situation. Phil states he is not upset she helped Chloe. However,
he does not understand why she trusted Daniel without knowing him. Enter Brady, who explains it was cos of him! Phil gets testy. What does he mean? Brady elaborates. Daniel came to him for
help to get the drug to Chloe and Mel was the logical choice."You son of a b*tch!" snaps Phil. Brady reminds him Chloe was dying and that was who he was thinking of. Phil yells that Brady was disloyal to Kate. He adds he never should have put Mel in such a position. Brady points out Chloe would have died. Mel tries to
calm the fellas down. Phil warns Brady to keep Mel out of such things in the future and angrily walks away. Brady now criticizes Phil for being all over Mel just a few days after Steph has dumped him. Mel does not want to discuss Phil, but grins that Nath and
Phil were both fighting over her at the station She giggles she now seems to have one too many guys!
- At the hospital, Daniel takes care of his beloved and gets her
back to bed. He is now dressed and well and vows he will not go anywhere. They are elated and kiss. She has dreamt of this exact moment many times. They exchange I love you's and continue to kiss. Enter a police officer, there on orders from the DA. Chloe exclaims Dan is innocent and it was Kate who tried to kill her. Daniel agrees - and she must be stopped before she kills again.
Dan gets some good news. He is officially of the hook with the cops! Exit the officer. Lexie enters and talks about running a few more tests on Chloe. Dan wants to stay to protect her but Chloe thinks he should go. Enter Father Matt. Chloe asks for a moment alone with the kindly priest, who notes Dan appears concerned. Chloe confesses she broke her vow to God and feels she and
Daniel have been punished for it. But will it ever stop? She was poisoned and he was arrested when they decided to be together. How can God expect her to give up the man she loves? Father
Matt praises her for trying to honor her vows to Lucas, yet her
love for Daniel was stronger. It is time for her to embrace her
heart and thus feel God's blessings. Chloe thanks him and he departs. When Dan the man saunters back in. Chloe states things could not be better and they kiss on it. She tells him of Father Matt's blessing. Dan breathes that even thru this crazy odyssey, they have proven they were meant to be together. All of a sudden, Victor rushes in and declares he just heard Dan too was brought
to the hospital. What happened? "Kate happened," retorts Chloe. They update the Greek tycoon on what she did to Daniel after he got the recording. He calls her a lunatic b*tch and storms off, grumbling she will not get away with this!
- At the police station, Stefano pleasantly asks Lucas if he will not congratulate his mother. Lucas says she should be committed.
Kate flashes back to her angry acceptance of Stefano's proposal and glances at him. He returns her look. Kate says it is true. Lucas thinks this is twilight zone. He put out a hit on her son! Stefano denies it and points out marrying him is best for Katherine. Lucas suspects there is more to it. Enter Roman, with news about Daniel. There were no serous injuries from the punch so the charges against Lucas have been reduced. Roman takes him off to officially release him. Alone again with his future bride, Stefano reassures Kate, who worries it will be a hard sell, this marriage of theirs. The phoenix heads off to plan their wedding. Roman returns and prevents Kate from leaving. She has got some explaining to do!
He gets down to the straight talk. Chloe and Daniel's statements have come in and the charges against Daniel have been dropped.
In addition, they are now implicating Kate, and Dan has also accused her of holding him against his will in a motel. Kate leers they have no proof. "The search is on as we speak," drawls Roman. Lucas later returns to his mother and he is mad. He warns the family will desert her for marrying Stefano DiMera and storms off as Roman comes back, with the results of the search. They found nothing. In fact, the room was too clean. Who helped her? She claims there was no coverup and decides to leave. Roman cannot stop her, though he clearly knows someone has helped her.
- At DiMera mansion Stefano has summoned daughter Alexandra with news. "The old wolf is getting hitched again!" he coos. He has cared for this woman for a while. Lexie wonders who she is. "The lovely Katherine Roberts." Lexie's face falls. Kate?! She has all
but been accused of murder and also suspected him of trying to
kill her son! Stefano downplays their past issue. Lexie demands the truth. Ring ring! Tis EJ, calling from the plane. He is checking up on fatha. Lexie questions his mental state and proceeds to hand the phone to the phoenix, who would rather not tell his son what he is up to! Lexie covers that he was about to have a drink and ends the call. She now realizes that Father does not want EJ to come back and try to stop the wedding! Is he so in love that he cannot see straight? Stefano wants Lexie there with him when he marries his new bride. She reluctantly agrees. He embraces her in thanks, as this means much to him.
- On the plane, EJ gets serious and decides to unburden his soul
to Nicole, though she might not like what she hears. She awaits his confession. He murmurs that something she once accused him of was true If she had not become pregnant with Sydney, he would not have married her. She sighs. Why admit it now, on their nice honeymoon? Because their relationship has become the best thing that ever happened to him and he has never been happier, with her and Syd. She gets teary-eyed and accepts his confession as a positive thing. "I love you," says he and they kiss. Nicole looks more worried than ever, as his love for her is clearly attached to one thing alone - the fact that she is Sydney's mother!
- Kate is at the house of Kiriakis. She calls Stefano to complain
her room has been ransacked. And his people were too thorough, which has made Roman suspicious. He brushes off her fears and would rather she focus on their wedding - tonight! The phoenix reminds her that if he is her husband, he will be the only one who knows what a dangerous woman she is, and they will not be able
to make him testify against her. She notes his veiled threat about testifying against her if they are not married, and agrees. He now informs her he wants a grand wedding at Chez Rouge and tells her to check her closet. Inside are furs and more ...
- Down at the park, Maggie approaches Lucas. He is none too pleased to see the likes of her and suggests she leave him alone. Phil approaches and Maggie leaves. Phil wonders what that was about. Nothing, says Lucas. Phil cannot reach Kate. Lucas has news. She is marrying none other than Stefano DiMera!
- The phoenix descends the grand DiMera staircase in his tux, Meanwhile, Kate has just gotten dressed for her wedding in a
black dress and looks at herself in a mirror at the house of Kiriakis. Enter raging Victor. "Damn it, Kate! What in God's name have
you done ...?!"

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"Maybe this is cosmic payback for all the bad things she's done," Lucas tells Phil.
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