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Friday September 26, 2008 
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It is night in Salem and Caroline is in the cemetery. We hear a man gasping. Caroline has flowers and walks to Shawn Sr.'s grave. It is a full moon. Caroline speaks to her deceased hubby. She misses him. She informs him she took care of Trent tonight. Max will not have to worry about him anymore.
- At the hospital, annoyed Kate comes to see Daniel. She is busy with her work!  What does he want? He reminds her she was coughing up blood. He wants more tests. No definitive diagnosis quite yet but he will keep running tests till he figures it out. Kate is not sure it is serious and starts talking allergies. Chelsea happens by and accuses Kate of doing anything to keep seeing Dr. Dan. Kate tries to make amends. Chelsea is nasty and harsh. And why did Dan call her to ask about the next step. Dan tells her she misunderstood. Kate wants a moment
alone with Chelsea. Dan reluctantly leaves. Kate coughs. Dan wants more tests. Chelsea does not want her to be sick. Teary-eyed Kate repeats she never intended to hurt her. She and Dan were a fluke.
She is so sorry, Chelsea makes faces and gets teary-eyed too. She  thought Dr. Dan was the one. Kate suggests a second chance. But Chelsea cannot get over it. She starts to walk away, stopping when Kate continues to cough. Kate knows she has feelings for Dan still
and begs her to forgive him. Chelsea repeats nothing will help and walks away. Dan is unable to stop her. Kate asks what bad news he now has. The pulmonologist came to a conclusion based on her x-ray.
It is what he also suspected. She has lung cancer ...
- Inside the pub, suited EJ is approached by Nicole for their meeting. He notes she is perspiring. She says she needs damage control. Vic knows all about hubby Trent and wants the whole settlement back! She blames nosy Bo and Hope. She tells him Vic's response - she has to pay it all back, even what she already spent. She refers to Trent as her dearly departed husband. EJ wonders why she called him that.
She decides to leave. EJ stops her and presses for an answer. Nicole claims Trent is on his way out, given that the town knows all about how he tried to sell his daughter. But how will she keep her cash? EJ will portray her as a victim. They should stay positive. Nicole states she would do anything to keep that money! EJ suggests she claim ignorance of Trent not divorcing her as she is a beautiful blonde. Her good looks will work on the stand. She laments about her past. Trent was so violent. EJ asks if she can prove it. Probably. She can find a few neighbors from back then. EJ consoles her. He adds the biggest concern is Trent on the stand. Nicole says Trent will not make it to the stand! EJ suspects something. Nicole rushes off, sick to her stomach.
- Bo and Hope and Steve and Kayla arrives at Chez Rouge. Maggie is dismayed to hear Hope will not take over for Abe after all. Steve asks if Bo will throw his hat in the ring. Bo says yup, Abe and Roman convinced him. The two couples dine. Hope did not want to spend
less time with Ciara. Bo admits he prefers chasing criminals. But if
the new mayor, as they suspect, is on the DiMera payroll, Bo will be able to keep an eye on him. Kayla and Steve take it all in. Hope and Bo laugh he might soon be her new boss. Up walks the mayor, who reminds Bo there is no guarantee he has the job! Bo replies he is just happy to be considered. The mayor would have preferred Hope but
he will be in touch after he makes his decision which candidate it will be. Exit the mayor. Bo feels his past reprimands will prevent him from winning. Hope reminds him that if he becomes commissioner, he will have to follow the law to the letter, regardless of who is involved. The gang finish their meal. Bo suggests he and Hope head to his pop's grave, so he can get his blessing ...
- Mickey joins Maggie and they talk green, They will get involved
with the Green Restaurant Association. Maggie does a green plug.
She is excited. They hug.
At the bar is Mel, who seems to have Trent's wallet. Nick joins her. She keeps the wallet hidden in her handbag. He is worried but she
says her dad will not be bothering her anymore! She makes a catty comment about Mickey and Maggie kissing in the restaurant. Nick  introduces her to his Uncle Mickey and Aunt Maggie! Maggie welcomes her to Salem. Nick wants to order sparkling ciders to celebrate the restaurantís plans to join the Green Restaurant Association. When he holds up his hand, Maggie notices he is inured! What happened? He mentions France. Mickey points out that is a
fresh bruise. Nick tells Mel it must have been when he punched the thug. Mel offers to buy Max dinner. She sneakily pulls some cash out.
- Nervous Max goes home and takes off a bloody shirt. Steph knocks on his door. He puts on a new shirt and opens the door. He is on edge. She notices and starts to massage his tense shoulders. "Things will get better now," Max says. She brings up Trent. He states he will never have to worry about him again. They make out. Afterwards, Steph asks where he was earlier. Down at the garage, Max claims, working on an old engine. She remarks he did not answer his cell. They get distracted and make out again. Afterwards, Steph is shocked to see scratches and bruises all over his back! When he is in the shower, she finds the bloodied shirt on the floor ...
- Back at the cemetery, Caroline prepares to leave. She hears a noise
in the bushes. "Hello? Anyone there?" She turns to face the heavy breather and gasps. "Itís you!" Trent staggers toward her and then collapses. There is a big knife in his back! Caroline screams in horror
and pulls it out.
- Bo and Hope are also at the cemetery. They run into a couple of cops. A loud scream is heard. They rush over, only to find Caroline holding a bloodied knife, standing over a lifeless Trent Robbins ..!

Thursday September 25, 2008


Mad Max sweeps outside the pub. Up walks Mel. She tells him not
to let Trent get to him. Max calls his biological father a lowlife swine. He cannot let go. Mel cannot get used to being around him. She snaps she needs to leave Salem. Max will have none of it.
-  In his hotel room, Trent has been having a good time with a lady
of the evening. He pays her to come back the next day. His phone rings. It is Claude. "You are trying my patience." He wants the cash
or Mel delivered to him. One or the other! Trent considers.
- Outside the pub, Mel sees Trent has text messaged her. He wants
her at his hotel room. Max insists they go together. Mel is against it. Max says they need to clear the air once and for all. They head on over. Trent puts on his best face for his kids and laments he is in trouble. Claude in Marseilles is not too happy. Mel thinks he wants
her to clean up his mess. "Itís either that or Iím a dead man," Trent replies. Max gets sarcastic. Mel is in tears. Trent points out he is
Max's father. He acts nice. Trent then turns to Melanie. He loves her. Mel cries to Max she cannot be there when he is like this. Trent asks her to help him with Claude (ewww!) Max orders him to leave her alone. Trent begs. He will change after she helps him. Mel is confused. Max steps in to defend his sis. He grabs Trent and warns him to stay away from her - or else!
- Suited Phil and Lucas dine and discuss life. Lucas states Chloe is babysitting Aly. Phil wonders if that is a good idea. Glam Chloe walks up to their table as she got a sitter. Lucas is livid she dumped his kid. Nicole waltzes up to talk to Phil. Lucas takes off. Chloe is hurt and sits silently. Nicole asks if she is ok. Lucas returns, having checked with the sitter. She is a stranger. He lectures Chloe, who walks off. Nicole goes after her. Phil tells Lucas he was too hard on Chloe, who just got a friend to watch Aly cos she wanted to see him. Lucas decides he will smooth things over, Meanwhile, Chloe complains she wishes Lucas would trust her. Nicole reminds her Lucas is a nervous parent. Chloe
is not sure she is ready for the whole family thing. She feels trapped. Perhaps she is not ready for motherhood. Nicole can relate. Nicole advises her to talk to Lucas, who then approaches and apologizes for being neurotic. He asks her for a dance. She gladly accepts. He is
sorry and embarrassed. He loves his life with her and she is great with Aly. Chloe looks uncertain. Nicole returns to Phil's table. She is very desperate for his help. If Vic does not honor their divorce settlement, she is ruined. Phil knows Vic will not budge. Nicole is nervous as he also wants her to repay what she has already spent. She blames Bo for telling. Phil has heard enough. She should talk to her lawyer. Maybe Trent will reconsider an annulment. Nicole thinks Trent will not help and she would kill him if she could! Chloe and Lucas come back to
the table. Lucas says he has to leave as he has work to do but Chloe should stay and have fun. Nicole strides off to place a desperate call
to lawyer EJ. Meanwhile, Phil pours Chloe wine and toasts the future. She asks if he knows what he wants. He smiles roguishly. Does she?
- Nick joins Chelsea at the pub. She asks how he is. Good to be back. He wants to know if she is ok. She opens up to Nickster. She thinks Kate and Dan might still be involved. She feels stupid. Nick suggests she try to trust the right people. She should give herself more credit.
He offers advice. Anger hurts you more than the person you are mad at. The only way to move on is with forgiveness. Is that what he did with her, Chelsea wonders? He replies he  never held a grudge. She observes he has moved on from her. She says Melanie is trouble. He disagrees. And he will not be manipulated into becoming his ex-gal's consolation prize. Mel and him are his business. They argue. Chels is worried about him. Nick says he sees Mel differently than others do. Chels does not think he should trust her, however .
- At the police station, Roman works on a cold case. Bo discusses Hope's decision with him. Bo feels Roman is judging her. And that is what she senses. Bo points out their daughter is her priority. Roman is dismayed. If the mayor installs a DiMera operative, he is gone. There is one solution left. He wants Bo to take the job. "Throw your damn hat in the ring!" They need him to fight corruption and make a difference. Roman then calls the mayor's office to recommend Bo as Salem's commissioner of police. It is the right thing. Bo still does not want that job but his big bro knows it is the best thing to do. Bo understands. "Take one for the team." All of a sudden enter Caroline. She is worried sick about Max and his dangerous anger. Bo & Roman will talk to him. Not enough, says Caroline. Not enough! He is out of control and might do something. The cops should make Tent leave town. Bo points out their hands are tied as what he did was on foreign soil. Caroline, however, will do something, she vows, and walks out!
- Back at the dean's hotel room, Mel calls Nick to get there now! Max is in Trentís face, tells him he is gonna die and proceeds to pound him to a pulp. Mel shrieks. Nick and Chelsea rush in. Nick pulls Max back. Trent says he needs money. Max rages. Nick wants Max to calm down, he has the money. Max gets madder. Nick will give him the grant money and then Trent will leave them alone. Trent stands up
and interrupts. Leave? He is not going anywhere! He works on Mel
for her help. Her eyes get dark as she observes him with loathing. She calls him a bastard. He lashes out at his kids. They are worth nothing! The gang leave. Mel is a wreck. She can no longer be anywhere near Trent. Max has an ominous reply. Their father is as good as gone.
One way or another, he is leaving Salem tonight ...!

Wednesday September 24, 2008


At the station, Hope confers with the Mayor. She needs to think
about his offer, discuss with her hubby. She has until the end of the day. When she walks out, Bo and Roman try to encourage her to accept. She is unsure. Roman points out that if she turns the mayor down, he will hire one of his lackeys who will make it that easier for Stefano to run things. She notes it would change their life. Bo offers
to spend more time at home. Hope thinks it will never work. Bo later gets her tea and continues to wear her down. If she decides, she
teases, she would be his boss. Bo would be ok with it and gives her a kiss. Roman enters. The mayor is on the phone and needs her answer. She says the answer is no. Hope cannot become commissioner just to bring down Stefano.  Bo respects her decision but he is worried.
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano complains to Rolf that John is drunk with power. Rolf states again John's brain is like a time bomb. The phoenix wants him to suffer. Rolf reminds him he will soon expire. "Death is too easy," the phoenix replies. He picks up the queen of his chess set and considers. Rolf asks if he has a secret plan. He admits that John is a pawn, nothing to do with the end game. His grand plan
is actually to destroy Marlena, the woman he loves!
- Inside the pub, Anna meets with John, who has trouble focusing.
She warns him Marlena wants a divorce. He stares and says he has long known it. Anna advises him to take action fast. John's vision becomes blurred. He passes out, then wakes up. He is alright, he insists. Anna's voice and face again become blurred to John, who
then falls down and has a seizure.
- Outside the pub, nauseous Nicole runs into Trent. They have words. She feels he owes her. Ten million bucks, plus interest. He laughs in her face. No one to blame but yourself, darlin! They keep talking
after John is taken away by ambulance. Meanwhile, mad Max seethes inside. Trent suggests if Nic needs cash, Locker room Lolita could make a comeback. She threatens to expose what else she knows about Trent. He taunts and insults her. Nicole gets herself out of his grasp as Max storms out and calls him a sob. Nicole heads indoors. Max threatens him to leave town or else. Trent doesn't care. Inside, Nicole stares at a knife and thinks that Trent deserves to die. Outside, Trent tells Max he could sure never kill anyone but Melanie and her temper are another matter!
- At the hospital. Doc Kayla notices Marlena is not quite herself. She would love to help. Blondie informs her that John is spiraling outta control. Marlena thinks of John every minute of every day. Kayla praises her for how much she tried. But what is wrong with him? Marlena tells her he attacked Trent, got a headache, lost focus then snapped out of it. She adds the more she tries, the more defiant he becomes so she is done. Teary-eyed Marlena leaves. Moments later, Dan snaps at a nurse. Kayla wants him to stop yelling but Dr. Dan is
a bundle of nerves. He bumps into Chelsea, who makes a face. She
is there about Kate. He cannot talk about Kate, he is sorry, for
she is his patient. Chelsea is still bitter and complains they were together. He is sorry and apologizes for them both. Exit Chelsea.
Dan later apologizes for yelling at the nurse, who has just given him Kate's file. He opens it and looks horrified, then he calls Kate with a message. They need to decide their next step. Chelsea overhears.
- Kayla and Anna are now at John's hospital bedside. He is awake
and annoyed. Kayla needs tests. Anna calls Marlena. She rushes
over. Kayla has him in radiology for a brain scan. She later looks at
the results. "Oh my God!"
Marlena joins John in his room. He is tired and does not remember much. He is glad to see Blondie. She is glad to be there but soon excuses herself, her face tormented. She visits Kayla, who shows her John's cranial x-ray. It is the third set and they are baffled. The mid-brain region appears to be clouded over. They have never seen anything like it. Kayla will run more tests. Eerie music is heard. Exit Marlena. John then starts to walk out. Kayla and Anna stop him. John notes Kayla's urgency. Is he dying? She is not sure. Exit John.
- Meanwhile, Marlena pays Stefano a visit at the DiMera mansion and demands the disk of John's memories. He plays coy. She recalls he
had it when she was in hospital. John has had a seizure He needs help. They are brothers! Stefano calls it an unfortunate mistake. Marlena accuses the phoenix of inflicting pain. He says then they are not that different. Marlena laments if they do not restore his memory, John
will die! She leaves. Rolf later has news as he has seen the hospital records. John's unraveling could make it easy to program him into pawndom. Stefano decides it is time to retire the pawn, however.
He is of no significance in the real plan.
- Back at the hospital, Marlena looks over John's x-rays and swears
she will not let him die ...

Tuesday September 23, 2008


Mel sees Trent outside the pub and tells him he has a hell of a lot
of nerve showing up there. Eerie music is heard. He demands Mel show him some respect. She wants nothing to do with him. He went too far this time. Trent pretends he only thought Claude wanted a drink. Melanie laments he has not been much of a father. He calls her
a who*e. She wishes Max had killed him and adds maybe she will do
it for him! She then walks off. Nick rushes up to Trent and accuses him of upsetting Melanie. Furthermore, he will make sure the uni tosses him! Trent counters by threatening to tell the grant board that Nick used Max's work for his proposal! Nick believes that once the truth comes out, no one will believe Trent. But  if he messes with Mel again, he is a dead man! Trent leaves. Mel appears from the shadows and wonders if they would be better off  if Trent really was dead Ö
- Inside the Brady pub, Hope and Lexie are at a table. Lexie feels odd not being at the hospital. She confides in Hope about Abe. Hope feels Abe was noble to resign. Lexie wonders what he can do now. Hope points out he would be in demand at a security firm and the pay would be better. However, Hopes does worry about his going after Stefano. Lexie worries too cos now he doesn't have to go by the book.
- Anna joins Marlena. Tony has given her the morning off. Anna informs Marlena she hasn't seen John lately. Marlena recalls his last melt down and asks Anna if she notices something different about
him. She certainly does. Marlena fears he is going off the deep end. She is baffled by his headaches and erratic behavior, not to mention that temper. She is still going to serve him with divorce papers. Anna
is sympathetic but points out Ava is really gone. For Marlena, it's not enough. She is more than just a woman to keep his bed warm. Anna does not mince words. Is she outta her mind?! John and Blondie share such a wonderful past. Maybe he will rediscover their love. Marlena misses old John but does not wish to invest emotionally in new John.
It is too risky. Anne points out the man she loves could already be self destructing! And they were once the perfect couple. Could it really be over? Marlena fears John has lost any bit of human socialized behavior. She leaves to see a patient. Anna places a call.
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano reads to the twins. Enter John. He summons hired help Mary and has her move the kids to a less threatening environment. Stefano is mad and ready for a fight! John claims what was once the phoenix's is now all his anyway. Stefano laughs at his arrogance. John suddenly gets a headache. Stefano tells him to sit and watches intensely as John slowly does just that. He brings him pills, which the pawn refuses. John stands up and insists a judge will agree that some if not all DiMera assets should belong to him. Stefano knows from the papers EJ has drawn up that they will attempt to have the phoenix declared mentally incompetent. Stefano retorts he was the one who made Santo's business grow and thrive.
He thinks John should be in prison. John thinks he should be in
prison. The phoenix is smug John likes his new self better. But he
does let him know that they are no longer merely fighting. "This is a major war!" He will protect his empire. He doe not comprehend why John wishes to steal everything from him. John claims he likes fighting for what is rightfully his. "I created you, I could destroy you," Stefano warns ominously. John demands the DiMera mansion be signed over
to him. Stefano vows his grandchildren will live there and it will one day belong to them. He advises new John to get his own house. He refuses. Neither will leave. New John continues to rant he will get everything. He exits. Stefano later confers with Rolf, who says all he ordered has been arranged. However, Dr. Rolf states that John's brain is entering a precarious stage. His data infra-structure will overload. "Soon, he will be dead ..."
Meanwhile, John is by the grand DiMera staircase. His cell rings. It is Anna, who announces they need to have a talk.
- At Abe's place, Roman and Bo drop by to discuss police business. They want him back! He says no way! Roman worries the crime rate will go up. Abe suggests Roman replace him as commissioner. Roman resists. Anyhow, he supports Abraham in everything so Mayor Marino would not be keen. Abe thinks City Council would want him in. Bo is all for it. Roman points out he is not a bureaucrat. Abe then zeroes in on Bo. He says no way, he has broken the rules too many times in the dept. He is a detective, not a suit and tie kinda guy. Roman gets paged by the office and leaves. Abe takes a sip of his coffee. Salem deserves an honest man as top cop. So he wants Bo to go after that job. Bo is flattered but he is not the man for it. Roman then calls Bo. The mayor kinda seems ready to announce Abe's successor. Bo heads off for the meeting and Lexie enters as he exits.
- Later, at the station, the mayor hears that Roman supports his new candidate. The press is there live. So are Bo and Hope. Mayor Marino
speaks to the camera. The commissioner needs to be someone who is tough and will fight for justice. That is why he has decided that Abe's successor will be Hope Williams Brady. Hope is stunned!
- Back at the Carver residence, Abe admits that he suggested Hope to the mayor's friends, after Bo and Roman turned him down. He is pleased with the appointment ...

Monday September 22, 2008


- It is night in Salem and Nicole recalls what Bo and Hope told her.
Up walks Victor, she tells him they need to talk.
- At DiMera mansion, Lexie flies at Stefano. She blames him for locking down the hospital and pumping gas into it, thus causing her problems also. She has resigned as chief of staff. Stefano is sorry to hear that. Abe has quit his job, too. Stefano is not sorry. Lexie laments Abe is tired of people like the phoenix manipulating the system. Abe, she warns, is going to go after him. He will not have police restrictions. Stefano wonders - will Abe now be on the dark side of the law? Lexie points out everyone is out to get him so he should leave Salem now. Stefano accuses her of supporting her husband's vigilantism. She calls
it justice. He is not surprised. She never helped him when he was comatose, just like the others. He deserved better than a life of horror. She admits they did not want to try. He retorts he would never have turned his back on family the way his children turned their backs on him! She accuses him of trying to destroy their lives. He accuses her
of insolence. He built an empire for them. Lexie continues to rage and concludes "You are dead to me!" He then offers her help with a specialist for Theo. Lexie  is disgusted and storms off.
- At the Brady pub, Bo and Steve try to take some sense into Max.
He refuses to apologize. Max is only sorry he didn't finish him off! As Mel screams at Trent, they observe. He denies pimping her out. Max and Steve walk up. Trent blames Max and starts to push him. Steve holds him off. Bo the cop listens to the accusations. Caroline orders Trent to leave the premises and never come back. He is lower than
she thought. He should not have used his daughter. Mel rushes off in tears. Caroline calls Trent a disgrace. Steve tells him to go but not too far cos the cops will want to talk to him. The mean dean calls Mel a liar. Max loses his cool. Trent finally departs. Max walks off. Steph is worried he won't cool down. Bo later advises both upset Caroline and Max to steer clear of the dean. Outside, Nick tries to comfort a crying Mel. They embrace. Miffed Chelsea looks on. Nick is her rock, he
will help her. Chelsea walks off. Trent saunters up. Mel agrees to speak with him alone. Nick heads inside. Scream if she needs him! Trent wants to apologize, he had no idea about Claude, but wants to know if he still owes him money. Claude and his goon are in jail!
Trent looks uncomfortable. He fears he still owes dangerous Claude money. Mel has harsh words, Trent states the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. He knows about her parties and rich boyfriends. They are the same. Max walks up and orders him away. Trent's cell rings. He will continue with Mel later. He walks off to take the call.
- Inside, Bo and Hope sit with upset Caroline. Vic takes a phone call
as Nicole awaits at a table. Bo decides it is time to illuminate Vic. He approaches him, and announces there is something he needs to know about Nicole. Bo then gives Nicole the chance to explain. She asks
Vic to step outside with her. "My past has finally caught up with me. You weren't my second husband, you were my third." Who was her first husband? Trent Robbins. Why should Vic care? Cos she and Trent are still leally married! The Greek tycoon hears her tale of woe and starts to laugh. He does not owe her a settlement so she is about
to become dirt poor! Nicole rushes back in, sick to her stomach.
- Inside, Steve, Steph, and Kayla discuss Trent. Steve wishes Steph
had called him so he could help with his contacts. Next time he will follow his gut. Steph worries Max won't let it go with Trent. She
points out Mel might still be trouble. Enter frowning Chelsea. Steph
fills her in that Max tried to kill Trent. She sees Chelsea is jealous of Nick and Mel.  When Nick returns, he is thinking of Mel and ignores Chelsea. Vic has followed Nicole inside and hopes she is feeling better, as she will be hearing from his lawyers soon! Nicole curses Trent.
Vic walks over to Bo and Hope and thanks Bo for the good news.
He wants the money back from Nicole but won't pres charges. Nicole was Trent's victim. Max and Mel soon approach Caroline. Max
officially introduces her to Caroline, who welcomes her to the family. Max departs to take care of something. Steph follows. Caroline shows Mel to her room. On the way, Nick stops her, if she needs anything,
he is there for her.
Vic informs Bo and also Chelsea that Kate is having tests done at the hospital. Chelsea then tries to talk to Nick, who gives her the brush
off. Exit Victor, who quietly places a call. He wants Nico to take care of Trent Robbins!  Still inside, Chelsea gives Bo the 411 on what went down in France. Bo decides he needs to make a phone call. Chelsea laments to Hope she could have lost Nick. Hope sees that Chelsea still loves Nick. Nervous Steph comes back, she was unable to find Max.
- Meanwhile, Nick walks outside, hearing Trent tell someone on the phone that yes, he will. Moments later, Nicole storms up and calls him a bastard for costing her all that money! He says it's not his problem and leaves. Nicole angrily mutters that it IS his problem ...!
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