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Friday September 19, 2008 
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- At the pub, evil Trent calls Nicole and orders her to meet him or he
will expose her to Vic. He also wants her to bring her check book.
He then calls and places a sports bet. Outside the pub, Max and Steph have just arrived home. He thanks her for helping him find his sis. They are glad the France escapade is over (so are the viewers!) Steph sees Trent thru the window and says they should go back to her place. Max spies him as well and storms inside. Steph calls papa Steve. In
the pub, Max punches Trent! Trent falls and stands up. Max confronts him about Claude and yells he pimped out his own daughter. Steph pulls Max back. Enter Mel and Nick. She smacks Trent, who wants her to go home with him. She is mad he did not tell her she had a bro and that he set her up to be raped. Max and Mel are gonna expose him to the university! Trent grabs Mel so Max gets her away and grabs Trent, putting a broken bottle to his neck. Enter Steve, Caroline, and Kayla. Steve tells him to put it down, the dude is not worth it! Max appears to consider offing Trent. Caroline begs him to stop. He is wrong and pop would not approve!
- Outside, Bo and Hope approach Nicole. "Misty Circle, we would like a word with you." They know she is married to Trent and they have proof! Nicole plays innocent. They want the truth or they will take her to the station. Nicole sits down and tells her Trent story. She was a student, married him, but then he started gambling, drinking, he was abusive. One day she just left. She assumed he had filed for divorce - until a few months ago. Bo says they will have to tell Victor!
- Bo and Hope enter the pub, where chaos continues. Bo orders Max to drop the glass and he does. Bo takes Max aside. What the hell are you doin, man! What the hell is goin on! Meanwhile, Steph tells off
Mel for encouraging mad Max. Nick marches over to Trent and advises him not to expect any help from him. Trent warns him against spreading disinformation.
- Bo suggests Max apologize so Trent doesn’t send him to prison, cos he sure could. All of a sudden, Trent sidles up to Melanie, who shouts she would kill him if she could!
- Abe arrives home to find Theo and sitter playing. Abe pays and
thanx her. She leaves. Abe looks forward to spending more time with Theo. He reads the boy's most recent evaluation and is happy.
- At the hospital, Lexie thanks Dan for his vote of confidence after
they walk out of the board meeting. Lexie feels she really has fallen behind in her responsibilities. She is not even sure what she wants. Theo needs a full-time mother. Mickey opens the door. The board
has made their decision. Eleanor announces it was tough decision. Lexie stands up. She is resigning. They are shocked. She believes it is best for the hospital and also her family. She will continue her practice at the hospital, however. She thanx them for their kind words.
Eleanor says the board voted in her favor. Lexie thanks them and excuses herself.
- Vic confronts Dan in the hall and tells him off about his Kate tryst. How he could do this to Chelsea! Dan admits he feels terrible. Vic is mad and disappointed. He does not want the doc anywhere near his granddaughter! Dan claims he will get her back regardless …
- Kate is coughing up blood at the hospital. Phil calls Lucas to come. The curtain around Kate’s bed is drawn. Lucas arrives, upset. Phil wants to know how their mom now is. Stable for the moment. Lucas goes to see her at her bedside. A teary-eyes Kate tells him to go away. Phil comes to the room and the two sons insist they want to take care of her. They will not leave until she has those x-rays. Phil's cell rings and he heads out to take the call. Lucas and Kate discuss Chloe. She thinks he is falling too fast. He says he is happy. She wants him to find a woman who sees how special he really is. She will try to accept Chloe. Then it is x-ray time. Kate is wheeled off. Phil and Lucas wait. Phil says he is planning a surprise. Lucas' cell rings and he lets it go to voice mail. Phil knows it is Chloe, he does not mind Lucas is dating her. They are cool. Lucas complains about Sami. Phil suggests taking her back to court. Lucas needs to prove he is a responsible parent. He has no job so Phil offers him one at Titan! Lucas accepts. They head back to see Kate. Phil opens a computer for a video chat and family meeting. It is Billie and Austin, saying hello! (we hear them only).
Kate is moved. She will do what the docs say, as her kids asked.
- Lexie arrives home. Theo is matching colored blocks! Abe has more good news - the lad had a positive evaluation. Lexie and Abe step
aside to discuss the hospital. Lexie informs him she turned them down and resigned as chief of staff. Abe is stunned she did not consult with him first. Abe states he resigned too after a heated exchange with the mayor. Lexie is upset about their mortgage and finances. Abe cannot work in a system corrupted by Stefano, who has been pulling strings. He will stop him! Lexie shakes her head. If he wants to help their
family, he will not go after her father! They are soon diverted when Theo finishes the train puzzle ...
- Back at the hospital, Dan is handed Kate’s x-ray results. Vic storms off to see her. He walks into Kate’s room.
- Meanwhile, Dan stares at Kate's x-ray and he is clearly in shock ...

Thursday September 18, 2008


- Nicole is at the pub with friend Phil.  EJ walks in so Phil makes himself scarce. EJ notes she is only drinking orange juice. Is she alright? She thinks she has a bug but is otherwise fine. He is happy to join her for breakfast. Nicole admits she is tired of the Salem Inn. EJ wishes he could leave the DiMera mansion with Johnny but he cannot, due to legal complications and problems with fatha. He fills Nicole in on the cocktail party. He cannot figure out why Stefano was trying to win over everyone there, except for John. Nicole complains about her lot in life. EJ suggests she leave Salem for a remote tropical paradise. She replies she does not want to, cos she would have no one to share
it with. They smile at each other. EJ says there is nothing more in the world he would love than to run away to a deserted island with her if only he could. He hopes they will be able to explore their feelings for each other somehow. He suggests they begin with a date. He would start with an early drink, after that, lobster dinner, then a romantic moonlight stroll on the water. She deserves to be treated like a lady.
He would walk her to the door and cap the date with a kiss and
promise to call the next day. Nicole starts to cry. She walks away.
EJ follows. She thinks he is not ready to move on for real. Sami
would need to be out of the picture. EJ reminds her that Johnny has
to take precedence until he grows up so Sami will be in that picture. Nicole respects that. She would have no problem sharing him with Johnny, just Sami. They sit back down. EJ wants her to give a little
so they have a chance. Nicole will be flexible, if Sami does the same. She smiles. And when is he gonna ask her out?
- Outside, Kate coughs. Phil comes up and he is concerned. Kate acts flippant. He calls her assistant Chris and tells him to clear the diva’s schedule for the day. They are going to the hospital!
- At the hospital, Daniel rushes in. He has been called to testify at Lexie's board hearing. He tells a nervous Lexie he was summoned in the last minute. Lexie nervously looks thru her files. Dan feels it is a positive thing, considering his high opinion of her. Lexie fears she has enemies and she has indeed fallen behind on some of her duties. Dan reassures her. Enter diva Julie, who informs Lexie she is on her side! They head off  for the hearing. Victor is in attendance. Mickey is
there as well. Julie, Victor, and Mickey are all supportive of Lexie. However, head gal Eleanor is hard on Lexie and complains there was no fundraiser this year. Why did she not contact the fundraising committee? She thinks Lexie is unqualified.
- At the police station,Abe laments to Roman about the board meeting. Stefano comes into the conversation. Abe vows to nail him! Roman promises his support. Abe leaves. When he returns, Roman tells him
he just got a call from the mayor, who is on his way to meet them.. Mayor Marino sweeps in. The slick dude claims they have a serious problem there is no easy way to make go away. He glances at Abe. There is an op-ed piece in today’s paper criticizing the dept's tepid response to the hospital situation. This is not the first time he has gotten complaints about the Salem P.D. They did not even contact Homeland Security. What if it had been a terrorist attack? Abe
blames the mayor for letting Stefano walk. The mayor replies there
is no evidence that the phoenix was involved. He comes down on the Salem P.D. They need to decide who was to blame, seeing as groups and City Hall are breathing down his neck. The mayor seems to want
a fall guy! Abe is mad and accuses him of scapegoating. Abe is madder still when the mayor accuses him of doing a half-hearted job. He implies Stefano bribed the good mayor. Roman grins. The mayor is smoothly indignant. He has heard enough. Abe now regrets he ever voted for him. The mayor gives him a final warning. Abe says he does not want to work for a corrupt City Hall, he will get Stefano on his own. Roman tries to intervene but Abe whips out his badge, puts it on the desk, announcing "I quit!" and walks out.
- Phil and Kate arrive at the hospital. It is Kayla's day off. Dr. Dan happens along and he has time. Phil does not want Kate near the doc. Dan advises him to put his opinion of him aside. Kate needs tests and x-rays. Phil relents and they discuss her cough. Dan needs Phil's help. When Kate walks back from booking her next appointment with Doc Kayla, Phil presses her to get the x-ray now. Dan seconds the motion. Kate is soon in bed, getting a check-up and tests. She admits to shortness of breath sometimes. Phil is worried. Dan is solemn. He will return soon. Phil wants to take care of Kate the way she used to care for him .. .
- Dan enters the board meeting, disagrees with head gal Eleanor, and compliments Lexie. Eleanor then asks if Dan feels Theo’s autism has affected her work. Lexie answers, admitting it might have affected her performance. But not her commitment. Dan sticks up for Lexie as someone with a heart and compassion so she is the best doc the hospital could have to lead it. He goes on and on with the compliments. Later, the board deliberates. Do they keep Dr. Carver as chief of staff or let her go?
- Meanwhile, Kate is with doting son Phillip and suddenly starts to cough up blood. Phil cries out for help ...!

Wednesday September 17, 2008


At the DiMera mansion, suited EJ and John have been invited to
Stefano's cocktail party. Enter Sami in a black dress, another guest. She has returned from the police station, no thanx to Marlena or EJ! She tried calling John but did not get thru. Enter Stefano and classical music. The phoenix showed up at the station to get Sami out! EJ
wants to know what Stefano's motive was in helping Samantha. He is elusive. Sami claims she took a cab home after refusing his help. John warns him to stay away from her. Stefano is not interested in what the pawn has to say and exits to fetch champagne. No one knows what he really wants just yet. EJ requests a word with Sami. He praises her for not accepting Stefano's help. She is disappointed EJ was not there for her. He retorts he does not care how erratic she is. Stefano is soon happy to see Tony and Anna, who are suspicious. EJ asks is this all
to get them back on his side? The phoenix says yes. Tonight they will see there is someone every bit as ruthless as him. In the grand front hall, John apologizes to Sami. He would have been there had he gotten her messages. Sami marvels that new John is on her side, unlike EJ. John replies she is a good mom. He also feels she is the only one who gets him and warns her to stay away from Stefano. He will be the one to stop the phoenix! They rejoin the rest of the macabre party ...
- At the Carver residence, Lexie has received an engraved invitation. Theo is asleep. Abe senses something. She tells Abe about Theo's behavior at the pub. She is sad for him. He points out Harvard has made some breakthroughs in research. Theo's therapy will help. Lexie feels there is too much stress for them to be useful to their son. It is
too much to keep up with. Abe tries to comfort her. Lexie is anxious. Abe does not understand why the hospital review board is being hard on her. He hopes it has nothing to do with the lockdown orchestrated by Stefano. Abe feels like tearing the phoenix apart. Lexie replies they have received an invitation to his cocktail party. Abe reads it. "Please dress for cocktails. Prepare to be amazed." Abe is curious and thinks they should go. Lexie disagrees and tears up the invite. They stay
home and have wine together. Abe is proud of his wife. They kiss. Lexie gets a call from the hospital. The board's secretary confirms
the meeting. Lexie is nervous. She has fallen behind. Abe tells her not to worry, he could take care of their family if needed  ...
- Back at DiMera mansion, Stefano makes a speech to his guests. None of them will ever forget tonight, the beginning of reuniting a family which was torn apart  by someone's criminal actions. The
guests grow impatient. Enter Marlena. Stefano purrs her timing is impeccable. She says she received a message from John. Stefano was responsible for the ruse, he explains, as she is the guest of honor and he had to get her there! He offers her champagne. She does not intend to stay. Tony and Anna have had enough. EJ agrees. Stefano insists they remain to see and hear why Marlena and her black heart have been summoned. It is time their families know the truth, what she is capable of. Marlena walks out of the room. John asks her to return. Marlena is dismayed. She did put him in a coma, he is right. John is
on her side, as she injected Stefano for taking away her husband so he got what he deserved! Furthermore, he would kill anyone who would hurt her like that again. Marlena sheds a tear as she remembers that John is right. John then tells Blondie she should feel empowered about having taken matters into her own hands. He can see why he was so
in love with her in the past. Meanwhile, Stefano rants that Dr. Evans put him in the coma. The guests are doubtful. Marlena returns and admits it is all true. She injected him with the coma-inducing toxin and given the chance to do it again, she just might! Anna is shocked. Sami defends her mother. Stefano accuses his former queen of the night of playing god. Blondie explains she is not proud, yet she knew he had to be stopped before he hurt another! The phoenix calls it torture. Sami says he deserved it and she is proud of her mother. The phoenix understands her defense of her mother. He is more interested in his son's view. However, they have no sympathy for him. Stefano stares. "This is the final insult. I am through with both of you. As of this moment, I put you on notice, Vengeance will be mine!" John retorts that he is hereby putting the phoenix on notice! John then meets alone with his brother. Tony and EJ believe they will have to do something. Sami offers Marlena her full support. Marlena is sorry she was so hard on her at the police station. Sami promises to be less impulsive. At the meeting of John and Stefano, the pawn states he wants him to stay away from Marlena and not breathe a word of what she did. Cigar smoking Stefano insists she will pay. John announces that this means war and walks out! The phoenix laughs and pours himself a brandy as EJ and Tony re-enter. He is putting all his ducks in a row!
John heads for Blondie. Exit Sami. John is proud of Marlena. He is ready for the phoenix and will protect her as long as he is alive ...!

Tuesday September 16, 2008


Anna walks by Stefano's room. Classical music and drinks are the order of the day. He would like a word. Anna is uncomfortable. Stefano wishes to show her pictures of Anthony, from boyhood
and school. Stefano kept a close watch on him, from a distance. He had high hopes for him. But Anthony has betrayed the family. "For that, he will pay." Exit Anna, after telling Stefano she is nobody's messenger. Empty threats are old. He claims they are not empty.
His children have disgraced him.
- At the hospital Hope asks Kayla to go with her to the Bluenote, to catch up. Ladies night. Kayla reluctantly agrees to go with her shortly. Steve and Bo are at the Cheatin Heart. The gals discus Bo and Steve being angry at Stefano.
- At the pub are Lexie and Theo. She meets his old playmate and mom, who miss Theo. The woman tells her the Bensons have a child in the same predicament. She will give Lexie Mrs. Benson's contact details. Still at the pub, angry EJ tells Nicole not to play innocent. He knows she called the cops on Sami. She thinks he is not helping Sami by cleaning up after her mistakes. EJ, however, vows to protect the mother of his child. Nicole says Sami needs to learn from making mistakes. She goes over her breaking the law, etc. EJ admits she is
out of control.  Nicole leaves the table. EJ goes to sit with Lexie.
Dan sidles up to Nicole at the bar and they start drinking together. They talk. Nicole confesses she is in Salem cos of a guy. Not going well. She then holds her stomach and excuses herself for a moment! Meanwhile, EJ joins Theo and stressed Lexie. Theo throws a spoon and takes a tantrum. EJ is sorry and offers to help if there is anything he can do. Lexie asks about Johnny and Sami. EJ tells her the latest on Sami's Horton cabin escapade. If she continues this way, it spells trouble. He is worried. Lexie hopes he will find another woman. Is he still in love with Sami? She tells him she has encouraged Nicole so he would stop chasing after Sami. The lesser of two evils! EJ later plays with Theo. Lexie is impressed. The lad likes his Uncle EJ. EJ heads
off to put Johnny to bed.
- Nicole returns to Dan, who tells her she should get her upset tummy tested. She disagrees and asks him about himself. He says he is in Salem cos of a girl. Is he in love? He says yes. What's the problem? They hit a roadblock, she went to France. Nicole realizes it is Chelsea. They continue drinking and discussing.
- At the police station, Sami deals with Roman. She does not appear
to understand what she did was wrong. Roman advises her to respect the court order. She says no. Marlena says well then Lucas will get custody. Sami bickers. Marlena calls her a spoiled brat. She needs to grow up! Think of her kids. Roman has a moment with Marlena. He wonders if she was hard on her. Marlena calls Sami spoiled, selfish, a manipulator. They need to make sure she changes so her kids don't learn the behavior. Roman later tells Sami the judge knows what she did so he just gave Lucas an extension on his time with Aly. Sami is enraged!
- Marlena joins Kayla and Hope at the hospital. Kayla goes off to get changed. Hope assures Marlena they're working on getting Stefano. Marlena decides to come clean to Hope. She knows Stefano was
trying to pay her back for what she did to him! Kayla returns. Hope is shocked Marlena was responsible for his coma and drugging. But understanding. The three gals vow that they will be ready for Stefano next time he comes after them, there is no telling what he will do.
- At the police station, Stefano sudenly appears, offering Sami his assistance. Sami tells him to go to Hell. The phoenix is most amused,
but is clearly up to something ...

Monday September 15, 2008


Outside the  pub, Nicole looks in through the window, relieved Trent
is gone. Phil walks up and asks who she is spying on. She says no one and she intends to go have a drink inside. Phil announces he will join her. Nicole is in no mood for company, but he insists they drown their sorrows together. Once in the pub, he wonders if her mood is cos of EJ. She admits what she saw on the hospital monitor made her mad
as heck, and then starts to tell Phil about her kill Sami fantasy ...
Fade to black and white.
- It is the black and white 1940s.  Lucas, P.I., is bored at his desk.
He hopes his wifey ain't suffering too much from the heat. He has no secretary anymore on account of his lack of clients. Meanwhile, tart Sami and EJ get it on in the sack. She compliments Junior on his technique. The naughty pair, as it turns out, are married -  she to Lucas, he to Nicole.  All of a sudden they hear a sound. Sami hides
in the closet. Enter Junior's wife Nicole, who has just returned from a walk. She flirts with hubby and says he had better be true. Her daddy has a big bank account. Gigolo Junior oozes charm. Nicole steps out
of the room to get ice. Junior ushers Sami out. One of her earrings
falls on the floor. Nicole later finds it!
- Sami shows up at her hubby P.I. Lucas' office. He says they have no money. She says they can sell her earrings.  She reaches up to remove them but one is missing! Lucas suggests they retrace her steps. She is elusive about her earlier whereabouts.
- At the nightclub, unhappy Chloe sits by herself. Phil slides up and offers to help if something is bothering her. She has no money. Phil smoothly tells her he's the boss at the club and it just so happens there are a few jobs available. Chloe says she can sing. He wants a performance. She obliges and he offers her a job at his club. She accepts. He has one condition. He wants her to get all dolled up ....
- Nicole sweeps into the P.I. office. Lucas is now alone. She wants to hire him. They agree on a price. She wants him to find the tart that her husband's been fooling around with. Does she have any clues? She hands him Sami's earring!  The tart left it in her husband's bedroom. Lucas solves the case. That tart just happens to be his wife! Later on, Lucas is alone, checking out his pistol. Enter ex-secretary Chloe, all dolled up. She is in love with him and says if he needs help, she can give him some money. Lucas doesn't accept cash from dames. And he is not about to leave his missus. Enter client Nicole, ready to go on a stakeout with P.I. Lucas. Exit Chloe, who goes back to her new job
at the club. Meanwhile, Junior and Sami are at the nightclub together. Enter Lucas and Nicole, who see them as Chloe the sultry songbird belts out a song in the background.
- Back to reality, Phil wants to know if Lucas will confront Sami about the affair. Nicole says she will need another drink to tell him so Phil obliges! He is enjoying her fantasy and appreciates being included.
Fade to black and white.
- The next day, Sami returns to Lucas' P.I. office, having been out all night. He tells her the jig is up. He is on to her. She retorts she is leaving him for Junior and gives him back her wedding ring.  At the same time, EJ tells Nicole he is packing for a business trip, and when he gets back, they will be through. She tells him he ain't going anywhere but he leaves anyhow!
- Back to reality, Phil compliments Nicole on her vivid imagination. She smiles and continues.
Fade to black and white.
- When Sami arrives looking for EJ, she encounters Nicole. They argue, struggle, and Nicole finally holds a pillow over her face till she stops moving. Nicole summons P.I. Lucas and comes clean about offing his missus. Lucas says he will not help her but gives her his untraceable gun, just in case she needs it. Meanwhile Chloe has quit her job at the club. She wants to be with Lucas! She returns to his dingy office, where he finds her. He is the only fella for her! 
- At the now empty club, Nicole joins EJ and fesses up about killing
his latest tramp and dumping her in the trash. EJ gives her the brush off. She pulls the gun. If she cannot have him, she will kill him and then herself. EJ's approach changes. He gets the gun from her and leaves it at the bar. They must leave town. Nicole agrees. They rush out of the club. Back at home packing, they prepare to flee but Roman and Abe are soon at the door, there to arrest Nicole for the murder of Samantha Horton! Nicole is led away in handcuffs. She begs EJ to
wait for her. He says nope. The cops say she is gonna get the electric chair! Once alone, EJ counts all his cash. THE END.
- Back to reality, Phil wants to know how the cops found out. Nicole says Lucas told them she had killed Sami. Phil thanks her for the fun story and then exits. Nicole remains and hopes EJ will soon come to
his senses. All of a sudden, an angry EJ sits at her table. He knows what she has done to Samantha and he is not amused ...!
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