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Friday, March 20, 2009
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At the church, the DiMera family are gathered and await Tony the Terrible's reply. Tick tock! Nicole flashes back to his revelation that he knows her secret. Tony now coyly asks the priest to repeat the question. He does. Tony considers. "Of course, I am ready to do whatever is necessary," the Count purrs. He then has the baby in his arms. Moments later, Nicole collapses in a faint, only to be caught by Elvis. Nicole is placed on a chair and wakes up, stating she is just
fine. And no, she will not go to the hospital! Elvis and Stefano try to talk some sense into her. Nicole says she will scream if they do not stop telling her what to do. She now jumps up. "What the hell is she doing holding my baby!" she exclaims upon seeing Sami with Syd. She takes her back and insists the christening continue. It does. Sami appears stressed.
- Meanwhile, Mia enters the church hall, seeking salvation. She prays to a statue of the Virgin Mary. "Please look after my baby," she cries. "Help me stop thinking I've made the worst mistake of my life." She lights a candle.
- At the pub, juvenile Will laments to Caroline that girls are "weird." He goes to look for the girl who bailed, then returns unhappily alone. He tells Caroline that this girl was different. He liked her direct manner, but why did she take off like that? Hopefully nothing bad happened. He does not have her phone number or even her name.
- At the convent, Grace makes a fuss. Rafe thinks it is due to the
fact that she misses her mother. Sis Teresa later warns Rafe that the biological papa of Grace will have a great deal of clout if he finds out the truth. Rafe promises he will never allow the guy to find out. He confesses he fell hard for baby Grace as well as her mother. But as for those DiMeras ... "I think they're arrogant, the way they shove people around." He will not allow them to ruin Sami or Grace's life. Teresa says Rafe is like St. Joseph. She feels he is heading into some dangerous waters. Rafe wonders where Sami is. He hears a church bell ringing and departs. Teresa sighs and asks Saint Joseph to look out for Rafe. She then proceeds to do the rosary.
- Back at the church, Lexie walks into the hall when her cell rings,
and runs into Mia, who learns there is a christening. She opens the door and beholds the sight. "Oh my God. My baby." She continues
to contentedly watch, unnoticed. Sami can bear it no longer and rushes out, where Mia now stands. "Are you okay?" the tormented teen wonders. Sami is perplexed. "Who are you?" Nobody, says Mia. Sami gasps and puts on her coat. She was just emotional. Mia calls the baby beautiful. Sami readily agrees. Why, she is in fact the most beautiful baby she has ever seen. Sami lights a candle.
Inside, the priest reminds EJ and Nicole to follow the faith of the church and reject sin. Sydney is officially christened. They say the lord's prayer.
Sami and Mia uncomfortably depart, both regretting they came.
- Later at DiMera mansion, Stefano and EJ lord over the baby.
Nicole stands with her arms crossed as Tony lurks nearby. Tony recalls a scene from the Godfather. He cackles he wants Nicole to know they are not like that family. Champagne is handed out. Count Tony proposes a toast after Nicole refuses her sparkling water. "To Nicole. For everything she has gone to," he leers. Nicole looks pale and sits down. Lexie advises her to rest and eat more. Nicole smiles about the service and joyfully glances at EJ with baby Syd. She and Lexie talk motherhood. They would do anything to keep their babies safe. Lexie tells her of the girl in the vestibule who complimented
Syd and watched the ceremony as if she was her baby. Nicole asks for a description. Blonde, teenaged. Nicole excuses herself and
storms over to Tony, who is looking at his reflection in the grand
front mirror. They need to talk! She asks how much he wants to
keep his silence. However, he does not have a price. "You don't
have anything I want. Anything at all!"
- Back at the pub, junk food junkie Will says the food in Switzerland was bad, not like the pub burgers and fries. He and Caroline now talk Lucas and Chloe. Will thinks them getting married is not his business. And how is Sami? Will complains he sees her rarely and when he does, she appears distracted. He has that old feeling "That she's in trouble - again!" Carline pries. Enter Mia, who left her keys there.
Will introduces her to Caroline. Mia smiles. "I like your place, the pub."  Good atmosphere. Will asks why she took off earlier. Caroline leaves to re-warm their plates. Will now tells her he does not require an explanation. They introduce themselves. Will gets her a soda and notes she seems a private person. Caroline laves the burgers on the table. Mia apologizes she cannot pay. Caroline quips of course she
will not pay, for she is Will's guest! Mia becomes uncomfortable and starts to leave. Will says she is "kind of a jerk," then apologizes. His grandma was not giving her charity, as she appears to have thought. Mia is adamant she has to go. He will wrap up her burger for her.
She thanx him.
- Outside, Sami and Rafe meet and hug. She sadly says she went to the christening of EJ and Nicole's daughter. They sit on a bench and Sami gasps how she came to be invited. Rafe seems to get jealous
and then angry that she was subjected to the dangerous DiMeras. Sami becomes emotional about Grace, that she is not doing enough for her. She must bring her home! No, says he. She must wait. "For Grace’s sake." He lectures her for socializing at all with the DiMeras, who could take Grace from her down the line. Sami gets angry.
Rafe points out her lies could be brought before a judge. They need
to wait until they know for sure that EJ does not suspect she had his baby. Rafe does not like to see Sami unhappy. When they bring
Grace home, it will be for good, he promises. His cell rings so he walks away to answer it. Sami thanks him. All of a sudden, her cell rings. Tis EJ. Johnny has an ear infection. Sami rushes to the rescue. When Rafe's call is over, he turns around. "Sami?" No one is there!
- Back at DiMera mansion, all are smiles as Lexie leaves.Stefano was pleased to have his children together. EJ teases him about renouncing Satan. Meanwhile, Tony informs Nicole he is not certain what he wants. Perhaps revenge, though not against her. He denounces Stefano. Nicole suddenly worries what Tony will do to her family. Now enter Sami, looking for EJ, as she is there for her son. Sami walks into the living room. Stefano says a few niceties and excuses himself.
- Nicole is still with Tony in the front hall and wonders why he did
not reveal her secret at the church. "Timing is everything, Nicole," purrs the Count. "Might as well use it to my advantage." Nicole wants more specifics. Tony loses his cool. The truth will eventually come out, but if Nicole cannot get over the suspense, he will do it now!
- Alone in the living room, Sami and EJ look at each other. She is miffed he has been having a fun day while her son is sick. When he goes to fetch Johnny, Sami impulsively calls Sister Teresa, who informs her Grace is unwell. Sami blurts out she is coming to get Grace, in that case. "I'm bringing my baby home!" Elvis walks up behind her. "What do you mean, bringing my baby home ...?"

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Lucas yells “What the hell are you doing here!” Kate replies “I would think that would be obvious. I’m here for the wedding.”
“She could really use someone she could trust right now,” Rafe tells Brady, who remarks “She’s still in trouble, isn’t she.”
“I’ve decided to adopt a baby,” Sami informs the shocked DiMeras.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


At the convent, Rafe is on his cell, confirming an apartment in the
best part of Salem as his new digs. Enter Sister Agnes, all smiles.
She knows him ever so well from the past. She now talks Sami.
"You really care for this girl, don't you?" Rafe admits he does and
he is sticking around as Sami needs him. The nun is not surprised. "This will not be the first time you have made a sacrifice on behalf
of a woman!" Rafe explains Sami is like no one else and this will be different. Sister Agnes warns him he is limiting his options in Salem. She only wishes what is best for him. Should he not make certain this woman wants him to make such a sacrifice for her? "She needs me," states the Rafester. And what happened before will never happen again. This is different. He picks up Grace. The nun recalls what a challenge Rafe was when he used to live there. "I still see a trace of that rebellious teenager," she chuckles. He insists he is doing okay. Grace starts to cry. Rafe comforts her and says he is no longer crazy and defiant since he met Sami. "She changed me." And she is a beautiful person. The nun notes she must be the one!
- At the church, EJ is moved by seeing Sami hold Sydney. He wishes for her to be part of Sydney's life, the same way Nicole is part of Johnny's life. The way Syd falls asleep reminds Sami of Johnny.
She returns her to the carriage. EJ wants her to know that despite
their differences, she has had a profound influence on his life. Sami wonders. "For the better?" EJ nods thoughtfully. "Definitely." They both agree they wish only happiness for each other. Poignant piano music is heard. Sami points out she will never trust Nicole. EJ
remarks she seems to have found someone. Sami calls Rafe her friend, the one who saved her life. "I am beholden to him." She also
has feelings for him, but this convo is making her uncomfortable. EJ agrees to drop it. He wants her to have a happy life. She thanks him.
- Elsewhere, replay of Tony’s accusations. Nicole looks horrified, then regains her composure. She pretends she does not understand. He threatens to expose her secret to EJ. He has got her number and must now share this information with everyone concerned. "After
all," sighs the Count, "I do have to live with myself." She calls him a bastard. Tony will not let up. "We are talking about an innocent child here." And how she has lied! She retorts he is no longer welcome there. "Get out!" she says between clenched teeth. Tony warns her the truth will come out. "That baby is mine," she whispers. Tony believes that genetically, biologically, legally, that baby actually belongs to sweet Mia. Nicole anxiously insists she knows no one called Mia. Tony brings up the girl she brought to the house. T'was Mia. She came by again and opened up to him. "About you, dear,
and of course about her lovely daughter as well. The one you're
trying to pass off as your own," finishes Tony. Nicole claims Mia is
not sane. She lies she is bipolar, on medication. Tony looks doubtful and calls her bluff. In that case, perhaps they ought to inform EJ and fatha ...
- At the house of Kiriakis, Steph tells Brady why Phil has gone after Tony DiMera. "This is bad," says he. Nervous Steph talks a mile a minute and admits she is freaking out. Brady announces they must find the prodigal son pronto!
- At DiMera mansion, Phil is interrupted by the new butler, who orders him to leave. Phil refuses. He eventually realizes Tony is not present and storms off. He will find Tony himself!
- At the pier, Will asks Mia if she is okay. She tells him to go away. He points out his uncle is the cop commissioner, in case she needs help. No answer. He starts to leave. She stops him. "It's been one of those days." He invites her for a bite to eat. She says she shouldn't. He adds he will be at the Brady pub, should she change her mind.
She smiles.
- At the pub, Lexie is wearing a beautiful red dress for the DiMera baby christening, seated with Theo, who is drinking orange juice. Enter Stefano. He is on his way back to the church. Lexie laments
her sitter has canceled. The phoenix offers to have maid Mary watch little Theo at the mansion. Lexie's eyes flicker. He starts to assure
her all will be well. Lexie agrees. She will talk to Theo about staying close to Mary, to avoid a repeat of what happened the last time. Stefano walks off to make the necessary call. Lexie reminds Theo
not to play on the stairs. He is so precious to her.
- Later at the church, as Tony taunts that they ought to inform
EJ and Stefano about the insane Miss Mia, both Stefano and Lexie appear. Tony smiles at Nicole. "Will you do the honors or shall I?" Stefano wonders if Nicole has something to tell him. Nicole answers she is just happy he came and sincerely hopes they can put their differences aside. Stefano would like nothing more. He thanks her
for the beautiful grandchild. Nicole gets teary-eyed. The phoenix and Lexie walk off to say hello to Father Matt. Tony is cynical about Nicole's performance and continues to taunt her. "Life is so interesting." And it can change so quickly! She asks what he is going to do. "Wouldn't you like to know," leers the Count. Enter Elvis. Nicole pretends they were just discussing the baby. He whisks his beloved into the church. Alone with his thoughts, Tony ponders. As soon as EJ finds out the truth about Nicole’s duplicity, her nightmare will certainly begin!
- At the Cheatin Heart, Phil drowns his sorrows and curses the DiMeras. Brady and Steph arrive. Phil refuses to listen to Brady
about getting Vic involved. He himself will get those plans back from Tony DiMera or "crush that bastard!" Cautious Brady is against him going after Tony. Phil states he will simply reason with him. Brady advises him not to crash the christening and he has a suggestion.
He has inside information that Tony is on the outs with the family. They should make him an offer he cannot refuse!
- Back at the pub, Bo greets Will, glad to see him. He asks about school. Will admits he has no friends just yet, but he does fine on his own. Enter Mia. Will stares. "Someone you know?" wonders Bo. Yes, says Will, though not from school. Bo says he will catch him later and has a seat. Will offers Mia something to eat and drink. His grandma runs the place. Mia likes it at the pub. She will have a beverage and whatever he is having. "Burger and fries," he grins and heads to the kitchen. They soon sit together and discuss their lives.
He was in Switzerland for a year. Where is she from? Mia pauses, then changes the subject back to Switzerland. Will confides he had
felt homesick there. She asks about his folks and his family. When he talks about the twins, Mia drops something. Bo glances over. Mia wonders who that is. Will's Uncle Bo, "the commiss." Will excuses himself to get some fries. Mia suddenly flashes back to childbirth and rushes outside. Will returns with his fries. Where did the girl go? Bo replies she took off. Will is baffled.
- Outside, heartbroken Mia sits on a bench and vows she will somehow find a way to see her baby, whom she misses so much ....
- Back at Kiriakis mansion, enter Steph and Phil. Steph tells him he has to be smart and she is pleased he has agreed to do it Brady's
way. Steph heads for the kitchen. Once alone, Phil thinks he will still move on to plan B if Tony does not take the bait!
- Back at the church, the christening gets underway with Father Matt presiding. The priest asks the godparents to step forward. Lexie and Tony do just that. Nicole must now hand the baby to Lexie. The godmother is asked if she is prepared to uphold her duties as a godparent. She agrees. Father Matt then asks the same of Tony, if
he is prepared to uphold his godfatherly duties. Pause. The Count smiles like a Cheshire cat, his eyes dangerously dark, as EJ awaits
his answer and Nicole nervously watches …

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"I can't believe she would just leave. Do you think something happened?" worries Will.
"Help me stop thinking I've made the worst mistake of my life,"
Mia prays to a statue of the Virgin Mary.
"I have to go get her and bring her home!" Sami exclaims.
"Your situation," Tony leers to Nicole, “Is a lot more serious than
you think!"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


At the Kiriakis mansion, Phil is on the phone, barking orders about having the fuels project recreated. Enter Steph, who reminds him it is gone so he should not make himself crazy over it. Phil laments the project is indeed gone and Vic thinks he failed. "To hell with him then!" snaps Steph. She criticizes the Greek tycoon for being tough
on him. Phil claims he does not really care what he thinks but he will prove to Vic that he is a winner. Steph, however, only cares about
the cute and sincere Phil who is human, that is who she fell in love with. They kiss. "That Phillip isn't enough for me. Never will be,"
the prodigal, power hungry son informs her.
- At the DiMera mansion front door, Mel catches up with Tony. She wants more money. The Count simply cannot until things are up and running. She will give half to her brother and where is her contract? Tony chuckles. The lawyers are working on it. He appreciates her trust but he cannot reward her until the project is up and running.
Mel accuses him of lying like EJ. Tony states the greed in her eyes ruins her lovely smile. He will discuss with her in a couple of weeks, after she calms down. Tony then repeats he does have a christening
to attend and goes inside, closing the door.
- At the Cheatin Heart, mad Max realizes the blueprints were stolen
by sister Melanie. He calls her and angrily summons her. "Oh oh," says she. Later she cries a river as Max lectures her. "It's over," she says glumly, "Everything." She hands Max the check for 10 grand
and he is not impressed. Who did she sell it to? "Tony DiMera," she sniffs. "I got ripped off all three times." She has no contract from Tony either and sniffs about losing to the big boys, only to end up
the biggest loser. Max is equally miffed about her stealing the blueprints. She cries she had only that project to make something of herself but she screwed it up. Now all they have is a check. Max
gives it back to her. Mel pauses as an idea comes to her. She can do something after all! She places a call to Phil to tell him she knows where he can find a copy of the blueprints. Does he want a second chance? "Get over here," says he. Mel promises to be careful with
the dangerous Tony DiMera as Max tries unsuccessfully to talk her out of this, and excitedly departs ...
- Inside DiMera mansion, Brady tells Nicole he got thru to Phil, who will not bother her anymore. They hug. Enter EJ, not pleased to see him there. Nicole explains she has invited him as a friend to the christening. EJ calls it a family affair. She points out it is not a family affair if Sami will be there. Exit Brady. EJ chews out Nicole for spending time with Brady when he ordered her not to, not to mention the christening invite. Nicole complains about Sami's invite. EJ points out she is Johnny's mother and accuses Nicole of playing tit for tat. Syd cries so Nicole picks her up and shows her to daddy. Today is about celebrating, after all. Enter the delighted phoenix and Tony. Brady returns. Stefano explains what it means to christen a DiMera child. The naming and claiming of the child. He tells Syd "You are a DiMera. Now and forever more!" Brady looks on disapprovingly.
- At the pub, Will wonders why Sami is going to the christening for Nicole's baby. She hates Nicole. "And why would you wanna hang out with someone you hate?" Sami sits down. That baby is Johnny's half sister. Will notes Sami acts strangely around Sydney. She claims she wishes to make peace with EJ. Bull, says Will. Sami admits she has been acting odd of late, as she has been thru a great deal. All that matters if she loves Will and Johnny and Aly. And no matter what happens in the future, she will always love him. Will understands and he loves his mom, too. "Can we go?" he finishes. Sami now thinks
she should not attend, but Will wants her along ...
- Mia's plane is about to land in Chicago and she looks like a girl on a mission.
- At the church, Nicole, EJ, and Syd arrive. EJ steps away and Nicole has a wistful moment over Mia's baby. Sami then arrives. The two
try to get along. Sami is surprised to hear Nicole wants her there. Nicole elaborates. She wants Sami to see "that EJ and I are a family." She insists they will live happily ever after and she intends to make sure no one ever pulls her family apart. "Have I made myself clear?" Yes, says Sami, and she explains she indeed has her own life and had no intention of tearing her family apart. She has her own issues to worry about. Nicole wonders what she is afraid of. Enter Will. EJ returns. Sami asks where Johnny is. Nicole says he is at home with
a slight fever. Sami is displeased she was not informed of it. EJ, Nicole, and Syd leave to meet with Father Matt. Will thinks they should split, seeing as Johnny is not present. Sami agrees, yet first she would like to say a prayer. In the church, Sami is joined by Nicole, who says she will show her Syd's christening gown. She goes out to get it and runs into Brady in the hall. He has decided not to stay, to avoid stirring things up with EJ. Nicole thinks he helped make this day happen so he should stay. He wishes her happiness and promises he will be there in spirit. They hug on it.
- Meanwhile, Mia shows up at DiMera mansion, the grand front door opened by Count Tony. "Is Nicole here?" Tony replies in the negative. How is the baby? Is the baby with her? Yes, says Tony.
Mia thanx him and is about to leave when Tony recognizes her as the pregnant girl from the youth center. He smiles and they introduce themselves. Will Nicole be back soon? No. "By the way, how's your baby?" Mia looks down. Tony is sorry. Did something happen to her child? "I gave her away," she clarifies. Tony pries. Did she too have
a daughter? Mia excuses herself and asks him not to tell Nicole she was there. Count Tony wonders why as he starts to connect the dots. Was Nicole not her mentor? Mia admits she was, helped her after the baby came so she could dance in Japan, but it did not work out.
Tony perceives she is upset. He is willing to listen. Did Nicole help
her find a mother for her child? Is that why she came to see her? "In
a way," the teen stammers. Tony understands. She misses her baby. Mia then drops a bomb. "Is she here? Sydney." Tony is stunned.
Mia unburdens her young soul. "Nicole lost her baby. I gave her mine." Tony shakes his head in disbelief.
- Back at Kiriakis mansion, Phil tells doubtful Steph about Melanie's revelation. Steph is miffed and warns him not to trust her. Mel soon arrives and does biz with Phil as Steph angrily watches. Mel's new conditions are as follows. If Phil gets a copy of the blueprints thanks to what she has told him, then she gets her job back at Titan as well as the profits she was promised. Smart Mel had a lawyer help her
with a contract. Phil considers. He sternly agrees. This puts her right back where she started. Mel admits she is older and wiser. She tells him Nick hid a copy of the blueprints. Steph refuses to listen but Phil does. Where is said copy? It was at a safe at the Cheatin Heart but they ended up stolen. By whom? Tony DiMera. Steph calls it a far stretch. Mel elaborates on what happened. He made her an offer and convinced her to accept it immediately. Phil tells her they are done after he takes it all in. Exit Mel. Phil pauses. "Tony DiMera. Who would have guessed. He could be the answer to everything." Phil is incensed and, against Steph's wishes, leaves to take matters into his own hands. Steph then summons Brady to the mansion. She could
not stop Phil, he just took off to find Tony DiMera and she does not know what he will do to him!
- Will heads for the pier, lamenting to himself about his parents' lies. He spies Mia crying and approaches. They look at each other ...
- Back in the church, praying Sami is confused. Why does she think of Sydney so much? Enter EJ. The baby makes a mess on him so Sami takes her in her arms to give EJ a chance to clean it up.
- Elsewhere at the church, Stefano and Nicole happily look at Syd's christening gown. The phoenix's phone rings. He walks off to take
the important call. Now Nicole's cell rings. Tis Tony, who wants to know where she is. At the church. Where exactly? In the vestibule. He advises her to stay put as they must talk as soon as possible and
in private!
- Moments after Tony walks out of the mansion, Phil barges in, screaming bloody murder. He demands Tony get his ass down there now! "TONY! TONY!"
- At the church, EJ smiles as Sami holds Syd and talks to her. Seeing Samantha with her "just seems right," says he.
- Count Tony is out of breath when he arrives and joins Nicole. He
is relieved he got there before she stood and lied in front of man and God. "Sydney," he leers with an eerie smile. "Nicole, dahling, we
both know that she's not your daughta!" Nicole's eyes widen in
horror ...!

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"Where are you from? Are you from outta town?" Will asks Mia.
"I will get those damn plans back," Phil tells Steph and Brady.
"This whole thing with Sami," Rafe explains to a nun, "is different. What happened before is never gonna happen again."
"She's so happy, it's like she knows me," Sami smiles at Syd.
"That baby is mine," Nicole laments to Tony, who dangerously
warns "the truth will come out, Nicole!"


Tuesday, March 17, 2009
On the sofa at Kiriakis mansion, Phil and Steph get up close and personal. She is worried that the Greek tycoon might catch them in the act. The prodigal son, however, is nonplussed. He can deal with him. Steph admires his cockiness and they kiss again. They soon opt to watch TV, which holds little interest. The pair go at it again. All
of a sudden the lights come on, only to reveal the Greek tycoon himself! They look uncomfortable. Vic smiles, excuses himself, and turns the lights back off.
- On her cell, Mel makes an appointment with Count Tony to swap blueprints for cash - tonight. "You just have my check waiting," coos she.
- At the Cheatin Heart, Brady with green tea and Bo with green beer catch up. Tis St. Paddy’s Day in Salem! They toast to it. Brady then talks Titan. He laments about the file destroying worm, which Victor has not been informed of. Matter of fact, Bo has not heard of it until now either! He suspects the DiMeras. Bartender Max happens by, worried they think Mel might have been involved. Enter Miss Mel, right on cue. "What have I done now?" she says sarcastically. Commissioner Bo has some questions. She refers to the fact that she lost more than anybody. After all, her fuels project was destroyed.
Bo asks if she has had contact wit the DiMeras. Only EJ, who pulled his offer. Brady hopefully asks Max if he has any docs that would help them reconstruct the lost project. Bo echoes the thought. Max fibs he does not think so. Bo and Brady excuse themselves. Time to contact the Greek tycoon so they can get a statement and hand the matter over to the feds. Exit Bo and Brady. Max admits to Mel he does in fact have some docs. She says she agrees they should stay in the safe. Max advises her that whatever she has up her sleeve,
"Don't do it." She brings up all the money they could have. He states he is fine the way things are. She thinks that he should check the important docs are still in the safe. He will. "The minute you leave." Exit smilin Mel. Max considers and turns to the safe. He unlocks it as Mel's left behind cell captures the moment on film! Moments later, Mel returns, complaining her car will not start. She hands Max the keys and he heads out to fix it. Mel then checks her cell's recording and heads for the safe, which she promptly opens! She then places
the blueprints in her bag, and sits down. Enter Max, who has fixed
the flooded engine. Mel suggests they have a drink and a toast. "To our future."
- The plane to Vegas seems to have landed and Kate is in a hurry to beat her neighbor to the exit but the flight attendant is not ready to let anyone stand up yet. Annoyed Kate now examines the list of possible chapels where Lucas and Chloe might have gone to tie the knot. Her neighbor wonders why she wishes to stop the wedding of her son. Is his girl such a baddie? "If he loves her ..." Kate insists he does not know her, calls Chloe a string of names, and also accuses her of driving her first husband to become a drug addict. She then
telephones the next chapel on her list. "Hello, Chapel on the Hill ...?"
- Meanwhile, Chloe and Lucas are at their chapel of love in Vegas, listening to a justice of the peace as he prepares to make them legally man and wife. He takes Vegas vows seriously and has a few questions. Any reason they should not be joined? Nope. He prepares the camera to record and presses the music button. Chloe remembers the deal she made with God. She blinks back to reality and forces a smile for their wedding pic. Ring ring. Tis Kate calling! She hears Lucas laughing and asks if Chloe and Lucas are there but her cell has already lost contact! The justice has the pair join hands and the ceremony gets underway. But wait! Lucas does not have the rings in his suit pocket! The justice and his wife loan them their rings. Next come the wedding vows.
- Meanwhile, Kate is still on the plane, panicking that she needs to get off!
- Back at Kiriaks mansion, raging Vic has just talked to Brady and he asks Steph to give him privacy with Phil. Bo, Brady, and Vic soon face Phil, who gets chewed out by Vic and warned by Bo that this could become a federal matter, as could his not reporting it soon enough. Phil storms out. Vic denounces the DiMeras. "They should worry!" he growls. Bo will be in touch. He walks out and runs into Phil and Steph in the hall. He will need his list of contacts soon. Phil agrees, though he knows Mel was not involved. Steph assures Phil
she supports him. Once Phil has stepped back into Vic's living room, Bo warns Steph that Phil is not in a good place right now. In the
living room, Phil pours himself a drink and swears he will make the DiMeras crash and burn! Moments later, Vic's cell rings. He walks
out to take the call. Tis Kate with an update. She has found Lucas
and Chloe but cannot get off the plane! Vic chuckles she may be too late anyway!
- At the hospital, Dr. Dan suddenly thinks of Chloe. Along comes Hope, who is there to do her volunteer work with kids. "Hey there, detective." Hope is all smiles. And what he is he up to? She notes he looked lost when she came in. What was he thinking about? He was wondering how doing the right thing can feel so wrong! He admits it
is about a personal matter but does not wish to elaborate. Hope understands. Dan unmconfortably walks away. He has a fantasy of marrying Chloe in a romantic ceremony and then sighs in resignation. "It's never gonna happen, pal. Never." Hope happens by as he prepares to go home. She invites him for a cup of coffee to discuss whatever is bothering him. He appreciates her concern and agrees he could use the company. Pal Hope locks arms with him and they decide to go to the cafeteria. Enter Bo, who nervously observes
Hope with her arm around the doc's arm! He approaches and the
doc excuses himself. Bo pries. Hope wanted Dan to open up, as he seemed down about something. Bo gives her a look. Hope finds it insulting that he thinks of her having an affair ever time she talks to another man. He admits his vision is driving him crazy. She insists
she will never be with another man. Later, however, when Bo hugs Hope, he has a vision of her telling her mystery man that poor Bo thought she would cheat on him but she convinced him otherwise. Hope in the vision smiles slyly. "I have to say it was one of my best performances!" Bo blinks back to reality, his eyes filled with worry!
- Back at Titan, Brady and Phil argue about Melanie. Brady thinks
he should have treated her better. Phil retorts the only reason Brady
is Vice CEO is cos of Victor. He says he is always with Nicole anyway and alludes to their affair.  Brady denies it. She is marrying
a DiMera! Phil asks why Nicole let him blackmail her into getting EJ to scrap the fuels project if there is no affair to hide? Just what is the real secret? Brady states EJ dropped the project as he never wanted
it anyway, end of story.Phil growls EJ will regret crossing him! Brady advises him to let the cops handle the investigation. Phil warns him
the DiMera clan might cause him harm if he is involved with Nicole. Brady repeats there is no affair and warns Phil to lay off Nicole or he will be the one who gets hurt!
- Mel arrives on the DiMera doorstep with the blueprints. Once Tony has them in his DiMera hands, he gives her some money, states it could take months to do anything with it, says he will be in touch,
and closes the door, disappearing with the only remaining copy of the project! Mel's face falls. He did not even give her a contract.
- Kate finally arrives at the Chapel on the Hill. The justice of the peace appears to be on a break and they are temporarily closed. Kate spies the dvd and plays it. She watches Lucas and Chloe pronounced husband and wife. "No no no no no!" She then considers and seethes. "Till death do you part indeed!"
Meanwhile, Chloe and Lucas are in satin red sheets on their honeymoon in Vegas ...

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Max barks at Mel, "What the hell were you thinking! Nice goin sis! I mean, this is a new low, even for you!"
"Do not trust her," Steph implores Phil, who reples, "This is not
about trust. It's about survival."
"I will not let anyone pull my family apart," announces Nicole to Sami.
"I’m sorry," Tony murmurs to miffed Mia. "Did something happen
to your child?"

Monday, March 16, 2009


At DiMera mansion, Nicole coos at Sydney, her gift from heaven.
"You are mine in every way that matters." Enter EJ, who says hello
to his little dahling. He and Nicole discuss his meeting with Stefano. He was concerned about the fact that Syd's baptism has not been scheduled. Nicole complains he has not mentioned a schedule for the wedding! She feels his bad vibes. She adds she arranged everything
for the baptism. "Clever mommy," says Elvis. They discuss. Nicole suggests Lexie for godmom. What about the godfather? Elvis stands up. It is his turn to have Johnny so he needs to pick him up. He pauses in the doorway. And how about St. Luke's?  Enter the
phoenix. St. Luke's for the christening? "But why not the Convent
of the Holy Cross?” he taunts. Nicole’s face falls. EJ has never been there. Has she? Nicole pretends it rings a bell but she has already booked St. Luke's. EJ heads out to make a call before fetching Johnny. Stefano wonders why Nicole did not tell Elvis the truth.
She tries to change the subject. Stefano does not mince words. He knows she took a trip to that convent a few days ago! She wants to know why he had her followed. Stefano advises her to come clean "And damn fast!" She claims she was merely doing charity work,
with pregnant teens. He can ask Elvis about it. Enter EJ. Stefano reminds him about their meeting later, to discuss biz, etc. Nicole interrupts. She wants to go to the pub with him all of a sudden. Even if Sami is there. She will bring Sydney along. She now gets the baby ready. EJ walks out to get the diaper bag. "Clever girl," says Stefano. However, they are not finished and he will eventually get to the truth!
- Tony and Mel have arranged to meet outside.. It is cold. Gentleman that he is, the Count gives her his coat. She asks his pitch. Fuels prototype. And he has the means it make it happen! Mel is all ears.
He just needs the blueprint and praises the project, which could change the world. In addition, he and Miss Layton have something in common. "We have both been wronged by family." She will soon be wealthy on her own and he will have managed to extricate himself from the DiMeras. A winning team. Mel suddenly says she cannot
do it. She does not trust him. The Count laughs. He understands her wish to be cautious. He points out he is not his brotha. Mel explains she has been played already and has much at stake. Tony says he
will find another biz to invest in and starts to leave. "Tony wait!"
says she. Can he blame her for being reluctant? He suggests she give him the benefit of the doubt. She states her terms. A written contract and she remains the sole owner of the patent. He agrees but first he needs to see the blueprints. She must still have a copy somewhere,
he says breezily. Mel knows where to get one, promises to do so, and adds she will call him once she has it in her possession.
- At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate is on the phone trying to arrange a flight to Vegas. The jet will not be fixed for a few days. Enter Vic. What the hell does she wish to head to Vegas for? She will stop
Lucas and Chloe from eloping! Vic chides her for not seeing that coming. Lucas is Chloe's meal ticket. And what can she do in Vegas? Kate will tell Lucas about the affair. What then? He warns Lucas would resent her. What does he suggest she do? "Stay out of it!" sagely says the Greek tycoon. She disagrees. Vic is exasperated and warns her not to run off and make a fool of herself. "I am going to stop this wedding," insists Kate. Vic tells her he has warned her for months about that sl*t. He has a drink and tells her there are other ways to go about this. "Equally as effective." Give Lucas time to find out about the b*tch himself and he will have the marriage annulled. Kate is cynical and feels another divorce would be too much for Lucas to handle. She had hoped to borrow the Kiriakis jet. It is out
of service for a week at least, however. Kate, dismayed about flying commercial, storms off, determined as ever to stop that wedding!
- On the Vegas redeye, Chloe is a bit nervous about flying. Lucas gives her a kiss. And tonight she will be Mrs. Lucas Horton. It is her first trip to Vegas. Lucas will show her the exciting town. Chloe pauses, having a slight attack of nerves. What are they doing?! Lucas is confused. Chloe wonders if it is fair for them to do this without his mother, who had been so excited at the possibility of planning their wedding. When she finds out, she will be devastated. Lucas asks
what she wants to do. She thinks they should call Kate and invite her once they land. Lucas says this is really about them. She will get over it. Chloe now agrees. All of a sudden, they hear an announcement
that the captain has been instructed to turn the plane around and fly back to Salem! Moments later, another announcement is made. The air traffic issue has been resolved and they are continuing to Vegas!
They kiss on it.
- Outside the pub, cool Rafe finishes up his call. "Yeah, you heard
me right." No New York job for him. Various reasons. It is important for him to stay in Salem. He glances thru window and sees Sami.
He is staying in Salem for a … friend.
Inside, Sami is on her cell phone happily gasping to Sister Theresa, who has called. But the baby is crying in the background at the convent. Sami gets worried. What is wrong? She gasps she will be there soon. But wait! She cannot as EJ is coming to fetch Johnny.
Enter Rafe as Sami continues to hyperventilate. She needs a favor about Grace, who has a rash and needs ointment. Rafe agrees to get the ointment and drop it off. Sami writes up the info for him. Rafe goes off to make a call. Enter Will, surprised that she is not in a bad mood, given that Lucas and Chloe are eloping. Even Kate did not know. Will fills her in. Sami smiles and mentions the importance of Lucas being happy. She now needs to make a phone call. Will senses she is hiding something from him. Who does she have to talk to?
Sami plays innocent. Rafe saunters up. "Hey, Will. How's it goin?"
He sees the tension and excuses himself to run that errand but stops
dead in his tracks when Nicole walks in with EJ and baby carriage. Rafe flashes back to the time he pretended to be a cable guy at the mansion and Nicole pulled a gun on him. Oh oh! He then turns
around and silently slips out the back ...
Sami is glad to see Nicole has brought her baby to the pub. Will
offers to go upstairs to get Johnny. Sami, Nicole, EJ, and baby carriage are left alone. The tension in the air is thick. Sami smiles at Sydney. She then thanks EJ for letting her have Johnny for a few days. Nicole wonders how she managed to keep her sanity in the witness protection program. Why, she becomes upset if she is away from Sydney just for a minute! Sami admits it was torture. Nicole feigns sympathy and points out babies grow so fast. She picks up Sydney. Nothing could keep her away from her little princess!
Sami watches, clearly torn about the baby she has left at the convent.
Later, Nicole impatiently waits for Syd to be brought downstairs. Turns out Will took her upstairs as Caroline wanted to see her. And Johnny was not behaving. EJ tells Sami he is impressed with Will. Nicole wants to go get Sydney. She does not do well with strangers. Sami snaps Johnny is her half brother. "Your grandmother scares her," says nasty Nicole. Sami gets mad. Elvis intervenes. Enter
Father Matt. Where is the new baby? He will be performing her baptism. He assumes Sami will be there as well, given that Johnny is the brother. Sami and Nicole look uncomfortable. Elvis smoothly states Samantha is most welcome to attend. Father Matt will see
them all at St. Luke's, in that case. Exit the priest. Sami starts to say they should not feel obliged ... EJ insists she is welcome at the baptism. Nicole reluctantly agrees as they all seem to be family now. Will returns. Caroline will bring the kids down in a few minutes. Nicole tells Will they will be sure to save him a seat in the front row for the baptism. Sami forces a smile. EJ says he is certain it will be a joyously happy day, though his eyes betray his emotions. He then asks Will how school is going. Glum Will says he does not know the other kids yet. Nicole now insists on going upstairs to get her little princess. EJ follows after explaining she is a tad over-protective.
Sami rushes outside and places a call on her cell ...
- At the Cheatin Heart, Mel joins Max and makes friendly. He wonders what she wants. Um, she would need to see his copy of the blueprints. "No," says Max. Why does she want them? She will not tell him the real reason she needs them. Max gets interrupted. They are running low on cash. Max excuses himself and opens the safe to get some cash. Mel observes and sees the telltale envelope which is also in the safe. She then departs and Max wonders what she is up
to. Mel meets Tony down at the docks. She has news. She can get those blueprints after all! The Count is most pleased.
- At the convent, Rafe cradles Grace as Theresa watches. She is better now and he will tell Sami. The nun asks after Samantha. She
is okay, but her heart is breaking. Rafe's cell rings. Tis Sami, gasping she cannot take it anymore and wants her little girl now!
- Chloe and Lucas are in Vegas and happily enter a chapel of love, to be joined in holy matrimony ...
- On another Vegas redeye, Kate reads a magazine. The woman in
the next seat asks if she is headed to Vegas for business or pleasure. "Business," says Kate. "Strictly business."
- Back in Salem, Nicole, still at the pub, now has little Sydney in her arms and quietly vows she will not allow anyone to come between them. Eerie music is heard.
- Unbeknownst to her, at that very moment,  on a U.S. bound flight
is none other than Mama Mia, who has something on her mind.
"She's my baby, Nicole. Mine ..."

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"What were you thinking about?" Hope asks Dan.
"I was sort of wondering how doing the right thing can feel
so wrong," says he.
Kate tells the passenger seated next to her "I am going to stop him from getting married. "
Meanwhile, Chloe and Lucas are joined in holy matrimony!
Phil faces Brady and Vic. "You wanna watch a family crash and burn? Watch the DiMeras."
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