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On the Kiriakis terrace, Steph joins Phil and tells him she heard
what he said about keeping her in the dark. Phil patiently explains
it is to protect her and takes her hands in his blood soaked hands!
Steph gasps and wakes up in bed next to him. He wakes up, too.
What is the matter? She has had a bad dream. Phil asks what her bad dream was about. She glances at his hands. "I don't remember."
- Black widow Kate is outside on the terrace, playing with Dan's
voice on her computer until she hears it say "I love Chloe."
- Chez Maggie, Mel removes something from her bag - the half empty bottle of pills left behind at the hospital by Steph - and quietly remarks she has a real problem. Nathan enters the kitchen. What is up with the pills? Mel turns around. She puts the pills away and advises him to
mind his own business, then storms out as Maggie enters. Mad Nathan wants to know how Maggie can let her live there! He knows what she did to Nick and told her as much. Maggie raises her voice right back.
He has made some wrong and stupid conclusions! She tells him the
tale of Nick, the drug-addicted Melanie stalker, who killed Trent and then took Mel hostage. The only reason the genius felon received a
light sentence was due to the fact that courageous Mel spoke up for
him at his trial. Nathan is now remorseful.
- Later, dressed Steph is on the terrace alone. Phil walks out, sees she
is not in a good way, and offers to stay with her for the day. She asks what he was talking about with Vic last night. He quips it was boring business. She insists she is fine and that he should go to his planned appointments. Alone again, she drinks some orange juice and attempts to calm her frazzled nerves. Mel the visitor arrives. Steph is in no mood for a chat. Mel is excited as she has been accepted into nursing school. She likes to help people. Steph always thought she had a good heart. Mel asks if she still has headaches. Nothing a few aspirin cannot take care of. "Or a few of these?" Mel says seriously, holding up the bottle of pills, her eyes filled with concern. Stephanie airily says that is her prescription. Mel brings up her new car from Phil. Things seem to be getting better and better - except for her falling and hitting her head. Does she need the pills back? Steph grabs them. Mel is sympathetic. Steph admits Phil is not aware of the fact that she is taking them. Mel points out Phil loves her and would care to know. Steph, however,
does not want him to know she is not as tough as he might think. "I
got your back," says understanding Mel and departs. Steph stares uncomfortably after her.
- At the pier, Lucas and Chloe walks down the stairs, laden with shopping bags. Chloe gets down from the last stair, only to literally run into jogging Dr. Dan. They stare at each other. Dan says he is sorry
and they step apart. He cheerfully notes they have been shopping. Lucas boasts about the new house and suggests Dan come by for a visit. Dan says he cannot, at least not anytime soon, as he is busy. Lucas replies later would be fine and promises a nice meal prepared
by Chloe when the doc visits. Lucas now heads off for a breakfast
with Phil. Once Chloe is alone with the doc, she says she understands. Perhaps he could drop by when they have a few other people at the house as well. Her cell rings. Boss lady Kate needs to discuss the next show and orders her to the Java Cafe pronto. Click! Chloe, refusing to be a slave, calls her back and states she cannot make it now. Later today or another day or never! Kate pretends to accept her decision. Chloe complains Kate is more demanding by the day. Dan chuckles. Chloe must now go pick up something for Lucas from the Kiriakis mansion. Dan offers to run the errand for her so she can avoid seeing Victor. Chloe thanks him, but Vic is in St. Louis at present so she should be fine. Dan thinks Vic's attitude toward her is appalling and
has spoken to him about it. Chloe thanks him for being on her side. It always makes her feel ... Their eyes lock.
- Mel later walks along the pier. Nathan stops her in order to apologize for his mistake. He has heard the truth and is sorry "for being a jerk." She wonders what his angle is. He insists he is sincere. Mel forgives
him and they are friends again. They sit on a bench and chat. All of a sudden, he asks what kind of pills she is taking. She explains the pills belonged to her friend, who left them at the hospital so she dropped them off. He is relieved. She feels badly for her friend, as she needs
the pills to relax and does not want her fiance to know. Nathan thinks that sounds bad.
- Elegant Nicole answers the door at DiMera mansion. 'Tis Rafe, there to say he is sorry. She shows him into the living room and smiles at
Syd in her playpen. Syd gurgles. Rafe explains himself. He feels badly about interrogating her at Grace's grave, but her crying at the cemetery was out of the ordinary. Grace was not hers. She points out again that Grace was the half-sister of Sydney. He apologizes again and covers
by adding his suspicious nature must be due to his law enforcement background. Nicole admits she too is suspicious and would now like to know the real reason for his visit. Eerie music is heard. Rafe claims he wants to drop off Johnny's fav book. Nicole worries that Sami may have given up on her fight to reclaim him. Rafe alludes to the fact that Johnny will be there temporarily and saunters to the door, only to turn back and casually add he ran into someone she knows - Mia. Nicole forces a strained smile. Rafe says she is friend of Will's. How does Nicole know her? Nicole claims she was a troubled teen at a center where she volunteered. Rafe calls her a drug addict. "No, that is not true!" Nicole retorts as Rafe gives her the evil eye. What does she mean? Mia admitted it to him yesterday! Nicole says she went to rehab and is no longer an addict. He asks if she attends meetings with her.
He is not sure she is who she claims to be and therefore would like the number of that teen centre, to check for information.
- At Brady pub, Phil talks biz with his contact Carlo. Enter Lucas, so Phil joins him at a table. Phil has requested the meeting to ask him to
be his best man. No way in hell, says Lucas! Papa Vic is way too rude to his beloved Chloe. Phil nods godfather style and offers to talk to him about it. Lucas appreciates it and he will gladly attend the wedding with Chloe, but he cannot be his best man. Phil feels Vic has changed and is surprised when Lucas complains he called Chloe the village sl*t the last time they crossed paths. They now talk Steph. Phil hopes to make their wedding the best day of her whole life, though he is not so sure he will succeed. It is tough for het to get past the stress of the kidnapping and she refuses to see a therapist. Lucas concludes she is pretending to be okay but she will likely come around.
- At the hospital, Kate runs into Maggie, who happily talks about Lucas and Chloe's new house. Maggie has an idea for a housewarming gift. Children's artwork for Aly. Kate says anything would be fine. She
states she is getting them silverware - long, sharp knives! Dr. Dan happens by and Kate would like to know what he intends to give Lucas and Chloe for their housewarming gift. Dan does not know. Kate walks off to take a call. Maggie remarks it must be difficult for him to hear so much about Chloe and Lucas. Dr. Dan later goes online to look for a suitable gift. The nurse suggests fruit. He places a call to order it and Kate listens nearby. He instructs the company to leave the basket on
the doorstep if they are not at home. "Oh Daniel," quietly leers Kate. "You're making this waaay too easy for me!"
- Back at the Kiriakis terrace, Chloe steps out to say hello to Steph.
She asks how she is feeling. Steph gets testy and then apologizes.
Chloe understands and she knows someone who could help if she needed to talk. He is amazing, with dead-on advice. Steph is interested. What is his name?
- Chloe later meets up with Lucas at Java Cafe. She has a surprise - a photo album his father gave him after his last visit to Africa. Lucas is elated. The Horton family album. He had assumed it was destroyed
in the Kiriakis fire. Lucas thinks he is the luckiest guy on the planet and gives his beloved a kiss.
- Mel catches up with Phil at the Brady pub. She needs to talk to him about something ...
- Meanwhile, Steph has ventured to the church, where Father Matt greets her. How is she? Steph says she is fine. Chloe had told her she could come to him with something. Does she need help? Yes, she does, she admits. "Desperately."
- Back at DiMera mansion, Nicole reminds Rafe that he was fired
from the F.B.I. Therefore, no one has to give him any information!
Syd starts to cry so Nicole picks her up. Rafe begs for info on the teen centre after saying he is sorry. He just wishes to check Mia out as she used to babysit Grace. Nicole now wonders if he thinks the teen was responsible for what happened to Grace and becomes madder. He replies that is not why he was asking. He will now tell her the real reason he is there. He needs to discuss the custody hearing. Whatever Nicole says in court will influence whether or not Sami gets to see her son again. Nicole states she is not comfortable discussing this with him and asks him to leave before EJ returns home. Rafe comments that
Syd is a beautiful baby and suggests she keep her safe. When he has left, Nicole laments she thought she WAS safe - until Mr. F.B.I.
started asking too many questions. He cannot and will not find out
what she did ...!

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"Is it a sin to be in love with a guy who does bad things?" Chloe asks Father Matt.
"What don't you want me to know about Stephanie?" says Phil to Mel.
"Samantha," Elvis announces, "is an unfit mother."
"You will never see Johnny again and there is nothing I can do to help you," Nicole tells unhappy Sami.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


At Java Cafe, Brady approaches pensive Nicole and wonders what is wrong. Grace. Also, EJ getting sole custody of Johnny, so poor Sami has no visitation. Brady is against it, too! Nicole lets him know a secret. She will try and help Sami see Johnny. Brady senses she is still worried about Mia as well. She denies it, and Brady promises not to lecture her anymore on telling the truth. He just wants her to be happy. She thinks he is sweet. Brady departs for a meeting at the church. Nicole sighs.
- At the church, Rafe sees sad Mia and gives the teen a hug. She was remembering special Grace. Rafe is there to pick up the pic of Grace and speak with Father Matt, but afterwards can talk to Mia. "Okay," she agrees as he saunters off to find the priest. Mia looks at the photo
of baby Grace. Enter Father Matt. He recognizes her for singing at the funeral and stepping forward at the DiMera wedding. He chuckles he never understood her reason for almost stopping that wedding. She pretends she does not recall as she was upset and points out Rafe is looking for him. Father Matt smiles and heads off to catch him. Mia starts to walk out and runs into Brady in the vestibule. There is an AA meeting downstairs. She cries about Grace. She never felt as close to Sydney, though she hopes she is safe. Mia still worries as she is with
the DiMeras and gets weepier. Brady gives her a hug. They enter the church together and he reassures her. Perhaps Syd being a DiMera is a good thing. Rafe enters and quietly listens as Mia remarks SHE loves Sydney, and Brady adds very very much,  SHE would never let anything happen to her! They both agree she is a good mom. Rafe presents himself, expressing his surprise that they know each other.
Mia pretends the first time they met was at a 12 step meeting. Rafe
asks if they are hiding something. Brady denies it and excuses himself. Rafe asks Mia who they were discussing when he came in. Who is SHE?  Nicole, says Mia. She stammers she helped her in the addicts program. When Father Matt comes back, she hastily takes off.
- Replay of Steph falling down at the Kiriakis pool deck. Dr. Dan
comes out, looking for Victor and is horrified to find the unconscious girl, with blood next to her head. The doc places her on a chair, calls
the hospital, and asks for her records to be pulled. He adds that he will need an x-ray done upon arrival, so they should be on standby. Dan now spies the half empty pill bottle and picks it up, wondering what Stephanie has done!
- Nathan returns to Maggie's kitchen from a jog. Enter Mel, who asks
if he would like to hang out. Sure, but first he must check his hospital schedule. He walks off to do that. Enter Maggie. She would like Mel to help her get the cabin prepared or the summer. Mel perks up when she hears Nathan might be there. "Count me in!" Maggie smiles knowingly.
- Bo, Hope, and Ciara are walking out of the pub when Ari comes after them with tommybear. Bo recalls his vision of looking for Ciara in the woods, finding only tommybear. He appears distracted as Hope and Ciara are about to go off for a visit with Maggie. Hope senses that something is not right. Bo tells Ciara to stick close to her mommy,
gives Hope a knowing look, and says they will talk later. Then the pair are gone.
Inside the pub, Mel laments to Ari at the bar about missing Max. Ari asks why she did not go with him. Mel giggles and implies she met someone. Once she is gone, Nicole arrives and orders a coffee to go from the now sullen Arianna. Nicole mentions how she came to the funeral with Brady and pries. Ari becomes suspicious. She states she saw Nicole's face at the funeral when she entered with Brady. She thinks Nicole has a problem with Brady and her.
- Chez Maggie, Nathan has a happy reunion with Hope and Ciara as Maggie proudly smiles about her grandson the almost doctor. She steps away to get Ciara's jumper. Hope and Nathan chat. He has met the doctors at the hospital and they seem great. He has also met Mia and the most interesting Melanie. Hope reminds him that Nick is his cousin. Nathan pauses and his face falls. "That Melanie. The one that got Nick sent to prison." Hope is about to say more when Maggie rushes in with a newspaper. Hope must now leave hastily with Maggie. Mel soon returns and cheerfully suggests they go to the Java Cafe together to discuss cleaning strategies for the Horton cabin. "I'm not free tonight
or any night," coolly retorts Nathan as he walks away. When he later returns, Mel wonders why he has done a 180. He knows her Nick connection. Mel becomes upset that he assumes she was the one who did something wrong and storms off in tears.
- At the hospital, Steph is in bed and wakes up to doctors Dan and Lexie. What happened? She fell. She calls it a freak accident and says no thanx when Lexie offers to call her folks. Exit Lexie. Dan has a seat. He was the one who found her. He holds up the half-empty bottle of pills prescribed for anxiety. "I also found these." Steph becomes uncomfortable. Dan warns her she needs to limit her intake to 3 a day. He does the math and knows she has taken 6 pills today. Dan advises her the drug must be used in conjunction with therapy and is dangerous. She fell from overdosing on it and could have died!
- Phil is at the pier and has just made a seedy deal. Once the containers are loaded, Phil will arrange for them to receive the payment. When the creepy contact is gone, Vic appears, to check up on the prodigal son. "The deal is almost complete," boasts Phil. They need only load the containers. The Greek tycoon does not like the idea of him meeting
with Korsikof alone. Phil points out he is not without backup, given there are five guys watching his back. Vic notes the morale of the men is better and the DiMera deal is holding. Phil brings up Steph. He wants her to head up PR at Titan. He asks Vic his opinion. Vic thinks she will make a fine wife. However, is she capable of assuming a position in which she would have to defend everything Titan and the Kiriakis clan do? Phil thinks so. Bo appears on scene before they can discuss any further. He suspects Phil was about to brag that Steph said what they wanted her to in lieu of the truth. He warns it is dangerous to step outside the confines of the law. Phil's cell rings and Lexie informs him that Steph has been admitted to hospital. After he departs, Vic tells Bo only that they were discussing family business. Bo realizes Victor no longer considers him family and quips he will focus on the family he loves.
- Back at the hospital, Steph tells Dan she is ashamed for misusing the drug. She has bad memories of Owen. The doc wonders if anything
else in her life has her worried. Steph says she will take no more meds and insists she is fine. Dan appears to have his doubts. Fortunately, her test results indicate she is fine. Phil soon rushes to her side and she claims she only slipped and fell, making no mention of the pills.
Also at the hospital are Hope and Maggie, there to talk to Lexie about
a half million dollar donation Hope made to help out uninsured autism patients. It was supposed to be anonymous, but Hope has been named as the party responsible for the donation in the newspaper! Dr. Lexie promises to look into the matter.
Mel later arrives at the hospital and agrees to help Maggie, as there are not enough volunteers present. Phil heaps praise on her. She cannot help but notice that Steph is rather jumpy and later finds the bottle of pills in the now empty room. So things are not working out so well with Philip after all!
- At the house of Kiriakis, Stephanie overhears Victor warning his son that she is not to know everything about the family business. Phil agrees. "I'll keep her in the dark. Only what she needs to know."
- At the cemetery, Bo and Hope visit Zack's grave. They are sad Ciara never knew her brother. Hope starts to leave with her daughter when
all of a sudden, an apparition of Zack appears before Bo, warning that something bad will happen if Ciara loses tommybear! Meanwhile, a mysterious man is at Java Cafe, eyeing Hope's picture, noting she is rich.
- Back at the pub, Nicole and Ari talk Brady. Ari realizes that once
upon a time the pair must have been an item. Nicole admits Brady has been burned, but if the right woman came along ... Enter Brady, who would like to know what the hell Nicole is doing now! Nicole excuses herself. Brady asks Ari not to believe Nicole. She smiles she won't. Outside, Nicole runs into Mia, who lets her know she feels she is a
good mother. And she does not worry about Sydney anymore.
- Still at the church, Rafe questions Father Matt on his association with Mia. He does not know her, though he knows what she did. She stood up at the DiMera wedding and seemed to want to stop it! Rafe thanks him for the information and considers ...

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Mel confronts Steph with the bottle of pills!
"How can you let her live here!" Nathan accuses Maggie.
"I can't stand up at the alter with you, I'm sorry," Lucas tells Phil.
Rafe faces Nicole. "I ran into someone that you know. Mia."

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Replay of Dr. Dan zipping up Chloe's red dress as black widow Kate angrily spies on them. She sighs and walks away. Chloe now turns
and realizes the door was open. What if Kate saw? "Can you imagine what it would look like?" Dan murmurs they should be relieved as
they have passed a major test. All of a sudden, Kate is heard shrieking downstairs!
Downstairs, Lucas holds up the deviled egg and sniffs it. Kate barks at him to put the egg down. When he tries to eat it anyway, she hits it
onto the floor and crushes it with her shoe. She places the remaining appetizers in the sink and drowns them in water as a precaution. Dan and Chloe rush in, having heard Kate's war cry. "Welcome to crazy town," says Lucas. He sarcastically wonders if the eggs were poisoned. Yes, says she. They contained mayonnaise and were under the hot lights for a long time. She claims she is embarrassed about it. Lucas
has his doubts. Enter Chris. The restless crew await. Kate decides they will reshoot tomorrow. Chris sees the remaining eggs in the sink and wonders what happened. Kate complains he is giving her a headache and ushers him out as he notes that Joan Rivers would be a saner boss lady. "I just love show business," Lucas chuckles. Kate asks Dan to meet her at Java Cafe in thirty minutes for a talk. He agrees.
- In front of the pub, Rafe wants a word with Will. Rafe reminds him the DiMeras are murderers, but Will is still mad at his mom and snaps Johnny would be better off raised by them anyhow! He calls Rafe on his lying for Sami. Wild Will now raises his fist, ready to hit Mr. FBI when he tries to stop him from walking away. Rafe suggests he go for it. He feels his pain and asks him to be mad at him instead of at his mom. He wants Will to let her know he still loves her. As mad as he is at her, his mom knows better than anyone what he is going through.
He knows about loss and advises Will not to lose his mom over it.
The troubled teen appears to consider.
- At elegant DiMera mansion, Stefano has a discussion with Nicole,
who is still grieving. She also feels bad for Sami. The phoenix, on the other hand,  is flippant about the whole thing. At least Samantha will
be out of Elvis' life permanently. She acted like God and got what she deserved. Where is Giovanni? Nicole tells him EJ has taken Johnny to his day camp, and intends to explain what is going on to him. When
she points out Aly goes to the same day camp, Stefano resolves to find him another camp. Nicole disagrees. They should not rob him of his sister. Stefano warns her it is a little late for her to suddenly develop a conscience! She later returns with baby Sydney. Stefano warns her not to feel guilt, as it will only lead to bad decisions. She simply must not feel sorry for Samantha. Nicole tells him she may be under his thumb, but he cannot tell her how to feel. The phoenix insists she be true to
her husband. Nicole states that taking Johnny from Sami might make things blow up in his face. There is no telling what Sami is capable of doing now.  EJ has backed a desperate, not so smart woman into a corner ... Furthermore, what EJ is doing is cruel. Stefano warns there
is a lesson to be learned. "She defied this family." He continues. That
is why her life is terrible, in contrast to Nicole. Exit Stefano. Nicole quietly tells baby Syd that grandpa has threatened her one too many times. She is going to do the right thing.
- On the Kiriakis terrace, Phil uncomfortably watches pushy Sami hold up her cell phone to Steph, ordering her to call Bo and tell him the truth about EJ. Phil tries to step in. He is called away for a phone call and reluctantly leaves. Sami tells Steph they are family so she must do what is right for Johnny. Steph whispers she would like to help keep her son away from EJ ... Sami gasps her thanks and babbles about doing what she did to protect Grace. Steph now elaborates. Unfortunately, there is nothing she can do. "Why not?" asks Sami. Steph glances down at her engagement ring. Sami does not want her to do what is right for the Kiriakis family. She should do what is right for their family. Stephanie should lie and say she saw EJ paying off Owen. Sami also suggests Steph ask her parents about the DiMeras and what they would do.
"Get away from me!" says Steph and walks away. Philip returns and criticizes Sami for giving his beloved stress when she has already been through hell. Sami insists she is not giving UP and accuses Phil of
using Steph, whom she perceives as being caught between him and EJ, not a good place to be. Exit Sami. Phil's right hand man later closes a deal on the phone. Phil shakes his hand in approval. When Steph
comes back out, the guy makes himself scarce. Steph proceds to talk about doing the right thing to stop the war and maybe telling on EJ.
Phil hugs her and promises he will handle everything. She just needs to calm down. How about a dip in the pool? He leaves to get changed. Simple Steph gets anxious and pops a wad of pills to calm her nerves. She is soon in her bikini, but Phil explains he has been called away for work. He departs, promising to be back as soon as possible. Steph decides to go for a swim and staggers to the pool.
- At Java Cafe, Kate awaits her prey. Dr. Dan saunters in and takes a seat. He would like to know what is going on. Kate cuts to the chase. He is the problem. He and Chloe are like a thorn in her heart. Dan senses she is being vindictive. He calls her a phony. Kate suspects he still has the hots for Chloe, hence his reaction. Dan insists they are
over. Kate has seen the tension between them. Dan does not feel she has the right to judge Chloe. Kate thinks Dan is still in love with her ... Their betrayal hurt her. She sees they are still attracted to each other, but Dan is strong while Chloe is weak. What if Chloe turns to yet another man? "Go to hell," says he. Kate glances knowingly at her bag on the table. She now says this is about her not being over him and she is embarrassed. Dan points out doing the show is a big mistake. He tries to get out of it. Kate reminds him it is for a noble cause and talks about his late wife. Dan eventually agrees to continue. Kate promises the reshoot will be better and says he can leave now if he is busy. Once he is gone, she whips a mini-recorder out of her bag and listens to Dan's voice, which she has just recorded for the next phase of her sinister
plot ....
- Meanwhile Lucas and Chloe are at the Brady pub. She blames herself for making a mess of the show. Lucas questions why she always takes Kate's side. Chloe wishes only to keep the peace. They agree it has been a bad day, yet Lucas boasts things will soon be looking up. They later head for their dream home, which is now complete. Lucas asks Chloe if she is ready to enter with him. She has a fantasy of Dr. Dan carrying her over the threshold, but quickly blinks back to reality and enters the new house with Lucas and little Aly.
- At Sami's place, she has just packed the kids' belongings and tells herself she will take her kids miles away from EJ. She walks to the
door and opens it, only to come face to face with Rafe. She pretends the backpack is for Johnny. Mr. F.B.I. realizes what she has in mind and blocks her exit. "You're gonna take the kids and run, aren't you?" He demands to know her plan, saying he will help. Sami gasps they must pick up the kids from daycare and make their getaway. Rafe tries to be the voice of reason. That is kidnapping and will only lead to her losing Johnny for good. Sami laments there is no other way, since everyone is afraid of EJ. Rafe points out he is not afraid of him and he will find a way to help. "I would do anything for you." She cries and
he consoles her. He explains everyone in town knows EJ was wrong to take Johnny from her, so she does have a lot of people on her side. He walks in the kitchen to fetch her a glass of water and she promises not to go anywhere. All of a sudden, Sami's cells rings. 'Tis Nicole, with a stunning offer. She will find a way for her nemesis to see Johnny, but she must tell no one!
- Down at the pier, delayed Phil leaves a message for Steph, who has just come out of the Kiriakis pool. All alone on the pool deck, she reaches for her pills and falls down, losing consciousness as her cell phone rings frantically ...!

Next on Days of Our Lives
Nicole cheerfully asks Arianna what her problem is. "I don't have a problem, but you do, with Brady and me," says Ari.
"I'm not free tonight or any night," Nathan tells pouty Mel.
Rafe confronts a nervous Brady and Mia at the church. "What's goin
on here? What, are you guys tryin to hide something?"
Dan asks sleeping Steph if she can hear him and turns her head to
the side, only to find a spot of blood on the concrete. "Oh my God," breathes the doc.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


On set, black widow Kate watches with murderous intent, thinking "This is the beginning of the end." Chloe flashes back to her steamy session with Dr. Dan, becomes klutzy, and the appetizers come tumbling down, tray and all! Chloe is sorry. Enter oblivious Lucas. Chloe feels the pressure. Here comes diva Chris, with gorgeous appetizers from the fridge of foodie Maggie. Kate glares. "They won't work." She has Lucas gather everyone for a retake so she is later left alone with the new appetizers which, of course, she poisons!
- Diva Chris is outside Dan's changing room and hands him a clean shirt. He then runs into Chloe, compliments her and Dan of their Brangelina chemistry, giggles, and walks away. Chloe enters for a
word with Dan. She apologizes. He claims he knows what is going on. "You are nervous about us," he murmurs. The doc senses that Chloe does not believe they can be together without something happening.
She does not deny it. He alludes to the fact that they must be strong,
as it is for a good cause. In a way, they have come full circle. They
look into each other's eyes with longing. Dan says he respects her wish to fight for her marriage. She buttons his remaining button. Meantime her dress zipper has come undone so he gingerly zips it up. They both flash back to the last time ... Chloe turns to face him as black widow Kate observes through the door opening.
- Downstairs, Chris admires the new appetizers, which Kate has left
him to guard. Enter Lucas. Chris leaves him in charge of the goodies and steps out to attend to something. Lucas is hungry and decides to help himself to a deviled egg. He lifts it up and examines it ...
- At the grave of Grace, Rafe approaches Nicole. She stands up. He stops her from leaving and asks why she is there. She claims she was paying her respects. She gets chocked up that Grace was cheated of
her life and admits her heart is breaking. Rafe probes. Nicole states she did have a connection to Grace. He asks what it was. She points out
she was the sister of her little daughter and she is now sad that Syd will never get to know her. Rafe says he understands. He is surprised when Nicole goes on to say she also feels for Sami. Nicole elaborates.When one gets older, one realizes being petty and vindictive is a waste of energy. Sami as a good mother. It is to her credit that little Johnny is such a well adjusted child. He will miss his sister Grace. Rafe agrees. Nicole cries no parent should ever have to bury a child and she is so sorry for Sami having Johnny taken away from her. Rafe wonders if she would mind talking to EJ about the injunction. Nicole does not appear to believe she could make any kind of difference. Enter Ari. Nicole excuses herself after Rafe asks her to think about it. Sister Ari asks what that was about. "I don't exactly know," says Mr. F.B.I. He sadly remembers Grace as Ari listens. He feels the best way to honor Grace's memory is to help Sami. Rafe is later alone, kneels down at
the grave of the mysterious Emily Hudson (born 1978 died 2007), and quietly tells her he is sorry.
- At DiMera mansion, Sami refuses to shut the door, as she has something to say to high handed Elvis. He passes happy Johnny to butler Harold, who is to take him off to the sandbox. Sami accuses
Elvis of hurting their son out of sheer revenge. "Get out!" says he.
She vows to tell the judge all about his sociopathic ways. He questions her courage and decency. She seethes there is no court in the state that would permanently take Johnny away from his mother. And he will probably lose custody of Johnny for good. Elvis is up for the challenge and dares her to bring it on! He says she is irresponsible as well as duplicitous, not to mention that she is shacking up with her bodyguard. Sami retorts that Rafe was a better father to Grace than he ever would have been. Furthermore, if he wants to be Johnny's father, then he will be that too. Elvis warns he will kill him before that happens! He pours himself a drink. Sami calls him a homicidal maniac. Elvis rages there is
no way that man will rise his child. Sami rages she will not have her children under is seedy influence, which was why she did everything she could to protect Grace from him. He insists he will win in court, keep her out of Johnny's life, and raise him as a DiMera. He then
looks at her solemnly and adds it does hurt to be cut out, does it not? They continue to argue and the insults fly. Each party thinks they will win. Sami reminds him that he told her Johnny missed her when she was in witness protection and said her kids would never forget her as she is a good mother. She knows he is capable of compassion and appeals to him to accept that she was trying to protect Grace, not to hurt him. He, however, finds it unforgivable. Any feelings that he may have had for her are gone forever. He whispers that her manipulations no longer work. He wishes to protect his family. Sami bitterly wonders whether that includes ripping his son from his mother's arms. He will never be able to make him forget about her. Enter the butler with Johnny. Sami hugs him goodbye and promises to see him soon. EJ promises to see him in a bit and has the butler take him upstairs for a nap. Exit mad Sami as Nicole enters. "I guess that didn't go so well," Mrs. DiMera quips. Elvis addresses his wife. "On the contrary. It went exactly as I thought it would." He explains that Sami cried but Johnny seemed unphased. Nicole thinks what EJ is doing is cruel and tells him so. He bellows he is doing nothing different than what Samantha did to him. Nicole accuses him of punishing only Johnny. Elvis insists it is the best thing for him. Nicole, however, believes he needs to forgive Sami, at least for Johnny. She walks out of the living room. "Forgiveness!"
he scoffs and takes a drink. Nicole soon returns and tells Elvis  "He knows." Johnny senses something is going on. He said he did not understand why his penguin was brought here and not left at home.
EJ states he will handle it. Nicole insists that Sami will not give up and Johnny will miss her. He states it is none of her business. She diagrees. He warns her not to undermine him. "Underestimate Sami at your own risk!" Nicole exclaims as he stubbornly walks away from her ...
- On the Kiriakis terrace, Steph finishes up a friendly call from Abby, assuring her she is fine. She hopes Abby and her folks will be able to make it back for the wedding. She is about to pop some more pills
when Henderson enters with a letter for her. Steph conceals the pills in her bag and smiles. The letter is from mom Kayla. As she reads it, Phil enters. He soon hears how she misses them, especially lately. A few weeks ago it was baby bro Joe's birthday. They have all arrived at a faraway clinic somewhere in the Third World. She wishes they could
help the underfunded place. Phil grins perhaps they can. He departs
and soon returns, having instructed his accountant to send big funds to the clinic. Steph is pleased. They kiss on it. She is even more elated when he suggests they travel on over to visit her folks in the land of
the needy for a few days. He feels she should spend some time with
her family. He will call his guy at the state department for the all clear, make sure the jet is free, and take it from there. He brings up karma kickback.  After what happened with the DiMeras, it might be wise to use their money to do good. Exit Phil. Steph looks tense again. Phil returns with news. They can send the aid but cannot go. Enter Sami, who exclaims she needs their help. "I want to destroy EJ DiMera once and for all!" She brings them up to date on his temporary injunction preventing her from seeing Johnny. She cannot live without her little boy and asks them to help her. She begs Steph to call the cops and expose EJ for orchestrating her kidnapping ...!

Next on Days of Our Lives
"Lucas was right, the eggs were poisoned," sighs Kate to Dan, Chloe and Lucas.
"I think Johnny's better off with them than with my mom," Will tells Rafe.
"I think that you are underestimating what Sami is capable of doing now," says Nicole to Stefano.
Sami faces Phil. "I'll push until she breaks because this is my son
we're talking about and I'm not giving up!"

Monday, June 22, 2009


Pretty Chloe drops a bowl on the set of Hearth and Home - Maggie's kitchen - upon hearing that Daniel is on his way. Lucas steps away
to talk to the director. Maggie asks Chloe if she is alright. She points
out Dan was a reluctant guest. She encouraged him to do it. Chloe is a wreck. Maggie perceives she is not over him but suggests she deal with her feelings and move on. Chloe tries to convince herself she can do it and keep the promise she made to God about sticking with Lucas.
- Meanwhile, on the Kiriakis terrace, diva Chris flounces in with appetizers. Once he has left them with Kate, she puts on a pair of gloves and gleefully poisons them. Dan arrives and wonders why she
is wearing gloves. She lies she was pruning a plant. She smiles and hands Daniel the official letter giving the proceeds to the charity of his choice. She feels he will do a wonderful job. He asks why they are there instead of on the set chez Maggie. She just wanted to tell him
how much it means to her that he is part of the company. She adds
she has put the situation with him and Chloe behind her. Kate pours
the doc a glass of cider and they toast to the success of Hearth and Home. He has not had lunch yet and is interested in the appetizers. Kate's face falls. She stops him by saying the food stylists do not want those to be touched, as they are the treats Daniel is supposed to offer Chloe on the show. She asks him to take the appetizers in his car. She will meet him over at Maggie's. Dan graciously agrees and leaves.
Black widow Kate puts the gloves back on and expertly transfers one
of Dan's fingerprints from his glass to the bottle of poison!
- At Java Cafe, Mia tells Chad to leave her alone and he is perplexed
by her behavior. He stops her when she tries to walk away. It has been a year.  Mia flashes back to their make out session after he calls her Goldilocks. "Get out of here, just go!" She does not want him to call
her Goldilocks ever again. Besides, she never heard from him after he went away. He admits he never forgot about her and hopes that she remembers their amazing times. She flashes back to him telling her he would love her forever as they kissed, nekid. The manager walks up to Mia, to let her know she can come back and officially start tomorrow. When the manager strides away, Chad points out now they can catch up, since she is free. Mia tells Chad she never wants to see him again and walks out, leaving loverboy standing alone. He then applies for the last remaining job at the cafe and is hired. He starts tomorrow!
- At the church, Will overhears Rafe, EJ, and Sami loudly arguing that he is taking Johnny, as he has a court order. Sami has begged raging Elvis not to do it, but to no avail! When Will walks out, he asks EJ if
he may visit Johnny at his place. Elvis says yes. "Will?" wonders Sami. Will now declares he thinks EJ has every right to take Johnny as Sami and Rafe kept him from his child. Sami is stunned. Exit Will. Rafe assures his beloved they will fight this thing. Sami yells at EJ. He yells right back.
In the vestibule, Nicole meets Sister Agnes and is relieved to hear that Sister Theresa is not in Salem, having been reassigned to a new convent. Will storms out and Nicole realizes something is up. She goes back inside the church and is greeted by a yelling Sami, who states it is all her fault! Nicole is baffled. Sami accuses her of orchestrating it.
Elvis will have none of that and instructs her to bring Johnny to him
in one hour! Father Matt and Agnes wonder what is going on. Sami
and Rafe storm out. Agnes makes herself scarce. Father Matt wants a word with EJ. He speaks of forgiveness, sins, and advises him not to
do anything he regrets. Elvis, however, points out it was Sami who decided to play God and she will regret it!
Sami is standing alone in the vestibule and Nicole approaches, sadly explaining she had nothing to do with this. Sami, however, thinks she looks guilty. "What are you hiding? What have you done?" Nicole feebly replies she is only guilty of loving her husband. Sami keeping
the truth about Grace from her father was unconscionable. Sami sneers she would have thought Nicole would have been happy about that. Now, however, EJ will always be thinking of the two of them, she taunts.
Nicole now returns to Elvis in the church. She looks at Grace's picture and starts to cry. "This is so wrong."  He hugs her and whispers it is
not her fault. "What if it is?" she laments. She thinks it all happened because Sami hates her. He tells her it is not her fault and leaves to prepare for the coming of Johnny. Nicole promises to join him later. Once alone, she kneels down, cries to Grace she is sorry and hopes
she can forgive her. Nicole then goes to Grace's grave and recalls how she was the first person to ever hold her. She feels remorseful she
gave her away for Sydney and now wonders if she caused all this. She then reconsiders. Maybe it was just her time. She is filled with guilt
over the fact that her leaving the earth has made her life better and further secured her position with EJ. "Oh God, please forgive me!"
she cries, clutching her head.
- On the set of Hearth and Home, Lucas gets a call from Will, who is desperate to meet him at the pier. He asks Chris to stand in for him as associate producer. Diva Chris is elated. Maggie must go to Chez Rouge. Chloe opens the door to run away from it all, only to run into Daniel! She has heard about his reason for doing the show - the charitable contribution. He tells her Kate seems to be coming around. Chloe appears to relax somewhat. Chris later coaches the pair and encourages them that they have great chemistry! Enter Kate. She
smiles the appetizers are to die for tasty! Now it's showtime.The director directs. "Action!" Daniel offers Chloe an appetizer. She picks one up and smiles, the camera rolling ...
- On the pier, Will confronts Lucas for not telling him the truth about Grace. He is a liar! He is mad that they all deprived him of knowing he was Grace's real brother. Lucas tries to explain it was complicated. He is shocked to hear that EJ has been awarded custody of Johnny and races off to be with Sami. Alone at the pier, Will cries. Mia arrives and they hug. He will fill her in on what happened later. He notes she is upset. Has something happened? Nothing worth talking about, she replies glumly.
- Back at Sami's place, she gasps to Rafe that she has spoken to Uncle Mickey, Abe, and Bo, who informed her she has no choice but to hand Johnny over to EJ. She cries on Rafe's shoulder. She needs to take Johnny to EJ alone, so that she can speak to him first. Rafe agrees to give her the space she needs, kisses her he will talk to her soon, and departs. Lucas arrives and says how sorry he is. She can count on him for help to fight this. He reminds her she is a great mom. She thanks him. It means so much to her. Once alone again, Sami must tell little Johnny that she is taking him to daddy's house.
- At DiMera mansion, Elvis tells baby Sydney that Johnny is coming
to live with him, so he will have both his precious children. When Sami arrives, he sweeps his son possessively into his arms and cruelly asks her to shut the door on her way out.
- Back at Grace's grave, Nicole continues to cry. She would do just anything to bring her back and sobs as Rafe happens along, observing the scene curiously ...

Next on Days of Our Lives
"You don't think we can be together without something happening,
do you?" Dan says to Chloe.
"Showtime," whispers Kate, placing a few drops of poison on the food.
"Poor Sami, she must be in hell," Nicole laments to Rafe.

If Rafe wants to be Johnny's father, then he will be that too!

I'll kill him before that happens ...

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