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Chez Maggie, Mel is online, ready to get her hands on those nursing
test answers. Enter Nathan, who hopes she is not looking to cheat.
Mel gets glib, but the young intern is not impressed and closes her laptop. He will not let her do this! She calls the test lame and then confesses she lacks confidence in her ability. Nathan tells her that to
be a decent nurse, she will need to get over herself. He points out that nurses are supposed to help people and tells her Maggie's story, how she walked again after an accident, thanks to the doctoring skills of his Uncle Bill. Docs and nurses are supposed to have a passion for helping people. It is a privilege to help the sick. Mel takes it all in. He advises her to take the test without cheating and departs. Mel considers.
- Shirtless Brady rushes into the grand Kiriakis living room, desperately seeking a towel. Victor barks at him. "You're dripping water all over
the place!" Brady apologizes. Vic suggests they grab a late breakfast at the pub. Brady uncomfortably declines. The Greek tycoon wants to know why not. Brady admits he had a sort of run-in with the new manager. Vic thinks she should be fired! Brady states it is a personal matter, not a professional one. Vic wonders what is going on between his grandson and this woman. Nothing, says Brady. Vic, however, senses something and warns him not to let yet another woman mess with his head. Brady says it is not like that. Why not?! Vic now wants to know why the woman in question is not after him! She must have a problem! Brady, however, thinks she is protecting herself from getting hurt, as he let her know he was a recovering addict. Vic quips if she cannot see what a good and honest man he is, then to hell with her anyway! Brady later gets dressed and Vic says he is proud of him for defeating his demons. He will find the right woman, he promises.
- At the park, Sami plays with Aly and Johnny as Nicole pushes Syd over and waves hello to the happy group. Sami gasps her thanks for helping have the custody suit dropped. They sit together as the kids play. Nicole gets an unexpected hug from Sami, who credits her with helping her keep Johnny. Needless to say, Nicole is surprised to receive such a warm display from her arch enemy! Sami catches herself and pulls away, admitting it was weird. She had been skeptical as she does not trust EJ, but she was proven wrong. Nicole says the important thing is she has Johnny. However, she thinks Sami does not really trust her deep down. Sami does not deny it. She cannot help but wonder what Nicole's motives were. Nicole says she just wanted to ease her pain seeing as she had already lost Grace. Sami remarks being a mother has changed Nicole. She agrees. She feels a kinship with Sami. "We both lost our little girls," she says softly. Sami looks confused. Nicole covers by pointing out that Syd once stopped breathing and her whole world stopped. Sami starts to cry. Nicole is sorry she compared the situation to her losing Grace. Sami still wonders why she said she lost her little girl when she did not. She thinks Nicole is lying and she knows why! Nicole puts baby Syd on her lap. Sami explains she thinks Nicole made the comparison as they were sisters. Nicole looks guilt-ridden and says she hopes Sami will be able to rebuild her life now that she has Johnny, the other 2 kids, and Rafe. Sami calls Rafe her rock and suddenly asks a favor. How about a truce? Nicole agrees it is time. Sami announces
in honor of Grace's memory, she would like to move on, away from grudges, etc. Nicole believes their truce began when Grace went to heaven.
- Chez Sami, Rafe still appears to be unpacking. Knock knock! Tis sister Arianna, bearing corn muffins.Rafe is grateful and offers to repay her with his fav art reprint - the gambling canines. She makes fun of it and suddenly realizes he is moving in with Sami. He expects to hear
her disapproval but she wonders what took him so long! She saw it coming is what she means, though she thinks they should take it slow
as ... Rafe asks her not to talk Emily again, for this time is different.
Ari admits she is taking things slowly for herself so that her life will be different. She talks sacrifice. He senses there is someone she is trying not to get involved with. Ari admits there is a guy. He seemed arrogant until she got to know him. He is sensitive and sweet and asked her out, yet she changed her mind about the whole thing after learning he is a recovering addict. Rafe believes they should leave the past in the past. Ari claims she likes her life the way it is. Rafe points out she is always alone. She states it is what she wants.
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano solemnly enters the living room, a large envelope in hand. He sits down and proceeds to examine the contents
of his Rafe file! Papers on his birth, family, education, FBI training results, and then there is the story of one Emily Hudson, which the phoenix gleefully begins to read. "Here we go!"
- At the pub, Ari joins Mel, who is lunching on an ice cream sundae to make herself feel better. She thinks she bombed the nursing exam after playing by the rules. Mel now wants to talk unfinished business. Why did she turn down Brady? He has been clean for ages. Ari likes him
but does not want to take the risk. She excuses herself and gets back to work. Mel walks out while placing a call on her cell. Moments later,
she meets Brady at the pier with good news. Ari likes him! He tells her to let it go. She insists and then walks off when he does not appear to listen.
- At the pub, Ari is thinking of Brady, who soon shows up and suavely asks what a guy has to do to get some service! Ari smiles flirtatiously.
- Meanwhile, Mel rushes into hospital, a bit late for work. Nathan has her exam results. She gets neurotic until he informs her she did well. She giggles gleefully and thanks him for being on her side. He suggests they go out for that dinner she still owes him. "You're on," she agrees.
- Back at the park, Sami and Nicole are talking mother to mother when a very suspicious Rafe approaches. Sami tells him about the truce and goes off to the sandbox, to fetch the kids. Rafe tells Nicole he is glad. Nicole points out they are both mothers now. He brings up the fact that she had been unusually upset at Grace's grave. Nicole gets testy. He states he does not know what to think. Nicole now gets defensive.
Sami returns with the kids. Nicole leaves with Sydney after saying goodbye and Sami wonders what Rafe said to her.
- Rafe and Sami are soon at home, relaxing on the sofa. Rafe states Nicole always seems tense and defensive. Sami feels they should do what Grace would want and move on. They must look to the future. Rafe believes he has figured out a way for them to do just that. They can live their lives with hope and never give up. Sami gasps she loves him and therefore wants to hang up his dog picture. He tosses the pic aside and declares he has found his soul mate! Sami is elated and they kiss.
- Nervous Nicole enters the DiMera mansion and is ready to pour herself a drink. The phoenix walks up behind her and notes she is on edge. She flies at him. Why has he not taken care of Rafe! Mr. FBI is increasingly suspicious and will dig until he discovers the truth! Stefano reminds her that he is a man of his word. And he has a plan. Very soon Samantha will doubt Rafael Hernandez on all levels. There is always a way, so no need to worry about them. There is, nevertheless, someone Nicole really does have to worry about, warns the phoenix ...

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"Now I know why you suddenly had to leave school," Chad tells Mia.
"I have an idea," says Ari to Brady. "How about we start over?"
Elvis addresses Stefano. "The two of you are thick as thieves, so why don't you tell me exactly what is going on?"
Sami sobs to Rafe that she can never lose him!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


At the park, a birthday party is underway. Birthday girl Ciara gets
her princess dress as Bo, Hope, and Caroline excitedly watch. Nathan arrives and cheerfully chats with the child. There are colorful balloons everywhere. But wait! A stranger lurks behind the bushes, holding a snapshot of Ciara, unbeknownst to the revelers. Mayor Abe arrives
with Theo.  Hope offers him a yummy cupcake. She will go pass the rest out. Abe thanks Hope for the big donation to the autism charity. She notes it was supposed to be anonymous, then munches on a cupcake, and takes Theo off to find friend Ciara, who is now playing somewhere. Abe and Bo talk. Abe asks how things are between him and Hope. What of that vision he had? Bo replies it was a false alarm. Abe wonders if the visions are continuing. Bo uncomfortably admits they are. The latest one involved Zack warning that if Ciara lost her teddy bear, something bad would happen, so they packed tommybear away. Now she will never lose him. The kids gather round funny Nathan, and Hope plops herself down on Bo's lap. The mysterious stranger watches Ciara from the bushes.
- At the cabin, as Steph wrings her hands, replay of her and Phil admitting they will always love each other. Mel watches thru the window and whispers her encouragement for Phil to kiss her. She
gets a start when Brady approaches. "What are you up to now?" He
himself is there to pick up his watch. He then spies Phil and Steph
and realizes she is trying to get them back together.
Inside, Phil wonders how Steph can claim it is over, if she still loves him. He thinks they can start over. She snaps they cannot, but then he kisses her and she kisses him right back! Mel boasts to Brady that she
is Cupid. He informs her that Ari turned him down. Mel, however, thinks he should not give up. Brady is curious what is in it for Mel if Phil and Steph reconcile. After all, she used to have the hots for him. Mel gets shrill and insists she is over him. She has turned over a new leaf and wants to make amends.
Meanwhile, Steph pulls away from Phil and he gets impatient. She reminds him she already made her decision. He does not want to let
her leave. All he is asking is another chance. She shakes her head, declares they will not work, and walks out, Phil following closely behind. When she sees Mel, she casts her a disapproving look. "I
can't believe you did this!"  Brady ushers Phil back inside. He tells
him the girl needs her space. Phil laments he cannot lose her.
Mel tells teary-eyed Steph she is sorry as the unstable girl insists she must leave. Sometimes love is not enough. She babbles about movies not being reality and sniffles. Mel is sympathetic. Phil watches from
the window as Steph departs. Brady now comes out of the cabin. He will catch the ferry with Steph. Mel sighs and enters the cabin as Phil shakes his head. He knows that she meant well and they tried, though perhaps him and Steph were not meant to be. He is now convinced it
is over. Mel's sympathetic frown turns to a smile when he calls the Kiriakis speedboat to come and pick them up ...
- At Java Cafe, Chris rushes in for a meeting with boss lady Kate.
Kate announces Chloe is a disaster. She is too stiff and forced with Daniel. Chris asks if Chloe is the reason Daniel is leaving the show. Kate implies they had something once, and adds she is lucky Daniel
is quitting. She claims she cares about Chloe, though Dan is certainly replaceable. Chris notes Chloe is lucky to have such a guardian angel mother-in-law. They then head for Maggie's, to go over deets for the next show. Kate's cell rings so she leaves the room. Chris fills Maggie
in that Dr. Dan quit the show. Kate returns. The redhead exclaims
what would make him leave the show?! Kate smiles and smoothly covers, saying he just wanted out of his contract so she obliged, end
of story. She asks Jed for a lift as the meeting is abruptly ended. Once they are alone, Maggie presses Chris to tell her what really went down. He, however, fears the wrath of the boss lady. His cell rings with a call from Kate. He whispers that nosy Nellie wants to know the backstage drama about Chloe and Daniel. Kate says he can discreetly tell her, provided he keep her name out of it. After the call is over, the black widow leers that Chris is a perfect accomplice! Chez Maggie, Chris
now starts to talk about the on screen tension. Dan should have been happy to have such a great gig, and with such a looker, too ...
- At the hospital, Maxine the nurse tells Dan that he must give Lexie his letter of resignation himself and then maybe she will be able to talk him out of it! She points to the room where Dr. Lexie is. Dan approaches...
- In Chloe's room, Lexie is unpleasantly perplexed why Chloe does not want Dan anywhere near her. He is their best diagnostician!  Lexie
soon injects something to relax Chloe in her IV. Her test results will
be in shortly. Lexie tries to change her mind about not wanting to be treated by Daniel. Chloe mutters that her problem is not with Dan the doctor, it is with Dan the man. She falls asleep again. Lexie emerges from the room, only to run into said man himself. She orders him not
to go in, as the patient is off limits to him. He wonders why. She insists she has it under control and suggests he go home. Dan hands her his letter of resignation. He states he needs a change, both professionally and personally. Lexie flashes back to Chloe saying she could not see Dan, and asks if his decision to leave has anything to do with a patient. Is there a situation that could reflect badly on the hospital? No, says
he. It is simply time for him to move on. Lexie calls him an asset to the hospital and hopes to talk him out of it. He quietly replies she cannot and slowly walks away. Lexie returns to Chloe's room, Dan's letter in her hand, and ponders how these events are connected.
- In her hospital bed, Chloe remembers being with Dan, then reminds herself she loves Lucas! She promised God she would give Daniel up.
- Double-shift Nathan returns to the hospital and enters the locker
room, only to find Daniel clearing out his locker. He heard about his resignation. Dan will say only that it is time for a change. He wishes
him luck and shakes his hand. Dan walks thru the hospital hall, glances in the direction of the new patient's room, and sadly remembers Chloe telling him they are over. However, he remains unaware that she is
now in that very room ...
- Inside her room, sleeping Chloe imagines Daniel coming to see her.
He will not let anyone keep him from seeing her! Chloe moans what they did was a mistake. No, says Dan, they fell in love, but she says
he cannot be a part of her life. Back to reality. Chloe is sleeping in her bed, repeating "No Daniel, no," as Lexie watches, wondering what Daniel did to this girl! The latest test results are in. They still do not know what is causing this elusive illness.
- Dan is back at his apartment, woefully packing. Something catches
his eye. His shirt on a table. He flashes back to once upon a passionate time when Chloe was wearing it, and blinks back to reality, unaware that on the lower shelf of that table is the small bottle of poison which was planted by Kate. Dan smells the shirt, his eyes filled with torment. He continues to get organized and reluctantly packs the shirt as well, telling himself that as long as Chloe is happy and well, he can do this.
- Back at the park, Bo and Hope clean up and Hope asks pal Ellen to watch the girls. She does, but when her daughter Tracy takes off, she follows, leaving Ciara alone. The scruffy stranger approaches and says they are friends because it is his birthday today, too, Ciara appears suspicious until he hands her a red heart lollipop. He has lots of those
in many colors, he boasts, to make it her birthday every day. Would
she like that? Ciara nods. He wishes her a fun party and leaves as everyone returns. Hope asks who gave her the lollipop. "A friend,"
the child replies. Hope, assuming it was from a real friend, unwraps
the candy ...
- Steph, who has come to the hospital for her new job orientation, gets
a call from concerned Brady. She does not want to talk Philip and ends the call. Brady is not so sure she is okay. Frazzled Steph walks into the doctors locker room and starts to sob. Shirtless Nathan approaches. Is she okay? No! He gives her a reassuring hug. She cries on his shoulder.
- Back in Chloe's hospital room, she thinks she sees Daniel, but he
soon morphs into her real visitor - Kate, who feigns sympathy. "You poor baby," she coos. She has heard from Lexie that Chloe did not
want to be treated by Daniel. The black widow makes a remark about the fact that her past lover has quit the show, so she will never have to see him again after the next taping. Never! Chloe, who is starting to
feel better, gets a faraway look in her eye ...

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"If you don't have that same passion, then I suggest you find
another career," Nathan tells Mel.
"I don't have to be with someone to be happy, OK?" Ari informs Rafe.
"The woman is a damn fool! To hell with her!" Vic exclaims to Brady.
Sami sits with Nicole and says she knows there is something going on with her, that she is lying, and she knows why!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Chez Sami, Rafe brings her coffee. The mood is light as they plan to pick up Aly and get Johnny back home again. Sami sadly glances at a picture of Grace and forces a smile. She decides she will help Rafe unpack. "I thought I did," he drawls. She points out he needs to take
his stuff out of those boxes. He complains she only gave him half a drawer! Besides, they can unpack when the kids are there. He would rather do something they can only do together alone. They start to
make out and get interrupted when Sami pulls a pepper mill from
under her on the sofa. Rafe plans to fix it, as it is his beloved souvenir. He suggests they head to the bedroom. After they stand up, Sami spies a painting of card playing dogs she does not like. Rafe loves it but she feels it belongs in the dumpster. Rafe holds it up to the wall. Sami pretends she agrees it will look good but Rafe was just teasing. Sami gets snappy and then they start to kiss again. She sits back down and finds a ring box, which she opens. She thinks it is a surprise for her
and soon learns the rings belonged to Emily. She understands his wish to keep them.Rafe says Emily was his past and insists she is his future. They make for the bedroom. Later, frazzled Sami looks for her keys and comes across Grace's rattle from Caroline. Rafe thinks they should keep it, for she will always be part of their family.Sami puts on a brave face, gasps Rafe is a softie, and gives him a kiss.
- At the park, Elvis plays with Johnny, Sydney in a stroller nearby.
Will approaches. He is appreciative that EJ dropped the custody case, yet cannot help but wonder why. They discuss. Elvis states that Nicole made him see the light that a custody suit would not be in Johnny's
best interest. As Johnny plays, Will brings up Grace and the fact that
the little ones miss her, too. EJ is moved and tells him he can visit him anytime to see Johnny. Will explains he has worked things out with his mom. Rafe made him see he was wrong and that they had reasons for not coming clean about Grace. EJ says he will never forget how Will looked after Grace. He appreciated hearing his stories at the service and wishes he had those memories. Will offers to email him a portfolio he put together on Grace, with photos and fun stories about her. Elvis is most grateful. They shake on it. Mia observes. As Elvis gives Will his email address and calls him a good kid, Mia coos to Sydney. Surprised Will thought they would meet at the pond and introduces EJ to her. Elvis smoothly says they have already met. Mia looks uncomfortable. Will takes Johnny to the swings. Mia says she will join him in a minute. EJ remarks every time he goes to church, he bumps into her! He perceives she is friends with Will. Mia also knows Nicole. She now
tells EJ what a great dad he appears to be. Elvis is curious why she would care what kind of father he is! Why is she concerned with him and his family? Mia claims she is friends with Will and cares about kids. Elvis chuckles she is too young to be so serious and think of child welfare issues. Will returns with Johnny, whom he hands to EJ. Will and Mia then depart for a movie. Elvis considers. "There is something very strange about that girl." He then sits on a bench with baby Syd
and tells her he knows she will miss her brother, but she will still see him. She, however, will stay with him! Sami now arrives and picks up Johnny. She thanks Elvis. He promises to send her a copy of the visitation schedule. Rafe joins them and the happy group leave to get Aly. EJ starts to depart in the other direction, pushing Syd's stroller, then turns back, his face dark. His voice dangerously low, he warns
this will not last long for Samantha ...!
- Kate chats with Phil at home and assures him Steph will be back after her flash of independence. He woefully doubts it. Mama Kate thinks he should call her and grovel. He tried, but she wants nothing to do with him, and she quit Titan. "She's moving on," laments the prodigal son, "and I need to do the same."
- Chloe is strolling along outside when her cell rings. Tis Kate, who
asks how she is doing with Lucas out of town. She gives her the day off. Chloe suddenly clutches her stomach and falls down in pain. Meanwhile, Kate snickers to herself that Chloe should enjoy this beautiful day as if it is her last day on earth! Alone and unconscious, Chloe starts to dream. She dreams that Daniel revives her and she breathes she loves him. They kiss passionately. He pulls away. She
begs him to stay. He replies it is too late for them and starts to walk away. Chloe sleeps on. Kate soon comes across her and leers it will
get much worse!
- Kate then heads for Daniel's apartment and reminds him he was supposed to be at the studio for a planned voice over. He is packing
and announces he is quitting the show! He is also leaving the hospital and Salem. "Because of Chloe," says Kate, pretending she is sorry. Distracted Dan continues to pack. Kate spies the small bottle of poison exactly where she left it. She smugly tells herself his running away will only prove his guilt! She then states she needs him for one more show, to help Chloe. Dan stops what he is doing and sighs. Kate realizes he will not comply with her request and points out that Lucas will have questions when he hears of this sudden decision.
- At the hospital, Dr. Nathan says good morning to Steph and Maggie. Lexie rushes up, bearing news. Stephanie got the job! The gang hug
her - including enthusiastic Nathan. Steph wants to starts asap. Lexie suggests an afternoon orientation and is then paged away. Nathan gets charming and witty. Steph wonders if he ever works. Ring ring! Mel calling. She makes her promise to keep their get-together at the cabin and assures her she will have her back in time for orientation. Nathan suggests Steph not play cards with that one! Steph grins and watches him walk away. Meanwhile, Mel calls Phil and promises he will have
a great time!
- Chez Maggie, the redhead asks what smiling Mel is up to. She packs
a picnic basket and boasts her sneakiness will make Phil and Steph happy. Maggie brings up the story of Emma, that disastrous match maker. Mel notes she did have success in the end!
- Sour Steph arrives at Horton cabin. Phil and Mel later enter and Phil thinks Mel dropped his cell in the water on purpose! Mel momentarily excuses herself to fetch her bag with sunscreen, suggests he put on his swimming trunks, and flounces out the door. Outside, Mel runs into Stephanie, tells her she will see her soon, and that she should put on
her swimsuit. Steph goes insides and strips down to her underwear, when shirtless Phil emerges from the other room. Sour Steph starts to put her clothes back on and informs him she does not appreciate it.
He insists he had nothing to do with this and puts his shirt back on. He asks her not to be mad at Mel. Phil congratulates her on the new job and heads for the door. Mel comes in and wishes they would just talk! Steph now stops her ex from leaving. He can wait there inside until the next ferry comes. Phil tells Mel this was not a good idea. Mel becomes shrill, suggests they figure out what they have to say to each other once and for all, and walks out. Steph thinks there is nothing left to stay, though Phil disagrees. He never had a chance to say goodbye properly and adds he is sorry. He only wished to make her as happy as she makes him. Steph replies he did. He will always love her. She loves him, too. Mel watches hopefully thru the window.
- At Java Cafe, Chadman sees Mia and Will chatting at a table. He remembers asking her out in high school and asks mean girl Kinsey
how long they have been together. Not long. Kinsey gleefully brings up Mia's rehab. Chad smirks he did not know she had been in rehab and turns back to watch the pair.
- Back at the hospital, docs attend to unconscious Chloe, who was brought in with a fever. Lexie is baffled. Chloe suddenly goes into code blue and writhes on the bed! She is later better, with Nathan by her side. Lexie instructs him to pull all her records. They must find out
what is happening before she has another attack. Lexie later reads as Nathan explains Lucas cannot be reached. He gets paged away. Chloe continues to dream of Daniel. Lexie decides to page him. Chloe starts
to stir and asks her not to call Daniel. "I don't want him anywhere near me." Lexie explains Daniel is their best shot. Chloe closes her eyes. Meanwhile, Dan hands the nurse in the hall his letter of resignation!
- On the Kiriakis doorstep, Kate meets up with another unsavory character and pays him in full. After shutting the door, the black widow listens to the doctored conversation on the mini-recorder.

Chloe, I love you. I want you so much.

I can't talk to you. I can't do this anymore.

If I can't have you, no one will.

Kate then stops the tape and gets a murderous look in her eye. "Checkmate!"

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"I need to give you something," Dan tells a surprised Lexie. "My
letter of resignation!"
"Lucas," Chloe mutters from her hospital bed. "You love Lucas."
Steph quips to Mel that even if you are madly in love with someone,
if you don't believe in the same things, it's not gonna work ...
"I can't lose her," Phil says to Brady. "I can't."

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


At the park, Dan continues telling Brady how much he loves Chloe. Brady asks if Chloe knows how he feels. He senses she does, but she
is married to Lucas. "What a way to live," sighs Brady. "It's not really living," laments the lovestruck doc. He loves her and he does not do love! Brady is sympathetic. Dan laments it is the real deal with Chloe yet he can do nothing about it. Brady wonders if acceptance would be easier if they spent less time together. He is now amused  to hear that Kate cornered Daniel into doing a show with Chloe, which Lucas happens to be producing. Talk about your own personal hell! Brady thinks Dan is a glutton for punishment. Dan does not want to bail on
the show since then Lucas might suspect something. He asks Brady to share something wild about himself that he can laugh at, too. Brady insists there is nothing like that in his life. Later alone, Dan places a
call on his cell. He leaves Chloe a message to meet him at Maggie's before the shoot. They need to talk.
- Still at the park, Sami raises her voice at EJ and accuses him of orchestrating all the latest abductions and attempted murders in Salem. Nicole tries to intervene. Sami yells on and calls Elvis a bully. She is
not afraid of taking him on in court. "You should be," dangerously whispers Master Elvis. Sami adds she will not stand by and allow him
to threaten her man Rafe. Nicole quietly tells Sami to be careful. Elvis quips Samantha does not need a life coach. Nicole implores them both to consider Johnny. Sami snaps he needs his mother. Elvis retorts "What he doesn't need is his mommy's flavor of the month!" Nicole asks EJ to stop as Sami turns her back. She tries to play referee. Elvis asks Nicole to take Sydney home. She complies, but reminds them that they are adults and have a responsibility to the children ...When she is gone, Sami informs him he does not have the upper hand. He insists he is not threatening her. She says Rafe is none of his business and calls him a hypocrite, given that he does not mind Johnny living with the
likes of Stefano, false passports, schemes, and all! She cannot wait for Steph to testify. Elvis wonders if she really wants to roll those dice. If she does, she might lose visitations. She points out he might lose his liberty and walk out of the courtroom in handcuffs. "Touche," he admits, so why bother with the custody hearing? All he is asking is
that she answer a few questions about Rafe, provided, of course, she has nothing to hide. Sami states she knows Rafe well. She also feels
EJ has become the man he never wanted to be. Elvis appears to consider. Sami continues. She had hoped the madness was over and their children would be spared of another DiMera battle. She sadly
says EJ no longer seems to have a heart and starts to walk away. Elvis stops her. He will not push for full custody, though he intends to be involved in Johnny's life. And if she plans to live her life with Mr. Hernandez, he intends to find out everything there is to know about him. So be it, she retorts. He will not find anything. Elvis is not sure about that. If he does, they will be back in court. She is taking a big risk. He will be in touch with the visitation schedule. He impulsively reaches up to caress her cheek. "Be careful, Samantha. You've never been a very good judge of character." She replies he is proof of that. "Maybe," says he. Sami mutters she never thought she would feel
sorry for Nicole ...
- At Dan's apartment, replay of Chloe, with purple scarf in hand, wondering if someone else is there. She starts to open the closet,
until Lucas walks out of the other room with Dan's clothes. Chloe shows him the scarf and declares she has a weird feeling. Lucas chuckles and implies Dan has another woman, but if Chloe wishes to see the skeletons in his closet ... Chloe goes to open the closet and then stops. She now smells perfume, which she thinks she recognizes. Kate anxiously listens. Lucas tells Chloe that Dan's secret girlfriend, if he
has one, is not their business. He takes his beloved by the hand and they leave together. She admits she may have overreacted. Once they are gone, black widow Kate slinks out. "If only you knew!"  She leers that Chloe will be taking her secret to the grave and shows herself out, leaving the small bottle of poison behind on a corner table.
- Brady saunters into the pub and approaches Ari at the bar. He would like a few minutes of her time. She is sorry she was abrupt earlier and agrees to talk to him when she has a break. Brady sits down at a table and reads the paper as he waits. Ari soon joins him and apologizes for walking away after he admitted he had been an addict. Brady points
out he had also wanted to invite her for dinner. Ari explains she has her own history and she does like him. However, she doe not think she can do this. She once had a boyfriend who was an addict. Brady realizes she does not want to risk traveling down that road again. And she does not wish to discuss it. Brady puts on a brave face and pleasantly says
he will see her around. She thanks him for understanding. He says if
she changes her mind, she knows where to find him. When he is gone, Ari laments that she cannot tell him the truth!
- At DiMera mansion, Chloe meets with Nicole and complains that Daniel appears to have a new woman! She has no right to be jealous, but Nicole understands, as jealousy is never under one's control. Perhaps now it will be easier for her to move on without him. Chloe wonders how Nicole would feel about EJ being in love with another woman! She now knows what she must do. Nicole thinks that would involve dumping Lucas for Dan, so she can be happy. Nope. She
needs to avoid Daniel after this afternoon. That way, no one will see how she feels!
Elvis soon returns home and pours himself a drink. Nicole thanks him for temporarily dropping the custody suit. He adds if he finds out anything about that Hernandez guy ... Nicole wants him to let it be. Is he just jealous cos the guy has Sami? He announces he does not trust the man. In fact, he suspects Rafe was the one who convinced Samantha to keep his daughta from him, so he could play daddy! And he also does not appreciate that Nicole consorted with the enemy.
From now on, he and he alone will deal with Samantha. Nicole says he is obsessed with her. "She is the mother of my son," replies Elvis, but she insists it is more than that. Despite his claim that he hates her, she does not think he hates her at all. Nicole relents, apologizes, and praises him for making the right decision for the children. He explains that something about Rafe troubles him. He sincerely hopes he is wrong ...
- On set, Dan runs into Lucas, who is ending a business call. Before
the ladies arrive, Lucas lets Daniel know that if he is involved with someone new, he is sure Kate will understand. Dan is perplexed as Lucas asks if the girl wants to keep it under wraps. Is she married?
Dan wants to know what makes him think he has a new girlfriend. Lucas starts to say that Chloe stumbled on something, when Kate waltzes in. She hastily takes Lucas into the other room to go over the shoot details, leaving Dan alone to wonder what Chloe might have stumbled on! Later, Chloe is in the kitchen with Dan, Maggie, and Lucas, as Lucas explains he must go to Hong Kong for a business meeting. Kate suggests a teleconference. Lucas asks her to talk to
the guy about it and they walk out again. Dan approaches Chloe and wonders if she got his message. He wanted them to talk alone. Chloe looks down and then looks him in the eye, announcing they have nothing to say to each other! Kate later tells Dan to go change. Chris flounces in with the tray and asks where her scarf is. Kate changes the subject. Once alone with the food, she flashes back to injecting it with poison. "Time to start the show!" The shoot gets underway and Chloe smiles at the camera while eating the so-called healthy food, Dan at her side. When it is a wrap, Kate wants to drive Lucas to the airport. Chloe would rather do it herself and also gives Dan the brush-off. The couple
leave together, as Chloe remembers that Lucas' blue suit is at the cleaners ... Kate silently leers that suit would be purrfect for Chloe's funeral!
- At Sami's place, Rafe lights the newspaper clipping about Emily's death on fire. He watches it burn in a dish. Knock knock knock!
Enter Will, who sneers he is only there to pick up clothes. He notices Rafe's boxes and realizes he is moving in. He smells something burning and moves toward the dish of ashes, which Rafe tells him not to touch and puts away. He pretends the smell is from the breakfast he was trying to make. He is sorry if he barked at him. Is he cool with him moving in with his mom? Will remarks that as with all Sami's decisions, he does not seem to have a choice. He is not surprised his mom made no mention of their planned living arrangement, given how she knows that he is not in support of the relationship. After all, it was Rafe who helped her lie about Grace and got her into her current mess. Rafe suggests they talk. It was wrong not to tell DiMera the truth, but he is
a kidnapper and murderer!  He adds Sami needs Will. Rafe now thinks he should maybe move out before things get more heated and tells
Will that he needs his mom and vice versa. What will it take for him to be his mother's kid again? Will is impressed that Rafe would move out to help their mother/son relationship. Why? Rafe is of the opinion that Will means more to Sami than he does. Witness protection turns people's lives upside down. He understands Will's anger, but advises him not to take it out on his mother. Rafe sees Will is frustrated over the Grace and Johnny situations, but he should try and let go. Will listens. He knows when Rafe met Sami, she drove him crazy. It was mutual. Rafe states they each have faults but love each other. Will decides maybe he is right. Rafe thinks he should tell Sami himself, as she has just entered! The mother and son share a hug and emotional reunion. Sami then tells the fellas about her run-in with EJ. The ending is that he agreed to drop the custody suit. She can keep Johnny. They are all smiles and Will apologizes for having been a jerk. Rafe and
Sami are glad all is well. Will heads out for practice. He will be back later. Sami thanks Rafe for making the kid himself again. What a great day! She is so lucky to have Rafe. They hug on it, though his eyes anxiously rest on the ashes of the article on Emily's death, which he secretly burned ...

Next on Days of Our Lives
Chloe tells Dan she loves him and begs him not to leave her. He is sorry, he had to move on ...
Shirtless Phil approaches his ex. "Steph?" They are both surprised
to see each other.
"Why would you care what kind of father I am?" Elvis asks Mia.
"You didn't!" Sami gasps, holding open an engagement ring box.
"No," whispers Rafe, his eyes filled with pain.

Monday, July 13, 2009


As Lucas goes over work papers, Kate notes he seems too calm. He assures her Chloe is feeling well, she is just awaiting the latest test results. Kate appears uneasy, but then pretends to be sympathetic.
He hands her the script to look over, makes a few smart ass comments, and walks out. Once alone, Kate takes the poison out of her purse and injects the food on a plate! Assistant Chris soon breezes in to pick it up and waltzes out, almost bumping into an unsavory character on his way out. Kate pays Mr. Unsavory and he hands her a box containing a key. She is very glad to have that key and gingerly takes out the small bottle of poison. She flashes back to lifting Daniel's fingerprint, then hastily heads out. She is clearly a woman on a mission ...!
- Chloe is sitting in a hospital examination room when Dan enters. He looks surprised to see her. "Hi," says she. Lucas soon interrupts and invites Daniel over for dinner. Dan excuses himself, says he is doing double rotation all week, and abruptly departs. Lucas feels his reaction was odd.
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole tells Elvis he is doing the right thing. He is still thinking what would be the best way to proceed. Stephanie will not testify, he insists. He stares at the chess set and removes one of the players. He is going to plan his next move. He ends up sitting alone, brooding. Nicole gives him his space, explaining she will be taking Syd out, but first she commends him for being a great father. Sami has not won just because he did right by his kids, and he has not lost. Perhaps discretion is wisest this time, he agrees. However, Samantha lied to him about his child. He vows someday someone will pay, and has another drink. Nicole nervously departs and places a call on her cell.
- Chez Sami, Rafe arrives as she stares out the window. He asks what she was thinking about. "You," she breathes. "I want you to move in with me." He pauses and wonders if now is the time to make such a decision. She pushes. He states he is worried this idea might not be for the right reason. Sami gasps he is not a crutch or a replacement. "I
love you and I want us to be together." Life is too short. Rafe agrees. Sami says just like he already did once in the past, they can get over their pain and keep on living - together. Rafe gets a faraway look in his eyes. Moving on without Emily was the hardest thing he ever had to
do, though he states that is now in the past. "I love you," he murmurs and  puts an arm around her. Sami puts her head on his shoulder. He wants what is best for her. She wants to have him around and she
knows HE is what is best for her. Rafe agrees and they cheerfully talk about having coffee together, breakfast, fighting, making up, etc. Still,  his eyes remain somewhat wistful.
- At the pub, replay of Phil lamenting to Mel that Steph broke off their engagement. Mel makes light of it. When she sees how down Phil is, she advises him not to let the woman he loves believe he has given up.
- At the hospital, Nathan and Steph have literally run into each other. She smiles and  helps him pick up his fallen papers. The young doctor charmingly suggests he make it up to her with a cup of coffee. Ring ring! He assumes it is his phone but it is hers. Someone named Philip. Steph shuts the phone with a grimace and Nathan remarks he is glad
he is not Philip! He notices that name seemed to upset her. She does not wish to discuss it and is about to leave. When she hears he is one Nathan Horton, she softens. They start to chat, Dr. Dan appears and asks Nathan for a file, which Steph ends up finding. When Dan walks off, they continue talking. Dan returns and makes a snide remark about Nathan not working so Nathan says see you later. Steph smiles.
- Back at the pub, Mel realizes Phil's call went unanswered. He points out that not giving up could be called stalking. Mel suggests she help
out at Titan until Stephanie comes back. Phil admits he does not think she will ever return to Titan. Enter Brady, who has overheard. "What the hell did you do now?" he wonders. Mel thinks Brady should go
easy on him. Phil gets defensive and departs. Brady is most surprised
to hear that Steph ended their engagement. Mel whips out her cell and announces to Brady that she is doing damage control - for Phil. She later says she is sorry that hunky Brady and Phil are not as happy as they should be, and also wishes she could help. Brady says that is not her job. Mel now wonders if Brady could convince Phil to let her come back to Titan, to fill in for Steph. Brady looks dubious. Maybe she is just after Philip again. Mel insists she no longer has a thing for Phil. Brady warns her that Phil, having just been dumped by his fiancee, must be a powder keg, ready to blow. He might hurt her. Mel agrees
to keep her distance but doesn't really mean it! She now leaves for the hospital ...
- Meanwhile, Steph returns Phil's call and tells him to never call her again, as they need to make a clean break!
- Back at the hospital, Lucas and Chloe are ready to leave, after her consultation with another doc, who confirmed she was in good health. When Lucas brings up the fact that today is taping day, super busy
Dan admits he left his clothes for the show at home. Lucas will pick them up for him, in that case. Dan hands him his key, so Lucas and Chloe make for Dan's apartment, unaware that Kate is already there,
to hide the small bottle of poison to implicate him!
- As Chloe and Lucas approach Dan's apartment, Kate has just hidden the small bottle of poison. She hears their voices and quickly hides in the closet.  Chloe and Lucas enter. Lucas looks around. Chloe stops in her tracks and flashes back to her and Dan's sizzling moments in that very apartment. She sits down and sighs, then sees Kate's fallen scarf on the floor and picks it up, wondering if someone else is there.
- At the hospital, Mel finds Steph and tells her Phil looks awful, but she has an idea. How abut a girl's night out? Steph is not interested. Mel eventually convinces her and later places a call on her cell ...
- Down at the pier, jogging Dan runs into Brady and laments he had a scare last night, with Chloe. He pours out his heart to his pal about loving Chloe, though they are over now.
- Elvis has arrived at Sami's place, where he is none too pleased to find Rafe, who has been unpacking his stuff. Samantha is not there. so he can talk to her attorney, says Rafe. Elvis spies the boxes and frowns. "Are you moving in?" Yes. Rafe criticizes him for barging in the day before the custody hearing. Elvis wishes to speak with Samantha. She
is not there. Rafe growls at him to call her lawyer. EJ growls at Rafe
for having kept his daughta from him until she was dead. Rafe now challenges him. Elvis advances and then stops. He vows they will have it out eventually and storms off, ordering Rafe to tell Samantha he was there.
- Nicole is now at the peaceful park with happy baby Sydney, who is ever so pretty in purple or pink (depending on your television). She
has a seat and assures Syd they will be a real family with daddy again. Sami arrives and wonders why Nicole summoned her. She notes that Sydney is prettier every day. When can she see Johnny again? Nicole explains that things have changed. Sami gets high strung and laments she has to let her see her son! Syd gurgles and Nicole boasts she has good news, as she has convinced EJ to drop the custody suit. Sami is grateful. Nicole points out Elvis cannot know they talked. They must keep their distance and she should handle EJ very carefully, as he is  upset over what she did. Nicole assumes he is with his lawyer. She acts supportive and advises Sami to feign surprise if EJ calls her. Baby Syd makes noise so Nicole picks her up. Sami calls her beautiful. Nicole lets her hold Syd while she looks for her pacifier. Sami admires her smile and says she looks like her mommy. The happy little scene continues, until EJ suddenly appears and takes Sydney out of Sami's arms. He dangerously says that she may never hold Sydney again. He is there to talk about his son. He presumes Nicole just told her of his change of heart. However, that was before he found out she will be living with Rafe Hernandez, a man she knows absolutely nothing about! Sami insists she knows everything about him that matters ...
- Still unpacking, Sami's new roommate Rafe opens a box containing Emily's engagement ring. He later sits down and stares at a very old newspaper clipping, whose headline screams BRIDE-TO-BE DIES MYSTERIOUSLY ...!

Next on Days of Our Lives
"I don't think I can do this. I really don't," Arianna tells Brady.
"I recognize that scent," deduces Chloe.
"What's it gonna take for you to be your mother's kid again?" Rafe
asks Will.
EJ faces Sami. "All I'm asking is that you answer a few questions
about Rafe, unless that is, of course, you have something to hide ..."

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