Days of Our Lives July 21, 2010
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010 
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Hope ready to burn Bo, Rafe/Sami conflict, and more!

-  Rafe is at his FBI work desk when Sami gingerly enters. Is everything okay? She uncomfortably explains she just brought by his mail from the townhouse. He grins he did fill out a forwarding address form at the post office. Maybe he should fill out another one, he chuckles. He remarks she could have called him, so is the mail just an excuse? She denies it.He says he could have picked it up. Not exactly. Her mom has decided to sell the townhouse. Thus, she and the kids will be staying with EJ - permanently! The smile vanishes fast from Rafe's face. He now gets sarcastic about the less than wholesome DiMeras. Sami defends EJ as a great dad. And he is kind and supportive and L ... "Loving," finishes Rafe. To the kids or to her? Sami says he did admit to having feelings for her. Rafe reminds her EJ is in love with her and he wants her to say it! Sami exclaims okay, he loves her. Rafe wonders what that means. Sami explains she thinks it is only fair if she gives him another chance. Rafe looks dismayed. Sami claims she has gone through this in her head and she is aware of the obstacles - namely Kate and Stefano - but the kids love him and she is trying to do right by her family, with two parents living under the same roof. Rafe makes a snide remark about the criminals living under that
roof, then drawls he is happy for her and EJ and their new arrangement. Now, however, he has work to do. Sami calls him a friggin hypocrite and starts to shout. She just wants to give her kids stability. Rafe plays devil's advocate. Will the kids be happy if she is not? Sami gasps the mansion
has everything and her life will be easy. "Your life will be hell!" states Rafe. She snaps her life will be great. He thinks she is lying to herself. Rafe's cute assistant now enters to hand him something and tells him of
an agent's retirement party. He will be there.She is pleased to hear it. Exit cute assistant. Sami gets bitter that Rafe hired another girl for the job she wanted as he did not trust her. He tries to explain it was not about trust. They get back to the topic of EJ. Sami boasts he loves her. Rafe would
like to know if she loves him. Sami will say only that she has made her decision and hopes he will respect it. Exit Sami. Rafe sighs.
- Ari drops by the DiMera mansion, to tell EJ she has decided to fire
him! He frowns. She tries to make it sound nicer. She realizes that he has much on his mind and she feels a burden to him. He assures her he loves working with her. She brings up his mention of leaving Salem and is now surprised to hear he is not going away. Some things have changed. Ari nervously wonders what if something comes up again, she no longer
wants to be a distraction. He insists he is all there for her. Arianna would like to know how he will prove her innocence -  by showing that Nicole
set her up? Ominous music is heard. They discuss the situation. EJ admits there is nothing concrete yet. Little Johnny interrupts and daddy picks him up. EJ asks Johnny to let him finish his meeting. Ari smiles she should go. He smiles he hopes she will keep him as her primary council. She smiles he is officially re-hired, her eyes shining brightly.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Brady is on the phone, barking at his man to keep searching cos Arianna is innocent. Click! Enter Nicole, there for a visit. She thought he had broken up with Arianna and wonders if he has feelings for her. He does indeed. Nicole asks if he is still in love with her. She just wants to make sure she is not deluding herself. He reminds her
he is getting over someone. Nicole starts to leave. He stops her, placing
his hands on her shoulders, gazing into her eyes,then abruptly steps away, explaining he is still getting over Ari. He is working at it. She asks why he kissed her. Cos it felt good. However, just cos he and Arianna broke up,
it does not mean that he will not do all he can to bring the real culprit to justice. Nicole feebly says he should back off. Brady look stunned. She better not think Ari is guilty! She does not, but she feels she could put all the terrible things behind her if she knew she could have a future with
him. He assures her, his voice shaking with emotion, that he will always
be her friend. Nicole says goodbye and starts to leave. He stops her,
kisses her, and advises her to take it one step at a time ...
- Replay of black widow Hope giving Bo his drugged cup of coffee, a smirk on her face. He does not take a sip. "Is something wrong?" says
she. He puts the mug of coffee down, declaring she knows exactly what
is wrong. He senses she has not been honest about her reason for being there. Hope glances at the coffee mug now in his hand. He continues. "Hope, you wanted me here, you wanted to talk to me." She forces a smile and admits she used Ciara as an excuse. He states he always wants to hear what he has to say and starts to drink his coffee. They have all night. He drinks some more. Hope blinks coyly. She then gets sad and woefully admits they lost their son as well as each other countless times. Bo notes they used to find their way back to each other so what changed? Hope sadly replies she wishes he has fought harder - for them! They talk and he reminds her she was the one who left with Ciara. Hope gets annoyed he is not taking responsibility for his actions. He states he takes responsibility for hurting her. Hope drawls how long was it before Carly was sleeping in their bed. Bo finishes his coffee and is curious if it would change things if he and Carly were done. Would things be different if that happened and she and Ciara moved back in? He reaches for some more coffee and Hope gasps he cannot have any more! She covers it is getting cold and woefully asks if he meant it. Bo replies even if he and Carly broke up, it does not mean their problems would be so easily solved.
That was what he was trying to make her see. Feeling rejected yet again, Hope stands up and she is mad now, blaming Bo for betraying her. Carly is not to blame, nor is she. Everything is his fault! He looks disoriented and has difficult finding the words as the sleeping pills take effect. Hope stares at him triumphantly. He feels dizzy and does not understand.
"You never did," purrs Hope. She adds he is the one responsible for their breakup and now she will get her revenge! Bo collapses onto the sofa, unconscious. She gloats there are no more excuses and coldy calls him a heartless bastard. But he will not hurt them anymore. She will see to that! She picks up her bag and steps out the front door. Bo later groggily opens his eyes. "Hope?"
- Nicole summons EJ to the pier. He impatiently wonders what she wants. She smirks she will blackmail him until the end of time to get the many things she wants. "Ain't life grand!" EJ shakes his head in disbelief. "You have no idea what you are getting yourself into," he warns. He could take care of her in a second! She taunts him then the tape would get out. He gets madder. She sarcastically reminds him she pulled off the stunt of the century with her fake pregnancy so he should not underestimate her.
What does she want? Arianna Hernandez. EJ chuckles at her ludicrous request. She catches him off guard by stating she wants him to prove Arianna is innocent - and the sooner the better! It dawns on him that she wants to make sure Brady does not keep chasing after Arianna, as the
trail could lead him to Nicole, hence her sudden desire to prove Arianna's innocence. It is only to keep Brady from finding out the truth. She airily suggests he get to work. He wonders what the stupid grin is for. She laughs, pondering if he ever thought that something like this would be the reason they called a truce! Rafe,meanwhile, lurks in the shadows. having just arrived ...
- Sami returns to the DiMera mansion, in a bad mood. Johnny rushes up as he has been waiting for her. She lifts him up and smiles it is time to get him to bed. She looks around. "Mommy's home ..."
- Hope returns to the underground place and is pleased Baker fulfilled her shopping list. He wonders if she is gong to burn down the whole town. Nope. She smugly says she drugged Bo and now he will buuuuuurrrrrrn! Baker stops her. Arson is one thing, but murder is quite another. He will not let her do this! Hope refuses to listen. "This is something I have to do. It's the only way I can truly move on." He refuses to help. She leers she does not need him anyway, winks, and is gone. Baker sighs.
- Back at the house. Bo tries to stand up, calling out for Hope. He falls to the floor unconscious again. Crazed Hope is soon back and drenches her estranged, unconscious husband in gasoline. She now proceeds to light a match. "Finally, I'll be at peace ...!"

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