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Friday, January 16, 2009 
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In Charlotte's office, replay of Brady entering and accessing John's recorded session on her computer. Is this real? He watches and sees John clearly saying Marlena is with him in his hypno-memory. "He remembers. What the hell is this doctor up to!" thinks Brady.
- In the hospital corridor, Kayla asks preoccupied Marlena what is wrong. She forces a smile but Kayla senses something has changed for John. Marlena admits she cannot figure his doctor out. As the hospital chief of staff, Kayla feels the need to know all. Marlena tells her that Charlotte informed John he would never get his memory
back after one hypno-therapy session. However, Marlena thinks he
is about to have a breakthrough. Kayla suggests a talk with Charlotte. Marlena admits she is waiting for her to return her call and brings her up to date on her discovery of what her old colleague said. Kayla suggests Marlena speak with Charlotte face to face.
- At the pub, John is shocked Charlotte wants him to leave his life in Salem. Yes, she repeats, he should. He becomes irate and sarcastic. Charlotte claims amnesia is often irreversible. Time to treat this as if
it is permanent. He stands up, So does she and points out he could be his own man in a new place, accepted for who he really is. John considers. If he bails, he decides, he is taking Blondie. Charlotte says that would be a mistake. She pretends Marlena will never accept him the way he is now. Never. John notes she is not acting like a shrink. They sit back down. She states she is being honest and just wants to help him. "You and Marlena it's not gonna happen."
- Still in Charlotte's dark office, Brady stares at the computer. "This
is incredible!" He cannot wait to share the news with Marlena. All of
a sudden there is a noise outside the door. Charlotte is back! Brady stands up. Marlena approaches her at the door before she opens it. They have to talk! Inside, Brady does something on the computer. Meanwhile, Marlena tells Charlotte she would like to know what she has in mind for John. Charlotte gets mad. Marlena has seen Brady open the door and then close it. She stops Charlotte from entering by saying John told her his doc said he would never get his memory back. Marlena wants answers. "Why would you ever say such a thing?" Charlotte gets madder. Kayla walks over. Charlotte continues getting snarky about Marlena's interference. Kayla has heard their loud voices and wants them both in her office so they depart. Brady slips out. In the corridor, Charlotte apologizes for overreacting. She felt her patient's privacy was violated and got protective, that's all.
She now excuses herself. Back in her office, Charlotte opens her computer and notes something is amiss. Someone has been using
her computer and watched John's video!
- At the Cheatin Heart, EJ cuts to the chase with Melanie. He wishes to know more on Nick's alternative fuel project. Mel points out Nick was the brains behind it and she cannot discuss it with outsiders. He asks if she is happy with Titan. "Are they doing well by the project
... by you?" She sweetly wonders what he really wants. EJ makes
her promise this is off the record. Her project stands to make billions. If the DiMeras made an offer, would she consider? Melanie replies
she has an iron-clad deal with Titan. And she is not certain what the DiMeras do. They make a lot of money for a lot of people,EJ boasts. He can make her more money than Victor Kiriakis has ever dreamed of. She is flattered he wants the project, though she is happy where she is. She brings up Phil believing in the project 100%. EJ has
known Phil a long time. He gets enthusiastic fast and bored easily.
Elvis wonders what it is she wants, She says she has made herself clear. EJ asks her to think it over. The DiMeras can offer her more and then some. Mel promises to think it over. EJ departs. Maggie soon has a seat and once more thanks Mel for going to bat for Nick.
It says a lot about her character! Maggie hopes that when he comes back, he will be able to find his way again. Mel thinks Maggie can help everyone find their way. She always makes everything okay.
Mel brings up Nick's lawyer EJ and asks what she knows about him. Maggie pauses. Even on a professional level, she should stay on her guard with that one, for he is a DiMera!
- At DiMera mansion, Tony asks to be introduced to Nicole's friend
as Nicole forces a smile and cringes. Mia soon hears that this is EJ's half-brother, Tony DiMera. She gulps. "Did you say DiMera?"Count Tony smiles that she has heard of the name. Nicole starts to babble and tries to get them away from Tony. He, however, would like to know who her friend is! Just a friend, says Nicole. They met at the youth center where she has been talking to pregnant teens. Tony listens as Nicole says she wants to help those in need. But what are they doing here, he wonders, and pours himself a coffee from s silver pot. Nicole claims they have bonded. "Lovely," purrs Tony. Mia
plays along. Nicole has been so good to her. They hastily depart. Tony looks doubtful.
- Later at the clinic, Mia is in bed, with Nicole at her side as they talk about the rich and infamous DiMeras. Yes, Tony lives at the mansion with his wife. Nicole assures her Stefano will be a doting grandpa. Enter Dr. Baker. What is Nicole doing there? Mia invited her. Baker pauses and stares Nicole down. Does Mia know the truth about her, the whole truth, he asks. Indeed, she does. Is Mia sure? Yup. The gals are all smiles. Time for the ultrasound. Baker announces it is a girl. Mia appears to have second thoughts. Baker sides with the
young mom, as it is her baby and thus her God given right to decide whether she will keep her. Mia wishes she could, but she knows
what is best for her - Nicole. Nicole vows she will never regret it.
Her baby will have everything in life. She asks Baker when the baby is due. Another week at the earliest. Exit the doc. Nicole states she needs to make a plan and pretend she gives birth somewhere.
Later, Mia is at home alone, pouring herself a glass of water, and starts to experience pain in her abdomen!
- Back at the mansion, Tony informs EJ that Nicole took off with a pregnant teen. She is volunteering at the youth center. EJ has not heard about it and why did she bring the girl to the mansion? Tony fills him in. And he finds the whole thing odd. EJ asks him what he thinks. "Same thing you're thinking, little brotha. Something is up!"
EJ wants her name. Tony never got one. EJ sits down. He states he believes Nicole is doing volunteer work as she is softer. Tony points out she didn't tell him about it. EJ, however, claims to believe her. "Yes," says Tony. "Of course, you do." He exits. When Nicole
finally returns, Master EJ solemnly asks why he had to find out
about her youth center volunteering from Tony ...
- At the pub, Kayla runs into John and brings up Dr. Charlotte. She has serious concerns about her behavior. In fact, she doesn't trust
her and nether should he!
- Meanwhile, Marlena comes home and starts to lecture Brady, who ushers her to the computer. He emailed her John's session! He plays
it and hypno-John appears on screen stating what he sees. "Love of my life, it's Marlena." Marlena stares at the monitor in disbelief and softly gasps ...!

Next on Days of Our Lives
Rafe warns Sami that her life, his life, and her baby's life all
depend on it.
The killer is seated at a computer, next to a photo of Sami. "Show
me where they're hiding, the one who's gonna die tonight."
Smiling Nicole tells EJ  "I've been keeping something from you."
Brady tells Marlena "Charlotte Taylor's been messing with my dad's head and you damn well better believe she's gonna pay!"

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Mel walks back in the courtroom and complains to Max that his ex
is smooching in public with Phil. Chelsea arrives. Phil and Steph
have finally stopped their display. Melanie comments Chelsea is late. Chelsea also has harsh words for Mel. Enter Nick. Chelsea is sorry, she was at the hospital and could not come sooner. Mel and Phil
leave for their meeting at Titan. Once he is alone with Max and Chelsea, Nick informs Max he has had his patent sent to him, to ensure it stay out of the wrong hands. Max and Chels agree to see to
it that his wishes are respected and the patent not be given to anyone unscrupulous. Nick then asks to speak with Chelsea. She is a great person and he is sorry that he has not been there for her. She understands. It was the pills, not him, and he will now get help. She knows that sweet, funny person she knew will be back. Nick asks if she will visit him. Of course, as he is important to her and so many others. He wants her to go on with her life. She admits she has
regrets too but he will always be in her heart. Chelsea must now
leave as Nick stares sadly after his tearful first love ...
- In Charlotte's office, John is perplexed. The doc claims that by watching the tape of the session, she realized there was no chance
of his remembering. He has had quite enough and storms out after muttering "Screw it!" Charlotte smiles slyly. She can help John, but not in the way he thinks!
- At the Brady pub, Brady has a meeting with Marlena. He has done some snooping. He knows, from John's lips, that he wants to find himself all for Marlena so there is hope for them. Brady thinks John
is lost to him, though. Now enter John, who is simply seething. He joins them at their table and asks doc for a second opinion. She
smiles he called her doc. He explains it was a medical address. Exit Brady. John tells her of Charlotte packing it in. He asks Marlena her advice. She leans forward and gives him a very long kiss. She then says she is sorry. John drawls it reminds him what he is fighting for. He goes on. She is stunned to hear his doc told him he had no chance of ever getting his memory back. Marlena places a charm bracelet
on her wrist. Maybe this will help. He does not recognize the bell charms. She tells him how he gave them to her nine years ago, when they were en route to New Orleans and it was New Year's. The bells represented Belle and also ringing in the New Year. He touches the charms but does not remember. Nevertheless,, Marlena feels they
are getting close. Charlotte now enters and she would like a word
with John. Marlena solemnly leaves. Charlotte notes she seemed resentful. He mentions she was trying to help him remember something. Charlotte gets annoyed about Marlena's interference. Furthermore, she might have an idea. She can help him be a whole new man if he leaves town with her! Now outside the pub, Marlena criticizes Charlotte to Brady. She has been hostile and now she has
a defeatist attitude toward John. Marlena senses the hypnotherapy might have started to work. And yet, her hands are tied. It appears
she is ethically bound to step back. They hug and Marlena departs. Brady then decides that perhaps her hands are tied, but his are certainly not! Meanwhile, Marlena leaves a message on Charlotte's voice mail, as she would like to speak with her ...
- At DiMera mansion, EJ tells Stefano to give him credit. They sit
and drink. Stefano is amused. EJ says he was actually being ironic
by helping the Hortons. In fact, he came across a bit of info that would benefit the DiMera legacy! Stefano is all ears, naturally. EJ goes on. It could restore the DiMera reputation worldwide and earn their empire lots of money. The one they must wrestle this potential goldmine from is Victor Kiriakis. Stefano smiles at the biz challenge. "One does what one must," EJ adds ominously. Stefano later shows EJ a large crib he has ordered from Italy. And there are collectible teddy bears, for Johnny and Theo.
- At Mama Mia's place, Nicole continues to beg. Mia is her only
hope. Mia has now changed her mind, seeing how devastated losing
a baby has made Nicole. She is not sure she could go thru with such
a thing now. Nicole points out her child deserves a good life. And what about young Mia's dreams of dancing in Japan? Mia, however,
is worried about her sketchy fiance, as she sounds afraid of him. Perhaps she should be afraid of him, too. Nicole tells her about EJ, how great he is with Johnny, his son from a previous marriage. Mia
is pleased to hear her baby would have a big brother. Nicole gets weepy. Her baby would be lucky to have a wonderful da like EJ.
Mia considers. She should at least be able to see where her baby would live. Nicole places a call to EJ, who is still at the mansion.
She pretends she just wanted to check if he was there so they could spend some time together. As it turns out, fatha needs him for a meeting. Nicole is relieved cos she has plans of her own ...
- At Titan, Phil and Mel discuss their meeting. She found it exciting. Phil compliments her on what she did earlier for Nick. He likes that side of her! Mel smiles. That means a lot, especially coming from
him. Sour Steph approaches. Mel praises Phil's great job in the meeting and flirts. Phil pulls Steph aside. What is the matter? She
says she is glum about Nick. Phil has a surprise for her but will not say more. Mel excuses herself with a headache .
- At DiMera mansion, EJ puts on his black coat and tells Stefano
they must act quickly. He is doing this all for his family. Mia and Nicole later arrive outside the DiMera door. Mia is thrilled about the mansion. Nicole says she can only give her so much. Mia assures her she is only after what they already agreed upon. They enter together. Mia is delighted to see the wonderful crib. She spies a photo of EJ
and Johnny and notes EJ looks like her old boyfriend. Nicole is now
in a hurry to usher her out. Mia comes face to face with Stefano's portrait. "Who's this guy?" All of a sudden dashing Tony enters, grinning like a Cheshire cat, asking who Nicole's friend is ...
- At the Cheatin Heart, charming EJ would like to join lone Melanie
at her table. She agrees. EJ thanks her for her testimony. She smiles but is that why he came? As a matter of fact, there is something else he wishes to discuss with her, says Master Elvis ...
- Back in Charlotte's office, Brady has managed to sneak in and proceeds to watch John's taped session on her computer as Doctor Charlotte's taped voice is heard, asking John to tell her what else he sees besides the love of his life ...!

Next on Days of Our Lives
Charlotte asks John if he is willing to take the bold step of leaving Salem forever.
Brady stares at the computer. "Is this real? Is dad getting his
memory back?"
Tony faces Mia as Nicole nervously watches. "Aren't you gong to introduce us?" the Count smiles.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Dan opens his apartment door to Chloe. "About last night, it didn't happen," she demurely states. "The hell it didn't!" says he. Chloe
strides in. She is serious and hopes he has told no one. Dan breathes her marrying Lucas is a mistake. Chloe claims she is attracted to him but Dan insists it is more! He gets closer. "You came here to see me, to be with me." He takes her hand. "To feel my touch." They slowly start to kiss before the fireplace and one thing leads to another ...
- Brady comes across John at the pier. He notes something is wrong. John laments the hypnosis gave him nothing. Brady suggests trying another doc. Does he really want his memories back? Yup and he is doing it to find his memories of Blondie. He will keep working at it. For Blondie and some others. Brady appears pleased and heads off after telling his dad that he always used to go all out for what he wanted, "and you always got it." John considers.
- In her office, mad Charlotte watches the tape of John remembering Marlena, and wanting to help her. Charlotte drops a heavy book that makes a bang. Enter Marlena, to check she is alright. Charlotte is
mad she came barging in and tells her so! She suddenly smiles and asks Marlena to have a seat. She does. John's image is now paused
on her monitor. Marlena brings up her impressive awards. However, her last job at a university, she left suddenly. The doc sees Marlena
is checking up on her. She states she left her last job to look after her dying father, whom Marlena did not stay in touch with! He never forgot her. Marlena is surprised to hear he mentioned her on the day he died. Had she known he was ill, she would have contacted him. She is sorry if she hurt Charlotte's feelings. Marlena would like them to be friends. They share the goal of wanting John to recover. Exit smiling Marlena. Charlotte turns away and thinks aloud, "At least one of us does!" She then sits back down and goes over John's tape. Another knock at the door. She pasuses the tape. Tis John. He
would like to see the video. Charlotte lies that hypnosis will not work for him and he probably will not get his memories back!
- At Titan, Mel informs Phil she needs the morning off and departs without saying why.
- At the pub, Maggie spills her coffee. Max rushes up to help. Maggie is out of sorts and tells him Nick is being sentenced. Max wants to come but Maggie explains he only wants her and Melanie there. Max later grabs his jacket and runs into Steph. Nick is getting sentenced and he should be there. Steph agrees his friends should be there and wants to go with him. He walks out to get his car. Steph calls Phil on her cell. She knows why Mel needed the morning off.
- In the courtroom, Nick thanks lawyer EJ for coming as Mickey is
in Chicago. Dismal Nick thinks he deserves life imprisonment. He knows he was delusional and believed he was in love with Melanie. He takes a seat. Enter Maggie and Mel. He is grateful to see them.
EJ prevents Melanie from speaking to Nick. Max and Steph arrive. Maggie is glad they came. Steph says Mel should have told Phil
about the sentencing earlier.Teary-eyed Mel replies that Nick wanted it kept a secret. She wonders if Phil is coming. No, says unfriendly Steph, as he has a meeting. She walks off to take a seat. The judge enters and the court is now in session. Judge Fitzpatrick presides.
Meanwhile, Phil has slipped in and is seated at the back. Maggie takes the stand and cries that Nick does have remorse and that says something. He is a good boy with a good heart. He wasn't himself. She asks the judge to show mercy. Her statement is over. Mel stands up and asks to be heard. The judge lets her take the stand. Mel
weeps she forgives Nick. All he ever did was become a victim
himself and he is a good person. She hopes the judge will be lenient. Phil watches intently. The court is then in recess. Maggie thanks Mel, who is crying. Phil continues to watch intently. When court resumes, Judge Fitzpatrick announces she has decided to reduce the sentence mostly due to Mel's testimony. Nick gets 2-5 years. With good behavior, he will be eligible for parole in 18 months! All breathe sighs of relief. Nick hugs his friends. Phil approaches Mel and shares with her that he is impressed. What she did was incredibly generous. Mel gushes. She is glad she redeemed herself in his eyes. Phil also put the alternative fuel meeting off so she could be there. He goes to make a call. Pained Steph also tells Mel she is impressed. Afterwards, Nick smiles at Mel, who smiles back. "You saved me," he says. He does wonder if it was for Phillip. Perhaps a little, though she did mean
what she said. He deserves a second chance. "Be good to yourself," Mel says softly. Then itís a hug and a goodbye, but as Mel walks
out, she spies Phil and Steph kissing!
- Nicole arrives at Mama Mia's door and Mia is not impressed she
did not bring her fiance. Where is he? Nicole wants to talk. Mia lets her in. She will not agree to anything. Where is the baby's future father?  When is he coming? Nicole admits he is not coming at all.  She can never meet her fiance! Nicole tells her sad story. She lost
her little girl. Mia is sorry. Nicole explains her fiance wanted the
baby too and that was her last chance. She has been leading him to believe she is still expecting by wearing padding. Mia is stunned. Nicole clarifies. Her fiance will have what he has been waiting for all this time, and it will be Miaís baby. Mia now gets the deception. It is crazy and wrong. They could both wind up in jail. She tells Nicole to leave. Nicole gets on her knees and begs. Mia is her only hope! "All I'm asking is that you give me back the happiness I lost. Give me
your baby. Please say yes."
- At the grand DiMera mansion, Stefano sits with Kate on the sofa. "You look positively radiant." He has affection, respect, and admiration for her. Might she have considered what they last spoke of? Kate had assumed he was not serious. He insists he was! It was genuinely heartfelt. He hoped she would marry him. Will she accept his proposal? She admits her illness has made her see life differently. Perhaps daring is the way to go, adventuresome. If she did marry
him, her life would change. She does feel they have a special connection and will forever be indebted to him for helping her and Lucas off the streets. He takes her hand. She does not owe him.
Kate admits being with him lifts her spirits. He smiles. But, she adds, she is not yet ready to make a commitment. Stefano knows about her and Daniel. She is surprised, but the phoenix knows all! Kate remarks Dan saved her life and they are simply special friends.
- Back at Dan's pad, Dan and Chloe bask in the afterglow before the fireplace when Kate knocks at the door! They throw on their clothes and Chloe hides in the bathroom. Shirtless Dan opens the door to Kate, who is returning his pager, which he forgot at the party. Kate notes his discomfort. Is she interrupting something? He covers that he has been busy. She departs. Chloe comes out, fully dressed, feeling terrible about what they are doing to Kate. Her kids (i.e. Lucas)
and their happiness mean everything to her. Dan confesses things are
out of control. "This is not happening ever again," insists Chloe. Dan thinks that won't work. How can they walk away from what they feel? Chloe opens the door and sadly leaves ...
- Back at DiMera mansion, Stefano elegantly toasts EJ for a job well done and for helping the Hortons, who may one day return the favor. "Elvis your future is not only bright, itís brilliant!" Elvis grins.

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Nick asks Max and Chelsea to promise him it will stay out of the wrong hands. They agree.
Phil tells Mel there is a side of her he hadn't seen before. "I like that person ..."
Mia wonders to Nicole "If losing your baby was so sad, why are you telling me to give up mine?"

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Outside the house of Kiriakis, EJ and Nicole elegantly approach the front door. Snarky Victor runs into them, assumes they are there for the engagement party, and tells them to scram! EJ calls him cranky. Vic retorts he is a damn fool and Nicole will bring him down with her lies. "Who the hell do you think you are!" Elvis bellows. He will wed Nicole. Vic says he must have a death wish. It escalates. EJ is mad
he would trash a mother-to-be in such a manner. Inside, Dan stares
at Chloe and remembers their hot and heavy session. So does she! Kate interrupts his thoughts. She assumes he returned to the hospital and then came back to the party. Daniel announces he has something to say about Chloe. Chloe nervously tries to stop him. Vic, EJ, and Nicole enter the party. Dan proposes a toast to Chloe and Lucas. "May your choices in life always be the right ones and may you forever be happy with them."  They all raise their glasses. Dan gives Chloe a meaningful look. Lucas and Chloe kiss. Vic walks up and
says her dress will not be white and he advises Lucas to give it time. He will run like hell once he sees her empty soul. Steph, Phil, Max, and Chels scurry into the other room. Lucas defends his beloved as the most honest, caring person he has ever known. Drinking Dan observes in the background. "How many people do you know?" the Greek tycoon taunts Lucas. Kate ushers Vic away to get some cake. Lucas tells Chloe he is sorry. He thinks Vic is off his rocker. His cell rings. Tis Maggie about Aly so he strolls off to talk. He finishes his convo and then sees EJ, who thanks him for the great party. They compare notes on Victor. Lucas wonders if EJ shouldn't heed Vic's warnings on Nicole. Someone like that is never satisfied. EJ says
with him, she is well taken care of. Meanwhile, Nicole approaches Chloe and wants to know what is making her so miserable. Chloe admits she has made a huge mistake! Lucas is great and yet ... Dan saunters over and asks for a word with Chloe. She leaves to talk to Lucas. Nicole notices Dan watching Chloe. He then asks how
Nicole's new doc is. He senses something is wrong. Kate and Chels chat outside the party. Chelsea sees she must have needed space
from Daniel. Being friends isn't always easy, even though Chelsea says she has no feelings for him. Kate perceives she has moved on with Max. Chelsea insists they are strictly platonic. Meanwhile, Maxman tells Lucas to let him know if he wants a bachelor party. Lucas brings up Chels. Max claims they are just friends. Lucas says they would make a cute couple! Phil walks over to Chloe, welcomes her to the family, and gives her a hug as Steph jealously looks on. Chloe glances at Dan, who glances right back!  Dan then asks Nicole what her doc's name is and she drops a plate of dessert. EJ asks if
she is ready to go. She agrees so he is off to pick up their coats. Nicole's cell rings. Tis Mia, who must speak to her about her baby! Nicole says she cannot speak to her right now. She will be there within the hour. She ends the call as EJ brings her coat and he wants to know who Mia is! Someone she met at the doctor's office who found her bracelet, Nicole lies, adding she needs to pick it up. EJ offers to go with her! Chloe sees off some of her guests at the front door and thanks Kate for the evening. Back inside, Victor gripes to Dr. Dan about the "dreadful party."  Dan the man says it means a lot to Kate. Vic trashes Chloe as a hussy and also her mother. All she
has going for her are those big attributes. Dan calls him a sob and
tells him never to talk about Chloe or any other women like that! Vic is flabbergasted. Dan continues. Chloe is bright and wonderful and Victor's contempt for her only cheapens Victor. Vic blows his stack
at Dan for insulting him in his own home. Chloe is poison. Dan reminds him Kate owes Chloe her life and he owes her respect!
Dan storms off and sees Chloe and Kate at the front door. Later, Lucas and Chloe are at the door, preparing to leave with the gifts.
She laments she does not deserve all this and says nothing lasts forever. He is optimistic and there is no one else he would rather be with. Then he gives her a kiss and leaves to get the car. Enter Dan. "That's a nice act you put on," he drawls.  She tells him to leave. "What happened earlier wasnít just physical, it is so much more than that ..." They are not through, not by a long shot, he vows! Exit Dan.
- At Titan, Phil is with Steph and he is looking for a disk on the alternative fuel project that he needs for a meeting. Smug Steph finds it and says he should promise her that he will work less in the next week. He kisses her. She brings up Chloe. He assures her he has feelings only for her now, and she is beautiful. He suddenly realizes "We can't do this!" Workplace romances are a no-no in this day and age. Too much gossip, so they shouldn't work together anymore. Steph's smile fades. She can quit but he doesn't want her to. She
asks if he wants to break up with her. No, says he. However, he will reassign her to someone else. She teases him for making her squirm. They kiss again.
- Still under hypnosis, John repeats to the annoyed Charlotte that Marlena is the love of his life. He then recalls his days chained in a dark place. Marlena was unconscious. She needed his help and he wanted to save her! Charlotte counts backwards and he wakes up. What does he remember? Not a damn thing. Charlotte says she will examine the tape and let him know more. John assumes the session was a bust and is mad and disappointed. She encourages him to continue the hypnotherapy. John leaves in a huff.
- At Brady pub, Marlena researches Charlotte Taylor on her computer. The doc has received lots of awards. Marlena also calls
one of her former associates, seeking deets on the doc. Later on,
John waltzes in.  He joins her at her table and complains nothing happened in his session. He considers packing the whole thing in.
He wants out! Marlena understands. She is sorry she was a bit
jealous of Charlotte. She researched her and found she has many awards Perhaps she is a keeper. John wonders if she is giving him permission to date her. Marlena is baffled. She was simply checking her qualifications and they seemed good. She convinces him not to give up. He agrees to one more session and walks off. Marlena's cell rings. Tis someone who used to work with Charlotte. Why did she leave, Marlena asks? She listens and now says it does seem odd ....
Meanwhile, Charlotte is in her office, watching footage of hypno -
John announcing the love of his life is Marlena!
Max and Chelsea are at their own Brady pub table talking about the party. She is glad he showed up. Max asks if she plans to make a move on Dan. She repeats no, she has zero interest, and why does he care anyway?  Max laughs nervously.  They get more serious and he mentions how relationships seem to be like a revolving door. They agree that it is better not to be in one. New waitress Michelle approaches their table. They cutely order for each other. Michelle says they are a cool couple! They later eat their meals while finishing each otherís sentences.
- Nicole and EJ return to DiMera mansion. He does not let her have the car keys, as he feels she should not drive anywhere until the morning, and goes upstairs to bed. Alone in the grand foyer, Nicole calls Mia on her cell. Nicole is horrified when the pregnant teen
offers to come over and see her. Mia thinks Nicole feels she is not good enough when she says no. Nicole promises to come see her tomorrow. Mia now demands she bring her fiance, as well. "No excuses, no tricks ..." she warns!

Next on Days of Our Lives

Dan raises Chloe's hand and breathes that the reason she came is to feel his touch ...
"You can never meet my fiance!" Nicole tells Mama Mia.
Max faces Steph. "Nick's  getting sentenced today." Steph quips all
his friends should be with him.
In the courtroom, Nick watches Mel introduce herself as the one whose father was killed.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Rafe is in bed, dreaming of the fight he had with the vicious assassin on the pier. There is blood everywhere in his nightmare. 'Sami,' he mutters in his sleep, feeling the danger that is about to unfold.
Meanwhile, Hilda is on the foggy pier, face to face with the killer. He wants Sami! Hilda retorts she does not know what he is talking about and reaches back for her weapon, but the trained assassin is faster.
He gets her gun, grabs her from behind, and puts a knife to her throat in a split second. "Wrong answer," he leers. Hilda slips out of his
grasp and warns him to keep his dirty hands off her. The killer faces her with the gun in one hand, his knife in the other. He advises her to keep calm and tosses the gun in the river, then holding the sharp
blade before her. No sudden movements or calls. He raises the knife to her throat. Hilda backs away and he moves forward. She states
he is making a big mistake. He orders her to drop her purse. She complies. Now he demands to know where the blonde b*tch she
was protecting is. Hilda plays dumb but he knows who she is. Either she tells where they are hiding her or she will die. He calls her Hilda and notes in her purse she has pictures of her family and she is knitting booties. A new grandchild? Yes, she says. He warns that if she wants to see that grandchild, she will tell him where Sami Brady is. "And if I do," Hilda replies, her eyes full of dread, "you'll leave
my family alone." The assassin sarcastically says she has his word
on it. He later arrives at his secret location with Hilda. He is now pointing a gun at her and says that was a stupid move. Hilda states that they must have moved Sami from the place she showed him.
She no longer knows where she is. The assassin puts a silencer on
his gun. If she does not know where Sami is, then she is of no use to him ...
- At the convent, Sami meets with Sister Theresa and removes her dark sunglasses. Sis Theresa still thinks her name is Colleen and asks what is wrong. "Everything," Sami cries. Where to start, the sister wonders. Sami sniffs, The baby is okay Theresa sees there is much she cannot tell her and she is concerned. Sami is being looked after but she doesn't know what she is gonna do once the baby is born. They talk. Sami nervously explains the father of her baby can never find out she is pregnant. "You are afraid of him," the nun deduces. "I'm not just afraid, Iím terrified," Sami responds. The nun thinks it sounds like Sami is in trouble. What about telling the police? Sami complains they cannot help. The sister is perplexed. Sami gasps it is complicated and she must return to Ryan. The nun walks out for a moment. When she returns, she gives her a cell phone, programmed with her personal number! Sami is soon back at the apartment. Rafe wakes up, pleased she is still there. He now thinks they are gonna be alright. So does she.
- At Kiriakis mansion, more guests arrive for the engagement party. Suited Phil is pleased to open the front door to smiling Stephanie and her oversized earrings. They kiss. Enter Max. In the other room,
Kate tells Chelsea she hopes Chloe and Lucas will come down soon
to greet the guests. And they are so much in love, she adds. She continues to walk around, lamenting she does not know where Dan, Chloe, and Lucas have vanished to. In the foyer, Stephanie appears frazzled that Max has seen her and Phil kissing. She still cares about what happens to her ex. Phil talks her out of discussing their kiss with him. Better to leave guys alone. Max heads for Chelsea."Your date's here." Chelsea says that is fine. Max says seeing Steph and Max smooching was not as bad as he thought it would be. He thinks
maybe he and Chelsea are getting complex. He likes spending time with her, he just doesn't like analyzing. Maybe they should just hang out and not discuss it. She agrees. They cutely banter and toast to friendship. Chels fills him in on the latest gossip. Kate and Daniel broke up. Max asks if she will want him back. "No, that would be gross," says Chelsea. They agree not to discuss that. Max smiles."I think youíre a class act." Chelsea blushes and thanks him. They decide to go somewhere else soon. Steph and Phil enter together.
Phil points out it looks like Max has already moved on. He is glad
they are enjoying the champagne. Chelsea compliments Steph on her dress and notes she still has her bag. Steph points out she is wearing her earrings. Phil tries to talk man-to-man with Max, who does not wish to talk Steph, but warns him not to hurt her. Phil grins. "Fair enough." They talk like friends. Steph then asks Chels what is going on between her and Max and why didn't she tell her about it?Chelsea says they are friends. Stephanie pries. They look like close friends. Chelsea admits they aren't sure at the moment. Steph is disappointed that Max isn't "hopelessly shattered" over their break-up.
- Upstairs, replay of Chloe and Dan getting passionate on the bed. Lucas reaches for the doorknob. The door is locked. He asks Chloe when she is coming. Chloe gasps and stops what she is doing. "It's Lucas!" she whispers, horrified. She jumps out of bed. "I'll be right out!" Lucas wonders if something is wrong. Chloe hastily puts her green dress back on and calls out she just doesn't want him to see
her until she is ready. Dan silently gets dressed. Lucas loses his cool
at the door. "What the hell have you been doing! Let me in!" Dan refuses to hide in the bathroom and wants Chloe to tell him the truth. Chloe, however, is a bundle of nerves and feels she must continue
the charade that her life has become. She pretends to Lucas she was almost ready and her mom called, causing her makeup to run. She
will be down in a minute, after she puts back her makeup. Lucas falls for it and then Kate arrives. Can she help? Lucas leads her away.
Dan insists to Chloe that he cares about her. She is so real and should not settle for anything less than complete fulfillment. Chloe refuses
to listen, says she hates him, and walks away, her eyes filled with torment. But Dan knows she far from hates him! Chloe declares this will never happen again and rushes out. She pauses to look at her reflection in the grand hallway mirror, then calls herself a name and walks down to her engagement party.
- At the hospital, Stefano meets up with EJ, who reminds him Lexie did not want him there. He should respect her wishes. Stefano tells him not to make him lose his patience. Junior needs to stop giving orders and start taking them! Elvis becomes petulant. "You work for me," the phoenix reminds him, adding Elvis is under complete control of the Pacific rim project. That's nice, says EJ, though with fatha one is never in complete control of anything. Stefano was also impressed with his handling of the crisis on New Year's eve. Fatha then talks Theo. He has decided to dedicate all his time for his family. He will
be patient with Alexandra and she will come around. EJ is doubtful. And what about Tony? Stefano will take care of him. EJ informs him that Tony had warned him fatha would try to take control of every aspect of his life. Stefano dismisses the notion. Now he wants EJ to go over the Malaysian numbers and have a report ready first thing in the morning. "No," says EJ. Stefano pauses. "Excuse me?" EJ will have it in the afternoon as he has an appointment with his family. Stefano is bemused.
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole calls out to EJ that she is ready to go, but instead of EJ, she finds suave Tony, seated and smoking a cigar. EJ is not here, he informs her. He states he bears bad news for her,
as a mere messenger. EJ is with Stefano and will be for some time. "Business, you know," he purrs. He also has worse news. "This is only the beginning." He stands up. Nicole gets defensive and asks
why he is warning her in lieu of EJ. "Because EJ's still finding out." Nicole believes Tony is in a sour mood due to biz. Tony thinks Theo
is more important than stupid DiMera projects. Nicole has no idea what happened to Theo. Tony seems surprised that EJ did not bother to call her. "This is worse than I thought," he taunts. Fatha wants to be the only center of the family empire. "He will reel EJ in and you will be left alone." Tony predicts what will come next. EJ will be kept busier and busier and once the baby is born, Stefano will make him rush out of the country, perhaps to Hong Kong, on business. Does
she really want EJ 10,000 miles away from her when the baby is born? Nicole considers. "Maybe I do."
- EJ eventually calls Nicole and summarizes what happened with Theo. Everyone is fine. He is on his way to pick her up for Chloe's engagement party. Before he departs, Stafeno chuckles he will not be easy to push around. They embrace and he leaves. Once alone, the phoenix tells himself that his son's devotion to Nicole is admirable - and a liability!
- EJ arrives at the mansion to pick up Nicole. She tells him of Tony's warning about Stefano taking over their lives. EJ assures her that will neva happen. Nicole says she is fine and he can leave on business anytime, even when she is in labor! She would never hurt him. He knows and trusts her completely. They walk off together. Tony then comes out from behind a door, his dark eyes suspicious. He clearly senses something is not right.
- Back at an undisclosed location, the killer walks away from Hilda's lifeless form on the floor. Her eyes are wide open and there is blood oozing from the bullet wound in her head. The angry assassin vows
to find Sami Brady and make her as dead as her little friend. Our Hilda has been murdered!
- In the house of Kiriakis, Lucas and Kate are back at the elegant engagement party. Lucas explains Chloe was overwhelmed and will
be there soon. Lucas helps Kate with the champagne. Chloe finally enters. Lucas tells his beloved she looks beautiful and presents the future Mrs. Lucas Horton!  The guests all raise their glass in unison. Dan saunters in and their eyes meet from across the room ...

Next on Days of Our Lives
Standing with Nicole, EJ calls Victor a miserable wretch. "You don't know what misery is. EJ," says Victor, "but trust me, you will!"
Max tells Lucas they were just hanging out as friends. Lucas says
they make a cute couple.
"There is something I need so say," announces Dan as Lucas
observes him. "Please Daniel, don't," Chloe implores.
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