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Thursday, January 7, 2010 
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- In court, the judge asks Nicole to stand and receive her sentence. She does. He feels her mental state, corroborated by Brady, was fragile, so her sentence shall be reduced accordingly. Sami jumps up in protest.
The judge orders her to sit down. He warns to hold her in contempt.
Rafe has her sit down. The judge goes on. The sentence is not 70 years, but 20 years, including time served. Nicole collapses. Brady stands up to help and is ordered back to his seat. Arianna takes it all in. EJ applauds sarcastically. Nicole weakly declares there is something she would like to say. Brady is again ordered to step away. He now returns to his seat.
The judge informs Nicole she already had a chance to state her case.
She says it is about Sydney. Permission granted. Nicole faces the crowd and repeats she did horrible things for which she will pay. All she cares about is Syd. She implores them to keep trying to find her. The woman or persons who have her cannot be in total isolation, after all. They must find a way to bring her home. "That's all I have to say." She is led out and will soon be transported to the state prison. Ari gives Brady an icy look and walks out. Sami and Rafe embrace. The crowd disperses. Will calls Mia ...
- Chez Anna, she gets off the phone, as she was just told of Nicole's sentencing. She gets an anxious look on her face. She herself would rather die than get caught! She later holds precious Sydney and is surprised to hear a knock at the door. No one is there. Anna tries to convince herself it was just a branch.
- At Java Cafe, Chad is surprised that Gaby knew not of his baby. He
has to step away for a moment to work. Mia approaches and announces she will update her on the story of Chad and her - the real story. They went thru a lot and the loss of their baby is something they try to get
over together, as more than just friends. It has always been more for them and always will be. "I still feel like Chad's my soul mate." She would rather Gaby not tell Chad or Will. She is just sharing this with
her so she does not get played or hurt. Mia later hears from Will on her phone. Nicole got 20 years. She quips it is not long and informs Will she will be at Maggie's later. After Mia updates Chad, he points out Nicole will be miserable for the rest of her life anyway. He has to get back to work and asks Gaby to stick around, as he will be done soon. When he steps away, Mia claims he used to say the same thing to her and he still does, as he will always have feelings for her. Gaby appears depressed. Mia smugly says she and Gaby will be best friends, can talk later, and leaves. Chad soon comes back and Gaby unhappily tells him to stay
away from her. The teen is confused. He is not a bad person, and what happened between him and Mia is history, in the past. She says she does not believe it. Chad pries. What exactly did Mia tell her? Gaby replies they cannot be friends and walks out.
- At the hospital, Chloe informs Maggie she cannot fill her shoes while she is away on her South American cruise. Along come Dr. Lexie, who suggests she get down to the courthouse. Nicole is being sentenced.
Chloe does just that and meets with Nicole one last time. Nicole laments about Sydney. She has the feeling she knows the woman who took her, that they all do. She wishes she and Chloe had been friends longer than enemies. Chloe promises to write and visit. Nicole advises her not to be like her and take the love of her man for granted. She complains she threw away Brady's love - real love - and she now wishes she could take it all back. They hug goodbye.
- Brady saunters into the pub, where Ari gives him the cold shoulder.
She does not think she will ever understand him. He points out Nicole is in a nightmare and he had hoped Ari could also be compassionate. She disagrees and is none too pleased to hear him admit he wishes she could be free. She asks what he would have done had Nicole not gone to jail. He cannot answer. Ari has tears in her eyes as she suggests he go say goodbye to Nicole one last time. They can talk later.Exit Brady. Ari sighs he is still in love with her! She imagines Nicole taunting her and suddenly decides she will not let it be!
- Back at the courtroom, EJ wants to get back to the matter of finding
his daughta. Rafe boasts he has been re-hired by the FBI. Ring ring! He steps away to take the call, leaving Elvis and Sami alone to discuss whether or not they should have told him about the ransom note. Sami
is ready but EJ wants them to consider carefully. In fact, the more he thinks about it, the more he thinks it is too risky. They must keep this between the two of them. Meanwhile, Rafe stands in the doorway. EJ turns around. Rafe looks tense. What were they talking about? Just the 20 years Nicole got, says Sami. Elvis agrees. Rafe insists that was not what they were discussing. EJ claims they were discussing giving the press a statement. Rafe pretends to believe it. EJ departs, saying he is glad they are on the same page. Sami follows. Rafe stares after her and sighs.
- Brady heads back to tell Nicole goodbye. She touches his face and warns him to check Arianna out. She is a drug dealer. Brady claims he knows and alludes to the fact that things are not what they seem. Nicole does not want him to let anyone hurt him the way she did. She sadly
tells him to break off all ties with her. The one gift she can give him is to finally let him go. Brady's eyes are filled with pain. It is time for her to go. She whispers he will always be with her. Then they kiss and she is
led away. Brady looks devastated.
- Chez Maggie, Will visits Mia. She informs him that the only place she wants to be is in his arms. They embrace on the living room sofa and
Mia says she needs him. Will hears a noise. Mia insists she needs him
and they continue kissing. There is a knock at the front door. Tis Gaby, who realizes she interrupted them. She hands Mia her scarf, which she forget at Java. Mia asks Will to fetch her a glass of water.
- Maggie is in her kitchen with Lexie. Lexie sees an old wedding day photograph of Mickey (John Clarke) and Maggie and praises their romance. Maggie remembers her wedding day and what came after.
Ups and downs, yet she was so lucky to have found the man of her dreams and held onto him. Maggie now talks Abe. Lexie admits they worked things out and are now happier than ever. Mickey and Maggie have set a great example. Maggie thinks she will be happy forever cos
she too married her best friend. Lexie is soon gone and Will enters the kitchen to get a glass of water for his girl. Maggie is busy getting ready
for her big trip and happily flounces off.
- Back in the living room, Gaby wants to know why Mia was kissing Will. What about Chad? Gaby is suspicious. Mia quips she owes her no explanation. She then retracts that and apologizes. Before exiting, Gaby advises her to stop leading Will on if she cares about Chad so much. Mia sees her to the door. Will has overheard and wants to know what that was all about ...
- Chez Sami, she returns home with Rafe and asks what is wrong. Why his long silence? "You tell me," he mutters. He did not think she was being honest with him when he interrupted her and EJ earlier. Is there something she would like to tell him?
- At the mansion, EJ gets a phone call. "Oh my God!" he exclaims and races off.
- Back at Anna's, she hears a noise outside and she just knows someone is there ...
- Maggie numbly enters the now empty kitchen and sits down, starting
to cry like she just lost her best friend ...
- Anna nervously approaches the door, with Sydney wrapped in a blanket. She throws it open, only to find herself face to face with ...
EJ, who gives her the most incredulous look!

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