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Thursday, January 28, 2010 
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- Chez Sami, she nervously picks up toys, then sits down and flashes
back to her upset moment, when she told Rafe she has not gotten her daughter back. Ari arrives, looking for Rafe. Sami laments that he will probably never be back. They had a fight. Ari updates her that he saved her last night. Sami whispers she wishes he could do the same for Syd. She is soon shocked to hear Ari almost went to jail. Ari thinks she should ask Rafe for the deets. Sami gets mad, since he called her on keeping a secret of her own and demands to know all.
- At DiMera mansion, FBI Rafe has just finished making some calls about Syd, though he is getting nowhere. He starts to leave. Elvis politely says he might be able to help, concerning the argument he had with Samantha, as he understands what she is feeling as a parent. Emotionally, that is. Elvis admits in his heart, he feels Rafe is the reason he does not have his daughta. That will never change, also not for Samantha. Rafe drawls he does not need him to tell him how Sami feels and walks out. Ring ring! Tis Anna. Elvis grins things are going great. He has outsmarted the FBI! He laughs Samantha is miserable and blaming Rafe! Anna now places the phone near Sydney, who gurgles hi dadadadada. She is better now. Elvis offers to bring Anna chocolates on the way home. She says no thanks as she is trying to diet ...
- Rafe returns to Sami's place. Sister Ari thanks him for his help and leaves them to talk. Sami is displeased he never told her his sister was an undercover drug dealer at the pub. He points out he could not as she was undercover. Sami shouts about how he was not happy she kept HER secret. Besides, if she had not told him, she would have her daughter back! She is devastated they might never get Sydney back. "I love you, but I canít do this," she whispers. Rafe glumly replies he understands.
He will have his second in command take over Sydney's case.That is not what she was talking about. Him neither. Rafe sighs he will start packing. Sami does not stop him. He walks into the other room. Sami gasps and sobs, though she still does not stop him.
- At DiMera mansion, EJ gets off the phone with Anna. Ding dong! Tis Arianna. She cannot thank him enough for saving her from the clutches
of Troy the terrible. Elvis thinks it was rather surreal at the police station afterwards. She explains. She was working for the DEA. Elvis chuckles she cracked a drug cartel. Ari admits she actually did not, as the big boss is still out there and that worries her. His eyes flicker. He feigns concern. She insists she can look after herself and stands up to leave. He must
miss his daughter. He does and he loves her very much.
- Chez Maggie, she glances from a picture of Mickey to the booze, to
the number of her AA sponsor. She picks up a tall glass and slowly walks toward the big bottle of Old Edinburgh scotch, lifting it.
- At the hospital, Dan approaches his beloved Chloe with a hug and a kiss. She is there taking over for Maggie. They seductively arrange to meet up when the doc has a break. Chloe must now go to pediatrics. Dr. Carly is nearby. Dan hastily tells her they need to talk . She knows she was wrong about Viv. He reminds her he is there for her. They go back a long way. In fact, he does not think he would have known Rebecca had it not been for her. He will always miss Rebecca but believes she would be happy for him now. Carly says Chloe is lovely. When is the wedding? Are they having a family? He gets a tad uncomfortable, then says sure they will.
- Later, Chloe and Carly both admire a cute little girl thru the hospital window. Chloe is concerned she will not be able to give Dan a child.
Carly becomes emotional and agrees not to tell Dan of her worries, tho she is clearly preoccupied with her own daughter.
- Outside the pub, Steph talks food and Nath compliments her on her killer bod. They arrange to go dancing that night and he kisses her. Ring ring! Tis Melanie calling Steph. After the call, Steph tells Nath she would like to tell Mel about them. He airily claims he does not care and departs. Steph soon joins Mel at a table. Mel is so overwhelmed with the wedding arrangements. Steph wonders if maybe she should put the wedding off. Mel assures her she wants to do it now and she wants to be with Phillip. She is sorry if she was not sensitive. Steph says it was not meant to be
for her and Phil anyway. Mel is of the opinion that the sooner she and Phil are married, the better. She now asks if anything is new. Yes. With Nathan! Before she can say more, Stephanie is paged to a meeting. She wishes Mel luck with the wedding plans and leaves, almost bumping into Dan on her way out. Dan has a seat and asks Mel how she is doing. She complains about Carly almost ruining her wedding dress. Why is she so crazy? Dan gets annoyed and sternly tells her to respect Carly, who was just concerned that she trusted Vivian. Mel admits they have exchanged words before. Carly is acting oddly about her marriage with Phillip. Dan drawls he has noticed her interacting with a certain guy at the hospital and he too wonders if she is sure. Mel says who asked him anyway, then catches  herself, says thank you, but she knows what she is doing, and leaves. Dan watches.
Chloe soon joins him at his table. There is something she needs to tell him. She starts to tell him of the little girl ... Now she spies an envelope
on the table. Surprise opera tickets to Chicago from her hero, who managed to snag them. He jokes he is amazing. She agrees and thanks him for what he did. He reminds her he slays dragons and asks what she wished to tell him. Nothing for now. "Miracles do happen, right," she
adds hopefully.
- Nath checks up on Maggie and is stunned to find the empty bottle of booze in the kitchen. Enter Maggie. Nathan gives her a worried stare, having assumed the worst. She informs him she did not drink it. She has had such a battle for years. The redhead gets teary eyed and wonders what if she had gone upstairs earlier when Mickey needed help ... She cries about losing him. She cannot help but blame herself. So many if onlys. She breaks down sobbing in her grandson's arms. She now decides to go next door to thank a neighbor for her help, after telling Nath there are some things upstairs she would like him to have, things that belonged to Mickey. He asks her not to blame herself, says nice things to make her feel better, tenderly hugs her, and she exits. Mel steps forward, having overheard. "You're such a wonderful person." He thanks her. "Nathan," she begins, but he declares they have nothing to discuss and heads upstairs. Mel gets upset and storms out. She walks along the snowy pier, remembers kissing Nath, then accidentally hits her hand. Along comes
Dr. Carly, who insists she should examine that hand. Mel reluctantly agrees and sits on the bench. Carly asks the lass where it hurts. "First knuckle, base joint." Carly gives her prognosis. The good news is nothing is broken. Just a bone bruise. She caresses her cheek that she will be fine. Mel says she has never been nice to her, yet Carly always treats her with compassion and kindness. Carly replies she is a doctor, Mel looks at her with moist eyes. "Please stop lying to me. Please just tell me why I mean so much to you ..." she implores. Carly asks if she can keep a secret.
- Maggie returns home and picks up a photo of Mickey. "Oh my love, I don't know what I'm going to do without you ..."
- Back at the hospital, Nath and Steph state they both saw Melanie. Steph did not have the chance to tell her about them. Nath remarks she has put it off three times. Steph did not think it felt right. Perhaps she should ask Doug and Julie not to tell anyone before the wedding. They are the only ones who know.
- Chez Sami, she sadly watches downtrodden Rafe leave her home with his bag slung over his shoulder.
- Back at DiMera mansion, Master DiMera is proudly showing Ari his Sydney photo album when he is called away to take a call from Berlin in another room. Exit Master Elvis. Ring ring! Ari picks up his phone, which is next to her bag on a table, mistaking it for her own. The caller starts to chat. "Hi, it's Anna. What can I say, willpower's out the window. Go ahead, bring the chocolates whenever it's safe!" Ari's big brown eyes get even bigger as she takes it all in ...

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