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Wednesday, January 13, 2010 
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- At the pub, Bo looks over the police report the officer just gave him. Seems in Atlanta there was a woman with a baby ... Enter Will, who
asks if they found his little sister. After a phone call, Bo informs them
the arrested woman was with her niece. He now explains to Will that he has to sift thru many such baby sightings. Will gets it and takes his leave. Bo then calls Carly and leaves a message. "Hope knows."
- An uncomfortable silence ensues when Hope screams at Carly to get
the hell out cos she slept with her husband. Hope turns around and realizes the room is full of friends and family! Maggie ushers them into the next room. Doug offers to help Hope, but she can take care of this
on her own. Once the two women are alone, face to face, Hope wants
to finish their little talk. She accuses Carly of inflicting pain. Carly would rather not get into it now. She had come by to offer her condolences. Hope, however, is not about to stop. Carly points out she pushed Bo away for months so she should really not play the victim, nor should
she blame Bo. Hope gets sarcastic. Carly states that Hope ended the marriage and he moved on. Furthermore, she is sorry about her uncle, but she is not sorry about Bo! She never expected to fall in love with
him ...
- In the kitchen, Maggie is in tears, as Melissa's flight was cancelled. Enter Phil and Mel. Phil promises to take care of it and steps away to make the call, powerful Kiriakis that he be. Maggie and Julie go into the other room. Lucas looks out the window and notes Carly's car is still there. Doug sighs that Maggie was right, it is Hope's biz. Mel quietly enters the living room. In said living room, Hope says Carly stabbed Lawrence in cold blood and then came back to steal her husband ...
Mel steps forward. "You're a murderer too?!" She proceeds to tell her
off for making things worse for everyone at this already sad time. Hope shoos her back into the kitchen. Carly laments Mel hates her. Hope
goes back to being sarcastic. Carly criticizes her for broadcasting her private life. Hope is mad she dragged her husband into her bed and
sordid life. Enter Bo. Hope continues her tirade. Carly says she is sorry and exits. Bo now tells Hope he would like to clear a couple of things
up. She glares at him, arms folded and whispers after what he has done, does he really think they can clear things up. Bo asks if anyone heard them talking. Melanie. Bo replies they will find her and ask her to keep this to herself. Hope now informs him everyone knows, including Maggie. She admits she lost it when she saw Carly and did not perceive anyone else was there. She cries and yells at him to go. Exit Bo. Hope collapses in an armchair. She is soon relieved when Doug comes back. She cries on daddy's shoulder. He wonders if it is true that Bo is with Carly. "I waited too long ... I lost Bo," she cries.
- All dolled up, Chloe and Arianna have entered Java Cafe with spiffy Dan and Brady, chatting about the opera. Time for dessert! Dan gets a call as Brady goes to get food. The gals talk about the guys. Ari wonders if Brady just thinks of Nicole as a friend. Chloe realizes she is worried Brady might be in love with her and alludes to the fact that he might be making up for past mistakes. Troy approaches their table and greets Arianna, who now cringes. Brady approaches with Dan and coldly asks
if he can help him. Troy bids them a good night and slinks away. Brady explains he is just one of Ari's pub regulars. They noticed he was creepy and Chloe adds he is still watching Ari. The gang talk about operas and musicals and dangerous characters. Brady insists the guy is just a clown and gets close to his beloved. When Ari and Brady later sit in the park together, he smiles that when he looks at her, he hears music. Ring ring! He must return Phil's message. Ari must go back to Java Cafe , where she forgot her phone. Back in the cafe, Dan and Chloe chat and eat. He brings up Brady and she says she thinks they are best as friends. For
him, the romance was in saving her, that's all. Dan grins he does not
think Arianna needs to be saved. Ari stands nearby, having overheard. Chloe tells Daniel what Brady has done for Nicole fits the pattern. She thinks if Arianna plans on keeping Brady, perhaps she should start needing to be saved! Ari now shows herself and retrieves her phone, which had fallen under the table. Exit Ari. Chloe is concerned she may have overheard ... The pair later share a bit of cake and Dan murmurs then they will go home and he will wake up to the sound of her singing opera. Chloe thinks it is time to go home. They kiss passionately, giggle, and head out ...
- At the pub, Mel is there to meet Phil, but runs into Nath, who is visibly relieved to hear her elopement is off. Mel points out they are with other people and that kiss meant nothing to her! Enter Steph and then Phillip. Phil asks if things are okay. Mel hugs him and assures him things are
fine. He doesn't think it looks that way, however. Nath claims Mel was just telling him she felt guilty for disappointing him by postponing their wedding. Nath and Steph head out back, leaving the two lovebirds alone. Phil has sensed something is going on between Mel and Nath and asks her about it. Mel blinks at him.
- Later, Will runs into Lucas at the pub. Lucas thinks it would be a good idea for Will to head to Maggie's. They now talk Mia. Lucas believes she will be glad to see him. Will points out they broke up. Lucas is sorry, though he can still be there for her. Exit pensive Will.
- Back at Maggie's, she is with Mia, who would like to stay with her as she loves her. Maggie calls her a sweet girl. They discuss the memorial. She explains where Will is. Maggie thinks he shouldn't be alone. Mia thinks no one should be alone tonight and they embrace in a sea of tears. The redhead sits down. She feels tired. Perhaps she will go upstairs and ... She realizes she can no longer wait for Mickey's call like she used to. He will never call again. She will sleep on his side of the bed the way she used to when he was away. Exit Maggie.
- Ari comes across Brady sitting glumly on a bench. He has just learned that Mickey Horton died. Phil is making arrangements to get the family
to town. Ari offers to accompany him to the funeral. Brady thanks her. He decides he should drop by Maggie's. He will come by the pub to see her after the service. Ari will be there, though the Brady pub is going to be closed. Brady kisses her and walks off.Troy watches from a distance.
He comes down the steps of the Salem pier and leers to his flunky on
the phone that she will soon be all alone, like a fish in a barrel.
- Chez Maggie, Mia drops a teacup and starts to sob. Will walks in and consoles the sad teen with a hug. The kitchen is later empty, when Nath and Steph return. Nath remarks Maggie must have gone to bed. He finds a piece of the broken teacup on the floor and places it in the garbage. Steph is curious about what went on between him and Mel earlier. Nath insists the vibe she sensed means nothing. He is just glad she is there and embraces her.
- Outside, Mel praises fiance Phil, who has just arranged for Melissa to be flown to Salem. It means so much to Maggie. He knows how much Maggie means to her. Mel says when they wed, she would like it to be in Salem so Mag can attend. How about next month? He agrees. Mel feels she should be with Maggie tonight. Phil charmingly says he can spare her for one night, seeing as they will have a lifetime together. They hug on
it ...
- In her bedroom, Maggie lies on the empty bed, clutching a photo of Mickey, and holds his pillow, crying ...
- Carly is in her room, packing. Bo asks what about her daughter. She hates her anyway! Bo stops her. "You can't go. He knows two things. She is not responsible for what happened to his marriage and he does
not want her to leave. They start to kiss ...

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EJ is at the door to offer his condolences. "Send a card, you're not welcome here!" says Brady.
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